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tv   WISN 12 News at 10PM  ABC  August 18, 2016 10:00pm-10:31pm CDT

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] wisn 12 news starts right now with breaking news. kathy: a man shot and killed outside a milwaukee police station. what happened when police say the gunman then walked inside. joyce: different faiths coming together. the prayers for healing after the unrest in the city. and two american olympic swimmers appear to be headed home. what investigators say really happened the night the teammates claim they were robbed. kathy: we begin with breaking news, a fatal shooting right outside a milwaukee police station. joyce: christina palladino is live from 27th just north of oklahoma, where the gunman turned himself in to police. >> a very bizarre situation here outside of milwaukee police district six headquarters, a homicide happening right here on the sidewalk. police tell us a 42-year-old milwaukee man was shot after getting into an argument with two men sitting in their car
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for a third person. it's unclear if they know each other or why they got into an argument. police say a 65-year-old man took out his gun and shot the victim. that person died across the street at st. luke's hospital. we're told the men then walked into district six afterwards. they told police what happened and turned over their gun. kathy: thanks. there are signs of hope and healing after last weekend's violent unrest in the sherman park neighborh joyce: hundreds gathered for a mass for peace tonight at all saints catholic church in milwaukee. wisn 12 news' adrienne pedersen was inside for the service. >> good evening. it's obvious in talking to the people at the mass here tonight that they have heavy hearts and hope to find peace in prayer. thursday nights are usually quiet at all saints catholic church at capitol and 25th. ?
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mass. >> we are praying for peace and justice that leads to peace. >> i could not go to church sunday. to do this, even though we have a lot of problems here, burning down buildings and doing the things they were doing, it will not solve all the problems we have. >> mam member of this church, but was thankful to participate in weekday worship. >> we are praying, come together, all different faiths, all different catholic churches to pray to heal our city. ,>> it is about building bridges and people coming together. in milwaukee, i'm adrienne pedersen, wisn 12 news. joyce: planned before the weekend violence, about 50 people joined a march in the
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year to showcase positive things happening in the area. kathy: a group of chaplains trained for crisis situations from the billy graham rapid response ministries flew in from north carolina to be here in milwaukee. they've been offering christian -based counseling services to the smith family as well as working with police and elected officials to build a bridge and heal relations. >> since we have met with monday, hundreds of people here on the sidewalk, in the park behind us in different parts of , the community in the local , stores. kathy: spent time in ferguson, baltimore and all over the world , assisting in man-made and natural disasters. demolition crews began tearing down businesses set on fire saturday night. work started at the o'reilly auto parts shop at 35th and fond du lac. a few blocks away, a back hoe was used to bring down what is left of the convenience store of the gutted b.p. gas station. a total of eight businesses were damaged or destroyed by fire. federal officials say the cost
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dollars, and they are offering a reward for information leading $10,000 to an arrest. joyce: now to the fatal police shooting which triggered the unrest. calls are growing tonight to release the officer's body camera video. police say the video shows 23-year-old sylville smith had a gun in his hand when he was shot in the chest and arm saturday near 44th and auer. the state department of justice says the video will be released in a timely manner. community leaders say it can't come soon enough. >> this family needs our help. say he has done wrong, then release the evidence which shows the wrongdoing. >> every day they hold off on the release of the video, hold off on answering simple questions about the investigation, diminishes community trust. joyce: the wisconsin department of justice has set up a tip line. they want any eyewitness accounts of what happened
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must fill out an online form. we have a link on and on our 12 news app. and when asked over twitter whether this happens in each case like this the state , attorney general's office answered, "every investigation is different. the doj doesn't want to miss an opportunity to gather additional credible information." right now, sherman park is close for the fourth night. it will reopen at 6:00 a.m. there's a mandatory curfew in effect for kids 17 and under across the city. the wisconsin national guard remains on standby. kathy: the green bay packers took on the oakland raiders tonight for their second pre-season game without the team's star players. joyce: 12 sports' director dan needles joins us. dan, this was a chance for the coaches to see a lot of the back-ups in action. dan: nfl executives fear injuries in the preseason. remember jordy nelson last year?
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rodgers, clay matthews, julius peppers and a host of packer starters did not play against the raiders tonight. and here was the injury they didn't want to see. brett hundley got the start and played well, completing a 31 yard pass here to davante adams. hundley missed last weeks game with a gimpy left ankle, and on that throw, his left ankle was rolled up on, and hundley's night was done. the packers defense intercepted a pair of passes, and this touchdown by john crockett clinched green bay's win over 20-12 oakland. three friday at san francisco. 12 sports stephen watson is at lambeau field, and we hope to join him live with some postgame reaction later in this newscast. kathy: we look forward to that. developing right now, two american olympic swimmers stopped from leaving rio last night have now checked onto a plane for the u.s.
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teammate ryan lochte and a fourth swimmer, were not robbed as some of them claimed. in fact, they say the swimmers were drunk after a night of partying and tore up a gas station bathroom. two security guards confronted them. lochte is already in the u.s. thunderstorms on the radar tonight but so far they have missed us. joyce: mark, what can we expect the rest of the night? mark: you can see the storms staying just to our south. when we have a better chance for rain and when to expect a big cool down next in weather watch 12. announcer: coming up -- joyce: a car bomb goes off outside a wedding. the terrifying start to the bride anoo >> we will not run from our problems. kathy: video of torched milwaukee businesses were seen nationwide. how business leaders trying to attract new jobs are tackling the challenge head-on. joyce: and the heartbreaking image of a child in syria. what we're learning about the young face of war. announcer: that is all coming up
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announcer: you are watching wisn 12 news, honored as best evening newscast by the wisconsin broadcasters association. joyce: a terrifying moment captured on camera in turkey. a car bomb explodes outside a police station, interrupting a wedding. people in a panic run for cover. it was one of three deadly bombings yesterday. the turkish government blames a kurdish separatist group for the attacks. people around the world saw images of milwaukee buildings on fire this week.
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that come with them, away? kathy: local business leaders tell terry sater they're already responding in a way that will surprise you. >> this is not something that's going to get glossed over with a nice brochure. >> the president of the metropolitan milwaukee association of commerce, tim sheehy, is talking about these images from milwaukee broadcast around the world this week and the impact it has on companies thinking about bringing jobs. >> i think you address it head-on. and you talk about the attributes and the pride and how , quickly citizens here move to clean that up. we just had somebody in from germany. we've got somebody coming in next week from spain. what have they heard about milwaukee? and how do we address those challenges? >> as part of moving forward from milwaukee's weekend of unrest, the mmac consulted with the st. louis regional chamber about how they responded to ferguson. >> focus on this as an opportunity, not just to respond to what happened in a
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long-term agenda to help people that aren't connected to the economy get connected. >> including investing in job training. in milwaukee, terry sater, wisn 12 news. kathy: sheehy says some business leaders already had plans in the works to invest more in the sherman park neighborhood before this week's unrest. people who lost their jobs from the business fires over the weekend get some help along with others looking for work. pastors at the lord's way international church brought businesses together today for a job fair. applicants got interviews on the spot. the organizer stressed unity as a reason for holding the fair. >> the worst thing that we can do right now is become divided. not even just as a race, not even as a culture but as a , people period. because we all survive together, we all live together. kathy: church leaders say they hope to have more job fairs in the future. joyce: chicago's top cop recommends seven police officers be fired after the fatal
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there two years ago. an inspector general's report concluded the officers filed false police reports, which contradicted video of the shooting. laquan mcdonald was shot 16 times. the officer who shot him has been charged with murder. the janesville police department has fired an officer who was arrested on suspicion of disorderly conduct. thomas erickson and a friend reportedly got into a confrontation at a tavern last month with four players from the beloit snappers minor league baseball team. erickson was hired in april and still on probationary status at kathy: new at 10:00, a second person of interest is revealed in the case of a missing college student. amber wilde of fond du lac county vanished in 1998. the uw-green bay student was pregnant when she went missing. investigators have labeled the case as a homicide. three months ago, they named their main person of interest as the father of wilde's unborn child. now, newly unsealed court documents have identified his
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>> we know that they were together a lot of the time. we know that they both have different stories of where they were over the timeframe of her disappearance, so until those questions are answered, i guess he has to remain a person of interest. kathy: police hope this information will generate new tips in the case. the pro football hall of fame is refunding more than just tickets for its cancelled packers game this month. hotel cost refund and tickets to the museum. the game against indianapolis was called off because of poor field conditions. at least four fans have filed a lawsuit against the nfl. joyce: a warning for parents as high school football season kicks off. thousands of helmets made by xenith are being recalled because of a serious flaw. the consumer product safety commission says it has received 29 reports of helmets cracking. no injuries were reported. the helmets were sold in stores
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you can find more information on governor walker is open to the possibility of lifting a tuition freeze for the u.w. system. the freeze went into effect for the 2013-2014 school year and has been in place ever since. the system president wants the freeze ended for the 2018-2019 school year. governor walker isn't saying no. >> we have not made a final decision on whether or it is a two-year freeze, as they are requesting, or a tuition reduction. those are all things on the table. joyce: today, the u.w. board of regents approved a plan to ask the state for a $42.5 million increase in funding. kathy: harley-davidson has agreed to pay $15 million to settle a complaint regarding pollution. federal environmental officials says the screamin' eagle racing tuners sold by harley allowed users to modify the motorcycle's
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not intended for use on public roads and will now offer one that complies with state and federal standards. tonight is the first night of irish fest at maier festival park. there are 100 entertainment acts on 17 stages, including music and dancing. tomorrow is half-price friday. admission is $10. kids 12 and under are free. irish fest runs through sunday. mark has been watching the radar closely tonight. joyce: it looks like we ma the rain again. we sorely needed. mark: parts of the rain will get beneficial rain, moving in right now. some other areas, no. some of us will not see any rain at all. there is an amazing light show happening out to the west, southwest of milwaukee. thank you. at these there is something to look at. i was certain we would not see any lighting at all, but there have been lots of lightning strikes.
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cloud-to-cloud. nonetheless, anytime there is lightning around, that can be a danger storm, so keep that in mind. these are the clout strikes, not impressive, but we still have a lot of lightning moving in. heavy rain out of this. it will not last long, but a big hit of rain and we could pick up a quick half inch in some locations. it is hanging on n shrinking trend here. let's get a look at who is getting what right now. pretty heavy rain to the north right along highway 89. cold spring, this is bringing some heavy rain. fort atkinson, you missed, at least this go around. whitewater, you will get hit hard. all of this rain moving out of rock county will be cruising right into walworth county, so
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over to lake geneva, you will get a good storm that rolls right over your head, so that is something we will be watching. let's show you some of the expected times. this is moving generally to the east, a touch to the southeast. elkhorn, 10:40 p.m. lake geneva, 11:00. new berlin, if it hangs on, closer to midnight. again, you may want to c light show. you see this line right in here? that is the outflow p these storms are starting to dissipate, and so we will see that cool push of air cooling things down nicely. the heat and humidity will be back tomorrow. we will watch this area here for additional development. we did have a severe thunderstorm watch to the west of us, but that has been
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the majority misses us down to the south. you can see the cloud cover around here. that will continue tomorrow, but most of the day's dry, partly sunny, 90 degrees. saturday, this is when we have the hit and miss got it showers and thunderstorms on and off all day long, so be ready for that. we need the rain. the reason why is that for the year we are over eight inches below average in milwaukee. it is still hot. 18 days in a row of 80 or warmer, the first time that has ever happened in august in milwaukee. not quite the record. that was set in 1921. still sticky, oppressive, but that will be changing, dew points heading to the 50's for the first time in a really long time sunday and monday. 90, 80, 70, so we are going down
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cooler, but that does not last long. really present on monday, 75, not much humidity. 82 tuesday and 84 wednesday, storms late on wednesday, better chance on thursday, 77 him a but the best chance of storms on saturday. don't change your plans, but the ready. it will rain at some point at your house on saturday. kathy: thank you. two suspicious fires at two vacant homes this week. joyce: coming up, 12 news investigates the city's serious problem. kathy: regret. the mistake he says he's made while running for president. >> believe it or not, i regret it particularly where it may , have caused personal pain. >> good evening everyone. i'm melinda davenport. tomorrow on wisn 12 news this morning, we will get you caught up on any overnight breaking news. plus, the weekend is almost here. from irish fest to a chance for you to feast with the beast, we'll be showing you some of the big things happening this
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announcer: big 12 sports presented by menards. dan: aaron rodgers and several other packers starters were not in uniform again for green bay's second preseason game against the raiders, but you can bet rodgers will play next week against the 49ers. but eddie lacy was, and the packers rode lacy's back on the opening drive of the game. lacy busts off a 20-yard run here. eddie carried nine times on the 14 play drive, and he punched it in from the one for the opening lacy finished with 45 yards. brett hundley got the start at quarterback, and completed five of seven passes for 67 yards, including this 31 yarder to davante adams. but watch the replay, hundley got his left ankle rolled up on. that's the same ankle that kept him out of last week's game. his night was done. mike mccarthy said it was not as bad as the previous injury. the defense held oakland's starting offense to just one field goal. damarious randall with the nice interception on the deep ball by derek carr. joe callahan replaced hundley and played much better in the second half than the first,
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finding john crockett for 13 yards. crockett then capped off the drive with this 10-yard touchdown run. the packers are unbeaten, 2-0 in the preseason, beating the raiders 20-12. the cubs finished off their first-ever four-game sweep of the brewers at wrigley field this afternoon. and it was a banner day for cubs slugger krhis bryant, who is one of the favorites to win the national league mvp award. bryant slammed this two-run homer off zach davies in the third for a 4-0 cubs lead. davies allowed 10 hits and seven runs in just four innings. the brewers scored just two runs series. they had six today. kirk nieuwenhuis now has five homers against the cubs this season. that was a three-run shot off jake arrieta in the fourth. hernan perez also went yard off the reigning nl cy young award winner in the sixth, but arrieta still aren't his 15th win of the season thanks to bryant, who went 5-5 today, with two home runs and five r.b.i.'s, this was a solo shot in the sixth. the cubs beat the brewers 9-6.
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left-handed pitcher brent suter, and he will make his major league debut tomorrow in seattle. coming up in our next half hour, we will have a live report from stephen watson at lambeau field. and, a clash of titans on the opening night of operation football. kathy: thanks, dan. a popular clothing store hit by malware. joyce: learn where your personal information may have been vulnerable for months. plus, vacant houses in milwaukee left vulnerable to fire. 12 news investigates the struggle to make neighborhoods safer. spreading in the u.s. the popular tourist area where it just turned up. >> there is a big rat on the show tonight. >> can i give you one? >> sure. >> you be the judge. >> 1975.
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announcer: leading the way with important local coverage, you are watching wisn 12 news at 10:00 with kathy mykleby, joyce garbaciak, patrick paolantonio,
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big 12 sports director dan needles. wisn 12 news at 10:00 continues. ? >> ? hallelujah ? joyce: prayers for peace in milwaukee tonight. the milwaukee archdiocese organizing this mass at all saints catholic church after the recent unrest in sherman park. more than 600 people attended. just before that mass, another group made their own call for peace in a nearby milwaukee neighborhood. kathy: as wisn 12 news' adrienne pedersen shows us, they walked with a purpose. adrienne: good evening. this walk was planned months ago but an organizer tells me it's , more important now than ever. >> we won hopeful actions like we are having today. adrienne: joyce ellwanger and


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