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tv   12 News This Morning 430  ABC  August 12, 2016 4:30am-5:01am CDT

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>> a project launching in milwaukee to honor the nine-year-old girl who lost her life because of a stray bullet. how the neighborhood is celebrating zalayia jenkins' life. >> a group spent the night sleeping on milwaukee's streets to help schools in need. how this stunt will help students get the supplies they need. >> but first, weather watch 12. here's a live look at doppler 12 radar. rain has been moving through overnight. more is on the way and that's prompting a flash flood watch across much of our area. >> good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm toya washington. i am in fact awake. >> and i'm tim elliott. melinda and ben are off today. it's 4:30 on this friday, august 12th.
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jeremy who's tracking all that rain. more rain throughout the day as well. >> we need the rain as long it is not too much. there could be heavy downpours. as long it is not falling too fast. we look for the beneficial rains today. the flash flood watch until mid night. it is a fairly gentle rain right now. a pet steady shower. day planner, wet pavement early. we look for the showers this morning and into the afternoon and fairly scattered across the area. if you are caught in one, there could be heavy downpours, have a plan b ready to go, the rain could be interfereing with the outdoor plans today.
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>> when you're on the go, take the weather watch 12 forecast with you. just download the wisn 12 news app. it's free for your smartphone or tablet. >> new from overnight, a pedestrian hit and killed in milwaukee. it happened around 10:00 last night near 91st and appleton. police tell wisn 12 news several people called 911 saying they saw a woman get hit by a vehicle. that vehicle is described as a small black suv. anyone who knows what happened or where the suv is, is asked to call police. >> looking ahead, this weekend milwaukee will honor a little girl shot and killed earlier this summer. police say nine-year-old za'layia jenkins was inside a home when a stray bullet hit her. tomorrow is the groundbreaking on zalayia's legacy garden. family members planned the garden near zalayia's home at 15th and meinecke. it will have lots of purple, that was zalayia's favorite color. whoever shot jenkins is still on the run. >> right now, an investigation is underway into a wisconsin
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33-year-old brandon ketchum from wisconsin dells killed himself last month after a va psychiatrist reportedly refused to admit him for in-patient treatment. this happened at the va center in iowa city. this morning, the va inspector general is reviewing the case to determine if the va is at fault for ketchum's death. >> to commitment 2016 and the race for the white house. donald trump's running mate mike pence stopped in milwaukee. this came just one day after a new poll from the marquette law school showed trump losing ground with wisconsin voters. wisn 12 news asked pence about those polls. he told us that trump's campaign isn't worried. >> well, it's a long time 'til election day. it's still very early in this
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you're going to see the polls ebb and flow, but i think what's going to carry the day is really a message for how we make america strong again at home and abroad. i mean donald trump is committed to rebuilding our military. to having america standing strong on the world stage again. >> during pence's speech in downtown milwaukee, several protesters interrupted. they were removed from the rally. >> tim kaine is coming to wisconsin. >> >> later today, a filmmaker takes on the tobacco industry in milwaukee. the film looks at the relationship between tobacco companies and milwaukee's african american community. lincoln mondy will be at the saint mark ame church tonight presenting his project called "black lives, black lungs." mondy says african americans are more likely to suffer from tobacco related diseases. >> new from overnight, people are waking up on milwaukee's streets right now in an effort to raise money for local students. a small group of activists spent the night and morning outside near mlk and north. they're collecting money and
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we talked to organizers early this morning about why they want to help. >> so many times teachers have to pay out of their own pocket to buy supplies for students and everything and there's a lot of parents who can't afford supplies. every little bit helps. >> the donations will go to both pierce and martin luther king junior elementary schools. the sleep over continues until 7:00 a.m. >> later today, new extended hours begin at four milwaukee libraries. atkinson, capitol and forest home branches will be open on fridays from now on starting today. the mill road library is adding extra hours too. this is happening because of a common council budget amendment that added six librarian jobs. wisn 12 news time now is 4:35. >> the suspect in a car theft makes a big impression on a judge. >> the courtroom performance that's drawing a lot of attention and whether it helped
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>> plus, if you've noticed a lot of shooting stars lately, it's thanks to a meteor shower. the best time to look up to make sure you see the show. >> but first, we are on weather watch 12. let's take a live look outside as we head to break. it is raining a bit out there this morning. grab the umbrella. it is going to wet all day. we'll be right back. z22xez zvpz if you home is in the lane the bench or the range there's only one if you place to go.he lane
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>> welcome back to "12 news this morning." happy friday. a few water droplets on the camera lens. the pavement is wet in racine. it is air you can wear today. it is thick out there. the humidity is hanging around for the entire day. we have scattered showers out there.
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fairly light showers early today and picking up the intensity later in the day and mixing in with the thunderstorms. the downpours are possible in the afternoon. we talk about the weekend forecast coming up. >> thank you, jeremy. now to traffic watch 12. the roads are slick out there. this is i 43 at oklahoma avenue, moving now, i'm not usually up late enough to see the sky dark, but there are shooting stars. they could be part of the perseid meteor shower. >> last night and tonight are the peak of the annual shower. every august, there are an average of 100 meteors an hour. but this year, forecasters say there could be 200 every hour. so if you're outside tonight and if it's clear enough, look up and you could see it for
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>> a suspect decides to show off his dance moves in a florida courtroom. >> he thought the judge wasn't watching so he started twerking to get her attention. it was caught on camera. 30-year-old calvin griffith is accused of stealing a car. the judge was not amused with his antics. she set his bond at more than z look $18,000. >> i am sure -- >> thousands of people are in rio right now for the olympics. >> they're getting a taste of the games and a taste of brazil. what mealtime means for the tourists. >> plus, a stowaway on a frontier airplane. how a monkey got on board without the airline knowing and
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that's when we come back.
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>> we are back here on "12 news this morning." it is 4:45 on this finally friday, august 12th. we are looking at dopplar 12 radar. a lot of green moving through southeast wisconsin and good news for this part of the state? >> great news, the rain, we are watching for the thunderstorms get going and producing downpours and we have the flash flood of isolated variety and impacting southeast wisconsin. so flash flood today through mid night and after that, we'll see the rains come to an end. fairly light in southeast wisconsin at the moment. the lightning strikes out over the lake. have the brael ready to go. the thunderstorms begin to erupt closer to midday and throughout
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variety. >> thank you. >> to rio de janeiro now where the world's top athletes are facing off in the 2016 olympic games. the u.s. is still leading the medal count. american athletes have won 16 gold medals, 12 silver and 10 bronze. that's 38 total. china still holding onto second with 11 gold medals and a total of 30. japan has earned 22 medals, including 7 gold. and australia comes in 4th with 5 gold medals and a total of 15. >> in brazil, eating and celebrating family in a big way is a way of life, and their secret is getting out. wisn 12 news' nigel robertson is at rio's olympic park with an inside look at eating brazilian style. >> tim, i hope you had breakfast this morning. its not what you are eating, it's how. meet jean boschetti, he knows
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>> when we are celebrating something, birthday, anniversary and usually on sundays after you come back from the church in the morning, we set up a fire pit and we cook around the fire. what used to be outdoor fire pits is now meat skewered and turning slowly in an industrial sized here at fogo de ch?o in rio de janeiro. he remembers his grandmother setting out plates of veggies and salads, and his grandfather bringing the variety of meats directly to the table. my grandson likes the chicken, my granddaugher likes the lamb so that is why i think it becomes all the variety. rodrigo deborba lives in rio. he says he grew up eating this way too. now he is raising his
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like a car engine... first gear, your light foods salads and so on, second gear starches, and the third gear the all important meat. most of the people... actually you start with the greens just so you feel less guilty. but not for me. >> we are told it is a family affair. from youngest to older they enjoy different plates. life is good, that is the message that the people in of the world. >> thank you. >> you might thing long list of spices, it is really salt and pepper. it is cooking the meat nice and slow. now that we are drooling over that. >> a wild ride from ohio to las vegas. >> a monkey on airplane. here is the tsa video.
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the shoulder there. they don't know about the monkey until the airplane was in the air. the man showed the papers it is a therapy animal and so it is legal. >> i didn't see that. >> it is a tiny monkey. well, first of all, if i had the girls with me, it would be a disaster. treats, they wouldbe snacks. >> all right. the forecast for today, a lot of people want to head to the state fair, it is friday. you can go out, but take the umbrella with you. on and off showers throughout the day. that is good news because we need the rain. down side it is on a friday and continuing into the early part of the weekend and we have a
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some of the rain totals could top two inches. this is not heavy rain right now. a couple of thunderstorms overnight. we watch this redevelop, more showers and storms later this morning into the afternoon and into friday evening and some of those could be producing the heavy downpours. we are looking at lighter rain for the early part of this morning. here is a park at the midway in milwaukee. 78 degrees. dew .64. it is tropical out there. if you are going outside, if you are wearing glasses they could fog up. temperatures across the area, 78 milwaukee. 72 west bend. so lower to upper 70s across southeast wisconsin. this is rain cooled air in place.
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the area. any time we get the red showing up on futurecast that represents downpours. scattered pock erts are picking up one to two inches in southeast wisconsin. saturday morning the rain is clearing out. now, severe weather threat today. it is primarily a effect. there could be lightning contained. low 80s. a lot less humid by sunday. 80s for the better part of next week and warming up by thursday with a high of 86. back to you. >> thank you, jeremy. we have an incident right now on the roadways. this is a crash with injuries,
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you are seeing multiple emergency vehicles on the scene. use caution in that area this morning. looking at the drive times, everything is looking good. >> two dozen people hurt after a turbulent jetblue flight. 22 passengers and two crew members were taken to the hospitals and another plane was brought in to finish out the flight. >> new information this morning about the massive apartment fire in maryland. at least two people were killed in this fire. several people are still missing. 30 others were hurt. explosion started the fire wednesday night and a hundred firefighters helped to put out the flames. it has been three years since
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video smoking crack and now the video is released. the video was used as evidence in a court case. it is just now being released. ford died earlier in the year. >> a florida man has a new scar half a four foot python took a bite out of him. >> he was sitting on a porch when this happen. >> i don't remember grabbing a snack, but when i reached back and pulled that out, i screamed, and i ripped it off of my hip, and it kept coming out. >> oh, wait.
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>> they bite. they don't just wrap themselves around you. >> you go past a dunkin' donuts, we have cops on roof tops, police officers will be raises money for special olympics wisconsin. there are 46 dun kin donuts in wisconsin and all the locations are taking part. a specialist is special olympics is near and dear to her heart. >> not only the team work with them in sports and juts overall how they come together and the bonds that we worm with those with special needs. >> now, last year they raised $41,000. they are hoping to beat that record this year and get this, every customer that makes a
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a free medium or iced coffee. >> great, please donate. >> thousands of people flocking to to wisconsin. >> the festival that is getting national attention. >> plus, president obama is revealing his favorite songs of the summer, what the commander and chief is listening to.
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>> new this morning, three more people have the zika virus in the miami area and bringing the tomato number to 25. >> this is a lining to the mosquitos in the united states and the whiteou transferring $81 million to developing a vaccine. the congress left for summer reseesz without making a spending plan to fight the virus. human testing is expected by the end of the year. >> the state of florida is dealing with a case of a brain ameba infection, a swimmer contracted the virus.
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fresh water and causes an infection of the brain. fake xanax pills are becoming a problem. last year a person died and 8 people were hospitalized. >> marijuana continues to be ranked as one of the most dangerous drugs. it has a quote high potential for abuse and no accepted medical use. this remains pot class of drugs of as heroin and cocaine. 4:59. the news continues. >> good morning. welcome to "12 news this morning." i'm toya washington.
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we are in the news room and keeping your eye on the energy outage map. 2700 people without power. no word on if they are weather related. >> rain has been moving through southeast wisconsin. a flash flood watch is in effect and we are tracking the conditions. matt is on deck. first to jeremy in the weather >> good morning, let's talk about the flash flood watch, it is including all of southeast wisconsin and continuing until mid night and the threat for localized heavy rain comes throughout the midday and into the evening. if you have plans this afternoon or this evening, certainly have a plan b. a couple of showers this morning, they are light, but giving us wet roads as you step out the door and bring the


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