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tv   WISN 12 News at 10PM  ABC  August 9, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm CDT

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[captioning made possible by sn-tv] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: right now on wisn 12 news. kathy: wisconsin heads to the po a challenge to house speaker paul ryan gets national attention. wisn 12 news has big story coverage. the results anok ad lothe big matchups you'll see in november. through local lawns. the view from inside the chase. kathy: but first, it's primary night in wisconsin. we have election results rolling in right now. joyce: we're live covering several races and have expert analysis from mike gousha. let's get right to the numbers. we begin with the republican primary in the first congressional district. house speaker paul ryan was challenged by paul nehlen. it was a race that received national attention after
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ready to endorse ryan, though he ultimately did. kathy: terry sater leads our team coverage. he's live with the paul ryan campaign in janesville. terry. >> two things were very clear in spear ryan's victory news conference. ryan was ready to defend trump , but not in detail and ryan , didn't want to talk about whether he'd be a presidential candidate in the future, especially not the near future. he talked about the big picture as both congressmaan of the tak hseg on hillary clintod lkg about working for positive ce and solutions. >> the people want to see their elected leaders tackle oblems, sick of paralysis, and they are hungry for results. >> speaker ryan now moves on to the general election this fall ace iraq war veteran democrat tom solen. ,i live in janesville, terry am sater, wisn 12 news. kathy: sheldon dutes is live with the paul nehlen campaign, also in janesville.
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sheldon? sheldon: you can see there are still some supporters re in the banque room. he spoke about 40 minuteser the associated press call this ce in favor of ryan. a few dozen people listened intently as he criticizehouse speaker ryan's stance on issues like immigration and trade deals. he also thanked his supporters . >> we defied everyo's expectations for this campaign. just the fact that you are here tonight demonstrates that our message played across the district and the country. despite the desires of our opponents and their corporate budds efforts to silence us, our success is a testament to each and every one of you.
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possibly run for office, so i asked hi he had any plans to run for office, and me cong in the next few days. be joyce: let's talk about the role of social media in allf is. nehlen came under scrutiny for a tweet he posted earlier today. tell us about that. sheldon: it was posted a few hours before the polls closed. it was a picture of what loo like a ballot with the bubble name circle then. this drew skewed to need because this could be a possible olion of election fraud la particularhe part of the law says you are not supposed to show your ballot to anybody else. i spoke to him about tt a little bit ago want ttell you what he has
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tweet of someone very angry with senator ryan." the election commission says they don't have the power to crack down on something like this. if there were gg to be penalties, it would come from a district attorney. joyce: patrick paolantonio and mike gousha joins us now. kathy: this received some outside attention in recent weeks. patrick: are in wisconsin tonight vering the republican pry for the speaker of the house. but in the end mike, it wasn't even close. >> and it wasn'a big surprise. nehlen had some support from nservative pundits like anne coulter and michelle malkin, and he tried to tap into voter trwithllegal atioand free trade. he also critican f his occasional critismdonald trum but recent marquette law school polls have shown ryan with positive job approval ratings in wisconsin. he's arguably the most popular republican in the state, and remember, donald trump didn't
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april. patrick: we have a couple more races to get to with mike. one of the them is a state senate race in the milwaukearea. joyce: wisn 12 news nick bohr is live with reaction from the candidates. but first a look at the numbers. lena taylor will advance to the november race, 97% of precincts and, 61% to 39%. kathy: reaction from the candidates. senator lena taylor was first elected to the senate 12 years ago. telling me tonight that and a lot of ways this was even more gratifying. she is still working the room in the back facing a tough , challenge from a popular state representative in mandela barnes who had a built-in base and gave , uphaseat to run against her. in the end, taylor says it was her record that propelled her to a win. >> a huned andne laws is
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just the beginning. we are note. i am no way tired. and got four more years. >> we have to continue the work. we have to continue to work for economic opportunity. those are real life issues too many people in the city of milwaukee are dealing with, too many people across this entire state are dealing with, and we cannot ignore it just because we did not get what we wanted tonight. >> senator taylor is virtually assured of being reelected in in november this heavily democratic district. there's no republican candidate. kathy: thank you. let's go back to patrick and mike. this was not as close a race as some might have thought.
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these lawmakers will no longer be serving in the state legislate. >> mandela barnes had to give up his assembly seat to challenge senator taylor who's a veteran , state lawmaker. this was a challenge from the left fort lena taylor. barnes is one of a number of young progressives elected to the legislature in recent years. he criticized taylor for her efforts to reform the milwaukee public schools. that was a hallmof the campaign. but taylor, who can be brash and outspoken, said she was the more effective lawmaker, and the people in her district apparently listen. patrick: the top prosecutor in milwaukee county. first though, lets go to kathy and joyce for the results. kathy: for milwaukee county district attorney incumbent john chisholm was challenged by verona swanigan. joyce: john chlm has 1, 60 5% to 35% with 97% of ecincts reporting. wisn 12 news christina palladino
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john chisholm camp. >> john chisholm standing behind me, talking to reporters. he won big time against milwaukee defense attorney verona swanigan. chisholm says it's been an honor serving milwaukee county for the last 10 years and he looks forward to his next term. chisholm has been criticized for not taking aough snce on teen offenders with the surge in car jackings and gun violee. i asked him about what he'll do moving forward. >> i do think we have to do a better job of identifying the highest risk, a small number of kids and a small number of adults have created a disproportionate amount of harm. that's what we learned early on doing investigations, identifying a small group and focusing on them. you still have to continue the work of reforming and improving
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john chisholm says he has not had a chance to reach out to his opponent tonight, attorney verona swanigan. he also says it's a shame parts of this race became so negative at times. we are live at the cap's brewery. -- pat's brewery joyce: once again let's get more from patrick and mike. patrick: mike, verona swanigan got some help in her bid to unseat john chisholmn the final weeks of the race. >> patrick, swanigan w relative unknown until recently, and that is because she was able to run radio ads and billboards, thanks to donations from people who were looking for some political payback. there are folks who are furious at john chisholm's role in the joe doe investigation of governor walker and conservative oups. they wanted to take john chisholm out. but chisholm also got some help from third party groups in the last stages of the campaign and managed to win handily. he might have been vulnerable,
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t a psecutor, not well known in the community. patrick: we have hea her name a lot in recent days. coming up in this newscast, the u.s. senate race between incumbent ron johnson and his challenger russ feingold. mike will be back to look ahead to the november election. joyce: one other congressional contest, in the fourth congressional district, which includes milwaukee gwen moore , defeated gary george for the second time in two years. she is up 84% to 16%. kathy: twoemocrats are vying to face off against paul ryan in november. iraq war veteran ryan solen and political newcomer tom breu. 59% to 41%. and the closest race of the night, the ninth assembly stct int epnick and marisabel cabrera are separated just a handful of votes. at this point, 53% to 47%.
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bottom of your screen. and the 12 news app. announcer: coming - joyce:ee gir fall from a ferris wheel at a county fair. what investigators are saying about what went wrong. mark: check out the 90's to our west. those are heading our wa joyce: thieves steal more than 100 cars. how they did it with just a laptop computer. and you could be getting money , back from the phone company. how scammers jacked up fees, and if you could get part ofug h settlement. announcer: that is all coming up
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announcer: you are watching wisn 12 news, honored as best evening newscast by the wisconsin broadcasters association. kathy: take a look at this. we have recently released dash cam video of a police chase in glendale. it began when police spotted a dark blue mini-van driving recklessly. the driver drove through lawns and even escaped an attempt by police to spin them out. by the end of the chase the minivan had lost all four of it's wheels. milwaukee police rammed the vehicle several times before the suspect pulled into an alley and tried to run away. in milwaukee, an suv crashed through the side of a house. joyce: here's video of the truck's tail end sticking out of the building. witnesses say the black suv was hit by another car then accelerated into the home. it smashed into the living room.
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he hadn't gone shopping he would , have been sitting right where the suv hit. three girls are in the hospital , one in critical condition after an accident at a county e., the 6, 10, and 16-year-old girls were riding on a ferris wheel when their cart got caught on another piece of the ride. it slowly tilted until the girls fell off dropping more than 30 feet onto the ground. one of the girls is in serious condition with a traumatic brain injury. kathy: to commitment 2016 election cove and e ce donald trump is accused of crossing the line in comments against hillary clinton. take a listen. >> hillary wants to abolish essentially abolish the second , amendment. by the way, and if she gets to judges, nothing you can do,er folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is, i dunno. kathy: clinton's campaign was quick to respond with this
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is dangerous. a person seeking to be the president of the united states should not suggest violence in any way." kathy: trump's campaign then sent out this response, it's called the power of unification, second amendment people have amazing it and are tremendously unified, which gives them great political power. but clinton's supporters are not buying i nn tweeted,'t treat this as a political misstep. it's an assastion teat, seriously upping the possibility of a national tragedy and crisis. trump's running mate is adding a lwaue stop to his third campaign trip to wisconsin in o weeks. republican v.p. nominee mike pence will start in lacrosse on thursday and end with a ttime rally at the downtown hilton in milwaukee. his democratic counterpart, tim kaine, is holding a campaign fundraiser in madison on monday. he was in milwaukee last friday for a rally at lakefront
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november will be for wisconsin's u.s. senate seat. democrat russ feingold defeated scott harbach in the primary tonight, setti umatch of six years ago between feingold and senator ron johnson. we caught up with both senate candidates tonight. >> i can feel the energy. people are a little tired of the very wealthy interest in this country coming into our state and controlling our politics and not addressing our needs of the hardworking people of this state. >> in 2010, when voters rejected that career politician in favor of a wisconsin manufacturer i , feel pretty good about the race and i'm just going to work my tail off to make sure we save th joyce: libertarian candidate phillip anderson will also be on the ballot in november. i am here once again with mike gousha. mike, a lot of eyes are going to be on this race. democrats are hoping to pick up a senate seat. >> this is the battle for the u.s. senate. this race is ranked one of the top u.s. senate races in the country this fall. a lot of national analysts consider ron johnson to be the underdog here, something he was not in 2010.
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it was gove's ce, and ronohne. this election will look different, the issues dfent, national security emerging as a su but these t gentlemen will be back at it again for a couple of debates and a tough race. joyce: mike, tomorrow, we'll get look at where this race stands. >> we will be able to get a better idea of that when new marquette law school poll comes out. joyce: you'll have one of the candidatn upfront this sunday. >> we will have russ feingold on with us for upfront at 9:00 a.m. in the milwaukee mt. kathy: our hot summer continues. mark, it will be steamy the next few days.
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things up. the entire month, 80 degrees or warmer. it looks like that trend will continue. 87 today. the recordas 97. all nine days in august have been 8 degrees or warmer, a it lks like we may keep that going for a while. it has been a hot summer, you might be saying to yourself. you are right. we hav had five days of highs in the in the 70's, 30 days with in 80's, and 10 days with highs in the 90's. i think we ght be adding to that very shortly, because look at the warm air building out to the west of us. these e hhsrom today. you can see all the0' 89 des moines, iowa. sunshine and temperatures willgh warm up and kind.
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it will be sticky. especially on thursday, get ady for dew points around 70. the heat index will be approaching 100 degrees. it will still be sticky on frid it'er f the weekend, but be owed keethat streak going with temperatures in the state fair tomorrow, 8:00, 76, not too bad early on, bar if you a headed there. be pred entering plenty of water. a llo outside to downtown milwaukee, quite o there, 79 degrees. dew point not crazy, but certainly a biicky out there, 64. we could use some rain around he. it is drive. our deficit running over seven inches for the year. we have one chance for the entire seven-day forecast, thursday night and friday morning. otherwis h sticky atr. if wget n'e in her
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really drive. it would be nice to see some rain. nothing on the doper 12 radar. tonigh through tomorrow, iv partly sunny skies, clouds develop like today. we will watch as we head into thursday. we start off the day nice dry and hot, then later in the day, scattered srs, mae a thunderstorm. that willontinue into friday rn 't pect is he a huge amount ain, but there is ing to be lot of moisture, so maybe we can get lucno get a decent amount of rain. 88-90, 80's on friday, morning rain. 81 on saturday. 80 on sunday. a nice weekend ahead, back to 83 on monday, 85 on tuesday, so over all the trend of warmer than average weather will continue for much of the rest of the month.
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from milwaukee's lakefront. joyce: coming up, 12 news investigates the high-tech car theft. the mystery into how it was taken. kathy: kathy: ? ? ? isaac hou has mastered gravity defyg moves to amaze his audience. great show. here y go. now'added a new routine. making depositing a check . easyo e chase technology, for at y're tryingo mast. isaac, are you ready? ah.
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announcer: big 12 sports presented by menards. >> it's back to work, night practice tonight, so need to be sharp. obviously, some days off. i have had a good amount of time off. we are trying to get a couple of guys healthy, but it looks like we will get a couple of guys back at some point in the near future. stephanie: that's aaron rodgers before tonight's practice in he's one of the packer players whdidn't mind sunday's hall of fame game being canceled. oweam's first preseason game is friday against while none of the veterans shed any tears over the canton debacle, it hurt some of the young players. in particular, the undrafted rookie quarterbacks joe callahan and marquise william the were set to split the game reps against the cts wh both dgers and brett hundley sitting out. ey probawon't have a chance in the next four games to
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lost. hey, we all know it is disappointing on a lot of different fnts, for fans,or the opportunity for young players. you will not get it back. the opportunity they had to prepare to be the guy for the game, that is a good opportunity for them. it is something they can carry forward into the cleveland preparation. >> opportunities don't come, so whenever i get my opportunity, we will be ready. just go out and have fun and make the best of it. you don't get too many opportunities. i got an opportunity to come here and try to make the roster, so that is the thing. whatever opportunity you get, you have to go with it. stephanie: coming up in our second half hour, why former brewer and fan favorite prince fielder is forced to leave the game he loves at just 32 years old. plus, the current brewers trying to bounce back tonight against the braves. kathy: thank you.
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keyless entry cars. >> i said i know this is where i left my car, but there is no trace of it, completgo. joyce:techheotwiring helping thieves get away without a trace. kay: be gettg monebarom the phone company. the communications giant accused of letti scammers hide hidden fees in your bill, and how much
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announcer: leading the way with them for the local go verge, you watchi wisn 12 news at 10:00 with khy way with local covera, you are watching wisn news at 10:00 with kathy mykleby, joyce garbaciak, pak paolantonio, weather watch 12 chief meteorologist mark baden, and big 12 sports director dan needles. wisn 12 news at 10:0continues. joyce: our primary coverage continues. the ballots have been cast and counted. we're baking wn all of the important races. our team of reporters have you cored. from the congressional race, to milwkee county district attorney, we hg story coverage tonight. first race called tonight.e


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