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tv   WISN 12 News at 5PM  ABC  August 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:29pm CDT

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, and i immediately just ran over to try and assist her. >> kendrick says a car ran the stop sign at 51st and the n a hitting the suv which kept , going. >> i heard her hit the gas instead of the brake. the engine started roaring and she just kept going so she was , probably just panicking afr the crash. >> i ran over tried to help her, she was in shock, shse >> when we got the car stopped and got her on the ground she went into shock and passed out and then the ambulance showed up , police say her injuries are not life-threatening. >> see t spin marks wi t black rubber. she was still accelerating even after she had the wall. >> homwner arthur wilson thankful he decided to go to home depot or he'd haeen just behind that wall. >> i come here everyday and sit in the recliner, kind of take a break and then i move on to do something else. he says the recliner and his new
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in the accident stayed at the sce an aulance transported the sudriver to the hospital . police say they're still investigatg to determine if anyone should be ticketed for the crash. patrick: new information on a high-speed chase through glendale. it happened last week around rush hour. tonight we're seeing the video. , watch as police pull out all the stops to catch the driver. >> glende police flipped their lightsnd sens near bender and port washington road last called a reckless driver in a dark blue min. navigating heavy traffic, several squads give chase. >> we got a t, wgot a pit. >> the driver is able to snake through what's called pit maneuver and reverses direction. he goes up on the lawn of several yards to pass stopd traffiand turns south on green bay avenue tires coming off. >> soon, t minan loses all four tires b theriver kes , ing. evtually a squad crosses paths
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seral mes. the driver finally ends up pulling into a dead end ally near 30th and teutonia. he makes a run for it. >> get on the ground. >> but is ught and arrested. patrick: police ferred the case to the district attorney's ce thetell ufor numerous toya andaking litical ws nowublicatiprid , candidate donald trump under this aernoon at a rally in north carolina. criticsay he perhaps insinuated violence toward moatinee hillary clto >>lary wants to abolish secomendment. by the way, ss to her judge, nothing you ca fo maybe therise econd amen i don't know. toya: trump's campaign clarified
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peopleit ae az emendous u, whh ves ematyral pow hiary clton's campaign sd "what trump says is dgerous. a person seeking to be the president of the united states should not suggest violence in any way." from a surprise supporteat a clinton rallat's making headline trump world news with david muir will have the campaigns covered diatelfolling this cas patric it's election day. our fall primarybe exa. dozens of races aron the ballot. ection officials are expecting about 16% voter turnout. you still have a few more hours to get to the polls. they close at 8:00. one race getting national attention is house speaker paul r's'rst district congressional seat. there are allegations his challenger's campaign workers campaigned too close to the polls. wisn2 news tim elliott was in mount pleantold from texas pan caleaign.e works for the
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i said, sure. he was breaking the law by bei too close to the polls. >> they were like hey buddy you needm's not legal and i told them the chief of police approved this and they sai you have it in writiu knng, yo hopi that i woulback down and i said i don't need it in writing. it is the law. >> wisconsin law states electioneers must be at least 100 feet from the entrance of a polling location. >> right now i'm basically measuring off 100 feet in each direction from the entrance of th >> captain tom petersen came out to make sure the law was being followed. >> i have to do 100 feet each way and create the semicircle around the entrance. >> petersen says the teen was at the er distance, but hhad one gn on villagertyop and that hado go. >> it is just unusual. >> nancy milholland ice chair of the racine co gop . she came to make sure rules were being followed. >> >> the'lo out of
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>> he may be walking a fine line, but police say as long as he stays beyond these cones he's within the law. patrick: and there weren't just problems in racine county. the janesville elections clerk says sige imns weroperly placed by nehlen supporters at of the city's 10 polling six locations but the issue has , been resolved. the nehlen campaign releasesed a statement today in response that reads in part "speaker ryan's dwindling network of supporters is carrying out the speaker's orders to prevent mr. nehlen and his suorters from carrying their message." toya: late thernoon, even more potential problems facing the nehlen campaign in his bid to unseat paul ryan. we have live team coverage. we will start with sheldon dutes has. -- sheldon dutes has. . sheldon, this all stems from a picture nehlen just posted on twitter. >> that picture appears to show a philn bubble next to hi
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higr hlensave america. if he posted the picture, he could be in bitrouble. we also have video of him casting his ballot earlier tay in delavan. you n see him reach for his phone out of his back pocket while he is he ving booth. we just talked with the state election commission. they say they are aware of the situation, but that the matter is complicated. i also just called the nehlen campaign they told me theyd to get back to me. they said the election commission ds not he authority to prosecute criminal cases. that is the part of the state w that deals with these ballot pictures. it sayit would be up to the district attorney to determine if any charges would be filed in a case. i didn't reach out to the
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toya: thank you. we turn to terry sater covering paul ryan's campaign in janesville. >> this is where paul ryan hopes to celebrate a primary win tonight the janesville armor , ryan was first elected to congress by wisconsin voters in wisconsin's first district in 1998. the republican is now serving as house speaker and of course four , years ago ran as a vice presidential cdidate on the republican ticket with mitt romney. donald trump made this primary race mco opponent and then finay friday night, rememrs trump , endorsed ryan. ttention augustrimary with more than 90% of thehe won the general electin 2014 with more than 60%. with this trump factor, it makes
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to: thank you. one of the more heated races, includes the fourth district senate race. incuent lena taylor hald the seat for three terms which , is about 12 years. she cast her ballot this morning at rufus king high school. state representative mla barnes is challenging taylor. he cast his ballot this morning at the north shore library. he was first elected to the assembly four years ago in 2012. if you live in milwaukee county, you have to vote and the district attor informed all n long inging results as soon as they come in. will have lte cerage nit at 10:00. betwn now dn, p?!lease use wisn.cnd our2 news mobilp to et up to the minute updates. patrick: a double homicide overnight ilwaukee. one man wailles shotnear 36th and cgress. another man was stabbed and taken to the hospital where he , died. police believe the killings are
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suspects. just before 8:00 thisniman was d clarke. police say a family member took m the hospital where he was , pronounced dead. police are searching for a motive and suspect in this case, as well. toya: the two closed mitchell park domes are expected to reopen by the end of octob, acrding to our partners at biztimes. all domes have been closed since three spring because of falling concrete. thome was the first to be repaired. it reopened back in april. patrick: dry and sunny today and mark our lawns are getting mark: it's looking like thursday is still our best bet for some wet weather, and we really do need it. all of milwaukee and a few bordering counties have struggled to see the rain. in fact, we are over inches seven below average. meteorologist lindsey slater traveled to east troy to find out if the dry weather could affect your wallet. lindsey: a soybean field, the drygrnds a bone. technically we aren't even in a drought. it's abnoally dry conditions. but ife continue to see the weather patterns as we have, we
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>> for corn and soybeans, we'd like to see about an inch of ra a wk. >> he says that since the dry areas are so small and oth yields are so good in places like illinois and iowa, we shouldn't see any issues at the grocery store. >> just in our area. actually the national yield is predicted to be one of the better yields one of the best , yields we've ever had. lindsey: august is when southeast wisconsin sees the most rain. that's not the case this year. defense foe r thck of water. corn kernels get aborted, while the soybean plant's leaves curl away from the sun. and ing to the climate prediction center, we can expect to see above average temperatures, unfortunately no much relief when it comes to these abnormally dry conditions. reporting in east troy, i'm meteorologist lindsey slater. mark: keep your fingers crossed that we will getome rain on thursday. more on that in a couple of minutes. patrichildren hurt or killed on asement rides this week. toya: coming up, the rides that cause the most injuries every
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borng n the u.s. the reason the birth is the lowest it's been in more than 100 years. >> heyeverybody. i'm ben wa. >> and i'm melinda davenport. honoring aca's heroes. tomorrow on wisn 12 news this morning, the mission one loc community is on, to say thank you to service members.
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toya: amentnotherark ride accident, this time leaving three girls hospitalized in tennessee. patrick: the girls are six, 10, and 16-years-old. they fell 30 to 45 feet when the ferris wheel ct eyere in caught against another cart, forcg o p over. lasword, twe sted as stable, e ird is i crit con wh a traumatic brain inju. >> i just ad ffe b the and then tjust h the little bit groundndhen just layin there. patrick: no separate incident in cit we've learned theyear-o boy killed while riding the tallest water slide in the world died of a neck injury. eye wis satnessecaleb schwab was tossed from the raft at the end of the ride. according to the consumer product safety commission, water slides are among the most dangerous attrons at amusement parks. there were200 water slide juries last year alone.
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intesting baby trend in the u.s. the nation's birthrate for 2016 is on track to be the lowest since the centers for diase corol started keeping track in 1909. the cdc study compared the number of babies born to the number of american woman between the ages of 15 and 44. what they found is the birth numbers are often less related to fertility issues and likely have more to do with women choosing tve fewer children or none at all. joyce: paick: let's go tthe newsroom. joyce is there, looking ahead to 6: jo new tonight on wisn 12 news, ess s keylr stolen from a popular down stet. >> just disappeared. joyce: 12 news invtigates the newest twist in milwaukee's growing theft problem. how thieves kingare taff with , getting through airport. security faster. the new program at mitchell international lping travelers avoid the long lines. join us r all new stor ya: thank you, joyce. team usa is adding more re
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the women's gymnastics team just won ld forecon consecutive olympics. the u.s. leads with total medals, but is behind in the gold. take a look. china has the most gold with seven, and a total of 16 medals. team usa has six gold and 22 total medals. patrick: off to a good start. toya: this year's olympics seem toe about more than gold, silver, and bronze, but silver, and bronze, burely it's l about the purple patrick:ou've probaardbly he about ose purple circles on some of athlet. they're from a prured cuing. tonit,isn 12ews melinda davenport takes a look at how it works,ndou can do it >> by now, you've problseen a ympians likehael on their bods.ese und cies >> it felt like an octopus sucking on me. >> it is called cupping. pey its chused in chise medicine for more than 2000 years. suction cups are attached to your body to pull blood from
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thtay on about 1 minutes. o her's how it works. the doctor lights a cotton swab, that is put with aohol i it en the oxyge pulle , o, th i goes on to me. ooooh. >>r. xiping zhou has a wellness clinic in shorewood, and also lectures at uw-madison. he says after seeing the olympics, people have been stopping by to find out if cupping is right for them. >> three people call to us. they want to try cupping. >> the session costs and it $20, isn't just for athletes. >> for any sports injuries and pain as well as prevention and wellness. i'm lucky here i can shopeople in the commuty herin milwaukee. >> linda daly, who has been seeing doctor zhou for years, says it is life changing. >> i really have become a believer in what eastern
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davenport, wisn 12 news. patrick: some athletes feel cupping helps their overwork muscles, but science is mixed on whether it is actually hpful, citing that it could be a placebo effect. steamy weather has returned. toya: i can see mark on a different monitor. his ce. patrick: i did not want to look athat motor. i saw him over there. toya: yeah, right. mark: no thanks. ocredit. let's talk about that steamy weather. it is warm out there. 83 degrees. 2.60 fr. utheasterly t 14 miles per hour. the dew point is not czy. is upn the mid-60's. you can feel that moisture in the air. if you're heading out to the
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9:00. warm throughout the evening. tomorrow 8:00 a.m., we kick it in again. if you are waing for cooler weather, that will arrive on saturday and sunday. in the meantime, 80-85 degrees. 82 sheboygan. 83 milwaukee. here is your dew point. why don't we talk about humidity? dew point makes more sense. if we show humidity, it's like 40% right now, and you think it is not humid. this is better representation. 60 or above, it feels sticky. 65 and above, getting naout there. that is what it feels like in watertown, lots of moisture, and that makes it uncomfortable. it is harder for yo body cool down when we have all this moisture in the, so yr heat index is even higher.
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away. we need some rain arounde. that is our only hope, what is happening out west. cloud cover here and they are today. that kept our temperatures from getting too crazy warm, but we still got well intye's this aug, temperaturn the 's or above. every day this august, temperatures in the 80's or above. tomorrow, just like today. thursday, fir round does not get here. most of thursday will be sunny and hot and humid. i would not be surprised at all close to 100 degrees on thay, soe ready for that. thursday night, our best chance of getting rain, 3:00 a.m., middle of theig, a cool front starts to push in, bringing a decent chance of some rain, and that is our only
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our fingers crossed that we do get rain on thursday night into friday. 88 and 90, hot and stiy. any storms move in late in the day on thursday, especially thursday nht. morning rain friday, then we clear it o cooler, ill strm this weekend.81 saturday. 80 on sunday. staying in the 80's. toy was the ninth day in a row of 80 degrees are warmer. if will move in to record territory. we set the record last year with 19 days in a row of 80 degrees plus. i was still thinking of that sound. toya: thanks, mark. coming up, going back more than 100 years.
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when the oil billionaire koch brothers call senator johnson... [ cellphone ringing ] ...what do you think they talk about? how the koch brothers' companies polluted wisconsin, even green bay, or how they spmillio suppo johnson as he votetheir way 90% he time an whatever senator jon and the koch brothers talk about, it probably isn't you.
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patrick: today's tuesdaysldhi will celebrate his ninth birthday this month. toya: and thanks to kathy y, one of his dreams has already come t thy: isn't that wonderful. plus he managed to trap on an , arcade game know as the typhoon. donivan warned me to expect abu.
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just one of oumorable momentathe mineshaft in hartford. sharing some thrills and chills anon telision was a , dream come true for dovan. >> we hat to to ge- divan is on the waiting li a vst forunteer bigt st keep. y:th hwants a y toup to and take on new challenges d adveuresn his life. ght you mie impressiondo van is all about the noisy ary games, but there' otr people. kathy: even when we are botbeingscar out of wits. whoa. thy:till fl like i am thatng. you can find outore about being ntbig luother. call the washiton coty
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my hair is still standing the top of my head. patrick:, kay. instead of machines and equipment, dozenof anils help me an old school house. to wya:e putce after rgh day immerse yourlf in the 12 ws.
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toya: take a look at this. in brownington, vermont, 44 en moved a historic schlhouse up a road to brin back where it w originally built. e schohouse first opened in 18. it was medn 1869 to be closer to the center of town, but now officiwaedoved ba they d todeo it old faioned way. about 2000 peoplcame oo tc patrick: it's not every day they move a house with oxen. mark: a live look outside things looking quite nice, some cloudover, but no worries, no rain out of this, thgh that will make f yosome ohappy. if you areeaded out this evening, temperatures on the
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warm to the 70's all night long. patrick: world newising up next.
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tonight, breaking news. did donald trump cross the line? tonight, critics saying this is now dangerous territory. late today, what trump suggeste quote, second amonday ement people could do out hillary clinton. the backlash imm edtetonight. also breaking, the travel airports across this country. passengers now furious, asking, can a computer glitch really cause all of this? th fall from the ferris wheel. three girlsngin plu from the basket they were in ande ask, was anything holding them in? the female jogger discovered dead, not far from her mother's home. authorities and their news conference late today. and just in tonight, the women haveone it.


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