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tv   WISN 12 News at 1030PM  ABC  August 30, 2016 10:30pm-11:01pm CDT

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announcer: leading the way with important local coverage, you are watching wisn 12 news at 10:00 with kathy mykleby, joyce garbaciak, patrick paolantonio, weather watch 12 chief meteorologist mark baden, and big 12 sports director dan needles. wisn 12 news at 10:00 continues. kathy: what a down for. -- what a downpour. you may have been outside or at least driving when intense rain moved in to the area this afternoon. several inches in some parts in a matter of an hour. visibility was low for many drivers.
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the roadways. there was a flash flood warning in milwaukee county. one driver tried to drive through the standing water on 10th and layton, but ended up getting stuck and had to be towed away. kathy: the strength and amount of rain caused some manhole covers to come off. we spotted the problem in a few spots across milwaukee. air pressure from the water rushing into the storm sewers was able to lift the covers that weigh more than a hundred pounds. the department of public works quickly put them back in their place. the rain is long gone and there is good news moving in. is tracking a cooler less humid forecast. mark: we have had the stick is i can ever recall. dew points at 65 day after day. the dew point right now is 70. that is high for our area. up north, rhinelander, 59. 53 superior. that is only part of the story. the dew point is the measure of
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are dew points will fall towards morning. i temperatures tomorrow, mid 70's, a touch below average. patrick: threatening both sides of the country tonight. two category three hurricanes are heading toward hawaii, and a hurricane watch is in effect florida. abc's linzie janis is in north carolina, where residents are preparing for another tropical system that will bring wind and rain. >> florida beachgoers running for cover as the first signs of tropical depression nine come ashore on siesta key. while hundreds of miles away a separate system threatens north carolinas outer banks the storm , already churning the sea the biggest fear dangerous rip currents.
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the approaching storm is kicked up surf quite a bit. >> as we spoke with one family a , life guard warning people to come back ashore. rip current alerts extending to new york where one man drowned and another was rescued from the waters off long beach. ed fayans and his son maxwell helped pull them out. >> if you don't know how to swim, and you're not on your game, those waves will pull you. >> back in the outer banks vacationers who were gearing up , for the unofficial last week of summer -- the food we need. >> now preparing to spend it indoors. the storm headed here should be short lived. but that system now threatening florida is expected to makes it way up the atlantic coast by the weekend. the life guard captain we spoke with earlier says they are preparing for that. patrick: good morning america will continue to track the path of the storms tomorrow morning right here on wisn 12 starting at 7:00 a.m.
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charged with stabbing their classmate to please the fictional character slender man wants her trial moved out of waukesha county. morgan geyser's attorney filed a change of venue motion. the motion argues the case has received too much media exposure in the waukesha county-area for geyser to get a fair trial. the trial could be held as soon as march. geyser plans to enter an insanity plea. this friday, one of the two nuns murdered inside their home in mississippi will be laid to rest here in wisconsin. sister margaret held grew up in she later joined the milwaukee-based school sisters of st. francis. we've learned that's where services will be held for sister margaret. a prayer vigil is scheduled at st. francis chapel starting at 9:30. the funeral, led by archbishop jerome listecki, will follow. patrick: creating ties between milwaukee and mexico. wisn 12 news kent wainscott was there as the new mexican consulate officially opened it's doors on the city's east side. >> 1, 2, 3. [applause]
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politicians stood with mexico's foreign minister to officially unveil the new mexican consulate in milwaukee. it will provide services, process passports, consulate id's and other documentation for mexicans living in wisconsin. and, as governor scott walker pointed out, it is another important connection between the dairy state and its second largest trade partner. >> we're focused on trade. we're focused on strengthening those bonds. >> but while the celebration was here, for the tens of thousands of mexicans living in southeastern wisconsin, th impact of having the consulate here hits closer to home. at the southside office of voces de la frontera, workers regularly help clients deal with the mexican consulate. something that is something now made easier by no longer having to travel to chicago and wait weeks for an appointment. >> it is convenient, but it also is them recognizing the value of the community that is here. >> nayeli rondin-valle is a
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from mexico when she was five. she says having the consulate here is about more than just convenience. >> it means that they are listening to the voice of our community. >> and for those who need it, that line communication is now easier than ever before. in milwaukee, i'm kent wainscott, wisn 12 news. patrick: the consulate will serve the growing population of nearly 270,000 mexicans living in wisconsin. more than 83,000 of them in milwaukee county. kathy: if you plan to head out on the road l weekend, you'll find gas prices at their lowest level since 2004. that's according to a report from aaa. right now, the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded is $2.22 cents. that's $.27 lower than the same time last year. the average in the metro milwaukee area is slightly higher at $2.25 a gallon. it is still cheaper than the $2.70 we paid this time last year. patrick: a new brett favre exhibit is opening tomorrow.
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, the green bay packers and the packers hall of fame will host a ribbon cutting ceremony tomorrow. the exhibit honors favre's time with the team and recognizes his most memorable performances. anyone who buys tickets to the packers hall of fame can see the exhibit. also happening tomorrow a , scavenger hunt of sorts. boston store has been putting up clues on their facebook page. the first 50 people who show up at one of the five locations will get a goodie bag. and tomorrow carroll university , will welcome 35 international students at mitchell international airport. a total of 57 international students will attend the that's the largest group the school has ever had. students come from 25 countries. kathy: it's become a worldwide phenomenon. pokemon go players competing to capture characters. wisn 12 news tim elliott is with a local man who claims he's caught them all. >> by day, sean nettesheim works as a leasing agent at this apartment complex in menomonee falls. >> the last one i needed here was grimer. >> but in his free time, he's become a pok?mon go master.
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caught them all so i was pretty , pumped too be the second person to catch them all, so i thought that was pretty cool. >> nettesheim claims this screen shot from his phone proves that he has indeed, caught em all. he started playing the game on and has spent countless hours july 10, searching for the more elusive characters. >> i've walked over 150 miles with the app open. my feet hurt a lot. >> on sunday night, it finally happened, the biggest catch grimer was captured. to tell my fianc? and friends about excited i was that i finally finished. >> the pokemon go master says if you want to catch them all then , this is the place to be. this is lake park and sean says he caught 85% to 90% of all his pok?mon right here. >> you know, it is really cool. it brings together a lot of different groups of people,
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backgrounds. >> sean has reached out to nintendo to verify his accomplishment, but he hasn't heard back. kathy: wisn 12 news has also reached out to the p.r. company representing pokemon go to confirm his feat. we are waiting to hear back. patrick: a seven-year-old girl is honored for being honest and doing the right thing. kathy: coming up, where she found an olympic gold medal and how she figured out the rightful owner. patrick: then, people are spending more money at restaurants than groceries. the trends that could impact the city of milwaukee. >> later tonight on "nightline" , those desperate for calm have turned to paying violent young men not to shoot one another. we are out on the streets with violence interrupters. that is on "nightline", now at midnight, still right here on wisn 12. announcer: thanks for watching 12 news with chief meteorologist mark baden, honored by the midwest broadcast journalists association with first place in weather. russ feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message.
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kinda free money, young people don't really, necessarily understand finance. narrator: what senator johnson doesn't understand is, more than 800,000 wisconsinites have student loans. but he wants to eliminate federal student loans and keep interest rates high. johnson: it's just kinda free money... narrator: with senator johnson, opportunity for middle class kids would disappear. ron johnson's not for students. not for wisconsin.
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announcer: you are watching wisn 12 news, honored as best evening newscast by the wisconsin broadcasters association. patrick: two airplane incidents just days before big holiday travel. a man flying from new york to seattle was arrested after he tried to open a door at 34,000 feet, yelling that he needed to get off. a passenger sitting next to the man said she saw him take a pill.
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albuquerque to denver delayed takeoff and unloaded its passengers. officials searched for a reported suspicious item. nothing was found. almost 16 million people are expected to fly labor day weekend. that's 4% more travelers than last year. for the first time, we're hearing the 911 calls made on the night of the deadliest shooting in recent u.s. history. 49 people were killed and dozens of others injured when the lone gunman opened fire inside a nightclub in orlando. here's abc's elizabeth hur. ? >> hello? >> what's going on? >> from the screams in the background -- >> a shot just hit >> a shot just hit the door of the place i'm working in. >> a shot just hit your door? >> to the confusion in their voices. well, i'm calling about my brother, because he's in there, it's, and when he called us he was in the bathroom, and he said that there a lot of dead people and i don't know. >> the 911 calls just released
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>> he's over there. he said he cannot get out. >> provide a snapshot of the sheer horror, the families and the survivors endured, when bullets started flying. >> how many shots did you hear? >> more than 10. >> did you hear anything after the gun shots? >> no, as soon as we heard that, we ran. >> according to the fbi, there is surveillance video from inside pulse nightclub showing multiple angles of the killer, omar mateen, as one source put it walking through the rooms, mowing people down cold-blooded then allegedly calling 911 , himself to pledge his allegiance to isis. in the end, killing 49 people and injuring 53 others. many of the calls we heard today were from loved calling about ones their brother or girlfriend texting them from inside the club, begging for help. patrick: the gunman was killed
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the shooting also sent 53 others to the hospital. kathy: a microwave recall after reports of fire, burning and smoke. whirlpool is recalling more than 15,000 stainless steel black and white microwaves. the company says an internal plastic component risks catching fire. the appliances were sold at retail stores nationwide from january 2014 through april 2016. whirlpool will replace the recalled microwaves free of charge. if that story makes you want to eat out, you're not alone. for the first time in recorded history, americans are spending more at bars and restaurants than they are on groceries. toya: here's a look at the numbers. in 2015, $54 billion dollars were spent on eating out. while about $52 billion was spent on groceries. industry experts call it a culture of foodie-ism. host of the pbs show wisconsin foodie kyle cherek spoke on the subject today at the rotary club
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, are the driving force behind the shift. >> it isn't just the bright shiny restaurants. it is the far west wherever. it's the less traveled streets where the bahn mi or the barbecue is fantastic and that's , what real foodie exploration is. i think it speaks to the adventurous aspect that millennials have versus the rest of us when we get a little older. today at the rotary club involved using a vibrant culinary culture to attract millennials to work and live in the city. patrick: now to a mystery in new zealand. 500 cows have just disappeared. the cows are worth as much as $1600 each, or about $800,000 for all of them. police are looking into it. a neighbor says the cows disappeared between early july and late this month, and that the farmer only noticed when not as much feed was being consumed. the cows do have tags which could bring them back.
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according to a new study from budapest, dogs comprehend and respond to language. researchers recorded the brain activities of dogs as they heard various phrases. when the dogs heard things like good boy or well done, they responded stronger than when they heard neutral words like nevertheless or however. dogs also responded strongly to a positive, cheerful tone of voice. kathy: nevertheless? patrick: an ym atlanta girl who found his stolen gold medal in a pile of trash. kathy: joe jacobi won the medal in men's canoe double slalom at the 1992 olympics in barcelona. jacobi says his medal was stolen when somebody broke into his car in june. weeks later, chloe smith was walking with her father when she spotted the gold medal discarded in a pile of garbage. chloe returned the medal to jacobi, who had posted about the theft on social media. >> i think that sometimes we don't give a seven-year-old
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choices they can make and the influence and the power of one choice can have on an entire community. kathy: the former olympian went to chloe's school and let her classmates know about her good deed. patrick: very nice. kathy: yes. in sports, why the packers are feeling much more comfortable with their backup quarterback than they were one week ago. patrick: plus, why badger fans aren't the only ones having trouble getting tickets for saturday's season opener at lambeau field. kathy: and, the brewers try to right their ship after five straight losses at home. dan needles is in next with big 12 sports. here are tonight's winning
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announcer: big 12 sports presented by menards. dan: the packers won't play at
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football will return to lambeau field on saturday as wisconsin opens the season against fifth-ranked lsu, a game you can see here on wisn 12 at 2:30. the badgers have played on nfl fields before, including last year's holiday bowl and their previous matchup with lsu in houston two years ago. however, this will be a special atmosphere, particulary for the wisconsin natives on the roster. >> it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. it is an experience that i don't think who would go bad for me. i am so excited to play. i want to execute the best can, and hopefully i can soak in some of the fun. >> announcer: right now on wisn 12 news. >> i tell you what, there has been a big scratch and claw in the locker room for the tickets. each guy gets four tickets, and believe the in-state guys have been pulling at them out of state guys for tickets. dan: as for the packers, backup quarterback brett hundley took part in practice for the second straight day on a limited basis. he had been out since re-aggravating an ankle injury in the second preseason game. hundley hasn't had a full week of practice since week one of
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doesn't play thursday against the chiefs. >> i was happy being able to get out there for oakland. that really help my confidence to get out there and put the drive together and make the throw. those things are the things i wanted to see, but i feel ready. i feel like from last year i am even better. mentally, for sure, and physically, i just feel ready. dan: whether it's a byproduct of or a lot of parity, five of the 12 teams in last week's operation football poll lost last friday, but only two of them dropped out of this week's poll. catholic memorial is the new number one team -- not because i went there -- they replace arrowhead, which dropped to third after a loss to hudson friday. greendale is second, homestead fourth, brookfield central fifth, and marquette sixth. a win over mukwonago boosted oak creek to seventh, followed by oconomowoc, muskego, wilmot, waukesha west, and pewaukee. week three of operation football
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at miller park tonight wily , peralta flashed his old form for the brewers against the cardinals tonight. he struck out 10 batters in seven innings. peralta allowed just three hits and one run, which came on his only real mistake, this solo home run by jed gryko in the sixth. the brewer bats were silenced by adam wainwright until the bottom of the sixth. martin maldonado with the double down the line, scoring keon broxton with the tying run. brewers had a chance to win it that 10 thinning, a single that proved to be the winning run. six straight losses. st. louis wins to-one. -- 2-1. kathy: i'm here for you. dan: thank you. kathy: a final look at your forecast is next.
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it will be less humid. kathy: our next news is at 4:30
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