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tv   WISN 12 News at 10PM  ABC  August 20, 2016 10:00pm-10:31pm CDT

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which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: right now on wisn 12 news. sheldon: it has been one week since violence rocked the sherman park neighborhood, and what a difference a week makes. on the left, a live picture showing the b.p. gas station, now empty and surrounded by police tape. and on the right, chaos and destruction from news chopper 12 showing the same spot seven days ago. look at that big difference. as the dust settles in sherman park, a teen accused of trying to escalate the violence faces criminal charges tonight. adrienne: that's right. as colleen henry reports, he told police he wanted to extend the violence to milwaukee's south side. >> as sherman park burned last weekend police were called here , to the pick n save at 18th and national. a van was burning in the parking lot. a caller reported a group of about 20 young men here in the pick n save parking lot. they ran after torching jesus avila saldana's van.
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that's one of the pictures. >> avila's van was filled with donations. he drives to poor children in his home town in mexico school supplies, wheelchairs. >> that's what your van was for? now what? >> i am struggling a little bit. >> police arrested one of the teens a few blocks from the pick n save, and say 19-year-old dale folley explained we wanted to do the same thing here that we did on sherman boulevard. no one at folley's home cared to comment. >> i'm not going to get involved and i'm not going to answer any , questions. you all can get away from my door now. >> the negatives, we must turn into positives. that is the thing i've always
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turn into a positive. >> without his van, avila doesn't know how he'll get the school supplies to the kids but he's not giving up hope even on the kids who did this. >> i think this is somehow a lesson that even those kids can learn from that they're only hurting themselves and they're hurting innocent people, cause if i bump into any of them and they need help i am one for sure , that will help them. i will take the shirt off my back to help them. >> the county jail on arson and they'll jumping charges. when caught, his accomplices will also face felonies. adrienne: investigators continue to look for clues as to who is responsible for the fires and vandalism in sherman park. you're looking at surveillance video showing looters ransacking a liquor store near 49th and burleigh. police say durrell jones, joseph lindsey and devon love, were in the store when police arrived. all now face various charges. threesheldon: eight businesses in the sherman park neighborhood were damaged or destroyed in last weekend's unrest, including the b.p. gas station.
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to rebuild. firefighters also put out flames at an auto parts store, a beauty supply store, and a several other buildings. federal officials say the cost of all that destruction could top several million. a reminder, the atf is offering a $10,000 reward to anyone with information about the fires that leads to an arrest and conviction. the doj has a tip line. you can be anonymous. we have a link to the form on there's also in-depth coverage of the our website. plus, you can download the free app to get the latest information sent directly to your smartphone or tablet. adrienne: last week's violence is moving one young man to call people together. he organized tomorrow's eat and meet, an exercise in community integration. his goal is to give everyone a safe place to share their pain and perspectives on the last week. he's using the same social media that fueled the sherman park unrest to spread his call for
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>> you never really see anyone spreading love, it's all through social media, everyone's always spreading hate and animosity instead of coming together and focusing on the issues at hand and how we can solve these and what the next step is. adrienne: the event starts at noon tomorrow at kilbourn park in milwaukee's river west neighborhood -- river west neighborhood. you'll find details and a link to its facebook page on milwaukee mayor tom barrett is reflecting on the events of the past w neighborhood shows what milwaukee is really made of. >> i've been most impressed in the resiliency that i've seen releasing from milwaukee. from sunday morning ford you've , seen an outpouring of support and love and really an understanding that we want the city to prosper and that really , is something that i think that everybody should take away from all of this.
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we can see one of those symbols of support on billboards across milwaukee this weekend. the message, heart mke. we checked and lamar advertising is behind the electronic billboards. the company plans to keep the message in their rotation for the next several days. sheldon: we are drying out for good? lindsey: just about. there could be one more round leftover. the heavy stuff is done. radar network. not a lot left over. notice how much rain we received in the past 24 hours. so mary's got over two inches. others, like lake geneva, 2/10 of an inch. that moon, how beautiful.
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skies cleared. the dew point is nice and low. the wind is still breezy, picking up between 10-15 miles per hour. it actually feels like 60 degrees in burlington, and 69 in the dells. overnight lows in the upper 50's tonight. leave that window open just a little bit. this will be fantastic sleeping weather. adrienne: good to know. thank you. a family is thankful to still have each other tonight. a fire badly damaged their home. near teutonia and clarke just after 8:00 this morning. everyone inside made it out ok. it did cause several thousand dollars in damage. we're working to find out if a milwaukee daycare will be back open monday. several small fires popped up at the little people's academy on 27th street near capitol. the damage is around $500. crews are still working to find what caused the fire. sheldon: right now major ramps , in the zoo interchange are
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this is a live look from our department of transportation cameras. the ramp from i-94 east to i-41/894 south closed late last night. it was so crews could install tub girders, a major step forward in the project. it wasn't scheduled to reopen until tomorrow morning, but work wrapped up early this evening. adrienne: right now, law enforcement across the state is cracking down on drunk drivers. it's the drive sober or get pulled over campaign. the special enforcement runs from now through the labor day weekend. sheldon: his conviction is overturned but we're still , waiting to hear when brendan dassey may get out of prison. in 2007, dassey was convicted of helping his uncle, steven avery, kill photographer teresa halbach. he's been in prison the last 9 -- nine years but last friday a , judge threw out that conviction and ordered dassey to be released within 90 days if prosecutors do not seek a retrial. steven avery is also trying to have his conviction overturned. new at 10:00 a show of support
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their shoes and wore blue for an annual race in her honor. it started with a simple facebook post. hundreds of shares later, a big show of support in the crowds something friends say should , happen more often. >> it doesn't have to be a special day. it doesn't have to be her birthday. it doesn't have to be an anniversary of her death. as much as the other individuals, the netflix people, the people that are behind bars for what they did to her are getting the attention, there's attention daily, weekly. sheldon: the halbach family has not publicly said anything about the recent ruling on dassey's release. adrienne: right now a , celebration in the streets of the state capitol. pride weekend is in full swing in madison. it's the first pride event there since the deadly rampage inside pulse nightclub in orlando in june. 49 people died in that vicious attack. organizers say the tragedy is still top of mind in the lgbt
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>> people get really strong and say we are not going to be stopped. we will not let this put us back in the closets or bars or in hiding. adrienne: the pride block party is still going on right now. the parade is tomorrow afternoon. growing concerns in florida tonight. sheldon: the new warnings from the cdc after more cases are confirmed in miami. >> was going to win until i crossed that finish line. adrienne: there she is bringing home the gold for team usa. the wisconsin athlete going down in the history books, coming up. lindsey: i will talk about this area of low pressure and how long you will need your umbrella sunday. that is coming up next. announcer: get important local news wherever you ar
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announcer: wisn 12 news at 10:00 continues. sheldon: right now in california, firefighters are making progress with a massive wildfire burning in the mountains east of los angeles. fire officials say the fire is now 68% under control. it's already burned 58 square miles. officials have evacuated thousands of people.
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at least 13 people are dead and thousands are in shelters. search parties confinue looking for anyone trapped. 40 local red cross disaster responders from wisconsin are in louisiana right now helping in relief efforts. they sure need it, as you can see there. president obama plans to visit baton rouge on tuesday. sheldon: concerns are growing tonight in florida, where officials have confirmed several new cases of the zika virus that were transmitted locally. this time in the miami beach area. it brings the total to 36 peop zika statewide. the virus can have devastating consequences for an unborn baby. that's why the cdc is warning pregnant women not to travel to parts of miami beach, and to consider not traveling to the area at all. a wisconsin olympian makes history in rio. waukesha-native gwen jorgensen clinched the gold today in the women's triathlon. adrienne: that's right. we are proud of her. she got her start at u.w. madison. now, after years of hard work, she's bringing home the first gold ever for team usa in that
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>> it is pretty incredible to work for something for four years and you have one day to accomplish it. i was able to do it in one day, so that is pretty amazing. i'm just trying to enjoy it. adrienne: jorgensen went on to thank her supporters back home. there were a lot of them. sheldon: check out this crowd. gwen's aunt and dozens of other little closer to home. they gathered at leff's luckytown in wauwatosa to watch her historic finish. >> awesome. i'm overwhelmed. i'm so happy. i'm so proud. i love my country. i love gwen. i love my family. sheldon: you can't help but be excited listening to that proud aunt. gwen was a member of tri-wisconsin.
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a rainy start to the weekend, but it has dried out a little bit. lindsey: the big question is will i need my umbrella. the downpours are done. the kicker is the area of low pressures still has to wrap around some moisture. right now, i will talk about that situation and how the humi w when we will see our next best chance of thunderstorms. here is a look at our doppler 12 radar network right now. that cold front extends from canada into the deep gulf coast. you can see it right here. the area of low pressure, this is what we had earlier today, that big front. the area of low pressure wraps
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will work his way down, and that is why we still have some shower chances. they will not be big downpours. it won't cause any flooding, but you will want to have your umbrella with you. this nice ridge of high pressure was screwed over during the work week. it is smooth sailing for a couple of days. this is the rest of this evening. the weather models up on a little of this activity. i don't expect a lot of issues overnight. we could see some cloud redevelopment along the lakefront. that could give us some fog in the morning. for the most part, it should be nice, but late morning, early afternoon, that low will roll towards the east. my weather models are picking up on that activity along west ben,
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umbrella handy. these isolated showers will not be long lasting, but you may want to have that. monday morning, no problems, high pressure scoots in. we get rid of the clouds. then, we are good to go. we should not see any issues during the work week. the best part is our multimeter is staying right here -- our muggy meter is staying here. just stay right there, little blue arrow. that will be happening for the next two days, then go back up as rain chances increase. if you haven't checked out the moon, you can check it out. a beautiful clear night, dew point low, breezy, so temperatures falling through the 60's overnight tonight. i don't think you will need a number of the tonight. i would have a light coat.
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50's in most areas -- are in the 50's in most areas. tomorrow will be low-to-mid 70's. we could see some isolated pop up showers. if you going to irish fest, get on your dancing shoes, and you are good to go. the week ahead, sunshine monday and tuesday, than storms by wednesday ahu the increase in storm chances. adrienne: rain? it's not raining. the second after, it starts raining. lindsey: i understand. it happens a lot. sheldon: thanks a lot. we appreciate it. this back-to-school season you , can help thousands of milwaukee students. wisn 12 has partnered with the salvation army and mps again for the 'class act' phone bank tuesday and wednesday. call in to make donations to buy backpacks and much needed
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you can also help us and our radio partners wklh stuff the bus by dropping off school supplies at the walgreens on mayfair road and north avenue on wednesday. you can even donate now by texting classact, one word, to 4-1-4-4-4 or click the link in this story on i know you will be out there. i will help you out a little bit. , motivated a local athlete to win olympic gold in rio. adrienne: plus, the good news for the packers and star receiver jordy nelson. stephanie sutton is next in sports. but here are tonight's winning first, lottery numbers.
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announcer: big 12 sports presented by menards. stephanie: the only thing that can trump the green and gold in
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winning gold at the olympics, and that's what waukesha native gwen jorgensen did this morning in rio. she won the gold medal in the triathlon. this is the americans' first ever gold medal in that event. the former badger finished 38th at the olympic games in london four years ago, but today gwen is a golden girl. >> ever since then i have been investing in the sport of triathlon to achieve that goal. i have had incredible my husband gave up his career to help me. i have had a coach who has been on this for your journey, investing in me. it is pretty incredible to work for four years for something and have one day to accomplish it. i was able to do it on the one day, so that's pretty amazing. i just want to enjoy. stephanie: congrats to her. and i'm calling it now. gwen is going to get a shampoo endorsement. beautiful hair. it was also a golden day for the u.s. women's basketball team,
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gold medal defeating spain. overall, it's been a great olympics for the americans in rio. as of now, they have earned 116 medals. 43 of those are gold, 36 silver, and 37 bronze. ok, on to the green and gold. packers star wide receiver jordy nelson will have his first full workout with the team monday since missing all of last season with a torn acl. there are only four public practices remaining in camp . green bay's next preseason game is friday night in san francisco. nelson dressed for warm-ups thursday against the raiders at lambeau field, but did not dress for the game. head coach mike mccarthy would not say today if aaron rodgers and nelson will play friday against the 49ers. >> i think it is important to stay focused on the fact that jordy nelson will practice monday for the first time. it will be individual drills, need the emphasis there. you want to bring guys back. his veteran expense will factor
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and jordy nelson will work as much as they possibly can on one on one routes and things like that. stephanie: two weeks from today, the badgers kick off their season against lsu at lambeau field, a game you can see right here on wisn 12. one player the badgers hope will be available for that september 3 opener is linebacker t.j. edwards. there is some good news for the sophomore. that boot is off his left foot that he injured in summer workouts. edwards hasn't officially returned to practice just yet, still feel his presence at camp. >> he's right on the sidelines. he is still out here with us. he is able to help us when we have questions on stuff. it is still kind of a trifecta. we are still working together well. >> not really, because he is still there, and you still hear his voice. i mean it's weird not having him
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eyes on the field. he has great experience, so it's not all that weird. stephanie: a strange first night of operation football. last night lightening postponed a number of games until today, including our game of the week between marquette and wisconsin lutheran. the hilltoppers were leading 10-0 in the second quarter when they called it. the two teams finishing up their game tonight at whitnall high school. third quarter action, marquette adds to its lead. jared lieungh right up the gut. hilltoppers climbing 17-0. later in the third quarter, quarterback freddy poorman finding gold, hits daniel reardon in the endzone for a 30-yard touchdown pass. it took two nights, but the hilltoppers finally win our first game of the week. the the final tonight 27-0. afterwards, our intern matt foster asked the wining coach about the last 24 hours and has he ever been through something like this where lightning postponed their game. >> what was it like for you and
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days, but it is just a half of a game. our guys are excited that they get to play a game today, wisconsin lutheran, a great team, good coach, disciplined offense. you have to be on your game to play well, and it is a great tradition to start with them every year. stephanie: don't forget, you still have two days to vote for next week's operation football game oe the choices are hartford at brookfield central, menomonee falls at greendale, or germantown at catholic memorial. vote on craig counsell and the brewers trying to bounce back against the mariners out in seattle tonight. the game started just after 8:00 our time. wily peralta on the mound, pitching ok, gives up two rbis to a former brewer. right now in the seventh inning
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and finally, the phc classic, the potawatomi hotel and casino classic is taking place just down the road from us in brown deer. it's the minor leagues of the lpga. you are looking at video of the second round leader erin lee. she's a rookie on the symetra tour, and was an all-american at ucla. lee is going for her second win of the season. right now she's 15th on the , money list. the second round did get suspended due to darkness. they will tee off a ht and then play the final round after that. adrienne: hopefully high school football will get some better weather next week. stephanie: that was really crazy, all the lightning, but they got them in tonight. sheldon: when we come back, a final check of your forecast. announcer: before you call it a
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