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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  August 23, 2016 12:32am-1:03am CDT

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eyewitness accounts. how leo's romantic hamptons get away ended with an ambulance and mangled miny. >> blake shelton and gwen stefani's onstage pda. is adele's recent illness worse than she is letting on? what happened backstage. a "brinlt jones'baby" exclusive. only we are on set with renee zellweger 15 years after the original. pleasure "toddlers and tiaras" is back. for august 22, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." i'm in hollywood while kevin frazier is in new york city. >> this is the place to be, big stars, big news all going down as long as you can deal with the
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video of leonardo decaprio's joy ride that ended in collision. 4:44 saturday afternoon. the impact. an eyewitness exclusively tells "e.t." leo looked like he was in shock. this mini cooper came out of nowhere and ran right into the back of the range rover. our report from authorities stated four people were injured and the mangl steaming on the highway. leo pulled over and comforted his new love with a tender hug and touch on the cheek. he took the driver who hit him by the arm and called 911. an ambulance returning from an unrelated incident was on the scene. the accident happened as they were heading east on the montauk highway to the trendy hamptons. our eyewitness described her
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she spoke to the mini cooper driver for some five minutes. for an hour leo and nina stood roadside. nina holding her neck. leo producing paperwork and examining the damage. this saturday smash was a trying moment for the 41-year-old oscar winner and 24-year-old danish victoria's secret model. leo was being an old-fashioned gentleman truly courting nina. they've been a couple about two months. once all the p reports were filed, nina buckled up and leo drove off. the interesting thing is leo's car crash took place around the corner from a big bash that went off later that night in the hamptons. leo didn't go to the party but good been stefani did and nobody expected her man blake to pop-up on the stage with her. blake crashes gwen's gig. we are told shelton was a
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stefani's performance saturday at this reported $10,000 ticket star-studded hampton bash. it continued off the pda fest which continued sunday at her son's birthday party. >> the couple of ten months reunited with other faces from "the voice." former coach usher snapchated up a storm, singing along to duet with pharrell. he then surprised the crowd performing on tables in shorts and taking the stage with lionel richie who teased usher about being on his phone. lionel had a front row seat to the love fest at table number two. out on the dance floor, it was ladies' night. j. lo doing the selfie thing and
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she and ciara rocking out with plunging outfits. ciara without new husband russell wilson. did sneak a peek with jon bon jovi. no sightinged of rumored man jamie foxx who was at an event in miami. what was the epic pop star party about? it was a benefit for apollo theater. the event raised $5 million to support youth programs. that song never gets old. by the way, another play in the hamptons where stars love to party is the home of bethany frankle. plus is bethany ready to quit "the realhousewives" for good? that's coming up from new york. a love/hate thing.
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the real news is what happened offstage with a gorgeous new misery blonde. justin spent the weekend with someone who isn't rumored girlfriend sofia richie hitting up the night club friday night. she knows how to rock those matching ripped jeans. inside, justin didn't spare the champagne and partied with rihanna who worked her own on denim look. file this under sorry/not sorry, his performance had uk fans taking to twitter after the show demanding to know was he lip synching or not. on stage he confessed, i'm having the best night, though i'm a little hungover, maybe leaving the club at 4:00 a.m. wasn't such a good idea. who is she? she is in bieber's inner circle. she was with him in hawaii a
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spending six hours at a russian spa and taking a private helicopter to the festival. the couple stayed at this $52,000 week pad together. and headed back last night where bronte left little to the imagination. we are sure justin didn't mind. >> technically, justin is on vacation. so let's just say he's enjoying himself. he doesn't kick tour until september 8th in iceland. it's been no vacation for adele. she had to cancel a show last week because she was so ill. kicking off tonight, adele concert return. by the sound of her voice, it's hard to imagine just last week adele was way under the weather. apologizing to fans for cancelling her phoenix concert. >> i'm really, really sorry. i've had a cold for a couple of
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was back on stage in l.a. hanging out with kids and kissing dogs. adele put on a brave face for back-to-back shows, but backstage it was a different story. the snap shows she was still feeling a little under the weather. "e.t." learned the 28-year-old is suffering from an ear, sinus and throat infection and has been drinking a mix of garlic juice to kick the sickness. also performing in l.a., coldpl w birthday surprise on stage. other celebrities, reese witherspoon and khloe with meghan trainer. matt damon's man bun made an appearance. >> ponytail! >> by far the highlight was when the lead singer called james on
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"friends." >> and finally, miranda lambert's big announcement. >> i got engaged today. >> but it wasn't to boyfriend of almost eight months. the country singer was at a meet-and-greet in new jersey before her concert when this adorable 6-year-old question. sebastian gave miranda a pink ring and she said yes adding, you'll have to wait 25 years. >> how adorable is that? her boyfriend anderson better step it up. he's got serious competition there. "toddlers and tiaras" stage moms unleashed. >> pint-size stars with big attitude.
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makeover is so unusual. >> what is that? then, we're on the set of the new "bridget jones" movie with a baby on the way, and a wedding? from the first moment you met it was love at first touch and all you wanted to do was surround them in comfort and protection that's why only pampers swaddlers is the #1 choice of hospitals premium protection mom: ?oh hi baby? so all they feel is love
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lance bass.
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kate hudson let her 5-year-old son do her make-up. >> i like this technique. >> a true artist. kate snap chapped the glam process. >> what colors are you making the brows? >> pink. >> we are calling this the cutest makeover ever. >> cool. look at that.
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>> yeah? >> my favorite hashtag, slopping technique on fire. if you think kate went for a lot, wait until you see what the pint-sized beauty queens on "toddlers and tiaras" go through. you are going to be shocked at how far they go to make it to the stage. >> i'm kara. i love pageants. >> hit it. >> she stands pageant children because she is the quintessential beauty queen. she looks like what everyone thinks a pageant girl should look like. >> she's won several grand supreme titles and her mother is determined to add to her wall. not even a stomach bug will stop her. >> she is puking all over me. is sick somehow. our plane tickets are bought. our hotel is paid for. so there's not really an option
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>> go get some sprite? >> you have to sit there as a mom and say puke happens. >> after six seasons off the air, "toddlers and tiaras" is back. it made the star out of honey boo boo. and eden wood. and their little girl in their mind is the next big thing. >> things can get crazy. sometimes maybe moms want that win more than the child. >> i need a minute. >> this kid is not going to win every single time. you pay for one thing and that's someone else's opinion.
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baby." behind the scenes exclusive. we flash back 16 years to renee zellweger's weight gain. >> excuses to throw in kit-kat bars. >> inside bethany frankle's hampton home. we tour a part of the house no one has ever seen.
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everyone's favorite superhero bromance was on full dis play today. chris hemsworth and tom hiddleston were hugging it out on the third "thor" franchise. >> the real heroes were their hairst amazing wigs were on point. even a pair of gods need primping sometimes. >> a little primping and a lot of hair spray. >> chris and tom aren't the only big stars down under. that's renee zellweger and patrick dempsey. if you thought bridget's life was complicated in the first movie, now there's this. >> i'm pregnant?
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is the father? bridget has no clue who the daddy is after flings with colin firth and new guy patrick dempsey. >> an entrepreneur who has a dating website. >> emma thompson drops one big secret. >> would you like to know the sex? >> we should be prepared. >> it's a boy. >> a boy. >> a boy? >> a boy. >> oh, boy. 2001. renee earned an oscar nomination for the role where she gained a reported 30 pounds. >> i just wanted for her to physically reflect her lifestyle more than anything. believe me, i had a couple of good excuses to throw in extra kit-kat bars. >> this time bridget is slender. renee offered to gain weight but the director told her bridget
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weight in her 40s. >> the only extra poundage is that fake baby bump. does bridget find out the daddy and marry him? >> so there i was, surrounded by my friends and all ready for my happy ever after. >> this wedding could be a fantasy or a flashback. while we keep guessing, it's just good to have the clumsy and quirky miss jones back. >> may i? >> it was a fun thing to get to do. >> it is so good to have her back and the baby. >> "bridget jones' baby" hits theaters september 15th. tonight it is the season finale of "the real housewives of new york city." the real drama is whether this will be bethany frankle's last
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here is the big question, is she coming back next season or gone for good? bethany opened up the door to her amazing estate in the hamptons. >> here at the house skinny girl built. it even has a red door, of course. >> in this sprawling hampton home, five bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths spread across 4,000 square feet daughter brynn. >> i'm more suburban than city. new york is where i work and here is where i live. >> bethany paid $2 million for the home and is very choosey about who gets to hang there. >> it maybe takes a lot to make this tour. i'm only seeing brynn, cookie, andy. very special people. >> this is definitely a permanent wall. these gr moments.
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city" got a tiny taste of bethany's country home but only "e.t." got the full tour. >> no one besides "e.t." has been up here. >> really? >> upstairs is cozy and very pink thanks to her 6-year-old daughter's bedroom and who knew? this millionaire housewife is crafty. >> this is all her original clothes. this was her first pairs of pajamas, her first baby blanket. one of her first t-shirts. instead o clothes, i sewed them into a quilt. >> frugality is her style. >> everything is a bargain item. this was probably $50. the chandelier was $100. >> complete with a pool and bar. stocked with plenty of skinny girl. >> the newest product is the
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margarita. christina aguilera partied here. jamie foxx' posse was here. >> this week is a finale for "the real housewives of new york city." bethany tells luanne her fiance cheated on her. >> she sent me the picture. you have no recollection? you were so wasted you don't remember? how can you do this? >> where are you at today? >> luanne and i are nowhere today. and i guess we really weren't that anywhere when we started this season. >> then there is the upcoming three-part reunion special. >> the reunion was not fun. in all my experience, i've never been caught in a lie. i live my life honestly. something happened at the reunion that questioned my integrity. i took it seriously. >> we might not see you back. >> you might not see me back.
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that's her reported salary per season. tomorrow we are talking to a woman who had more drama in her life than any of these housewives, linda thompson. >> caitlyn jenner's ex-wife liida thompson. >> when is the first time you saw her as a woman? >> the truth she discovered 30 years beforthe world. and their relationship today. that is tomorrow. >> in our "entertainment
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weighted tables at the executive dining room at universal studios? that is kristen wiig who turns 43 today. >> when we joined mariah carey she told us how excited she is to appear on "empire" this fall. she already taped the episode. mariah was a sight to see, as always. >> the men were ogling. >> she landed at 1:00 a.m. we were there until 7:00 in the morning. she is incredible and i love with mariah, as well. october 5th on fox. behave for uncle pete. bye, see you guys later. [boys screaming] now time warner cable makes your internet go faster. up to 50 megs. are you having fun? yeah it's ok. it's good. in-home wifi powered by the latest equipment available to cover all your devices. so when you need more from your internet, it's there for you.
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plus, this is what 61 looks like. christie brinkley's secrets and shortcuts to looking great. >> this is fool proof. dr. oz: coming up next. dr. oz: black holes. the bermuda triangle. the space time continuum. all these things remain mysteries to the greatest minds in science, but nothing has ever confounded man more than the mystery we're about to solve today. the five-second rule. the time has come to finally rule whether the five-second rule is really a rule at all. that's right. get excited. this is big stuff. very big.


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