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tv   12 News This Morning at 5  ABC  August 29, 2016 5:00am-5:31am CDT

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remember in that glass. >> was the name? >> dr. johnson. you are a good looking guy. >> 4:59. the news continues right now. >> yours was mrs. mo. >> yes. good morning, welcome to "12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. >> i'm melinda davenport, it is monday, august 29th. a suspect pulls a knife and kills a plan close to shops and restaurants in milwaukee. details on the manhunt underway right now. >> plus, back to school season means tests, papers and homework. why some parents are getting in trouble for helping their kids on the assignments.
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commute and the forecast. >> good morning, sal. >> early today patchy dense fog in place this morning, much like yesterday. visibility, well a little lower across sheboygan and waukesha and milwaukee and racine. we have an advisory including sheboygan and washington county. that is in place until 9:00 this morning. s the hour by hour forecast, the fog gives way to sunshine. we top up to 81 degrees. lighter southeast winds and the temperatures a bit cooler along the lake. i am not sure about news chopper 12 in the fog. >> no, the fog is very thick. keep the low beams on. the volume is light. here at 19th street and the bypass it is moving along
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no reason to rush through the fog this morning. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. happening now, a man is stabbed to death on the lower east side of milwaukee. >> tim is gathering the details from the news room. >> a manhunt is underway. this happened a block north of popular shops and restaurants on braidy milwaukee police say this morning two people got into an argument and that escalated and a 32-year-old man was stabbed. the victim died from the injuries. the two men knew each other and the extent of the relationship is unclear at this point. they are not releasing details about the suspect. >> thank you, tim.
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officer involved shooting in sherman park neighborhood and the neighbors are working to clean up the mess and hosted parties in the park, all to show the city and the country that their neighborhood is a safe place to live and play and grass roots efforts are growing to keep peace in the neighborhood. thema ponton is outside of the neighborhood and learning about the latest push to deter th >> melinda t efforts are starting with a partnership. volunteers say they are going to work with the milwaukee police is start a citizen's patrol. they met to talk about how to help the police monitor the streets. it includes volunteers riding around the neighborhood and keeping anything out of the
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citizen's patrol, volunteers have to pass a police background check. they hope to get the patrols started as soon as possible. >> thema, thank you. >> a 19-year-old milwaukee man is accused of spreading the violence will be in court today. he's accused of starting a van on fire on the same night as the unrest in sherman park. he said we wanted to do the same thing here that we did on sherman boulevard. the van was set on fire and 20 people were in the group. he faces felony arson charges and has a hearing this afternoon. >> more charges were filed this weekend connected to the unrest in sherman park. a 20-year-old is facing blurry accused of entering businesses
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later today a memorial will be held for the two nuns murdered in mississippi. one is from wisconsin. we are learning more about the services south and one planned here later in the week. >> a memorial mass for the nuns is held today at the cathedral of st. peteer in jackson, mississippi. 300 people attende yesterday in lexington, mississippi. they were found stabbed to death at their home last thursday. now sister held grew up in slinger, wisconsin and joined the school of sisters of frchlt are francis. they worked at nurses in mississippi for 20 years and rodney earl sanders confessed to the crime and charged with capital murder.
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being planed in wisconsin and buried here as well. >> thank you, tim. >> new this morning, the state of wisconsin one time bonuses or pay increases for the workers in the state for 2016. those bonuses wept to 4600 workers, or 15% of the state's work force and going to the department of transportation, correctian resources. that was more than double the amount awarded in the previous fiscal year. >> and later today, governor walker is visiting spots along lake superior and checking in on the recovery efforts after last month's flooding. the governor declared a state of emergency in 8 counties. today he's expected to announce more funding to restore the
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communities. >> summer break officially ends for thousands of students in southeast wisconsin. this morning racine is holding a back to school pep rally for the staff. on wednesday district leaders are cutting the ribbon on the new elementary school and returning to class on thursday. thursday is the first day of school for the students on the traditional calendar at mps. >> when it comes to helping students with homework, a majority of parents are having to look up the answers. you don't remember? well, 55% of parents look up answers to math or science homework without telling their children. the survey found that 79% of parents go online to find the answers, 36% turn to significant other for help.
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handsome they wouldn't have this problem according to the story earlier. >> do you remember how to do long division? >> yes, i do. >> of course you would. >> google it. >> let's get out the door with the forecast now with sally severson. >> patchy fog is showing up. sure, lots of kids are already back, but a number going back this week and overall warm and humid today and tomorrow and a cold front coming in tomorrow and then looking at 70s. it is a lot more comfortable for returning to school. right now racine, just barely getting light over the horizon. 65 over 64. racine on the cusp of fog.
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wisconsin. so patchy dense fog in place for us this morning giving way to sunshine and afternoon temperatures reaching up to 81 degrees. here is matt. >> right now quiet across the freeway system. no reason to rush out through the fog. a little fog, keep the low beams on. right now, we are trouble free out there. the travel times are all in the green. >> thank you. forecasters are tracking two storms headed to the coasts. >> tim is learning more about the on going storm prep. >> we are watching for the updates nor the national hurricane center. three systems have triggered advisories. tropical depression 8 and 9 and
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9 is supposed to dump four inches of rain in florida. gaston is triggering a warning for portions of north carolina along the coast there. winds have increased to 120 miles per hour. now forecasters don't think gaston is posing much of a threat to land. lester is moving to the west and could be regaining strength again. we are continuing to watch the storms. >> tim, thank you. wisn 12 news time now is 5:10. republican presidential nominee donald trump is set to announce a new policy on immigration this week. >> and what else is campaign is doing to boost the poll numbers. >> new rules for flying a drone
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>> we are close to 5:14. pea soup across portions of southern wisconsin with the dense fog once again. mostly in the 60s. 67 and fog at the airport. we do have a dense fog advisory for three counties until 9:00 this morning. way to monday sunshine and cooler along the lake and reaching the low 80s. matt? >> quiet across the system. keep the low beams on. you shouldn't encount ernie problems out there. things are looking good at the bypass. no reasons to hurry through the fog. travel times... that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> thank you, matt.
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columbia is a step closer to ending. tim is following the developing story for us. tim? >> the rebel movement is saying that the fighters put down the guns this morning, now this comes after four years of talks in cuba when the columbia government and the armed forces of columbia. the rebel group is forming a political party with seats in the legislature. i ending all of the fiebting there, a smaller rebel group is still at war. nearly a quarter of a million people have died in this war. another 5 million were driven from their homes. >> tim, thanks. in commitment 2016, critics and supports are waiting to see how donald trump's stance on immigration has changed.
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give an immigration speech on wednesday. mid speculation is he's softening his stance. the plan on immigration remains the same, even though trump suggested a different approach of deporting. >> he's not talking a deportation force, but talking about being hair and humane. >> he's going to give a speech on wednesday in arizona on immigration and trump plans to amnesty. >> people are not eligible for legalization without leaving the country. >> the announcement comes after hillary clinton accused trum f of hateful and racism rhetoric. >> has had the opportunity to
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>> the trump campaign is planning to spend $10 million this week in tv ads in nine swing states. >> hillary clinton continues a fund raising focus and attending two events today in new york. >> in washington, the secretary of transportation and the faa are expected to go over new rules for drones. also, today the faa for commercial drone use go affect and all drones need to be registered online and staying five miles away from airports and cannot fly over people and stay within the operator's sights. >> we are learning new information about a chemical plant explosion in florida. now the investigators say that the blast left the facility looking like a mini war zone. one person was killed at the
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the case is being handled by the florida state fire marshall. the chemical was leaking inside of the plant and exploded just before 2:00 yesterday afternoon. workers were evacuated from the plant. >> i am watching new details about the search for two men missing from a plane crash from over the weekend. the kes na went down in new orleans on friday night. a private boat rescued a woman from the the plane went down during training exercises but not released any other information. now the wreckage of the plan will be pulled to shore later today. ben? >> thank you, melinda. a local veteran on a mission to raise awareness about military suicide. daniel served in iraq. instead of strapping on a parachute yesterday he loaded up a 50 pound sack and marched 22
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fellow military veterans that they have support in struggling with depression and ptsd. >> 22 veterans commit suicide daily and that is 22 too many. so every mile i march is to represent them. >> september is suicide prevention month. we have a link with more information at can call the crisis number on the screen. >> sun is not out quite yet and a lot of fog, but the sun should be burning off the fog? >> yes, going up to 80 or better. low to mid 80s tomorrow and 70s in time for september. as we get a look at the weather
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fog horn early this morning, we have the patchy fog again. it is cooler and less humid for returning to school. visibility is a half mile at sheboygan. racine and kenosha, walworth getting in on the fog as well. we have dense fog advisory up until 9:00. certainly allow a little extra time for the travel. wet over the north woods. we are staying dry here in the south. i expect a fair amount of sunshine throughout the day today reaching up to the low 80s. showers and showers in the west with the heating of the day. here in the east we are staying dry but increasing of the clouds.
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again. here we are at tuesday 7:00. as we run through the day on tuesday, we stand a better chance for getting a couple of showers and storms going, especially in the afternoon and near the cool front. this is 5:00 tomorrow amp and the best chance of wet going in the mid to late afternoon and into the early evening hours as the cool front is passing. with the cool front t winds shift out of the north. 70s for a pretty long visit. in fact, going up to 78 by sunday. for today 81. sunny. 80 tomorrow. plenty of dry hours tomorrow. breezy and cooler as we push into thursday and friday. we'll look at much lower humidities, especially by thursday. a little humid on wednesday. school day sunshine on thursday
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it is time to get back to school. it happens. >> yes, sal, thank you. >> music fans do a double take at the vmas. >> jimmy fallon dresses up and. >> later it is time for the last minute shopping trips for school supplies. what parents spend the most money on for back
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>> welcome back. the music fans are buzzing about the m tv music >> theres with a-listers hosting the show. including jimmy fallon. mixed reactions. the crowd from the joke.
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she picked up 8 awards. usa gymnast presented it to queen bee. britney performed after her song for the first time in a decade. she was joined on stage by rapper. >> i didn't stay up late enough and apparently beyonce's performance was outstanding. after the show, britney tonight is unforgettable. >> looking good. >> 5:26. a public protest from 49ers quarterback. >> he's going on the defense this morning as well, and what he says he's continue to stay sitting, seated during the national anthem before the games. >> held at gunpoint after a robbery, a robber jumps into his
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seriously about the crime.
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>> right now, remembering the lives of two nuns who were killed in mississippi. the outpouring of support and how fellow nuns are remembering the sisters. >> plus, milwaukee students will be heading back to school this week. how teachers are getting ready for the year before students show up in the classroom. >> but first, weather watch 12. we're tracking a foggy morning with a cool down in the forecast. >> good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. >> and i'm melinda davenport. it's 5:30 on this monday, august 29th. let's start with the forecast. meteorologist sally severson is in the weather center. sal? >> early this morning the fog is floating in and out. the visibility quite variable across the area. good visibility at fond du lac and juneau. sheboygan coming into the fog as well. foggy most of the night. dense fog advisories until 9:00.


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