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tv   WISN 12 News at 6PM  ABC  August 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm CDT

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glorious trip to poland, but came back with a sinus infection. he took some new cough medicine before going to a meeting. within seconds, he knew he was in trouble, knowing he has a rare severe allergy to acetaminophen. it is a compelling story. >> by the time i walked from up down to the parking lot couldn't talk at all. i lost my voice. i knew i would not make it to the emergency room, so i took out the phone and put it up to my mouth and i and was spring like this, could you please send 911. i am having an allergic reaction. i am already getting disoriented. they came right up to me.
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image of lon chaney. the full moon is coming up and all of a sudden he is changing. they could see right away. kathy: they could see right away. in fact, he was given as his last rites. it was a various situation out here. -- a very serious situation out here. the paramedics got him te more. we will come back to you after the commercial break. >> i killed my son. >> you what? >> i killed my son. >> how did you kill your son? patrick: a wisn 12 news exclusive. tonight, we're hearing from the 911 dispatcher who took that horrific call. a mother on the line who police say killed her own son. wisn 12 news' adrienne pedersen is in sheboygan.
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you're sitting in this room you never know who will be on the other end of the phone when you pick it up. i just talked to bobbi jo. she's the woman who handled the call with the mom who admitted to strangling her child. >> everybody thinks we are just call takers. we do our job, go home. they don't realize that it lasts. adrienne: i will have much more of our conversation coming up tonight at 10:00. patrick: katie kinateder, the sheboygan falls mother on the other end of the call, could face life in prison if convicted in the death of her son. joyce: crime has dominated this summer's headlines. now, wisn 12 news has learned police are using intelligence tactics to protect the public at festivals and fairs. 12 news investigative reporter colleen henry live at state fair . colleen, police have produced a pamphlet of known offenders. >> it is a booklet of bad guys known to frequent summerfest,
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it was produced so police officers and law enforcement officials who work those events can spot trouble before it happens. for the heinzels, state fair is a family affair so they're happy , to see metal detectors and more police here. >> what ever they can do, let's do it. i prefer to be safe than to have anybody get hurt or something happening. >> law enforcement knows the fun and excitement of events like state fair draw criminals too so they're taking action. mpd produced the special events gang offender id booklet, a literal who's who of the city's most notorious street gangs. it documents their clothing, their gang signs and aims to , help cops id members at special events especially when rival gangs show up. state fair instituted major changes five years ago after wilding crowds wrought havoc on the midway.
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fair. it really did because you know , the things that were happening made me really skeptical about coming out. >> but fairgoer julia prescott is back with her family. she's thankful police are using intelligence to stop street criminals too. >> the things that are happening in the world today, you can never be too secure. >> milwaukee police wouldn't comment on the booklet, saying it's designed for law enforcement use patrick: new information on a story we broke. a cudahy police dispatcher has just resigned from her job amid toya: -- job amid scandal. according to a probable cause statement obtained by 12 news, melissa mueller was caught on surveillance video pocketing cash from the department cash drawer last month. she was supposed to be taking payment for a parking ticket. according to the cudahy police chief, mueller has been referred to the district attorney's office for misconduct in office charges. those charges have not yet been filed. joyce: only on a milwaukee 12, plumber is left without his tools after his truck was stolen
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off supplies at the site at 77th and congress and left the keys in the truck's cupholder. as he walked out, five teens in a car pointed a gun at him. some took off and his truck. police arrested them a few hours later when they crashed near 29th and villard. >> i am not surprised because you hear on the news all the time about how they go from the inner-city's to these neighborhoods and commit crimes. and tell you are involved, you still have the sense of satisfaction of being . but the thousands of dollars in tools are still missing. the milwaukee father accused of drowning his infant son pleads not guilty. prosecutors say sean flowers junior held his three-month-old under water last month at a northridge lakes pond after arguing with the boy's mother. a judge today ordered flowers to stand trial. he's being held on one million dollars bail. patrick: while the rain has missed us for the most part other parts of the state are , underwater tonight. this is video from la crosse. streets and fields are flooded after several inches of rain. mark, we need some rain here.
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we don't need it that fast and furious. we could use about an inch or two of steady rain. we do have rain on the way. we will be dry this evening. if you're headed outdoors, you will be a ok. it is hot. rain arrives late tonight, well after midnight, probably after 4:00 a.m. it was a roof stays close to tonight because of the possibility of rain. it is warm and will stay warm all evening long. temperatures still in the 80's through 11:00. it is also really sticky. when we start to get rid of some of that stickiness, coming up in weatherwatch 12. patrick: tracked the rain and storms when you're away from the tv using interactive radar. you can find it on our 12 news app.
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joyce: commitment 2016 coverage, the race for president makes a stop in wisconsin. republican vice presidential nominee mike pence is in the state at this hour trying to win over voters. according to the latest marquette law school poll released yesterday, pence and donald trump trail democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton by 15 points among likely voters in wisconsin. wisn 12 news terry sater live in downtown milwaukee where pence , is scheduled to speak. >> remember donald trump finished second in wisconsin in the republican primary. w recent polls, so it is interesting that the trump campaign is making a second stop in the state in less than a week. that seems to indicate the trump-pence campaign believes wisconsin is still in play. mike pence hinted at that while in lacrosse this afternoon. >> it's almost like the green bay packers. you have to play every game on the road this year every single game on the road in front of hostile hometown crowds with hometown referees but the
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those odds donald trump is still , winning hearts and minds every day and we're going to , drive all the way to election day. >> we are back live. governor scott walker will be here tonight and trump has named , two well-known business leaders and financial supporters of walker to trump's economic advisory team. we'll have complete coverage of the republican campaign stop tonight on 12 news at 10:00. joyce: meanwhile, hillary clinton unveiled her economic plan during a stop in the detroit suburb of warren. clinton blasted the economic plan donald trip laid out in detroit on monday. she says trump's plan would cost more than 3 million jobs but , hers would create 10 million. the key pillars of clinton's plan include raising taxes on the wealthy and spending $275 billion on infrastructure improvement. >> he has offered no credible
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families are up against today. nothing on student loans or the cost of prescription drugs, nothing for farmers or struggling rural communities, nothing to build a future with clean energy and advance agriculture. joyce: clinton plans to release her tax returns in the coming days. trump so far has refused to release his. patrick: still ahead new at 6:00, a local mother of five gets the gift of a lifetime. the special people who gave her this new set of wheels she so desperately needed. then we will go back live to , kathy at the cousins center as she sits down with the archbishop about his close call with death. announcer: get important local news wherever you are with wisn
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announcer: leading the way with important local coverage, you're watching wisn 12 news at 6:00, with kathy mykleby, joyce garbaciak, patrick paolantonio, weather watch 12 chief meteorologist mark baden and big 12 sports director dan needles. wisn 12 news at 6:00 continues.
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breaking news. we learned tonight about a near death experience for the archbishop of milwaukee. joyce: he suffered an allergic reaction after taking some cough syrup. kathy mykelby just got finished speaking with him. she joins us live. kathy: the archbishop has a rare allergic reaction to acetaminophen. all is calm here tonight. when this was happening, he cool and calm until the reality started flooding in. the fact that he had his affairs in order is not lost on him. >> my guardian angels are working overtime. there have been 3-4 instances since i mistakenly took the acetaminophen to the time the paramedics came. if it didn't happen, i would have been dead.
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even the doctors when he got to the hospital knew that most people are not allergic to this. he had a close call 30 years ago, so he knew exactly what was happening. at the same time, he knew he had to walk through it and use it in a sermon down the road. patrick: good to hear that he is ok. thank you. joyce: new at 6:00, a lucky mother of five gets a new ride. as wisn 12 news' tim elliott reports, the brookfield woman deer wheels. >> look it. >> shannon lorenz, come on down, take a look at your new car. >> thank you all so very much. >> it is so shiny. >> she is a mother of five who was in desperate need of a new vehicle. her coworker suggested that she apply for the national auto body council's recycled rides program. >> it was a huge surprise when
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we have something available. >> allstate insurance donated the car and abra auto body in , brookfield spruced it up. >> >> we completely repainted the whole vehicle, suspension work that needed to be done, new tires, brakes, a little undercarriage damage that we repaired. >> this 2009 vw jetta has been in the shop now for several months now. here at abra auto body and glass, crews have spent more than 100 hours making sure this car is ready to go. >> it is really nice to be able to give that to someone who doesn't have it. >> amy mccallister helped connect the lorenz family with the car. she says selecting shannon was a no-brainer. >> just really hard working woman with a lot of kids who could really hand and some help and just something to kind of get her ahead. >> >> congratulations, hope you enjoy it. >> will do. >> all right. >> the lorenz family is eager to get on the road.
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>> no, you know what my kids will be, super happy because there is a stereo haha. so they can show off their new ride. >> it's great. it's beautiful. >> have fun. joyce: lorenz says the car she was driving was 25-years-old and did not run well. she says she now has a reliable vehicle to get to work, take her kids to school, and to all of their after school activities. patrick: w for the 11th time. mark: it was a sticky one. 90 four was the official high. a heat index of 101. that is tough to take, even if you love the heat. the average high is 79. we are four degrees away from a record high. 94 is the warmest so far in 2016. it is still hot. 88 degrees hot. dew point 71
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of skies, which could be good news if you want to check out the meteor shower tonight. it starts peaking after midnight, but you may want to take advantage of it while you have a clear sky. some blue in sheboygan, 84, a little rain rolled through. we take you to downtown milwaukee, nice crowded cathedral square for jazz in the park, 88 degrees, dew point 71, sticky out there. this helps. i know it is a least there is a wind. it is hot out there. 87 at 7:00. 83 at 9:00. be prepared. perseids meteor shower has been happening over the last couple of nights, but tonight and tomorrow it starts getting its act together. you need clear skies. we will have that for part of the night.
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you want to get away from the city lights and kick act and chill out and look straight up. the darker the better. you can see as many as 100-200 meteors per hour later tonight. 88 milwaukee. it is hot no matter where you are. the dew point temperature is atrocious. a lot of moisture in the air. that means the field like temperature is worse. 94 in milwaukee. c in des moines, iowa, it feels like 109. 100 for kansas city. 107 lincoln. we have serious heat and humidity building out to the west of us. this is what i am watching closely, these thunderstorms openly -- hopefully arriving later tonight. we are drive this evening. let's go to future cast. a lot of heavy rain down to the south.
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towards 6:00 or 7:00 in the morning. a couple of scattered showers moving in from time to time. this would not be a huge amount of rain. we still need more rain, and we really need it the metro area. 82, 82, not 94, so we cool down, but still sticky. it will be sticky on saturday with a high of 82. if we don't get and tomorrow then it will get on the desperate side searching for some rain because we are drive most of next week, temperatures still above average. highs in the 70's, so we have every day so far this month in the 80's, and it looks like that trend will continue. patrick: we definitely need it. thanks, mark. joyce: a lost game means a lost opportunity. dan: yes. not only for the packers players on the bubble, but also for their general manager.
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continues. and, what the brewers did for the first time in franchise history today. it's all next in big 12 sports. >> hey, everyone. i'm melinda davenport. it's a sweet deal to help kick off your weekend. tomorrow on wisn 12 news this morning, where you can stop on your way to work to get a free cup of coffee. plus, we'll be on weather watch as rain moves through southeast wisconsin. we will see you tomorrow morning
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announcer: sports director dan needles, honored with best sportscast by the wisconsin broadcasters association. dan: aaron rodgers was going to be a spectator at the hall of fame game, and it appears that will also be the case friday night when the packers try again to play their preseason opener, this time against the browns at lambeau field. g.m. ted thompson fully understands young players look at the lost opportunity of the cancelled game much differently than the veterans. it is those young players that would have been the focus of his evaluations against the colts. they help to determine the 53-man roster. >> part of the value of having that game in my opinion was the ability to evaluate a little bit closer.
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we wanted. we are back to where everybody else's. dan: after scoring 15 runs saturday, the brewers scored a total of 11 runs in their next four games. today they matched that total in , a blowout win over the braves. and each of the eight position players that started for milwaukee got at least one hit. chris carter with a two-run homer in the first, his 27th, his 20th homer at home, that leads the major leagues. the brewers have now hit at le straight games, their longest streak in six years. scooter gennett with his 10th of the season. hernan perez also muscled up for his ninth of the year, and the third of the game for the brewers. plenty of support for matt garza to earn his fourth win. and then there is 28-year-old catcher manny pina, 12 seasons of pro ball, and he never had a major league r.b.i., until today, a three-run double for pina in the sixth inning. the brewers win 11-3. it's the first time in franchise history that the brewers scored
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>> the offense was kind of a little bit of everything. it was some walks, two-out hits, some home runs, some execution at that, so a little bit of everything today. i think that leads to the big number. dan: i don't want to spoil it for anybody, well, i actually do. american simone biles has won olympics in the women's all-around gymnastics. teammate aly raisman wins the silver medal. those two also helped the u.s. win gold in the team competition. and, lebron james has agreed to a three-year, $100 million contract with the cavaliers. three years. first time in his career that he is the highest-paid player in the nba. joyce: a little extra spending money. patrick: and then some. new at 6:00 take me out to the , ballgame. more than 2,000 kids from milwaukee's boys and girls clubs, the united community center, and the running rebels
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this afternoon. they were treated to the game, plus ballpark goodies like hot dogs and soda. >> any time they are doing something that is out of the ordinary but positive, it is something they will remember. some of these kids will remember this day for the rest of their lives because it is their first trip to miller park and to see the brewers. patrick: the trip was part of the mayor's safe summer initiative. joyce: it is still one of the best deals at the state fair. the m beer, chocolate, strawberry, and banana cream. the price doubled to $.50. the proceeds go to the milwaukee bucks new charity. >> one of the best things that we are excited about is the proceeds will benefit the milwaukee bucks foundation, so going into community betterment, youth education, youth health, and helping us to drive those efforts throughout the community.
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there you go. mark: it is still hot out there, hot this evening, dry this
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tonight, heather locklear fights back. shamed for being broke, depressed and drinking? what her best friend is only telling "e.t." now. then the olympic's biggest breakout star. leslie jones arrives in >> i don't see no damn nowhere. >> what will she do next. plus behind scenes of "ncis" l.a. with a very pregn star. just weeks from giving birth. how are they hiding baby bump? >> how are we going to do she's got a giant baby in her belly. before rob lowe gets roasted on tv. he's turning the tables on the roast master david s >> we're on the set as rob


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