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tv   WISN 12 News at 1030PM  ABC  August 17, 2016 10:30pm-11:01pm CDT

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wisn 12 news at 10:00 continues. >> somebody came out and talk to me and pushed me in the right direction, so i thought it was important for me to get out here and push these kids in the right direction. joyce: cutting out the violence. sherman park is closed for the third straight night but earlier , today it was rather busy with barbers. kathy: anderson reports on their mission of caring and coming together. >> i am talking to kids when i am not cutting hair. i feel it is one of my callings. >> antone smith is a barber by trade and a good human being by nature. >> whether they hear me or their parents and hear something positive and not negative, that is important. >> he and some barber friends came together at sherman park to cut out the violence. giving free hair cuts so they
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>> if you're out here protesting because you think something is wrong, you will stand on that and not destroy your city. a lot of people don't know where to go. >> world wide dg is a 21-year-old singer-songwriter who grew up in sherman park. ? >> he sings about the hardship of living without a father who abandoned him. >> one thing i learned the most about struggle iu ? >> musicians, poets, and barbers. >> let's stick together around here, all right? >> these are people who believe it takes love and kindness to heal. this is their prescription going forward. kathy: two young men from west allis were touched by what they saw in sherman park over the weekend. felix barros and everett weymier went to a donut shop and bought treats for officers at the 7th
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>> we want to sort of show people that you don't have to be part of the community to feel like a community. we might be 20 minutes away by car, that it is deathly not out of our way to come and help. kathy: there is also a prayer vigil tomorrow night. it was organized by the milwaukee archdiocese. representatives from the 198 parishes have been invited to stand together in solidarity with the sherman park community. it starts at 6:30 at all saints parish. that's at 25th and capitol. you can follow any new developments on this story on or 12 news app. we'll send any breaking news alerts right to your phone. joyce: the rules have changed for the former menomonee falls high school teacher charged with having sex with a 16-year-old student. april novak was in court today. she is now allowed to have unsupervised contact with her children. however she can not have , unsupervised contact with any other minors. she is also not allowed to
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novak is accused of having sex with the teen multiple times in a classroom. fire destroyed a barn in kenosha county. this is cell phone video from a wisn 12 news viewer of flames shooting from the building in the town of somers. the sheriff's office says no one was hurt. there's no word on a cause. officials do say it does not appear to be suspicious. kathy: commitment 2016 election coverage. fresh off his campaign stop in wisconsin, donald trump announces a staffing shakeup. as sally kidd reports from our washington bureau, the republican presidential nomi is trying to boost his sinking poll numbers. >> no one's getting fired today. but there are new hires at the top, anti-establishment conservatives who are said to be more likely to let trump be trump. donald trump says he's adding some of the best talent in politics at a time of significant growth for the campaign. he is hiring breitbart's stephen bannon and pollster kellyanne conway. >> he can hire and fire anyone
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there is no new donald trump. this is it. >> trump is also asking for input on campaign strategy sending out this new strategy , survey to supporters. >> he doesn't have a strategy. he hasn't spent any money in the battleground states. this almost seems like a call for desperation. >> before receiving his first classified intelligence briefing trump told fox news network that , hillary clinton can't be trusted with the same sensitive information. >> i'm worried about her getting it because of her email situation. she can'ke >> meantime, congressional republicans are poring over fbi notes from the closed investigation into clinton's personal email server. >> i've seen information in there that should not have been put in a place that was in a private server that was in a basement of a former secretary of state's home. >> the trump campaign also announced its first major tv ad buy of the general election will launch later this week in several battleground states.
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debate is 40 days away. joyce: wildfires are burning out of control in southern california forcing more than , 80,000 people from their homes. the blue cut fire is raging just 60 miles from los angeles. hundreds of firefighters are on the attack. roads are jammed with evacuees trying to get out. the fire started yesterday and has grown to 47 square miles. it's one of more than two dozen fires burning in the state. meantime state officials in , louisiana estimate about by historic flooding there. as many as people have died. 11 rescue crews continue to search for residents in homes flooded or cut off by high water. more than 30,000 people have been rescued. scary weather in many parts of the country. for us, our warm temperatures just keep coming. mark: you compare us to a lot of the other scenes we have had around the country and we have in fairly fortunate with not much in the way of severe
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in the 80's. tomorrow will be the same. we start off at 70, sticky, patchy fog in the morning. those temperatures rising throughout the rest of the afternoon. don't forget that tomorrow night is actually the start of irish fest at 5:00 and goes through 10:00. it should be a great night for that, temperatures on the warm side. there is your trend as we get up to 90 degrees things back down, so our streak of temperatures in the 80's will come to an end on saturday or sunday. highs of only 70 degrees. joyce: thank you, mark. passengers and crew are ordered to abandon ship after fire breaks out aboard the caribbean fantasy cruise ship. kathy: abc's gio benitez reports, dozens of people traveling from puerto rico to the dominican republic were hurt. >> tonight new details of the , horror at sea. the ferry still smoldering hours after that dangerous fire erupted.
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crew wearing life vests ordered to abandon ship, evacuating down those emergency slides into rescue rafts surrounded by coast guard boats and choppers. a crew member saying the fire started in the ship's engine room when a hose carrying fuel burst open igniting the , blaze. crews battling from boats dousing the side of the blackened ship, witnesses spotting the emergency unfolding about a mile off the coast of san juan. >> gotten worse. we see more vessels responding. >> two dozen passengers hospitalized some with broken bones. more than 100 treated for smoke inhalation, dehydration and shock. this woman leading a frightened child of sure. moments later collapsing before , being carried away on a stretcher. >> it's on fire over there. one grateful passenger saying , thank you god. a paramedic cradling a newborn a .
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hands as they were lead to safety. they are still trying to put that fire out. at least 10 people are still in the hospital, but everyone is grateful that rescuers could save all those people. we are talking about more than 500 of them. kathy: it's confirmed, the second-oldest shipwreck in the great lakes has been found. a team of underwater explorers captured images of the washington in lake ontario, which sank in a storm in 1803. the oldest vessel found in the great lakes is the hms ontario, a british warship that sank in 1780, found by the same crew in 2008. a stunning twist in the alleged robbery in rio involving u.s. athletes. joyce: coming up, the order given by a brazilian judge to keep the olympians from leaving the country. did they make up their story? the video that may provide answers. kathy: and, it is a sport.
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we'll introduce you to futsal, and the man bringing it to milwaukee. >> later tonight on "nightline", a young girl causing a big backlash. only 12 years old posting pictures of her exotic animal kills on social media. plus, talking about her troubled childhood into trouble for her
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announcer: you are watching wisn 12 news, honored as best evening newscast by the wisconsin broadcasters association. joyce: remember the man who climbed trump tower last week? prosecutors say he was charged with reckless endangerment, base jumping, criminal trespass and trespassing. the was pulled inside a 21st floor window by police. new questions tonight about u.s. swimming star ryan lochte's claims he and his teammates were robbed in rio. kathy: did he make it up? a brazilian judge has issued a search warrant to seize their passports. tonight, two of them were removed from their flight in rio. as abc's matt gutman reports, it may be too late for lochte. >> tonight abc news has learned , brazilian police are investigating whether olympic
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to authorities about the night he and three fellow swimmers were allegedly mugged at gunpoint. >> lochte, with 12 career olympic medals told in bc on sunday -- nbc on sunday - he cocked it and put it to my forehead and he said get down and i was like i put my hands up i was like whatever. >> lochte said the muggers who flashed badges and were dressed as police officers took their money but not their phones. today a brazilian judge issuing a warrant to have the four men's rooms searched and the passports of lochte and james feigen confiscated on suspicion of providing a false sworn statement to police punishable by up to six months in jail. police say those phones are critical and could determine where the men were that night? lochte posted this snapchat inside this club at 2:25 a.m. nats court documents reveal that the swimmers say they left the
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according to the same documents at 4:35 a.m. the swimmers say they were robbed and just before 7:00 a.m. the group reentered the village as seen on this security footage obtained by the brazilian judge saying the swimmers timeline doesn't match with surveillance video obtained. the judge also wondering why the men seemed so unfazed even jovial in these images if they'd really robbed at gunpoint. only later did they provide a statement but police say the men were so drunk they were unable regarding the perpetrators, the vehicles the criminals used or , the license plate information. lochte admitted to misleading olympic officials at first the nine incident -- denying any incident took place. >> is there any concern that ryan lochte and his teammates may have been trying to cover something up? >> i couldn't possibly comment on that. >> the usoc would not comment on that but abc news has confirmed that lochte is back in the us tonight his lawyer teling us he
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there is no question the robbery did occur. police say they still want to question him and even though , feigen still has his passport officials tell us he'll be stopped by authorities if he tried to leave the country. kathy: a hero's welcome for swimming star katie ledecky. the five-time medal winner returned home today from rio to fans welcoming her with hugs and cheers at the airport. said she's now going to focus on getting ready for college. >> i'm excited to go to college and swim ncaa and swim for a really great college team and go to school with some of my best friends. i'll start setting some goals for my swimming in the next four years, and hopefully i'll be in tokyo as well. kathy: the welcome was in virginia. the 19-year-old ledecky is set to attend stanford university this fall. michael phelps is back in the pool.
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their three month old son saying, "there is nothing like being back home. great way to spend my first day in retirement." phelps won five gold medals in rio. he's going to serve as a volunteer swim coach at arizona state university. joyce: u.w. milwaukee unveils its new basketball court design. this will be the floor inside the u.w. milwaukee panther arena. the new look incorporates the official milwaukee logo at nt line. the floor should be done by mid-september. the first game is november 11. it's been more than a year in the making. officials unveiled wisconsin's first outdoor futsal court this morning. futsal is a game similar to soccer. the court is in lincoln park off of green bay and hampton. as wisn 12 news' tim elliott shows us, today's kick-off is one local man's dream come true. >> keith tozer has been waiting
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out here and playing and having a great time like i said, dreams , can become a reality. >> tozer is the coach of the us men's national futsal team, it's a sport similar to soccer and growing in popularity. driving past lincoln park on the city's northside almost everyday, tozer took notice of these neglected and dirty tennis courts. >> and i would also glance over to the left or the right and see no one playing tennis. >> that's when kicked around the idea, turn these courts into a futsal sanctuary. >> tennis courts, basketball courts, parking lots i see , futsal courts everywhere in my mind. >> after getting the green light from milwaukee county parks, volunteers started renovations last summer. now the game of futsal is a little bit different than soccer. first of all, the ball is a little bit heavier. also the game is played on a , hard surface like these courts instead of a field. >> i'm having a good day. >> bobby baker is a big fan of
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it is pretty smooth. not too sticky, not too smooth so it is pretty good. >> tozer says this new stadium will also provide a fun and safe place for kids like bobby to play. >> i think a feel good story is what our community needs. this is a feel good story. i mean look at the children behind me. joyce: they look pretty happy. the lincoln park futsal stadium will host a tournament this weekend featuring youth and adult teams. the stadium schedule isn't posted yet but will eventually , be up on the milwaukee parks' website. in sports, the badgers are hoping a loss of weight will equal increased production for their kicker. joyce: plus, it's one of the most heated competitions of training camp in madison. kathy: the three men battling to be the fullback. joyce: and, does nfl commissioner roger goodell possess too much power? aaron rodgers weighs in. with big 12 sports. dan needles returns as we go to break tonight's winning lottery
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announcer: big 12 sports presented by menards. dan: nfl players association executive george atallah says the nfl is overreaching its authority by demanding four players, including packers linebackersclay matthews and julius peppers, submit to an interview with the nfl about a report that linked them to p.e.d.'s. today on the jim rome radio show, aaron rodgers was asked if he thinks commissioner roger goodell has too much power. >> you know, if that is the case, we have nobody to but ourselves because we have the opportunity to make some legitimate changes to that, and i think there is too much pressure to come back to a deal when we had all the power on our side. >> do feel like it's going to cost them a game or more because of this? >> there is no way it will cost them i think in this case. dan: we had been hearing whispers for months, and today, espn made it official. they will be bringing college gameday to lambeau field on september 3 for the badgers season opener against lsu.
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the chargers, held that spot the past few seasons. this year, it could be a three-headed monster, consisting of austin ramesh, the backup the past two seasons, alec ingold, who rushed for six touchdowns as a freshman, and former linebacker leon jacobs. all three players understand they have some big shoes to fill in a program that relies heavily on the fullback spot. >> i like to be the guy this year to get the starting role. i know we have a lot of good athletes right now, so it will always be a competition. >> i guess i'm just trying to show to the coaches that i'm consistent in what i do and they can expect what they can expect out of me. so every play i'm going, i'm the same guy. dan: the physique of kicker rafael gaglianone has been a hot topic in madison this summer. the brazilian was a bit more robust last year, and he struggled, making just 67% of his field goal attempts. gaglianone set out to improve his physical fitness, and he hopes it leads to increased
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>> he has had a good, you know, i think he has done a nice job. it started back in the winter, the spring, losing weight, and it is not just wait. he wanted to be in better shape. he is mature and probably. he knows what to expect, how to prepare better, and it will come down and we will need him. da to vote for next week's operation football game of the week. the choices are, hartford at brookfield central, menomonee falls at greendale, or germantown at catholic memorial. you can vote at and, jordan elsen won the state open golf championship by four strokes at blackwolf run. joyce: is to be hot for those football players.
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joyce: some nice weather for the start of irish fest. mark: especially if you like it hot. it will be warm. 88 degrees.
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