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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  August 24, 2016 12:32am-1:02am CDT

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left speechless when beyonce and jay-z showed up to their big premiere. then which "dancing with the stars" pro is retiring from the show? plus the men of "bridget jones' baby." mcdreamy versus an oscar winner. only we are on the set. and two james corden birthday surprises. after last night's bash, we uncover one of his first celebrity interviews. meatloaf. now for august 23rd, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." when "90210" star shannon doherty was ready to open up about her fight with breast cancer, she only sat down with us. we were astonished to hear she had delayed treatment for more than a year. which put her health in jeopardy, obviously. and led to a multimillion-dollar legal battle. now the battle is resolved and shannon finally has something to
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>> how are you, girl? >> just hours after news broke that shannon settled her $15 million lawsuit, she had a girls night out at nobu malibu with her best friend, ann marie courtwright who was by shannon's side when she shaved her head. the pair stayed until 11:00 p.m. the fact that the "90210" star felt good enough to eat before getting her fourth chemo treatment tomorrow. the details t not disclosed but she claimed her former business managers were negligent and habitually blundered tasks, which included paying her health insurance premiums. the company denied those claims. >> were you in the shower doing a the breast self-exam? i did not go to the doctor right away. my business managers didn't pay my health insurance. so i didn't have insurance. to cover me for going to the doctor. i didn't go to the doctor. i waited too long.
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came back up and i was eligible and -- then i went to the doctor and got diagnosed with cancer. >> shannon is determined to fight, staying active and hitting the tennis court with her husband, kirt, because she knows there's a had hard road ahead. >> you have chemo on wednesday, what's your thursday and friday look like? >> you're throwing up every second. there's nothing going in my body,is all going out. >> for the future, the >> the chemo stops everything. maybe there's a chance. afterwards. but you know, being realistic, i'm 45 years old. so i have no idea. but i think that you know my husband, he's like let's just get you healthy. let's focus on you. once you get healthy, and you're okay, he's like, you want to adopt? let's adopt. and you know, maybe that's our path. maybe that is our destiny.
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to get back to acting. r&b star usher is all in with acting and kevin is in new york with more. >> last night was the premiere of usher's new movie, beyonce and jay-z crashed the party. but skipped the red carpet. no way they wanted to outshine usher on his big night. >> usher worked the crowd outside, inside it was all about beyonce and jay-z coordinating in gray. ?? >> a few fans caug of beyonce in a double-breasted blazer and matching mini. jay-z rocking a similar view. usher snapchatted his quiet entrance into the theater. >> weird. back stage, usher and carter posed in formation with co-star robert de niro. jay with robert de niro and
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governor andrew cuomo. >> beyonce had these flawless pics, news of a-list arrivals had the cast pumped. >> i'm very flattered. we're all very flattered. >> i'm in shock. >> i've never lost. i don't lose. >> in hands of stone usher plays boxing legend sugar ray leonard. the champ was floored at the casting choice. >> well i thought it was a joke but when i saw usher work out, i'm very proud of him. >> there were a lot of sacrifices and a lot of things we had to do in dedicating ourselves to the character. losing the weight. two, remaining available for it. it is a major moment for me, i hope to do more. >> you know, usher was making this movie he and robert de niro got tight. there he is at robert's 73rd birthday party over the weekend. christopher walken, harvey tooit kitele hanging out.
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enjoying a birthday at the top of tonight's know and tell, ben affleck's family celebration. ben celebrated his 44th taking a week-long family trip to montana with jennifer garner and their three kids. it was off to london for a daddy/daughter date with his oldest, violet, at the "harry potter and the cursed child" play. up next, candace cameron bure's daughter on "the voice." ?? ?? >> that is 18-year-old natasha bure, on her youtube channel. and late monday, mom candace confirmed her singing will be seen on "the voice" this season. no word if she makes it past the blind audition. and kym johnson is moving on. >> i loved the show and i loved being a part of it but you know, i want to hang up my dance shoes and what a way to end.
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with the stars." >> mrs. herjavec confessed her "dancing with the stars" days are most likely behind her. but new hubby and former dancing partner, robert, has a different plan. >> not me, i'm going it go back and dance with somebody else so i can win the mirror ball. >> fresh off their honeoon, they're keeping the romance going. >> that is one heck of a wedding also, the beat buzz around the next season of "dancing with the stars" is whether or not simone biles will try to add a mirror ball trophy to her collection. our senior news editor caught up with all of the gold medal-winning final five this morning at the empire state building. >> i'm hearing you might be doing "dancing with the stars" is that true? >> i would love to, but the fall season won't work because we're so busy with a tour. but if i could do the spring
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>> have you thought who your partner could be? >> i think sasha. with my height, sasha i think is one of the shorter ones. i think it would be cool to be with sasha. >> simone'steammate aly raisman knows all abou it. she competed in 2013 and we think simone and sasha could be the perfect pair. she's a petite 4'9" and sasha is about 5'7". the rio games have made the girls household names. they got congratulation tweets and today met usher. >> man, lucky me. can i keep it? no. >> hollywood, here they come! >> you guys have been invited to be on "pretty little liars" right? >> i'm obsessed! ?? >> gabby douglas is going to be a miss america judge. >> are you going to be a tough judge, easy judge? >> no way! miss america! >> oh, my gosh! >> aly got a date proposal from
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aly, what up, it's colton underwood from the oakland raiders. >> shawn johnson and her husband, andrew east who is also on the raiders, it seems aly is very appreciative of male athletes. >> there's a lot of cute boys in the building. >> so i have heard. >> i'm not touching that. there's one thing that the final five said they would like to do together -- and that is appear on "saturday night live." up next, behind the scenes of "bridget jones baby" patrick dempsey. >> he accidentally trips upon her. and later i'm in the home of linda thompson, caitlyn jenner's ex-wife. the truth linda discovered 30 years before the rest of the world and their relationship today. plus james cordon's birthday
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that photo just warms your heart. chris hemsworth and tom hiddenton took a break from filming a movie to visit a children's hospital. well done, fellows. in the news bridget jones movie, there's two handsome leading men and rene zellweger only we can take you to the set. >> you're immense! >> bridget doesn't know which of her lovers is her baby daddy. her ex, colin firth, or the former dr. mcdreamy, patrick dempsey. >> he's in london promoting his book and he trips upon her. >> oh! >> so glad you could be here. so this is dad, i presume. pleased to meet you, so glad you
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this is a -- unique and wonderful moment. >> i think people love bridget because she's identifiable. she's a deeply flawed, vulnerable, loving, strong woman. >> i'm bridget. and this is -- jack. and this is mark. >> oh. lovely. you're our second same-sex couple today. >> so is the american hottie the dad? or is the rather lawyer? firth has been in all the three bridget movies with rene and is one of her biggest fans. >> rene is also i think possibly more than any other actor i've ever known, a trouper. the rest of us can be ready tear our heads off with fatigue and the one person who keeps cheering other people on is rene. it was 15 years ago and that's
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still ahead, a video with a baby-faced james cordon. how he got important career advice from one star. one-on-one with caitlyn jenner's ex-wife, linda thompson. >> she opened the door as caitlyn. >> her surprising reaction when caitlyn went on to marry kris. plus we're headed to the hamptons to tour two new york housewives' homes. why are they full of bargain items? >> this is
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now this is how do you a birthday surprise. james cordon had no idea what his late late show producers had in store to help him celebrate turning 38 last night. >> i want to wish awe very happy birthday. i was told you're a big fan of my song "thisis how we do it," i got awe little gift. actually i got a bette ? this is how we do it ?? >> laid down some impressive moves to the hit song. proving he knew every single word. ?? ?? >> and the celebration wasn't just on the "late late show." >> i'll bring you all the hot gossip. >> the bbc shared this 1995 video featuring a baby-faced james interviewing meatloaf. >> do you prefer performing or
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>> you get real tired. >> what keeps you going? >> youth, mostly. james is still such a cutie. well imagine if the loves in your life had the name elvis, bruce jenner and david foster. you'd have a lot of interesting things to say and linda thompson sure does in her heartfelt new memoir. i joined her where she opened up about possibly being the very first person to learn the secret that jenner was hiding. thre would be told -- call me caitlyn. >> my world collapsed when bruce came to me one day and said he identified as female. it was 30 years ago it was very difficult to comprehend. >> their two sons, brandon and brody, were very young when caitlyn opened her heart to linda. back in the '80s, linda said she was naive about transgender issues. "e.t." visited the then married couple at their home in 1982.
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she's my lover. we do practically everything together. >> absolutely true. >> i mean you look at that and people say, well, weren't there any signs? >> no. did you know? >> no. >> would you have lifted that remarkable man and have any idea? no. >> when was the first time that you saw her as a woman? >> i was invited by my then-husband, to come to new york to be with him on a weekend trip. and i thought okay, maybe we can get passes, put everything aside knocked on the hotel door -- she opened the door. as caitlyn as we now know her. full makeup and fully dressed as a woman. >> how did you react? >> i crumbled. i think i fell down in the hall of the hotel. i crumbled and she was very apologetic. she said i'm very sorry, but i think you need to see who i truly am. >> in her book "a little thing called life" she reveals their
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revelation. >> by then caitlyn goes on to marry kris. when that happened, what went through your mind? >> i was thrilled. >> you were thrilled? >> i was. in my naivety and ignorance, i didn't know she was still repressing and who she was. i was thinking maybe he found a way to repress this further and to move on with his life and to find a partner and a new life. i was thrilled. >> today shend caitlyn are gr brandon's 1-year-old daughter, eva and looking back she accepts how life has played out. >> i'm so grateful that she didn't tell me. i wouldn't have married her and i wouldn't have had the two most wonderful children of my life. brandon and brody. >> linda also has the gift of writing she's an oscar-nominated songwriter. ?? ??
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experienced so much. and it's been fascinating to use that as a resource for some of my writing. >> in the '70s linda had a passionate relationship with elvis presley. who she said was actually a quiet, shy man, single after her divorce from second husband music producer david foster linda's life revolves around her family. >> how often do you see caitlyn? >> i don't see caitlyn that often. when i do it's very cordial, i'm always delighted to see her. we get together on family occasions, like eva's first caitlyn now? >> dad. she is their dad. >> linda said it was her son she wrote the book for to chronicle her history for them. she knows at some point in the future they may have more questions than they do today. well let's head back to new york. kevin there's big drama on "the real housewives of new york city." >> that's what these ladies do for a living. they get craze yxts and the
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and the countess at their multimillion-dollar getaway home. >> welcome. come on in. >> she may be the countess with a hamptons castle by the water, but even she can't pass up a bargain. >> this is my k-mart cowboy hat. do you love it? >> i love it. >> after reportedly dropping a little over $3 million on this home three years ago when she was become a home for two. >> every time tom and i wake up in the morning it's like this beautiful view and this is the whole reason why i renovated the house. >> have you seen the ring? >> no. >> but her fianc? may not be her mr. right. >> stephanie just sent me the picture. tom, you have no recollection? you were so wasted you don't remember? >> they're happy ever after is put in jeopardy on tomorrow
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frankel tells lieu anne her fianc? cheated on her. >> what was it like having that play out on camera? >> it w awful. going through these things in private. never mind on television. >> she was giving you a kiss, you were making out for an hour. >> lieu anne is in love with being in love more than actually being in love. >> it was a tough moment for me, tom and i love each other and we're getting married. i'm not going to let a silly kiss ruin the rest of our lives. >> from marriage to divorce -- >> i've been here for >> neighbor and fellow housewife ramona singer got to keep her south hamptons 1.4-acre estate with six bedrooms, six bathrooms. swimming pool and tennis courts off the split. >> you could get a pretty penny for this house. >> i'm not selling. >> no drama under this roof, but with her new york squad in a tense situation, is singer taking sides?
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i think it was right she told luanne. >> luanne and bethany will meet for the first time since the bombshell at the reunion special. part one airs next week. it's so crazy, they broke it up
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talents behind the camera. travel consideration provided by -- "the view" has a primetime special airing tonight on abc, celebrating their upcoming 20th season. they've recorded a brand-new theme song with grammy award-winner mary j. blige. only we can take you behind the scene for a look. bye, everybody.
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?? >> it's called "world kwon crazy." and it's got a music video, too. >> it's going to start with oops i did it again, but realized that wasn't a good idea. >> sarah haines who dances and lip-syncs to the track.
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