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tv   WISN 12 News at 5PM  ABC  August 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm CDT

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but whose loss mourners say is a beginning. >> black, white, from all different walks of life come together and know that we can only do this together. milwaukee can heal and it's in the healing process. we must come together. >> you know they talk about everybody coming together and you are turning to christ. >> he loved this community and he he was a part of this communicated and we're supporting him. it's time now for everybody to work together. don't matter, y'all say life matters, everybody's life matters. >> i hope that the family knows that we are with them and all of us have a lot of work to do and we're willing to participate and do that work. smith will be buried at again oaks cemetery.
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death is now in the department of justice hands. live in milwaukee, terry sater, wisn 12 news. kathy: the reverend jesse jackson spoke at the funeral for smith. mike anderson sat down for an in-depth interview, one-on-one interview with the reverend to talk about his message to the community. >> it's not just the killing of civilians, it's predicament of him. the life of 23-year-old sylville smith is one that all too death at the hands of a police officer or by some other unfortunate means. >> their lives in some ways are in crisis, the one who shoots and the who is in shot. we must end poverty, not police it. milwaukee is one of the top 10 forces in the country, it's like another state from wisconsin, highest
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expulsions from schools, the black people in here and all of us must bear the burden ultimately of revolve the crisis. reverend jackson says they must have a war on poverty, not on each other. >> some burden on those who are blessed to lift up the community. reverend jackson says it's a time from blaming to embracing. in milwaukee, mike anderson, wisn 12 news. kathy: the justice is reviewing the shooting death of sylville smith and officer shot smith on august 13 as he ran from a traffic stop. body camera footage shows smith was armed at the time. the attorney general has said the video will not be released until the investigation is complete as terry mentioned, smith's death sparked days of unrest in the sherman park neighborhood. today the governor announced $4.5 million for job creation,
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that area. more at 6:00. toya: new efforts to free convicted murderer steven avery. his new lawyer is in wisconsin right now requesting new d.n.a. testing in that case. avery is currently serving a life sentence for the murder of teresa halbach. his case made international headlines in "making a murderer." investigative reporter colleen henry is live in manitowoc tonight. his lawyer says the new tests will prove avery's this is the motion that she fired. avery's attorney said forensic have improved. it may show who really murdered teresa halbach 11 years ago. >> welcome to wisconsin, what are you here to do? steven avery's chicagoland lawyer was a spectacle in
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she came in a limo with a tv crew in toe. >> i'm here to file a motion for new testing. she could have had an underling file the paperwork. an important reason for you to be here? >> an important motion. "making a murderer" made steven avery an international cause. today swarmed by cameras, his lawyer filed the first substantive motion since the series aired. >> war bottom of who killed teresa halbach. she has scientists on standby from ucla all the way from sweden to do d.n.a. testing and carbon dating. it will show if it was planted. >> if you did plant the evidence, sine will catch up with you. no one who is guilty would ever allow this extensive testing to be done.
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on this request. it is not commenting yet, but avery's attorney says it should go along with the testing since the defense will pay for it. she expects to get results within three months. in manitowoc, colleen henry, wisn 12 news. toya: just hand-delivered motion for new scientific testing, hope to hand deliver her son in the very near future. two weeks ago today, in fact, a federal judge dropped a bombshell decision overturning nephew, brendan dassey in that same case. dassey must be released within 90 days of the august 12 ruling if prosecutors do not seek a retrial. kathy: new developments tonight in the murder of two nuns in mississippi. wisn 12 news kent wainscott is in our newsroom. kent, there is a reward? current: a breaking development that increased dramatically, within the last 15 minutes,
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$22,500 for information into the murders of those two nuns, the bodies were discovered thursday in their home in the town of durant near jackson, mississippi. investigators say there were signs of a break-in and their car had been taken. it was found abandoned about a mile away. authorities have not released a cause of democrat, but a local pastor says that the nuns were stabbedment the search for a suspect continues tonight and sister margaret was a member in milwaukee and grew up in slinger in washington county. she had been working in mississippi for decades but kept close ties to her family here in wisconsin. i spoke exclusively with her sister today who told me that the family is devastated. >> it was hard. it was very hard to all of a sudden realize that was your sister that was murdered. she just loved all of us. we just love each other so
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tonight at 6:00, much more of my interview and she tells me about her fears for her sister in the final moments and the close bond that she shared with the other nun that was murdered that made it doubly tragic for the family in wisconsin. kathy: police are investigating the death of a 1-year-old. police say the boy died in a home near 31st and glendale last night. the child was taken to a home near 13th and finn where somebody there called for help. milwaukee police are waiting for an autopsy to determine how that child died. so far no arrests have been made. this is the third toddler death in milwaukee in just 10 days. a 2-year-old girl died august 15 in a home near 71st and glendale. it's considered suspicious. no other details released in that case. this past tuesday, 2-year-old michael mccoy iii died while trying to climb out of a window. police believe the death was an accident. one man is dead in a shootout
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it erupted at 5:30 yesterday afternoon near 29th and michigan. a 20-year-old man jumped out of a car and opened fire on a group of fire. they returned fire killing the man. officers on patrol heard the gunfire and responded. they arrested a 23-year-old man who was with the victim. they say the second group of shooters got away. commitment 2016 and the u.s. senate race, wisn 12 is partnering hosting a live debate between senator ron johnson and former senator russ feingold. moderating is gucheguche. you can watch it live tuesday, october 18 from 8:30 until 10 p.m. toya: making a difficult time easier for families undergoing treatment. a brand-new minivan was donated today. several local charities and
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the donation possible. it provides a free place to stay for veterans staying at the hospital. the van will be used to get them around the campus there. it's another reason they're thankful for fisher house. >> if you're having a bad day, you can sit around with a group of people and discuss what is going on, kind of camaraderie and comforting each other because sometimes people aren't doing very well. in the world, milwaukee's opened just this past april. the zika virus remains a big concern here in the u.s. >> coming up, the new guidelines the f.d.a. is putting in place to protect americans. then caught on camera, see the daring rescue as an officer saves a man trapped in a burning car. >> should trucks and buses have their own speed limits? the move to put a cap on a speedometer. that is coming up. >> a great night for high school football, storms are on
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how much the weekend you'll have to deal with rain next on weatherwatch 12. >> changes to the way kids get ready for school. >> monday on wisn 12 news this morning. why some are waiting until after class starts to pick up
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kathy: the next time you donate blood, you might need to get tested for the zika virus first as the food and drug administration is recommending all blood donations in the united states be tested, similar guidance was already in place for parts of florida and puerto rico. more than 2,200 people in the u.s. have been infected with zika. the infection is a big concern the virus is linked to serious birth defects. toya: an incredible and daring rescue all caught on camera. a georgia police officer put his life on the line to save a man trapped in a burning car. this is video from the officer's body camera. you can see him pull that man free just in time. we'll take a closer look here. people say the back seat was full of flames within just minutes. the man rescued was one of two people inside that vehicle.
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kathy: hundreds of unrelenting aftershocks are making the search for survivors even more difficult following a deadly earthquake in italy. tonight we're getting a new perspective of the damage. this video is from a drone. francisco rushed to the hard hit city to look for relatives. his family escaped, but says the scene was heartbreaking. >> we tried to help, but the people that were actually digging with their hands, they have been digging kathy: the death toll in the region has risen to 278 people. thousands are staying in makeshift shelters, hundreds are still unaccounted for. the italian red cross has a website set up where you can donate if you want to help. we have a link on our website, and look for continuing coverage of the quake on "world news tonight" with david muir. it starts at 5:30 after this newscast. toya: milwaukee bucks announced two new projects, one involves state-of-the-art medical care
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changing the face of downtown. also ahead -- >> we just lost, it's like a nightmare that you're going to wake up from anyone minute. todayia: the emotional words from a wisconsin nun that was murdered in mississippiment tonight, 2020 is investigating shocking details about the captivity and fight of freedom for american isis hostage kayla mueller. she was an aide worker that was kidnapped by isis set off a desperate attempt by her parents to gain her freedom. >> her plight was kept secret until her death about two years ago. during that time, her parents fought a determined effort to try to free her, exchanging emails with the isis can'tors who held her from their kitchen in arizona to the prison in syria. they recorded their own videos pleading for her life. toya: the investigation into
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news at 10:00. kathy: truck drivers may soon have to follow a different speed limit than other cars on the road. the federal government is considering limiting how fast tractor-trailers, buses and other large vehicles can travel. the proposal would electronically cap speeds on vehicles that weigh more than 26,000 pounds, the cap itself hasn't been decided yet, but it could range anywhere from 60 to 68 miles per hour. a lot of us do this every day, but today is the day to friend. toya: it is national dog day to celebrate the role dogs play as furry family members. >> dogs do so much every day of the year. it's the least we can do to honor them with one day of the year. you know, it's interesting, what's the most important thing you can do to celebrate your dog for national dog day, it's taking him or her to the vet. kathy: experts say in addition to the regular check-up, your vet can help protect your pet
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spread disease and also infest your home. we are celebrating national dog day. that is my dog speedo. get that banner off of there. this dog, it proves that the three things they do best is eat, play, and sleep and how about another, keep the banner off, too. here is another member of the 12 news family. this is oscar. he is in a promotion. that's very exceptional, this is mark mark: where is the picture of your dog? toya: an empty couch. my husband thought it would be fun to put an empty space on the couch. mark: it needs to be filled. kathy: dog days of summer. mark: we go on and on. i'm glad you're here between us tonight. toya: it's not that i don't like dogs.
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off. kathy: i have never wiped a dog's butt, i'm not going there. toya: see what you get. mark: temperatures in the 70's, only the second time this whole entire month of august that we haven't made it to 80 degrees. the high temperature today was 76. 75 right now in sullivan, out in jefferson county, we take you to mequon, pretty shot here from the campus of concordia university, 72 degrees. the dew point, look at that, that's a lovely number, it is in the 50's, comfortable today. take a look at miller park here. yes, the brewers are in town all weekend. you can enjoy them against the pittsburgh pirates. temperatures this evening for the tailgate, 75 degrees, game, 68 degrees. don't forget, it's operation football, high school football tonight, 70 degrees. last friday, oh, there were delays galore because of lightning. that is thought going to happen for this evening. all the games are looking pretty good. if you're curious about the packers, their game is tonight.
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their weather is pretty much the same as it is almost every day of the year, it's in the 60's. that's the trend that it will be throughout the game. yes, it's mexican fiesta time. temperatures around 73 at 7:00, 70 degrees at 90, 67 degrees at midnight. if that's a little cool for you, i know there are jalapenos down there that can warm you back up. 73 degrees in inport washington. water tampa bay is a fairly comfortable 68 degrees. it's a lot cooler than it was about a week ago. that's thanks to the upwe willing that can occur. 80 degrees on saturday, not the best day of the weekend, but it's not a washout. we'll show you that in a second. 82 degrees on sunday under partly sunny skies. maybe you're traveling elsewhere. dells, nice day on sunday, lacrosse, 85 degrees on sunday. pretty good chances for rain across the area as we head into saturday, but again, that's going to be hit and miss. doppler 12 radar network, a
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our air is very dry. it's going to take a while before that fills in. we're dry for this evening. later on tonight, a different story. 3:00 in the morning, could be an isolated shower or two. 7:00 in the morning, hit and miss, some people getting rain. some people don't. 10:00 in the morning, scattered showers, maybe a thunderstorm or two coming through, there could be some heavy rain out of some of these as well. here is 1:00 in the afternoon, as i said, there are dry periods and also some rainy periods. 5:00, more scaed umbrella throughout the day. you don't necessarily have to change your plans if you have outdoor plans, but you need to be ready for the possibility you're going to get rained on. not on sunday, it's looking good. the sunday will be breaking through as the day goes on, so 80 and 82, we're staying warm. monday at 84. a slight chance of showers on tuesday and then we cool off just a touch, going off the lake from tuesday into wednesday or tuesday into
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to school day, 77 degrees, warm temperatures again on friday, highs there of 83 degrees. so some people consider this the last weekend of summer because the last weekend of august, some consider next weekend, of course, labor day weekend. overall, a nice stretch of warm weather that it looks like to continue for a while. kathy: viral story that has taken on a life of its own. >> my doctors are being told i'm dead. this is really going me hardship. kathy: dead for two years according to the government. how she found out about her after life.
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toya: back in the u.s.a., bruce springsteen and the e street band returned to the u.s. after three months in europe. the band proved they are tougher than the rest with a concert in new jersey featuring a 35-song set that lasted three hours 52 minutes. certainly no surrender for fans, it's the boss' longest
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now to a unique duo going viral. these two didn't even know each other, but music brought them together, the pastor was visiting with patients at a hospital in texas when he decided to start playing the piano. to his surprise, he had a singing partner. the video was posted on facebook and has gotten the millions of views. it's wonderful. here is a story that has a lot of people talking online. a utah woman for her sense of humor, she doesn't know how she would deal with being dead. kathy: barbara murphy according to the government has been deceased for two years. clearly she is not. she is among the 8200 people that were deleted from the social security administration system a few years ago. murphy became aware of her life status two nights ago after a night ago and a call to the bank. >> i turned my credit card into the waitress to charge our
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declined. she laughed because she is dead. kathy: she can laugh about it, she is truly trying to discover how the mistake was made. toya: she is being good spirited about it. kathy: take a while to fix that. a final check of the forecast
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russ feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. narrator: listen to senator johnson on student loans: ron johnson: it's just kinda free money, young people don't really, necessarily understand finance. narrator: what senator johnson doesn't understand is, more than 800,000 wisconsinites have student loans. federal student loans and keep interest rates high. johnson: it's just kinda free money... narrator: with senator johnson, opportunity for middle class kids would disappear. ron johnson's not for students.
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kathy: mark your calendar, wisconsi only on wisn 12. kickoff at 2:30 p.m. stay tuned for the season premiere of "big 12 sports saturday." dan and drew will be live at lambeau field with the badgers post-game. looking ahead to next saturday, we have tomorrow to deal with, right? mark: it's not the prettiest of days. it doesn't wash out the entire weekend. plans this evening, you're a-och and grab a jacket if you're heading out to a
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temperatures falling down into the upper 60's. not much humidity out there. kathy: s tonight, several breaking stories as we come on. an abc news exclusive. the young american daughter kidnapped by isis. her parents making a direct plea to isis themselves. tonight, right here, what they say the president promised. and now, the white house security scare. a man driving a truck right into a jet, terrified passengers onboard. a community in shock. two nuns murdered. and now, the urgent manhunt at this hour. shot by mistake. the armed robbery. the homeowner, the husband who calls police. he and his wife need help. police arrive, and the homeowner is shot by mistake. and, the tropical threat. we're tracking the system right


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