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tv   WISN 12 News at 10PM  ABC  August 21, 2016 10:00pm-10:31pm CDT

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which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] 0 -- >> right now and wisn 12 news -- adrienne: music in sherman park one week after unrest shakes the neighborhood. they call themselves the voices of the inner city. local rap artists gather at sherman park to hand out school supplies to children and give them a pep talk. sheldon: as christina palladino reports, they hope to influence the kids to be positive heading into a new school year. christina: neighborhood children perform at sherman park sunday afternoon after a week of simmering violence in the area. >> you can be anything you want to be, no matter what anyone says. christina: and some life lessons were passed along from local rap artists who gathered in the area to preach messages of peace and prayer. >> we're the voice of the city. a lot of the artists have a lot more influence than they think, so a lot of the kids listen to them and everything they say. christina: perry organized this event. he's not only a rap artist, but
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he wanted the kids to hear from them and get some free school supplies. i asked 8-year-old montiahya wilson why she wanted to be here. >> because peace. christina: of course sherman park is still closing at 6:00 every night, so the group had to hand out school supplies quickly before everybody had to leave. chris camacho is a gospel hip hop artist who goes by the name just chris. he says he used to rap about guns and drugs, now his music is full of prayer >> who best to tell them they can make it out than guys who really made it out? christina: at sherman park, christina palladino, wisn 12 news. sheldon: a group of activists also came together in sherman
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organizers said they are standing in solidarity with young people who they say are targeted by police. >> we need to provide more jobs for the communities here. this is one of the highest incarceration and unemployment rates for black youth is right here in milwaukee. something has to be done about that. people are upset, they're not going to tolerate this any longer. sheldon: organizers also posted signs demanding amnesty for people who've been arrested. adrienne: sharing a meal and promoting peace. today, the community gathered in kilbourn park to eat and meet, an event encouraging people to come together over a meal and discuss the future of milwaukee. >> i think it's time that instead of arguing about our small ideas and petty differences on small issues, come together on the bigger picture and communicate. adrienne: the organizer set up an open-mic for people to share
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sheldon: the department of justice continues to investigate the plea shooting itself. in the meantime, sherman park is closed tonight for the seventh night in a row. a 10:00 p.m. curfew also remains in effect for anyone 17 years old and younger in milwaukee. adrienne: a woman is dead and another is in the hospital tonight after a car crash in milwaukee. we're still trying to get more details, but we know it happened at 2 as soon as we get an update on the other people involved, we'll let you know. sheldon: one person is dead and dozens of others are now homeless after flames ripped through a sheboygan apartment complex early this morning. the american red cross has set up a shelter at a local high school for those fire victims. the fire started inside an apartment off south business drive near washington avenue, around 4:30 this morning. thema: several hours after this fire was first reported crews
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started. it was around 4:30 this morning when sheboygan firefighters got the call. they say when they got here on the scene, flames were shooting from this building. >> got into the attic space and shot clear across the attic space, that's what created the great amount of fire. thema: firefighters tell us that there was one person inside this unit that was found dead when firefighters got here on the scene. as for the other people who live here in this complex, the red who live in about forty units here. they tell us they are providing all of the help that they can. >> some of them have family, some of them have loved ones that they can stay with, but the american red cross will be with them, will walk them through this process. it's probably the most traumatic situation that they'll have to deal with for some time. thema: the fire department tells us they are working to figure out the cause of this fire, but they do believe it started in
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two, there's actually a dividing point in the middle. it's very likely that that north side of that structure is a total loss. thema: the red cross tells us that they will be helping the residents who have been displaced here for as long as they need their assistance. in sheboygan, thema ponton, wisn 12 news. sheldon: investigators are still trying to determine what sparked the fire. firefighters tell us they're not sure if the smoke detectors sounded, but say their inspections showed there were working detectors in the building. we're working to find out ia milwaukee daycare will be back open monday. several small fires popped up at the little people's academy on 27th street near capitol. the damage is around $500. crews are still investigating what caused the fire. adrienne: new information tonight in a deadly police shooting in northern wisconsin. according to the department of justice, an officer shot and killed a man in new london over a toy gun. officials say two officers were on patrol friday afternoon when
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arrest. please maintain they thought the man pulled out a real gun, and that's when the officer opened fire. investigators are working to learn more about a shooting victim tonight. kenosha police tell us they were called to a home near 67th and 24th this morning. officers found a man inside with a gunshot wound. we're still working to find out how he's doing. sheldon: we're learning more about the body discovered in the milwaukee river in lincoln park on friday. the medical examiner's office has identified theso they're not releasing his or her name yet. someone out walking their dog found the body floating in the water just north of the hampton avenue bridge. officials tell us it was partially decomposed. music fans are remembering matt roberts, the former guitarist of three doors down. someone found him dead inside a hotel in west bend this weekend. police responded to the hampton inn early saturday morning. they found roberts in a hallway. he was in town to perform at a benefit concert for the stars and stripes honor flight.
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tonight. they tell us the show went on last night. but emotions were running high for everyone, including robert'' father, who spoke on behalf of his son. >> his dad came out and his dad stood up strong, and he said a lot of good things about matt roberts, and i have a lot to say, too. for a guy like him of his caliber to come out here to west bend for stars and stripes, that's totally amazing for me and anybody in this community. find out exactly what caused roberts' death. he was 38-years-old. adrienne: state supreme court justices rarely do interviews. today on upfront, a look behind the bench. mike gousha talks to a recently retired justice, tonight on upfront. >> it's a rare chance to hear about the court, and what has gone on with it in recent years. my guest is former justice david prosser, who retired just 3 weeks ago. tonight, prosser on what led to his retirement, some notable
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follow him forever. my extended interview with justice david prosser starts at 11:00, right here on upfront. adrienne: coming up next on wisn 12, new questions in music legend prince's accidental overdose. sheldon: the dangerous drug that was mislabeled. adrienne: then, the 2016 olympics have come to a close. we'll take a final look at the medal count and some of the challenges facing the real games. -- sheldon: plus, the cost of electricity in wisconsin rates higher than other states. what this means for local industries. lindsey: temperatures are falling fast. who may need a coat the
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into flames. it happened saturday in baltimore. police were responding to a call when an officer heard a loud pop moments before the fire broke out. firefighters arrived to quickly put out the flames. no one was hurt. sheldon: new at 10:00, officials investigating the death of music legend prince tell the associated press he overdosed on mislabeled pills. autopsy results from june show the 57-year-old singer's death was caused by an accidental
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we've now learned the pills were labelled as hydrocodone, which is a weaker type of opioid. the singer had no prescriptions for controlled substances. adrienne: after twoeeks of competition, the 2016 olympics are officially over. the closing ceremony was tonight in rio. sheldon: here is a look at the final medal count. 121 metals for team usa. 46 of those were gold. zika, water quality, just a few of the challenges in brazil. adrienne: but, many are saying things went much better than they thought. deirdre fitzpatrick has our final wrap up from the 2016 rio de janeiro olympics. deirdre: it's a city known for its natural beauty, but rio de janeiro faced ugly fears of zika, dirty water and its ability to pull off south america's first olympics.
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over water quality, zika, these games have been really well produced and enjoyed. deirdre: if team usa's women were a country, they'd rank 3rd in the medal count for golds. >> i'm not sure i'll feel normal again. deirdre: four golds won by simone biles, team gold for the final five, a 3rd consecutive gold for cyclist kristin armstrong, the first ever u.s. women's gold in triathlon for gwen jorgensen, and another american first -- a women's sweep in the 100 meter hur ashton eaton only the 3rd man to repeat gold in decathlon. and michael phelps lived up to the hype. phelps: i can't even wrap my head around 28 medals. that's just insane. deirdre: michael phelps retires the most decorated olympian, leaving usa swimming's future to 19-year-old katie ledecky, and an uncertain future for four swimmers after a bathroom incident seen around the world.
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you're on a big stage. the mistakes you make are magnified. deirdre: despite highly visible security, some athletes reported street violence and robberies, and fans complained of long lines and ticket problems. >> with all the negative talk, the issues, once the party starts, no one does it better. deirdre: next up for rio and team usa, the paralympics september 7-18. at the rio olympics, i'm deirdre fitzpatrick. sheldon: the 2018 winter games will take place in pyeongchang, south korea. tokyo will host the next summer olympics in 2020. adrienne: new at 10:00, expensive electricity is sparking concerns for some wisconsin business owners. the statewide average electric rate is the highest among eight midwest states. that's according to the public service commission. it costs businesses nearly $0.08 per kilowatt-hour. companies like charter steel and charter manufacturing say the rates won't move them out of the state, but might push them to
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sheldon: people acrossconsin were touched by an eau claire man's unique tribute to his late wife. and now, you can be part of it. babette jaquish passed away last year. her husband planted a field of thousands of sunflowers to remember her. the family also started an organization, called ?seeds of hope,? to raise money for cancer research. this summer, they built a maze in the sunflowers that people can walk through and enjoy. >> i think a sunflower pr perfect. bright, cheery, happy. everybody loved her, and she would think this is a wonderful thing that we are bringing people in. sheldon: the maze is free to walk through, but donations are accepted for the foundation. september 1. it's a day many kids in milwaukee are counting down to.
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milwaukee public schools head back to class. to help kids get ready, mlk junior elementary school hosted an annual back-to-school field day event this afternoon. students had the chance to learn everything from fitness tips to communication skills. >> it's just all about letting the students have that outlet to build their vocabulary and learn ways to be kind, honest, and brave by using their words. adrienne: students also got free clothes and school supplies. sheldon: you can also help kids re wisn 12 is once again partnering with the salvation army and mps for the class act phone bank this coming tuesday and wednesday. you can call in to make donations to buy backpacks and other supplies. you can also donate now by texting ?classact,? one word, to 4-1-4-4-4. just click the link in this story on it is hard to believe that it is already back to school time.
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morning felt a bit more fall like. lindsey: earlier, i asked people to send me some sunset pictures, because it was a beautiful day. this one is from brookfield. you can see the clouds are just pink and dancing across the sky. you can't beat that in late august. we will be seeing some subtle differences. temperatures will be tanking as we head into overnight tonight. already feel like the mid-50's. some of us may be code for the tomorrow -- coat worthy tomorrow. just know it is going to be windy. as we get into tuesday into wednesday, there is an increase of showers and thunderstorms. right now, it feels like 63 degrees in milwaukee. you can see the cooler air
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that is going to be a continuing trend as we head into tomorrow morning, possibly into tuesday morning. another good reason we don't have a lot of change is a good old ridge of high pressure. that keeps this all in the clear. there is nothing happening in this bubble. that high pressure will eventually scoot over, and we will see those thunderstorms i was talking about. it looks like tuesdani there might be a little fog off to the west. otherwise, that should be it. temperatures will be nice and pleasant. there will be some activity to the north of us, but i believe this is where it. it. if you are in fond du lac or sheboygan, you could get some cloud cover.
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this is 6:00 p.m. on tuesday. keep your eyes towards our west. this is where our next weather system comes from. we will get a warm front first. that will increase our temperatures and humidity. then, we will see more showers and thunderstorms. the day you should have the umbrella handy will be wednesday into early thursday. this point, i'm not talking about severe weather, because the timing is not there. the energy is not fair. it is not the right kind of system. monday and tuesday, if you need to mow the lawn, those are the days to do it. wednesday is probably not a good idea, because we will have scattered thunderstorms.
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upper 50's. some locations, it may even feel like the low 50's. it will be a cool start for your morning commute. by 8:00 a.m., we're talking plenty of sunshine. your seven-day forecast sees a high of 70 degrees tomorrow. we get back in -- 78 degrees tomorrow. wednesday will heat up, but them will be back into the cold weather. sheldon: coming up, an inspiring golfer. >> life goes on and you still have to enjoy things and do what you want to do, and fortunately i'm able to.
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won't let his disability stop him from playing the game he loves, and the special device that's helping him do it, after
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stephanie: after going sleepless in seattle the last two games, the force finally awoke for the brewers in the series finale against the mariners. definitely helped that chewbacca was in the stands at safeco field wearing a brewers jersey. we pick it up in the ninth inning. the rebellion down 6-3, but they fight back. just call him keon ?skywalker? broxton. his second home run of the game cuts the mariners' lead to two. two batters later. chris carter. the force is strong with this one. hits it deep to right center field. it looks like it's caught in the outfield, but it's not. and that two run home run ties the game at 6-6. the good guys go on to score four runs in the ninth. boba gennett aka scooter gennet with the game winning rbi single
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come from behind to defeat the dark side with a 7-6 victory. that not a six-game losing streak. that -- that snaps a six-game losing streak. we'll hear from keon broxton coming up in our second half hour. i caught up with a golfer who won't let his disability stop him from playing the game he loves, and learned about the special device that's helping him along the way. he may be in his twilight years, but chuck stabenfeldt still hits thur >> my game is improving slowly. stephanie: and this 73-year-old isn't your typical golfer. >> this is my handicap right here. i wear it on my chest. stephanie: chuck is paraplegic, meaning he's paralyzed from the chest down. >> i was a good golfer, and then i got hurt when i was 30-years-old. i was injured in a body surfing accident on the east coast. stephanie: 43 years later, the waukesha resident is able to keep playing, thanks to perserverance and this
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play foundation. >> there's controls that can take you into a full standing position, if that's what you need. i found i like to be a little back. >> i'm inspired by him, just playing golf with him. stephanie: longtime friend steve seeker is also chuck's golfing buddy. >> that's his biggest handicap, my putting, because he doesn't putt. we don't drive on the green. stephanie: and happy his friend can stand tall and hit one off the tee. >> we've gotten to know him the way he is, 6 foot 3 or 3 foot 6. stephanie: despite his disability, chuck says playing in the paramobile makes him feel like anyone else out here on the golf course. >> everyone is accepting of it, and they should be. it's just another population that can get out and get frustrated on the golf course. stephanie: chuck proving golf isn't just a game for a lifetime, it's a game for everyone. >> life goes on, and you still
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i'm able to. stephanie: chuck stabenfeldt also plays other sports with his stand up and play mobile. and last summer, he got to throw out the first pitch before a brewers game at miller park. coming up in our second half hour, why eddie lacy is motivated even in the preseason. we'll hear from the packers star running back. sheldon: louisiana tonight, and cleaning up. adrienne: devastating floods are affecting thousands buried by the governor told president obama to hold off on visiting the state, coming up. sheldon: no pet owner ever was to think about losing their pet.
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sheldon: music and dancing in sherman park tonight, where just eight days ago, there was a very different scene, one of violence and unrest.


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