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tv   WISN 12 News This Morning  ABC  August 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CDT

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yought. the stems are down evywhere, hopey it is notuch longer. thema is live thi morning at and checking on how this is affecting passes milwaukee. >> w tim, remarka many ofe ple here a very cm abouthisde b te here, thistacking up here as people with gting checked in. now he i what happened. there is a flit schedul to go toro at 5:49, t flight isted as delayed. l the otherghts areisted th i what ds saying they have experienced a compute tside aj and theligh f are lad. theghts inute are operating normally.
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>>tems failure, allh planreundedt this point. soin you able to get on else? >> g toate and they'll le u know. here are told they ha to check in man all t the ando through ty to see thflight. theyre going to book a flight aiffent airline, one man saying he' going home and g torr >>nk yo. >> we ar foing breakg news from overseas, afghanistan, anricame was kidnapped and so was sto a
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afghanistan. we arelive the washington bureau with thela >> good morning, tim, details are much coming, and security is saying that the men were takeny fe men kul and wearing afghan military uniforms. thewo forgners wereriving ne t n they believe that th two men woedt the unvsity. a spokesman for the ministry is saying a inveson ititi underway. in a atent, the u.s. esy is corn -- confirming the kidnapping. live in washington, news this morning." >> jennifer, thank you for . the u.s. state department
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in the sumr a warned against travel to afghanistan. we'll continu to few developmentsoughou the morning. back t >> thank you, tim. now to a check on the recast. >> sally is in the weather center, sal? >> getting live look at frame park and alonhe rooifr and the falls. 65 degre at mitchell international. the ducks a as we get a peek at the temperatures, climbing up to 81 today. more sunshine than cloudiness. tuday brings hazyun and return to heat and humidity with 84 on deck. better chapses for rain and storms in place for us thursday. high of 88 on thursday.
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drive times... no incidents or accidents at this hour. it is looking good. ben. >> a major league mess causes the hall of fame game in canton, ohio. dan and joy were there weekend andght up with some very disappointed fans. >> good morning reporting from canton, ohio where the hall of fame game was cancelled because of the poor field conditions. >> something we haven't seen before. it was very strange. the field was unplayable.
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caythahappened, y noticebefore thee time in the middle the field where the logo was ped the paint congd. they used the heat lamp add burned the tf and the fld was unplayable because of safety seasons. e hall ofserere there, the ne on including brett favre and but -->> i wou helayed in anyt don't take myadvice. i uerstan if i were running a amand especially what happened here last year, you know it is different if i running a vs playing on the team. >> the turf they have used here was brought in from new leans.
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this was the first time it was goin be used. >> you can imagine ointdisappnt,ough 23,000 andmeaid to see the game and one word to sum up t t is so sad. it is sad. >> trying toake memories with my son. >> we drove u and got a hotel room and now this. fans would be able to get refundsn disapping end toantastic weekend. back to you. >> now to bright side, the fans wb able to see bre favre inducted intohe t nfl hall of game he thanked h coaches and fellow players and fans for
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years, makno mistake about ,it wi be remembered as a packer. >> favre is the 24thmbe me the packers to be inducted into the nfl hall of fame tomorrow is the partisan primar electi here is look at the ballot. polls are open from 7-8. it is partisanmary pri and you cannlot forcandidates from oneparty. sin's law for showing a photo i in effect, but te ter without an id can sign an afdavit to vote. we'll have all of the nths here tomorrow night at 10:00.
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ckinpi up aig endorsement in the re-election bid. tommy thompsonhrowinup behind ryan. he went on toay iroud to enmydoe friend paul an. >> speaker ryan isosting two he wants to talout the stping this afternoon a a & tools in racine andtopping in pleasant prairie around . >> governor iswalker breaking grou for a wisconsin company. the leaders are holding a ceremony at 1:00 at the site in the city of keel. it is a farm equipment supier
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years. >> 6:08. it is s nice outside. >> gorgeo. >> perfect today. >> we have nice day on deck. today fewer clouds in place for us. we reach up to 81 today. the heat the humidit is rebounding as we r to 84 tomorrow. to80s.ay and fridaynto i the mid the and storm chances increase. now, here at home this morning we are talking sunshine an temperatures around thea arre showing up in the 50s and 60. up to80 today. a littlhine now, we are going to matt up in news cho 12. >> we are t over hale interchange. things are looking goo in all
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894. travel times are good as well. no troubles withhe travel times. that is a look at the morni commute. back to you. >> thank you, matt. >> this morning a family in nsas city inhock while their son died riding a slide at a water park. >> tim has new information about tim? >> the family released a photo of ten-year-old killedle riding the tallest water slide at water park in kansas city. the riders can rea seds up to 50 miles per hr on the ride. his father is a state lawmaker there. thly reed tateme
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our fami and all those he came into contact with. the company i saying tare not exactly sure what happened here. the water park is closed while the state is investigating the tragedy. >> 6:11. channelling your inner child. look at the fun that families e having while letting off steam. >> inmate on the run, the man
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>> welcome back to "12 news this morning." yeah, we need sound effec from the dus here. this is waukesha and wt a gorgeous day for a nday. it is a very pretty start to this, oh.
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50s and 60s. we are on the way to 80. today it is a sunome back. if you are headed to the state fair, th teratur mid afternoon on the midway around 80 degrees right south winds. right now . a little in the way of clouds. 65 at the airport right now. it is a beautiful day day. to tomorrow warm and humid as the temperatures go to mid to upper 80s. we look at the august heat. >> sally we have over the south side. no delays between downtown and the airport. if you are leaving the house, looking great. ten minutes eastbound.
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on the bypass. no crashes on the system as this point. back to you. >> ma thanks. 6:16. day three of the olympics mens the mens and women's basketball teams are taking the court for u.s.a.. the swimmer taking the stage yesterday. michael phelps picking up his rising star kately winning gold again after picking up the lver on saturday and breaking herwnorld rord in the free style. it was incredible. here is look at th medal count for the usa. the u.s. with the most medal right now and kie na in second and italy i third.
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that escaped from milwaukee. >> this is thea that t police are looking for, 27-year-old. on saturday t wisconsin department of corrections issued anlert a saying that shepard escaped from the cctional center on milwaukee's wt side off of fond du lac avenue. he pleaded guilty last felony charg of fleeing from officers. here is a loo a his picture. are trying to get more information on the escape and how or when someone last saw him. anyone with information should call the milwaukee police right away. tim,hank you. >> get ready to fly away to sunny californiwh ever you need to. day southwest airlines
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o. there will be at lst ten flights each day. beforew, it was onl offered on saturdays durinin times of the year. >>irporteaders are unveiling an amenity for the foued gg friends, they are installing sev e relief stationsnside of the surity checkpoints. it includes grs and st. the unveiling is this mornng. >> 6:18. new this morning, nerf guns not just for the kid any more. darts on demand lets you let off the steam withhe battles. kids, parents, whoever wants to pl, ty want a new option for birthday parties and anyone that wants to get together.
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itkohl's value day. adults are five bucks, ks under 11re free. today is a perfect day to go to etate fair. >> yes,ratu tpes right around 80 degrees on te midway this afternoon. light winds. as w get a l look this morninrehe the temperatures are in it is notuncommon toee the dues higher in t moin we are seeing a change in the winds for tod soheast.ft becoming east and of course thankss o camera at wixom industries. the high pressure is moving to the east. it is sagging to the southeast and the winds shift to come out of the south and tha is going start a warm up beginning tomorrow.
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gulf coast, heads up, low pressure is bringing the tropical rain to much of the gulf coast of florida and panhandle and alabama and alabama and mississippi. there cld be a foot of rain ross floo floo florida in the coming days. sunshine as we reach up to 81 degrees. nice a dry tonight at 100, all the quiet tonight. the lows in the 60s. for the tuesday, plenty of sunshine. it is a south wind and that is getting the temperatures backo 84. feeling hd as well for tomorrow. 81day. 84 tomorrow. 86 wednesday. ovall dry, isolatedtorm chance on wednesday, better chances for rain and stormss a cool front approaches later on
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up the stage for rain and storms en for the weekend, cooler,ryer and less humid. ben, melinda. >> thank you, sal. 6:21. rain falling on the sur of >> incredible imagesreleased by nasa. >> pod of dolphins stranded
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>> now to social square and the stories you are sharing online. >> one man takes the als ice bucket challenge to a new level stopping at every state and ising awaress for als. instead ofsing the traditional ice water, he's getti state specific foods dumped on him. hence in wisconsin. cheese, of course. we aske him about the worst so far. >> the worst one is buffalo, new
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didn't u the suicide wings but the hot wings and it burned and not enjoyable in the least. >> a bke of hot sauce dumped on you. dedication. larry, thank you. earlier in the day covered in pizza sauce while stopping in chicago. >> maybetertn him inas vegas. >> t would be good. >>now >> a solar flares th cse merle to come down. from a super hot mix rapidly cooling as it falls. any energyarti pes bombard the particles of the satellite.
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one. we want to k abo t storu arieyo following this morning. >> follow us on fakebook, twittend instagram. >> mor on the freedom to rock tour by kiss and howhey are ging back. >> villages in eastern mek cow
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>> we're following breaking news this morning, ights around the rl the airline that can't put ssengers in the air and how it's affecng milukee's travelers. >> a miske puts the hall of fame game on hold. wh happened to the field that kept the packers from ing last night. >> but first, weather watch 12. there's warm day ahead but we're tracking showers and storms in the forecast. when we'll see rain. >> good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. >> and i'm melinda davenport.
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8th. let's start with the forec meteorologist sallseverson is in the weather center. good morning,sal. >> einghe sunine this g anin looking at the august heat spell. the temperatures made a climb to the mid to upper 80s for wednesday, thuday and friday. this morning 50s and 60s. we are look at the buckets of sunshine. high pressure is weather. sunny, dry. the humidity levels are fairly comfortable and highs to the low 80s. we look at the warr and mgy air tomorrow now the matt. >> sally, we spot add fender bender. two vehicles, sitting inhe center lane along i-94estbound
6:31 am
delays leading up to it westbound. travel times... that's a look at torning comme, back to you. >> thank you, matt. >> we begin with breaking news, delta flights around the world are grounded because of a system outage. is isap happening around 3:00 this onwitter, delt theysare working to get ts n track. we have a ewe headed the airport and checking on the flight boards. a few of thelights have been delayed. a lot of people waiting in line at the delta check-in center there. s for people ng ght mare, a m
6:32 am
delt saying itld b several befohours it is up and ruing. so check on your flight ss before headed to the airpor we a following breaking news this morning an american has been kidnapped in kabul, afghanistan. an american and australian were driving near kabul last night when five gunmen wearing military uniformstopped their vehicle and kidnapped them. the two victims reportedly work for an american university in afghanistan. ben, >> a lot of disappointed football fans in ohio last night when the hall of fame game was canceled. the culprit, crews used the wrg kind of paint on the artificial turf which led to a lot of pblems and some safety issues. wisn 12 news' joyce garbaciak and big 12 sports director dan needles are in canton, ohio with more. >> good morning, joyce and dan reporting from canton, ohio t site of the pre-season game that
6:33 am
conditions and the game w as called off. >> here i thoug we would be talking abou the starting day of duting at quarterback. the game was cancelled. it is notng to be made up. s idisappoiinth packe andolts was the right decision. >> i give the committee and everybod involved a lot of it rht >> playe on worst. mostf the fields,he asro dome, soldier field, lambeau field one time, carolina one mebut i unders, it is a pre-season game and you have a
6:34 am
knows maybe no one gets hurt o one person gets hurt and one is too many. >> so the real pre-season opener is friday on lambeau at the brownsand ironic when the packers were here in canton they stayed in cleveland. >> and four pre-season games after all. back to you. >> right now, coerned about safety after a young girl was hit by a car and killed thiweekend. tim, what has them so worried? what are the nbors worried about n? >> well, the neighbors tend to go a little too fast. thisomes after three-year-old jayda handy was killed near 84th and maon. it happed right before the girl's birthday part police say the toddler darted into the street to say hello to her grandfather and a driver did not see her in time. families in the area say these
6:35 am
>> how many streets here without a stop sign or yield sign? how many acc gotidts be before you put a stogn or a yield sign oit? all pe take a lesson from this in the neighborhood. >> theriver who hit jayda stayed on the scene and is cooperating with polic the faly is working to organize a memorial for the little girl and they tell wisn 12 news they have set up a gofundme page to help with funeral expenses. mobile app and on our website at wisn.c melinda? >> thank you, tim. >> later today, addressing an opiate epidemic in waukesha county. 's theoal of an event in hartland. senator ron johnson and wisconsin attorney general brad mel hill speak ahead of the event. the non-profit your choice to live set up thhibit owing the dangers of drug use and some red flags. the event starts at 2:00 p.m.
6:36 am
er tay, kiss is mi towaukee and honinsome homewn heroes. a milwaukee police post will present the nationalolors during kiss's freem to rock concert. the tour kicked off on the fourthf july. today the ic band performs at the bmo harris bradley center. thshow starts at 7:30. tonight. wisn 1news time now is 6:36. >> some of the this weekend. >>his ce was far away from rio instead of olympic athletes drones were doing the racing. the new sport that's taking hold with the high-tech gadgets. >> and the athletes in rio are getting all the loveut there are thousands of people who make the games happen behind the scenes. the behind-the-scenes look at how volunteers areping out at the olympic games. >> but first, let's take a live look outside as we head to break.
6:37 am
on the latest traffic conditions. we have the commute coming up ??
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as we get a lye look. we thought we would bring you a couple of pictures from waukesha. very pretty this morning. mid 50s early today. 52 west bend. 56 sheboygan. compare to low to mid 60s for milwaukee, racine and kenosha. today fewer clouds. we had a fair yesterday. fairly comfortable from the humidity standpoint. going to up 81 degrees. tuesday and wednesday heat and humidity return th t low 80s. now to matt in news chopper 12. >> this fender bendersut of the traffic. this is 94 westboun two cars involved.
6:41 am
interchange. travel times... that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. >> new this morning, eight dolphins are safe this morning thanks to some good samaritans. >> nearly a dozen dolphins got stranded in a massachusetts harbor, some managed to float back out to sea by themselves. rescuers with the international fund for animal welfare helped the other dolphins make it to deeper water so they could swim away. >> and new this morning, some of the world's fastest drones faced off in new york city this weekend. >> it was the national drone racing championships and it was all caught on camera. the drone pilots use the cameras to whiz ugh an obstacle course. up next for the winners, an international competition in hawaii. oh poor them in hawaii. >> right. how about moana. tt is also beautiful in the
6:42 am
6:41. >> we're following stories from around the world this morning. >> l's get right to tim in the newsroom with thtest. tim. he olympic gamre derway but you wonee many russians comting. after dopingcandal, sports officials are handdo en more bans keepinreds of athletes out of the games. >> ps, new information this morning about a deadly hot air balloon crash. what may have brought the balloon down. the latest in that investigation
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>> welcome back to "wisn 12 news this morning." great to have you with us on this monday, august 8th. we are continuing the incredible weather from the weekend. >> it was so refreshing saturday morning to open the windows with the fresh air. it is becoming to get humid
6:46 am
little cooler lake side today with the high 81. tonight fair and 66. tomorrow 84 degrees. we stay dry. the temperatures statewide... now let's go with matt up in news chopper 12. >> sally, we are watching the delays along 94 westbou use of crash. it is behind the orange barrels. check ou the delas stretching back to where you are sitng at the stadium. if you are headed east bound, 14 minutes. 8 minutes on the bypass from the hatop th zoo. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. >> millions of eyes are on rio deaneiro right now. there have been some olympic
6:47 am
wins. tim? >> swimming gymnastics are fantastic. >> you can see thes ri talt here behind me and the u.s. is leading the way. overall, america is in the ahe with 12 medals, although we're tied with china for the number of gold medals, we're both at three. athletes on team usa have also won five silver medals and four bronze. china is in second place with eight medals. and coming in third is italy, the medals, three silver and two bronze. we'll have the latest medal counts all throughout the olympic games here on wisn 12 news. ben,ack to you. >>ore than half a million fans will attend the olympic games and more than ten thsand athletes will participate but none of that would be possible without help from tens of thousands of people all workg for free. travers mackel is in rio de
6:48 am
volunteers make it a happen. good morning, travis >> good morning, ben. do the olympcost billions of ars to put oand rio wa years showce the city, but realize this, without volunteers, none of this would beappening. from pointing people to proper places making sure the headlincaeard to just serving as a good host. 50,000 volunteers - all easily identifable in their bright yellow shirts and fancy green sneakers are staged at e venue at the games. many feeeye the unsung, d unpaid stars of the rio ympic games. >> then we have- >> including the american. >> it is a dream of mine to be part of the rio 2016mpics and volunteering helps me part
6:49 am
rooms. >> i help out with the press conferences. do you have a question? >> the work is early mornings and late nights. >> thiss the gem of our nteer outfit. we are still getting warded in other wa we getto you know, be part of olympic a sething k that unlike anything else in the rld. >> an officls recognize the efforts. >> the pe working for e making everybody feel good. >> and hearing that makes her feel good. >> it inice to know that y are need and preciad. >> and you heard it, obergato, by the way, means thank you in portugu
6:50 am
back toou y in milwaukee. >> thank you,or the live report from rio. >> russia's doping scandal continues. now, even more athletes are banned from paicating in rio aneiro. all ofussia's paralympic ates have been banned. the paralympe seicarto begin ne month in rio. more than 100 russian hletes have been bannm thed fro olympi because of the doping scandal but there's not a blanket ban foe olympic athletes. tim, breaking news? >> breaking news dar grounded bm outage. thema? >> well, tim, delta is saying if r the people t expect cancellations today. people have bee waiting here for longer than norm for
6:51 am
ge in atlanta that imcted the compu and operations resulting in the flights lays. delta i sing that if customers are travelling today through august 12th, they issuing wrs forhe t stoms. if you are traveling on delta, get in touch with the airline to see how they are going to sort out your travel i travelling between today and august 12th. right no to fly o delta day, the flight likely not happening today. a lot of cancellations are pected. tim, back to you. >> thema, thank you. now back to sally and melinda in the studio. >> well, at least no weather delays out there. it is gorgeous out there? >> yes. thanks to the high pressure.
6:52 am
having a long weekend, for the state fa, it is aood monday. humidity levels just a little more humid than over the weekend and plenty of sunshine returning for us. we had a fair amount of clouds yesterday. we look at the light south winds. a few clouds south and a few to the west, but we see puffy clouds developing today. the high pressure is drifting slowly to southeast. now, if you are travelling to florida for much of the week, a stubborn area of low pressure is bringingpical raining to government coast. locals along the gulf coast picking up to a foot of rain throughout the week before the low is breaking down.
6:53 am
cool inland. for today,e ealk about the sunshine. the windsight and kno east this morning and light and east this overl mostly nny. for tomorrow sunshine into the forecast again. we call for highs tomorrow that make it up to 84 degrees as we see the humidity increase as well. 811 for today. 84 tomorrow. 86 on a slight chance of isolated storm going. much better chance of rain and storms later the week. 3459? >> sally, we are watching the delays. 94 westbound at 92nd street. the delays big time right from
6:54 am
that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. >> new information this morning about a hot air balloon crash. tim elliott is in the newsroom where new details have been coming in overnight. tim. >> this morning, we're learning what may have caused the balloon to crash over a week ago. sources say that the pilot didn't see power lines led to balloon crash sources say that investigators believe that the pilot did not see power lines and then crashed into them. the pilot was reportedly trying to descend at the time. all 16 people on board were killed. the balloon then hit the power lines caught fire and crashed. all 16 people on board were killed. the nt-b is calling it the deadliest hot air balloon crash in american history. they have not officially released the cause of the crash. >> new this morning, a deadly game of pokemon go in san francisco, a man there was shot and killed while playing the game.a
6:55 am
at a park with friends on saturday night when someone shot him. the friends told police they saw someone suspicious watching them from on top of a hill but it was too dark to see that person's face. >> from what we know there was no confrontation. nothing said back and forth. it was just senseless just came up and shot in the back and ran away for nothing. >> the victim was treated for a bullet wound but later died. witnesses say the suspect ran off after the shooting and may have gotten into a vehicle. information about suspects in this case. >> mexico is reeling after being hit by hurricane earl now downgradedo a tropical storm. the storm killed at t six people when it made landfall. now the heavy rain has triggered massive landslides causing even more destruction. at least 40 people have already died because of the landslides. and forecasters say there's more rain to come. "g.m.a." is coming up next with
6:56 am
headlines. first though, aive look outside from news chopper 12 and absolutely gorgeous start to the morning. matt is flying high and keeping an eye on the morning commute and breakinnews fm deta, and computers are down and expecting cancellations.
6:57 am
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6:59 am
>> good morning,nk y tha for joining us. we have a crash clean up. 94 westbound before 92nd street and delaysefore the stadium interchange. eastbound, it is a 13 minuteso downtown. that's a look at tor >> the sunshine in place for us today. 81 degrees. heat and humidity coming back tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday climbing up to the 80s. chances for storms on thursday. >> serious problems with delta customers this morning. >> yes, an outage, a computer outage worldwide and causing
7:00 am
see you coming up good morning, america. breaking news as we come on the air, a massive computer outage grounds dea air line flights all over the globe. frustrated travelers trapped for hours. what is takingown these systems worldwide. tragedy at a water park. a 10-year-old killed going down the tallest waterslide in the world. the park evaated and spking out about the incident as investigators try to determine what went wrong. donald tries to ge back on track. the abc news polshows al trouble for him as he launches a new attack on hillary clinton. >> honestly, i don't think she's l there. >> will his big speech revealing his plan forheconomy turn ar tnd race today? and pure gold. america mesmerizing in rio,


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