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tv   WISN 12 News This Morning  ABC  August 10, 2016 6:00am-6:57am CDT

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nd dmenamenent he made on the good morng, wco t "12 news thirn m m elliott. >> i'm minda nporve it is 6:00 onhis wednesday, august 10th. e av check on t morning commute eanth forecast. >> matt is on deck, first going to sallith the weather. >> look at the picturess morning from news chopper2 the sun isup this is instute. it is warm and muggy. it is looking like summe morning. the forecast for the day ahd, morning sunshine. aew more clouds in the afternoon. the highs around 88 degrees. everyone is muggy. the dsnt 60s and u to 70. matt?
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this morning. beautiful sunrise though underway. you won't need the shades just yet. you are looking at ten minutes into downtown. watch for the brake ls arouklahoma avenue. that's ak >> matt, thank you v much. we are now just a fews awaym te galction this morning we know who is on the ballot here in wisconsin. the primari gaining national attention, especially paul ryan's contested at.
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thema is lve in milwaukee r now where supporters ofh wisconsin congressman are celebrating victory. good morning, thema. >> grning, melindhe voters came to polling places just like th one to make their vo heard. that high profile race. e speaker ry from janesville isngki away wi re than 57,000votes. that is ryan held a victory party last night in janeille. nehlen receivedotes 11,00 >>sterday. n times as uncertain these, is easy to resort to division. it is simple toy on people's fears. stick.tuff sells, but it doesn't
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it doesn work. >> we have aemennnncomg out onhat it is we are doing, going t hold the government aountab wet war w t establishment. nehlen told the supporters defied the expectations. congressman was first elect i 1988 and this is the first re-election since becoming the speaker >> thema, thank yo. the race between paul ryan and paul nehlen received outside attention. patrick and mike have analysis the speec last night. >> mike thanks race started pick up national attentio recently, donald trump praised nehlen
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>> i am not saying that ryan had the last laugh, but enjoying the moment. it was interesting, ryan didn't mention trump by name, but it soundeke he was referring to trump's campaign attimes, in not a flattering way, he didn't want the campaigns about fear or division, he tal about the need for unity. not a direct criticism of donald trp, but something thateople all right, thank you, mike and patrick. another race this morning the rata senator,ena taylor chall by state representati mandela barnes in e 4th district and covering theorth shore and wauwatosa and e.
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chisholm gets another term. he took 65% of the votes. he was first elected as district attorney back in 2006. results of the eleion are scrolling on the bottom of the screen. you will find a list of primary results posted on and th 12 news mobile app. >> the primary is now over and wisconsin voters are looking ahead to three months from now to the november election. the race for president is the biggest one onhe this min of the candidates is accused of crossing the linen a dangerous way. >> tim, no apologiesrom donald trump or his campaign that blamed the media for misinterpreting the remarks and taking aim at hillalinton and the supreme court picks and he told the crowd,f sheicks
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can do, but for the secon and accused trumpf be there >> there is no other terpretion. there is tremendous power behind the second amendment, it is a political power. >> at this point, the secret service is aware of what trump said but not saying whether is investigating. >> thank you. clinton is expandingher lea in the swing states in ohio and ilead pennsylvania. >> and here in wisconsin,re we a ttg e resul a law poll l today, wisco voters were asked how they view the presidential candidates and if the parties are more united
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mike. >> the road to white house is coming through wisconsin for the second timn less than a week. governor mike pence is sing in milwaukee tomorrow night at the hilton and kaine coming to madiso >> i have to say, i am digging thhot and humid weather. >> y like it? >> yes, i break a sweat and i feel >> i liket too. somet people want it aittle oler o there. >> yes t camp is split. some pple adore it and oers on't d have 70 in the forecast. but 80 in the forecast. i ve watched t visability map this mngnd we have condeed a ltl fog inodge d county, also western
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area. elsewhere, visibility ten miles athe airport and waukesha. surprise that we have the fog.the dew points are nearly w the ai temperatures are and right now 74 at the airport. 66 at waukesha. you are seeing the hazeinhe t atmosphere. low beams andw speeds the areas of thefog. otherwise,is a warm start for . the tperatus going up to the upper 80s. a touch cooler along the a fair amount of clouds as well. w to matt >> beautiful hazy sunrise aroundway if are headed out the door, enjoy this. it is a gorgeous view fro 900 et abov the plainfield cue there. busier northbound than southbound. we have a little delay on the bypass 894 northboun
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th's a look at the morning commute, back ou. >> matt, thanks s . feral help fornor wisconsin th after storms caused majorflding. president obamgned a disaster declaration and federal aid is going to help 8 affected unties. last month' flooding cost $25 million i damage. >> 6:09 rit now,everal packe fans are plann a lawsuit against the n hall of fame. that representing fans says a css action lawsuit is in th works for g tickets and forhevera expees. a t ofeople upseter cancellingt . >>oday is the packersast practice befor the pre-seon opener on ida the practicesontinue next
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practices at lambeau on monday and tuesda >> also, get free tickets to the me tonight. eeam hosting a tool lleccoon drive at miller park, exchge the tools for free tickets for the gam night. you get one ticket for eve tooled dnd they are donated to a loca nonprofit. >> tea usa is celebrating big wins. we love that. we have the momentsoown in the history books. it is statea me, jeremys joining us live with look at the iconic cream puff kihen. >> later da catch ellen at 4:00. that is followed by wisn 12 news at 5:00 with toya and patrick.
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>>ust closing in on 6:14 on this wednesday morning. sunre into a hazknd haz and wrm conditions. winds aresohwest. chreez br today. the forecast calling for highs at 88. 87 yeerday. a weather day much like yesterday and a lot of morning sunshine and increases clouds i to matt upn news chopper 12. >> sally, we are over downtown looking to theestver i-94. we are logood. no delays yet. a little brake tappi on 894 northbou up to the z inrchang that is a little brake tapping
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av. matt, thank you. delta airlines is telling the passengers to expect delays arly two days of the computer ou led to 1500 cancel flights. the sys use to che in board thepagers is back up and ing, but running slow. if you are travelling on delta, eck for the flight. the airlinesssui iravel vouchers if you are through friday. >>thsts preparing for heavy ins. arona, a dusttorm covered parts ofhoenix and other parts the state are seeing heavy s an floodi. right now, wild fires in los angeles aredelaying thert school for kids e. 8,000 acresurning in the onal forrest a tusands homes being evacuated and
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>> there four more za cases in florida. at brings the tot number of area to 21.ted in the mime piem thenfection were reported on the same day that an infant died in texas. the girl dayed of birth a few weeks ago. doctors she had micro ally. >> a hric night i rio for the swimming and gymnastics teams, phelps earni two gold meda. he had a tf 21 go mals he caree katiook the gold in the women's 200 meter free ste.
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winning the gold. all eyesn simone winning eery single category. you can see y. the team won by a huge margin as wellng bti russia. here is the medal, usa 26, ninegolds. today is day five of the games and eyes on >> by now, you have seen the olympians with the little circles on the bodies, it hurts, it is called cupping. >> how do you ow? >> i did it, everybody. it is a chinese medical practice. that's me. i took one for the team. it was kind of painful. the suction cups are attached to
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the ood from the se a inju eas to speed up the healing procs. that par is not bad. >> the shoulder rub? >>righ the painful part is when he -- look at that. ouch. ouch. ouch. >> and you are still dealing with it? >> yes. this woman here is a troope yikes. we appreciate that. >> all i t >> later today the wisconsin state faircontinues. we have a live look at the grounds. gates to the fai apeni o this morning. today is meijer day at the fair. you can save $4 on a ticket. just show your receipt at the fair gates. >> this morning jeremy nelson is getting a look at the popular attraction, of course, the cream
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fascinating operation here at the cream puff pavilion. we are going to the cooler, it is a chilly 30 degrees. claire, good morning. good morning. >> tell us about this operation and how many do you make in a day? >> 35,000 roughly. >> now, tell us about the process. it is fascinating. >> everything is made from scratch, it is sliced a filled. >> you have a drive-through? >> yes, every morning 6-8 a.m. >> so the room here the 30 degrees. and even though it is 85 degrees out, this room stays cold? >> yes, it is a must. the cream needs to stay cool. we layer up in here. >> this is your 7th year here.
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2.8 llion cream puffs. can you believe it? >> yes. i will come back for more. >> get your cream puff, i am not cutting mine in half. forit. [cheering] >> well done. >> gold medal. >> look at that. >> he's taking one for the team. >> that is more enjoyable than puffing. good job, jeremy. bring us some back. >> he's in a good spot. 30 is a little chilly, that is a nice place to cool off. it is going to be warm today at the state fair. warm start, 70s this morning. mid 80s by noon. it is going to feel 90-95 on the
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afternoon and the temperatures should back off a little bit. we have a little fog this morning in the marsh area. we have fog as well being reported in the lakes area. so lo beams and slow speeds. otherwise showers and storms across minnesota stay to the north. look at the climb, the temperatures upper with extra cloudiness, the temperatures fall a couple of 2, 3 degrees when the sun is shielded. we are dry much of the day for today and for tonight. here we are at 5:00. the extra clouds. tonight patchy fog again late and early tomw morning. we do see a narrow ribbon of
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afternoon. in the evening hours a better chance of a few showers. look at the heavy rain, southwest in the state. we get to 2:30, a little rain for much of the east, but not much in the way of easing the dry spell. for today, 88 degrees. we are looking at hazy sunshine. a couple of extra clouds in the afternoon. near 90 tomorrow. showers adds storms are holding off and cooler weekend. >> thank you, sally. wisn 12 news time now is 22. if you are tired of the rio olympics, there is something else to check out too. >> yes, the alternative to the mmer games that attract animal lovers. >> it was supposed to be a romantic honeymoon andhy the
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and i ovpr l this message. son: i've alwad i wither melection ni. narrator: ifssenator johnson ll on the lliodollar bonus he paid himself .eo a big corporate payout for him.n ll on the johnson: i've always said. w narrator: if he wi he gets another six years to support tax ops an bad trade deals at sp jobs overseas. all to benefit corpora narrator: if johnson wins, wiscn tim no t social square and the stoes you a >> looks kittens have theiow summer olympics games. they competi. we not really, but don tey
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it is looking . that is very skillful. the best pa, the e is ud to find permanent homes for the >> i love this next burger king is launching a new menu itm. n you say this. >> whopperito. n't kn. t is lookinggood. >> whoa, pickles. wh i that? ok. this 2.99.s no just a wher mannse is reed with kay sew and the seasons are added the burger meat. >> it iswhopperito. git a shot. >> honoring thoseha serve. >> aroject that features local
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the rea fonz getting a pic
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>> the votes are in. wiers after yesterday's pa primary and the rssurrounding one ce. >> a proposal lwaufor mie's lakefront d costou. h inare as you t siation. how you n e yo voice >> and on wreatr tc acking another hot hid day. how long this weathell coue andhen wee ra'lse >> good morning welcomto "w news th morni." i'nda davenport. n has the daoff.lliott. 's 6:30 onwednesday, augu0th. let's art with theec meteorologist sally on irs od mor, center. >> good morning, tim, one thing is for certain, whene move intoctober we'll loo back and say we cerinly had a me southern wisconsin. warm and humid today. i have been watching the visibility this morning and we
6:30 am
fog. and little fog in northern parts lworth county. take it easy. else visibility is pretty good. it is warm and y. 74 at the airport. r today, patchy fog this morning. it is a warm spot. this afternoon a fair amount of ouds a cruising up to 88. cooler along the ke 12 >> ll we are looking down at tharquet interchange. no sweat here. things are looking good. tapping ofhe brakes stund. just aittl ldelay c down the hill that's a look at the morning commute, back to you.
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coitmentcovera hu of ndredsousands of pe in wisconsin cast votes yesterday in thetin y election. is morning the results are in. >> wisconsin's highest-profile race, house speaker paul ryan versus paul nehlen. >> rn th me than 57,0at's 84 percent. 11,000 people voted nehlen, eno ta ryan unniout of in november wisn 12 news' terry sater was janesvilith thryan campaign. >>aul ryan clear big he on tuesday night even though dd trume this race lot more interesting. fieetitw positively about ryan's o poept in the race, tat didn't have pact or littl impact on the voterser h i the strict ryan is le interested i
6:32 am
ving foard. >> the people wanot t see congss andeaders takeel ugh , noobms them. threick of the paralysis and hungry for result >> ryan was first elected in 1998 and this the first re-electio win. in janesville new >> nehcamples gn facing some questions after tweeting thi photo showing a filled-out can violate election fraud laws. the state elections commission says.a. will havto ci if this tweet is a violatn. it's not clear if this is nehlen balloor one filled t by a supporter. >>thno race that got a lot attention, state senate stour. incumbent lena taylor won over challenger mandela barnes with 61 percent of the vote. wisn 12 news' nick bohr has more
6:33 am
>> senator lena taylor was first elected to the senate 12 years ago ane told me here tonight in some ways this re-election was even more gratifying. the part you going onateinto the night, it is a celebration he she was facing a tough challenge from a popular state presentative in mandela barnes who had a built-in base angave up that seat to run against her. in the end, or sayit was her rd thapropelled her to a win. >> a hundred and oaw ate've done and i waou to kthat's just the beginning. we are not d am no way tired and we four more years. >> we've got to work to make our streets safe. we've got to work for economic opportunities. those werecampai issues. these are real life issues that too many people in milwaukee a dealing with, too many people in the state. we can't ignore it just because we didn't get what we wanted tonight.
6:34 am
re-election in november in this heily democratic district. there's no republican candidate. in milwaukee, nick bohr wisn 12 news. >>nick, thank you. >> you can find the rts on and the mobile app. >> you can weigh in on a plan for the lake front and changing the parking toaid parkg. thema is livealong lincoln memorial drivere there could be pay stations coming soon. thema, good morning. >> good morning, tim, as you can imagine that proposal is raising a lot of ebrows they of the pay stations has the people divided. we areing you high above
6:35 am
see the locationhere. this proposal wouldean mg a dollar an hour for the parking or around $40 to register your car for the year. that car regtration just another proposal to gate ve it is either raising revenue or cutting services. e county park system is facing a two and a h budget shortlal and abele is holding ltening ses tos k questions and suggestions. today's session is at the washington park senior cente at 5:30. >> thank you, thema. >>till ahead, a texas man had
6:36 am
camera. the work that took him up in the air and ouldn't get back down. >> plurivespotted breaking the law and putting r cars at risk. can you tell what she's doing? we'll explain up. >> but first, let's take a live look outside as we head to break. the sun is coming up. beautiful out ere, a little warm and sally severson explains how warm it is going to get this afternoon.
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>> we are monitorinhyg patc fog this vibility is good in theityhe and esha. improving some in thearshy ars of dodgecounty. but ileha m coming in western rtspaf racinen farouthern uknd neighboring sections of walworth. if you are in the area o fog, lo beams and slow speeds.
6:40 am
toow nig and friday morning and even then it is not enough to actually easeut dry spell. it is a warm summer. we havd 30 d the 80s and ten days in the 90s and highs today up t 88. 90 tomo. >>than, you. >> new this morning, an unusual resc after a man gets stuck at the top of a light pole. >> he was up there performing maintenance but couldnet back down. it happened at a football stadium in texas. up and called for help. rescuers got him into a harness and then held him climb down. >> and new this morning, a driver caught on camwhile texting and driving with n hands on the wheel. not a good idea. >> no, not at all. instead, she appears to be steering with her leg. the person who recorded this
6:41 am
enough, but no hands on the wheel leads to even moreger. come on now. and in denver, it's illegal to text and drive. >> she's going get a visit from the police after this video. >> yes, big trouble. >> 6:42. >> a violent week hicago as the city marks its deadliest day in over a decade. >> one of the victims just ten years old. how he got caught in the cross . >> plus, a tourist ends up stuck in a refugee shelter in germany. the mierstanng that put
6:42 am
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>> welcome back to "wisn 12 news this morning." it is 6:45 on this wednesday, it almost looks steamy in the picture. >> you can tl on the cold mornin this is just one of the mogs it is lookinghot. >> it does. >> we are warm and muggy.
6:45 am
90 tomorrow. keeping our eye on the visabi. western racine county and parts of walworth co. early morning temperature 67 madison. 73 at mitchell international. for today patchy , 78 this morning. 88 ts a few clouds inhe rnoon. the temperaturesk dn once the ski become cloudy. now, let's join matt in news chopper 12. dela 9 westbound. 76 street out to the zoo on and f the brakes. especially the right lane.
6:46 am
co's aook at the morning ute, back to you. >> matt, thanyou. wisn 12 news time now 6:47. >>owo the 2016 olympics in rio. when it comes to the medal unt, team usa is hanging tgh at the. here are the top four countries. team usa is number oneh medals total including nine gold. that's followed by china, japan, and russia. you se each have three gold. but japan has more bronze so they are ranked a little hig >> cruising toward gold. mes and women's basketball sa's s at t 2016 olympics. wisn 12 news' deirdre fitzpatrick is in rio th morning to tell us how players are living the high life. >> melinda, it's not unusual for high profilympians to skip the athletes villand stain a hotel before ctition.
6:47 am
living large to a whole new level. itot theove boat, but there's a lot to like about the silversea's silver cloud docked in the port of rio diro.e ne it's base to those who live life large literally and figurati. a floatiuxury me away from home for team usa's men's and women's basketball teams. >> t boat is supool. we're there with the girls ball tbam and a few other op. it's fine. understateme. delle donne hashtagged it, living the dream on instagram. let meeato you from e. spious yet intimate. designed to cross oceans yet le to navigate hidden harbors with ease. that sounds awesome. what the plars willove about at place is that the beds are ve long. dallasavericandrew boguts playing for australia.
6:48 am
curtain long enough for the athletes village. his hashtag ioc luxury lodging is trending in the athlete's village where they might leave the light for y, but you're not having cocktails on the lido deck. team usa basketball says the goal is to eliminate distractions and win gold. no matter what happens on the court thoat sets the gold standard for olympic accommodations in rio. players say the cruise ship isn' big aeal as people are making it out to be. dierent than a hotel. o in rio, deirdre fitzpatrick, wisn 12 news >> thanks, deirdre, reporting in rio thorning. this is not the first time men bask hasllunked ship. the guys stayed on the queen mary twoing th2004 athens games. must nice. >> they call that bunk >> noreally.
6:49 am
me. rmuggy today. 88 today. 90 tomorrow. s on friday. we have been monitoring the visibility. western racine coun, fog neighboring sections walworth. if u drive through the area prone to the fog, that is the rivers, take it easy this morning. it is 66 at waukesha. 68 fond du lac. 71 at port washington. 74 at the airport. showers and thundershowers are scra across minnot that action is sying to the north. here in the south, we are dry. i expect sort of a repeat performance weather wise. yesterday 87. and you recall a fair amount of
6:50 am
this is 9:00. clouds inhe north, here in the south dealing with the hazy sunshine. we warm up in a bg hurry. by0, the clouds ound. thatllows the temperatures to faack just a little bit. w for tomorrow, y much of the da tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon, there is a chance of a narrow r o rain in t aft hours. er chance ler i evening, you n s the heavy rain in the southern part of the stat rain overnight tonig and early on fy and cler and dryer air moving in. warm and humid today and tomorrow. the best st of showers overnit tomorrow night and y on fy.da highs satisfied and supped near 80. now to matt. >> we are over a busy part o the freeway.
6:51 am
here bweenbelo roa and okla. these delays stretch back to the 13 minutes right now on that stretch. 13 min4 eastbound. wah fordeys frommel matt, thank u >> a year after the departme justi began iestigang the baltimore ce deptment, the doj is getti rea to revehat th found. officl announcement comes alday tot the doj has ady released a copy of t report. it shows a ptern of discrimination againfrican americans in baltimore. the report detailsffic sps and searches and excessive force. >> chica s its deadliest day in more than a decthis week. one ofhe vicms a ten-year-old boy he was hit while standing on a
6:52 am
but the 10-year-was hiand later died. inhicago, 19 people weret on monday, nine of them were killed ew this morning, a case of mistaken identity for a tourist in germany. the chinese matryin s to file a report ?.ouhis missing wall but hcidently signed an asylum application form and was tak to is fue shelte dlar workers at a inche restau we abo translate and the tourist was releasedrom d cross care for thkind treatment and set off to finish his trip. new thirn newwed in india had to set out on his honeymoon alafter fe lost her passport. can you hgiw madou wouldat yourwife. >>e' not looking mad. he's happ he tweeted out toto,hiphn board a plane tong a picturof his n wife ove her empty seat.
6:53 am
the trip, but the groom decided to head to italy anywar a solo honeymoon. >> twould have los all the ney if they don't go. >> new this morning, honoring our military one banner at a time. that's the idea behind a photo project in oak creek. e are n banners onaypl across dxel town square ates of men an women serving in the military. the idea came fromhe cit clerk. she sa afterearnabout a r prlain california, e want to show her support for local .ps >> i have son has bn serving in the military and currently deploy as many of his friends are fr oak creek high school and theey ar making sacrifices personally ands well as their families a portant toecognizehese sacrifices they are making for
6:54 am
>> this is cool. theners are staying upntil la day and given to the service membe and their families. thclerk taking applications now for next year's banners. >> and therere a now five days left to check out the wisconsin state fair. night there is a happy days reunion. w cool is this. it is including henry. the re fonz stopped by the stute, oh am in milwaukee. the stembers ll on the fair's main stage tonight f showled happy days liveery cool. >>t the wisconsin sta fair later today, the competition for the ir food. ju is aiem round of the in ofhe t spor kies.the moinman
6:55 am
all t racing sauses in one stick and corn dogged. >> i amhung cr puffs.y brings back comin , "good m ng erica" has the tnal and international stories. first, we are lng live fromew chopper 12. a fient check on the roadways
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>> od morning. thank you for joining us. stting at 70th.nd. it is a rollilo. we have 1 minutes on 894 northbound from the hale up t the zoo interchange. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> rain and storms are showing up on the radar and staying to the north woods. drin the south.muggy nditio. 88 degrees. mix of sun and clouds. tomorrow party sunny. rain andms l in the and ahead ofhe rain, 90 degrees. cooler for the weekend.
6:59 am
he beach. >> yes,t bea the heat. >> thank you, take wisn 12 good morningerica. donald trump defdingimself after a comming called a threat against hillary clinton. if she gets to pick her judges, nothing yon do, al ough the second amendment ople, maybtheris, i don't ow. >> trump says he was not facing her own troubles overnight. a new batch of her e-maiade public. breaking overnight, a er librarian killed by police in front of a horrified crowd. shot while volunteering for a demonstratio a police safety event. the latest on what officersay was a terrible accident. ash flood danger. a woman rescued after a car barrels into a bridge. now more monsoon rain hitting the southwt and a dangerous heat wave mong east. gold med glo at the


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