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tv   WISN 12 News at 10PM  ABC  August 12, 2016 10:00pm-10:31pm CDT

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[captioning made possible by wisn-tv] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: right now on wisn 12 news. kathy: a bombshell decision in a murder case watched by millions. the judge tosses out one murder conviction behind the real crime series ?making a murderer.? patrick: only wisn 12 news talks with brendan dassey's new attorney. the impact he believes the series had on the case. >> like he says, the truth will always come out. kathy: talks about their hopes for the other man convicted in the case, steven avery. patrick: a stunning reversal in a well-known wisconsin murder case. kathy: brendan dassey, serving a life sentence in the 2005 murder of teresa halbach, has his conviction overturned by a federal judge. here's the judge's ruling,
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custody within 90 days unless the state initiates proceedings to retry him. patrick: dassey is the nephew of steven avery, who was also convicted and still behind bars. this case recently received international interest thanks to a 10-part netflix series called "making a murderer," which suggests avery may have been framed. wisn 12 news' terry sater leads our team coverage live from the newsroom. decision. >> federal judge william duffin here in milwaukee focused on the recorded confessions carried out by detectives in 2006. here's part of that confession the judge said was mishandled and led him to order dassey be released. >> how long is this going to take? >> it shouldn't take a whole lot longer. >> do you think i could get there before? >> in this 2006 interrogation a teenage brendan dassey thought he was going to back to his high school classroom after talking with investigators about teresa
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six hours. >> ok, we'll worry about that later, ok? >> judge william duffin's decision ponts out investigators repeatedly told dassey that they already knew what he did and assured him he had nothing to worry about even after statements like this. >> we went in there, we tied her up, and he stabbed her and he , told me to cut her throat. >> the judge ruled dassey's confession was unconstitutional citing the detectives' repeated false promises as well as dassey's age and intellectual deficits. >> i you could change things, what would you change? >> i would've probably tried to stop him. >> we are back live. in his decision the judge wrote, "the court has no difficulty concluding that the admission of dassey's confession was not a harmless error. dassey's confession was, as a practical matter, the entirety of the case against him on each of the three counts." and he overturned dassey's conviction. the department of corrections and attorney general tell 12
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patrick: the decision came down as the avery family was visiting steven avery in prison. kathy: christina palladino has their reaction as they learned the news. >> steven avery's brother was surprised to hear his nephew, brendan dassey's, conviction was overturned today. earl avery was walking out of the waupun correctional institution after visiting steven. >> does this give you more hope? >> sure. or later. like he says, the truth will always come out. >> no one answered when we knocked at the home of brendan dassey's mother. her mishicot house is just four minutes away from the avery auto salvage yard in two rivers. we decided to drive down avery road here where you see the dead end sign onto the avery compound to get comment from the family about this conviction being overturned but they kicked us
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posting their reactions on social media. brendan dassey's half-brother, brad, wrote this on twitter "my brother is getting out of prison. we spoke with him on the phone tonight." >> we are hopeful that he's getting out, so i guess that's all i'll say right now. >> the family says they are waiting to see if the state will appeal this decision. they tell me if brendan dassey is freed from prison they will , speak out more at that time. in manitowoc county, christina palladino, wisn 12 news. kathy: in a 12 news exclusive, colleen henry sp dassey's attorney. he calls today's decision a victory for the law. >> long before "making a murderer" made brendan dassey an international cause bob dvorak , was working to free him. >> that's a big day for us . that's a big day for brendan, but i think it's a big day for the law too.
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series had an enormous impact on public understanding of criminal interrogations, though he doesn't know if the judge saw it. >> to see it live, on camera to watch a video as opposed to reading it in print adds a different dimension, a different feel, a different understanding, a different appreciation for what happened. the judge is confined to the record. those videos were in the record, i'm assuming he watched the videos, i have no idea whether he watched the thing. >> you have been doing this a long time. do you think brendan dassey's case is that unique or is it just tha a that showed how these things happen? >> i have been doing this a long time and brendan's case is not unique. >> dvorak hopes the court's decision sends a message to investigators. get them legally or they'll get thrown out. in the newsroom, colleen henry wisn 12 news. ,kathy: steven avery's former attorneys are also speaking out. jerry buting tweeting, justice finally strikes. and dean strang had this to say, our federal courts are often the last protectors of our liberties
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federal court fulfilled its fundamental role for brendan dassey today. in doing so, this federal court served all americans. patrick: today's decision is giving new hope for steven avery. adrienne, his new attorney also visited avery today. adrienne: that's exactly right. kathleen zellner says her client is happy for brendan and they fully expected this outcome. in a statement she also writes, "we know when an unbiased court we have, steven will have his conviction overturned as well." according to court documents we are digging up for you tonight zellner has until the , end of this month, august 29, to file briefs in support of getting avery's murder conviction overturned. avery talked about potentially getting out in a recent interview with in touch magazine. >> yeah, i'm gona be free, yeah. >> wow. >> there's probably a 1000% i'll
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, has until the 29th to file that paperwork. we'll keep let you know what happens. patrick: you reached to the halbach family. adrienne: teresa's brother, mike. i left a voicemail, but never heard back. patrick: new episodes of the series "making a murderer" docu-series will return to netflix. they'll feature avery's new as they try to get their clients new trials. you can read the judge's entire 91-page ruling on our website there you can also watch the wisn 12 special, inside the avery case files, an in-depth look back on the case. kathy: we got some much-needed rain today although it caused some minor flooding on the roads in waukesha, and other places. chief meteorologist mark baden is in the weather center. mark, the rain still coming down. mark: it's getting hammered with heavy rain. the overall trend is not as widespread.
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us? some of you have missed out on the rain so far, but we are not done yet. from waukesha to ottawa to wales, picking up more of this rain, and at least moderate rain in north sections of milwaukee as well, so we are not done yet. it will be hit and miss throughout the night. these are slow-moving showers. it becomes lighter towards the morning. we will have more and are forecast, coming up in wehe started five days later than scheduled. patrick: but at least there were no problems with the turf at lambeau field tonight. 12 sports director dan needles is here. dan, most of the stars were wearing street clothes. dan: the first preseason game is often a dreadful affair, and that was the case tonight at lambeau, especially with many key packer players, like aaron rodgers, not playing. eddie lacy was one of those starters who did play showing off his new, slimmed down physique, lacy ran for 11 of his 24 yards on this carry. micah hyde will see plenty of action this season on defense, and in the first quarter, hyde
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joe callahan played the entire first half at quarterback, and prayed pretty well throwing for , 123 yards and this touchdown to john crockett. 17-11, the packers beat the browns. this game featured three safeties, one by the browns and to buy the packers. that is why the score was so odd. they plate next thursday at lambeau oakland raiders. patrick: tonight there's , something new for packers fans that impact lines to get into lambeau. metal detectors have now been installed at every gate because of a new nfl security rule. metal objects must be placed in a tray as fans walk through. guests without bags can get in quicker using the express lanes. announcer: coming up -- kathy: thousands of dollars in gas stolen from a filling station. one owner's theory on how they pulled it off. >> my laptop flew way up in the air, and there were stuff flying. patrick: more than 20 people
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their flight takes a frightening plunge. what caused the plane to fall. kathy: portillo's brookfield location has been getting long lines. tonight, where the second milwaukee-area location is going
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announcer: you are watching wisn 12 news, honored as best evening newscast by the wisconsin broadcasters association.
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bombshell decision in the case behind the true crime series "making a murderer." a federal judge has tossed out the murder conviction of brendan dassey. he says police coerced dassey's confession. dassey and uncle steve avery were convicted in 2007 of killing teresa halbach. the judge has ordered dassey to be released from prison in the next 90 days. a milwaukee woman killed by a a hit-and-run while crossing the street on her way to work. patrick: looking for the driver who just kept going. 64-year-old mary wills was heading to her third shift job at walmart around 9:00 last night. police say she was hit by a black suv as she walked in a crosswalk at 91st and appleton. her longtime partner tells wisn 12 news he worried about her making the mile-long walk to work at night, but she liked doing it. >> i just hope that they catch the person that did this. she didn't deserve to go out like this. she's a beautiful person. and i love her very much.
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damage. anyone with information is asked to call milwaukee police. walmart released this statement saying, "we are deeply saddened to learn of mary's death. our associates are extended family." it goes on to say, "we're hopeful police will find the person responsible. our thoughts are with those who are hurting tonight." new tonight, a man shot and killed as he drove. he car smashing into another vehicle. police say that 33-year-old man was shot on sherman boulevard. his car hit a vehicle that was turning on burleigh. the passengers in the other car ha gasoline stolen from a gas station in caledonia. this is surveillance video from the b.p. on seven mile road showing the theft in progress. it's happened three different times after business hours. more than 1300 gallons of premium gas taken. it is worth around $4000. the station owner thinks it's someone in the field who knows how to bypass the credit card reader and access the pumps.
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outside. otherwise their own company, like the lawnmower company or something. kathy: police released these pictures of the suspects. if you recognize them, or the red van, police want to hear from you. a police chase leads to a squad car crash in cudahy. several agencies were called for back up in a chase involving several stolen vehicles. a squad car crashed with a car not involved in the chase near kirkwood and munkwitz. nobody was hurt. six people were arrested connected with the stolen cars. and this afternoon, a milwaukee officer was injured in a crash near martin luther king drive and clarke. we're told his injuries are not serious. it's still not clear what led up to the crash. patrick: commitment 2016 election coverage and the race for president. republican nominee donald trump is coming to wisconsin next week. on his website tonight it says he'll have a one hour event in milwaukee tuesday night with sean hannity from fox news.
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west bend later that night. in the latest marquette law school poll, he's trailing hillary clinton by 15 points among likely voters in wisconsin. other polls show he's losing in the battleground states of ohio and pennsylvania by double digits. speaking in pennsylvania tonight, trump says there's only one way he loses that state. >> the only way they can beat it in my opinion, and i mean this 100% if in certain sections of , the state, they cheat, ok? patrick: also toda t walked back earlier comments calling president obama the founder of isis, now saying he was being sarcastic. democratic nominee hillary clinton went after trump on the economy and his tax returns today. she toured a manufacturing plant outside detroit. she also released her latest tax returns and questioned trump for not doing the same. >> he refuses to do what every other presidential candidate in decades has done and release his tax returns. patrick: trump has refused to release his returns because they are under audit. clinton's returns show she and
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million last year, mostly from speaking fees. kathy: a warning if you use the zoo interchange. starting monday, a major ramp is closing for construction. the ramp is eastbound 94 to northbound 41. to get around the closure, you can take highway 100 to watertown plank road. the ramp will reopen next spring. and new at 10:00, another portillo's is coming to southeastern wisconsin. the chicago-style hot dog chain just opened in brookfield. the owners are now going to build one in gfi a village official tells 12 news it'll be built at 84th and layton, just south of the freeway. construction will start this fall, with the opening expected sometime in the spring. it's a bacon bake-off at the state fair. patrick: today wisn 12 , meteorologists sally severson and lindsey slater competed in the celebrity cooking competition. teams had to create three recipes using patrick cudahy apple-wood smoked bacon. wisn made it to the finals, the dessert round, up against cbs
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>> i'm going to be sick. >> tough competition. >> the winner of the first annual celebrity cooking competition is wisn. patrick: their winning dessert was a bacon brownie with honey. sounds delicious. congratulations to sally and lindsey. them to bring some leftovers. hint, hint. kathy: mark, some rain still falling near the state fair right now. mark: if you went to the state fair this evening, it was not that that. the majority of the rain stay to the west and north of the fair. it will be closing up at 11:00. you have this weekend if you have not made it to the state fair. we have had some funnel clouds
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and august of temperatures 80 degrees or higher. what a crazy mix of rain totals. almost three inches in brookfield. 2.5 inches -- over one inch in west bend. racine, you picked up a little bit. some of you picking up over one inch in the last hour or two. kenosha, half an inch. up 3/10 of an inch. milwaukee, not in downtown, in milwaukee at the airport, 13/100 of an inch. some areas are getting pockets where you are seeing very heavy rain. two inches around mayville up
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-- let's show you where it is happening right now. this is not going to go away during the nighttime hours, but will be hit and miss. if you end up underneath one of these showers, it lasts a while because it is barely moving, east northeast at 5-10 miles per hour. port washington through newburgh into jackson, rain showers of milwaukee county, ozaukee county, and waukesha county. heaviest rain over wales and into the city of waukesha. a couple of scattered showers towards racine and kenosha counties. let's take you to future cast, some scattered showers off and on throughout the night, a few sprinkles for the morning, and in the afternoon, weekly or things back out.
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up nicely. 82 saturday and sunday. sunday is the best day, less humid. overall, things are looking good for this weekend after we get to the rain tonight, which was good news. we need to the rain. 70 tonight, pockets of heavy rain possible. 82 the high on saturday. this weekend is pretty nice. 82 on sunday, then try next week, at least for the most part. hopefully you got will get a tonight, otherwise drying things right back out, temperatures above average. if we make it into friday next week, that will be every single day of august with temperatures of at least 80 degrees. we are 12 for 12 in that category. kathy: nearly losing his leg. patrick: plus this -- >> she heard her name for the
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dan: joe callahan's last game action was for division three wesley college. tonight, he stepped up in competition just a bit, starting at quarterback for the packers against the browns in the preseason opener. aaron rodgers was one of 17 inactive players for green bay tonight, so callahan started and completed his first pass to new tight end jared cook. robert griffin the third made will his debut at quarterback for the browns, and his first drive ended with an interception by micah hyde near the goal line. but on the first play after the pick, james starks was drilled in the end so the packers were forced to free kick, and guess what happened? the browns fumbled and chris banjo recovered for the packers, the kind of three-play stretch you expect to see in the preseason. late in the first half, callahan got it going to john crockett for the first touchdown of the game. callahan completed 16 of 23 passes for 124 yards. the browns finally got into the end zone in the third quarter. cody kessler's first nfl pass went for this td to rashard
10:26 pm
the packers win they host the 17-11. raiders next thursday. let's listen in on mike mccarthy's postgame news conference. >> make sure those guys touch the football. >> [indiscernible] >> having a good camp. he has been utilized, the flexibility he has as a player, whatever responsibilities and the ability to play, i feel very good about where he is. dan: mike mccarthy after the packers win. at the summer olympics, the u.s. lost in women's soccer, barely won in men's basketball katie ledecky won another gold, but michael phelps settled for a silver in the 100 butterfly. coming up in our next half hour, we will check in on the brewers and reds and stephen watson
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we are following a legal bombshell. patrick: a man has his conviction overturned. kathy: and a story you won't see anywhere else. see how a 12 news crew helped reunite a missing boy with his
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announcer: leading the way with important local coverage, you are watching wisn with kathy 12 mykleby, joyce garbaciak, patrick paolantonio, weather watch 12 chief meteorologist mark baden, and big 12 sports director dan needles. wisn 12 news at 10:00 continues. >> he'll be out of there sooner or later. like he says, the truth will always come out. patrick: that's steven avery's brother reacting to news that his nephew, brendan dassey, had his conviction overturned. the case has made headlines for years. avery and dassey were convicted in 2007 for the murder of photographer teresa halbach. kathy: the story then getting


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