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tv   Teen Kids News  ABC  August 14, 2016 11:00am-11:31am CDT

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>> this is wisn 12 news with breaking news. with mike gousha" in a moment. right now, cleanup is underway after a night of unrest in the sherman park neighborhood. police say at least six fires were set overnight. several buildings are damaged or destroyed, including the bp gas station near sherman and burleigh. that's where wisn 12 news' kent wainscott is live. kent, what does the scene look like right now? kent: i want to set the same for you. a lot of people are getting the first look at this. this is the bp station that
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unrest here last night. adjacent to it, you can see burnt out vehicles they were in the lot. a crowd gathering in the park nearby. a lot of anger and frustration this morning. a lot of people coming up and talking about solutions and concerns about what they witnessed play out in their neighborhood last night. the traffic here on sherman and burleigh is moving through but slowly. it is blocking up for blocks. people are strolling by looking at the situation. south of here, folks are gathering in sherman park, many of them in prayer circles. boats from the community concerned about what they witnessed here overnight. right here, you can see on the curb breaks that are sitting here. these were picked up by folks in the neighborhood who found them tossed into the streets around
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officers to help secure the area. again, a very active scene this morning at sherman and burleigh. a lot of focus on what happened last night, and perhaps more focus on where the city goes moving for. patrick? patrick: milwaukee county sheriff david clarke is requesting the mobilization of the national guard. in a statement, the sheriff says, "we cannot allow for a repeat of what happened last night. i am going to utilize all available resources to accomplish that." right now. cleanup is underway after a night of unrest in milwaukee. at least six fires were set in the city's sherman park neighborhood. multiple people were arrested. several squad cars were damaged, and one officer was hurt. police say this all happened after an officer-involved shooting yesterday afternoon near 44th and auer. we'll be back in one hour for another update. >> you've been watching breaking news coverage from wisn 12 news.
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continuing coverage. i think clinton and tim kaine will make a great president and vice president. the fact is, donald trump is a pretty responsible person. he shouldn't be president of the united states. senator johnson knows he shouldn't be or he wouldn't be playing this game of not really endorsinem johnson's campaign says this is basically a repeat of the 2010 campaign that russ feingold is no different than it was in 2010. mr. feingold: senator johnson is living in the past, it is not 2010 it is 2016. the people in this state make a judgment. i am absolutely confident you have to listen to the people of the state. that is what i do.
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posted the most common comment i hear is we haven't seen the guy. he became a washed in his had a guy and went on fox news on a regular basis. i remind people that my approach is i believe you work for the people of the state. theya re -- they are the boss. you have to, regularly have a conversation with the boss rather than just pontificating. they t i start by listening. mr. feingold: mike: you go in the washington insider, you called in the washington insider. mr. feingold: this isn't really about the two of us. his approach is about him, about me. thatis not what it is about. who do people want help solve their problems? the infrastructure of the state
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right/ . people on a decent access to the broadband internet. mike: you like hillary to this proposal to invest in those kinds of activities? mr. feingold: it is way overdue that we do something like that. senator johnson doesn't talk about those things because he doesn't listen to people. he doesn't panic about the introduction of the state. people aboard about the water quality of - of the state. mike: economic inequality is something that comes up in your campaign quite a bit. what will we do, what would be one of the first things you like to see done to address that? mr. feingold: a series of fixed it to be done to address the fact that middle-class families are being able to work -- live the american dream. so what do you do?
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th -- raise the minimum wage. i support 15, but $7.25 is so extreme. senator johnson believes that is just fine. he doesn't believe he should have a federal minimum wage at all. we have to do something about the college loan problem. senator johnson doesn't believe we should even have student loans. he thinks you need to figure how to get born into a wealthy family. i want to see a good plan, the one that secretary sanders -- senator sanders and secretary clinton had came together to figure out. i opposed the idea of privatizing social security. people are worried that is something people want to do. senator johnson said it is a shame we didn't privatize it was to making sure people have social security, getting a
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production medicine and raising the minimum wage to make sure that families can get paid family leave. these are specific things i would work to make happen if i am lucky enough to be a senator. mike: free trade and free trade agreements. you have been outspoken in your opposition to tpp. you are against it. you are against the north american free trade agreement. i just opposed in general to free trade agreements? or are there ones you could work? mr. feingold: i believe there are those that could work. but these are corporate handshakes. i have been independent of these. i opposed this deal supported by president obama. the people of wisconsin, and wisconsin jobs i put those first. mike: do you think anything could give from those deals? mr. feingold: some people say there is more choice at the store. you might get lower prices.
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between 50 different kinds of golf clubs versus having a job? that is not a close choice. these have cost 75,000 wisconsin jobs. senator johnson is for for the spread is hiding them. he refuses to tell us his position on tpb. why is that -- his position on tpp. why is that? he loves these agreements. because them creative destruction. he won't tell the people of wisconsin that in fact that is his position. i am opposed to it. it needs to be renegotiated to know that we can't have an incentive to send jobs overseas. i stand with the middle income and working families of the
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about how you would combat isis for we will continue on "upfront." >> "upfront with mike gousha"
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mike: welcome back, we are talking to the democratic candidate for senate. i mentioned before the break you
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fighting isis and cutting off their oil supply and cash supply. it talks about the use of special forces. increased resources to disrupt terrorist cells better intelligence. some people to that sounds a lot like what we are already doing. is it a status quo policy? mr. feingold: no, but the first thing in want to say is there's nothing more important than make sure organizations like this are destroyed. these are it includes not just isis but al qaeda and other organizations run the world. they are sometimes part of an interrelated network, sometimes not. we should be beyond politics on this issue. we should all be together to solve the problem. when it comes to isis, way to destroy them is to choke them off. this is something i have been
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senator johnson missed 50% of the hearings related to this early in his time in the senate. i propose we go after isis by cutting off their ability to function. yes, the administration has started some of these things. first, cutting off their ability to make money on oil. not only in the area where they have the in libya. mike: do you think we're winning? mr. feingold: i don't think that is something that is clear yet first of what is clear as we are cutting off a bunch of their territory. we have taken back falluja, which is great. we have to do more. we have to cut off their finances, and ability to get cash to the internet.
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border. we need to have more human intelligence. this is where i think i've taken a stand much stronger than the administration. we need to increase the human intelligence, the espionage we have in that area. the difference between me and senator johnson is, he has no plan at all which is let's send 100,000 troops into the region and see what happens. that is a failed strategy. this is a strategy that involves putting together all of our resources. senator johnson hasn't even lifted a finger to give the president the authority for congress to give him additional authority to fight isis. he is chairman of the homeland security commission and hasn't even touched it. we need to make sure he put pressure on countries like saudi arabia to stop funding
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some of which relate to what the president is doing. some of which are new and strong. mike: final question, speak politically here. are you politically vulnerable on this issue? the johnson people seem to think that you are. you voted against the patriot act and some vote on military spending. they try to make it seem like you are soft on this national security issue. mr. feingold: they should be beyond politics. this should be all americans working together. when that first speech after 9/11, i shook his hand. i said together, we will do this for stuff that is the spirit we should have here. i think i made the right calls in the past and have recognized by the intelligence community for having been one of the strongest voices in going after terrorist groups and learning about terrorist groups in africa. i feel good that i am ready if
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just using this for political points like senator johnson does. he jumps up on fox news anytime there is a tragedy. but he has no plan, i do. mike: we appreciate your time today, thank you very much. you can see my entire interview including questions about the affordable care act on our website, the upfront section of our editorial partner is the latest on wisconsin voter id w. related news on the election blog. coming up next, we take a closer look at the race for president in wisconsin.
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when the oil billionaire koch brothers call senator johnson... [ cellphone ringing ] ...what do you think they talk about? how the koch brothers' companies polluted wisconsin, even green bay, or how they spent millions to support johnson as he voted their way 90% of the time whatever senator johnson and the koch brothers talk about, it probably isn't you. edf action is responsible
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>> donald trump will never forget or feel to stand by the men and women -- fail to stand by the men and women who by the law enforcement of wisconsin. mike: another week, another campaign stop in wisconsin for the republican ticket. mike pence campaigned in milwaukee on thursday. it was the third straight week of campaigning in wisconsin for pence. is wisconsin increasingly out of reach? the latest marquette poll shows
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10 point in wisconsin. we want to look at this year versus last year and ask how is donald trump very compared to mitt romney? we are joined by charles franklin, director of the marquette law school poll who is a colleague of mine. it is always good to have you on the program. let's talk about how trump is sharing. charles: if we look at early august in both years where seeing a clinton 10 point lead right now with registered voters which is four years ago. that is a little bit stronger but basically comparable. mike: are trump and romney showing strength the same parts of the state? charles: there are fascinating changes there. the city of milwaukee the rough of the same. but, in the suburban counties around milwaukee, mitt romney was winning those areas handily four years ago.
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in the milwaukee area. it is a gigantic change. there are changes in the northern half of the state in green bay and the northwestern part of the state. it was a close race in the green bay area for years ago. now, donald trump is pretty handily ahead right now. where obama had a lead in the northwest of the state is now a dead tie. the in a republican direction quite a bit, and the milwaukee suburban counties moving towards parity at the very least. mike: what about gender and race? how does this differ between 16 and 12? charles: it is bigger, but on his gigantic as you might think. men haven't shifted that much.
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from upper single digits to about a 14 point clinton advantage among women. on race, whites are fairly similar. it was 2 points this year, three last time. but, among non-white voters, there is a bigger clinton offense and there was for obama four years ago. it is interesting that despite an are a bigger racial gap this time. mike: interesting findings when we look at income in 2016 in 2012 and how mitt romney and donald trump are doing. charles: in 2012, obama had an advantage across every income group, sometimes bigger. charles: he beat romney by little too a lot. this year there's only one category of income that donald
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s those making over $100,000 a year. mike: not the blue-collar workers? charles: so much of the trump campaign is talk about appealing to financially distressed republican voters. but that is not what our data shows. our data shows it is upper income that he does best. he does better with the middle income voters who also say that they are just barely getting by. so, there is some element to that s t but, if you look at his vote by income it is really the top income he does best. mike: briefly, non-college-educated voters. charles: we saw a big gap in the primaries between college-educated and not. here in the general election, the gap is not that big. with one important exception, when we look at noncollege men they're going heavily for trump.
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white noncollege women, are going heavily for clinton. the gender gap is very much alive and bigger among the non-college-educated non-hispanic whites. mike: a lot of interesting things going on in those numbers. it is good to have you with us.
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feingold: that's my grandfather with a brand new truck. it was one of the first to come out of this plant in 1923. but today, too many good manufacturing jobs are shipped away because of a tax code that actually rewards companies for exporting jobs. let's close the corporate loopholes- that will save taxpayer money and help business create jobs here. i'm russ feingold approve this message because we don't need an economy that works only for ceos,
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mike: in 2012 and 2031 governor walker and president obama had something in common -- a positive job approval rating. neither had blockbuster numbers but were above water. more people approved the disapproved. but those days are gone. the latest marquette law school poll shows obama with some of his best job approval numbers in several years and the governor was some of his worst.
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his last budget and run for president. since ending his campaign he is them working hard to repair any political damage. he has been touring the state talking about it wisconsin come back. he talked about tax cuts in the freeze on in-state tuition and the low unemployment rate at 4. 2%, it is the lowest in 15 years first of other than a slight uptick a few months ago, his job approval numbers haven't budged. what does the governor have to do to move the ne? baked in? those are important questions if walker decides to run for a third term. many of his policy preferences are already law, so the next big idea might not be easy or a game changer. what he might need most is a democratic opponent. that worked well for him in 2010, 2012, and 2014.
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"upfront." >> you can see that
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