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tv   WISN 12 News at 6PM  ABC  August 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm CDT

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that 6:00 p.m. shut down. patrick: wisn 12 news nick bohr begins our big story coverage from sherman park. nick, this clash could be headed to the courts. >> it might be if it goes that far. as you can see, the fence behind me is still here. the early closure again enforced tonight. there is a sheriff's deputy in the distance. milwaukee county parks workers were met by sheriff's deputies this morning. the deputies were under orders to arrest any of them trying to ta d for two and a half weeks, the fun at sherman park has abruptly ended at 6:00 four hours early. p.m.,>> it is time for the residents and neighbors to get back to a normal life, and opening up that part will be part of the solution. >> county supervisor michael mayor has lived in the area for
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so we can enjoy our part. that is part of our community. >> we've learned county executive chris abele this morning told the parks department to remove the fencing but sheriff's deputies were dispatched and told to arrest anyone trying to remove the fences. the parks department back down. announcer: now, sources tell 12 news the county executive is considering legal options to keep the park open to its normal closing time of 10:00 p.m. sheriff's clarke's office told available but it's within the sheriff's authority to choose his own way and means of carrying out his duties. that's what he is doing. county executive abele wasn't available for an interview either. >> it is a battle of power. the residents of milwaukee county and sherman park is in between. >> the supervisor mayo says the sheriff is permitted to close parks in emergency situations , authority that can't be superseded by the county board
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an emergency situation? clearly the sheriff still believes that it is. >> they are out here trying to aid the community right now. patrick: a state lawmaker handcuffed last night at 44th and auer. it's where an officer shot and killed a man three weeks ago. police say over the past 24 they've arrested disorderly hours, groups gathered there. brostoff was among those detained. wisn 12 news reporter terry sater has more of our big story coverage. >> there were three people arrested out here today. 11 were arrested last night. there is a group behind me discussing the situation in the neighborhood right now. that is near where he was shot and killed by a milwaukee police officer earlier this month. today some of smith's family and
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and arrested three people after they say the group refused a resident's request to leave her private property. last night, police made more arrests, including state representative jonathan brostoff. he says he was trying to deescalate the tension. >> i saw my friend, who was not doing anything wrong, not doing anything violent, jared, get taken, get thrown on the ground in a very violent manner. and i went to take my phone and record it. the ground myself. >> community activist vaun mayes was also arrested last night and he produced a copy of a federal search warrant agents served at his home monday morning seizing , his computers as part of the investigation into the unrest earlier this month. mayes says he's done nothing wrong. >> the peacekeepers, the people who are actually out here trying to mourn and be over here for syville, those are the people you arrest and attack.
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's family is trying to organize a peaceful march out here tonight. that is being discussed and negotiated with police. they want the body camera video released from the night officers shot and killed him. we will have more coverage on this at 10:00. kathy: let's go to matt salemme, who's monitoring the march from newschopper 12. >> we are looking down at the group of people speaking with the media, i handful of officers as well. right now everything appears calm, a small gathering of people right around the corner from the memorial. in the park, they are still playing basketball at sherman park. it does not appear that it has been closed fully as of yet. kathy: thanks. it's been two and a half weeks since police shot and killed sylville smith. the state department of justice
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complete, the case will be turned over to milwaukee county district attorney john chisholm. chisholm will decide whether criminal charges will be filed against the officer who shot smith. patrick: we're following a developing story. layoffs are coming at harley-davidson. the company plans to cut 200 jobs beginning in mid-october. more than 100 of those positions will come from its plant in york, pennsylvania. nearly 40 will be from its two factories in tomahawk. the rest will come from harleys engine plant in menomonee falls. adjusting to the industry and market needs. kathy: new at 6:00, both waukesha girls charged with stabbing their classmate to please the fictional character slender man will enter insanity pleas. an attorney for anissa weier filed a letter with the state saying he plans to enter a plea of not guilty by reason of mental disease. -- mental defect. the letter also asked a jury be brought in from another county to hear the case. yesterday, morgan geyser's
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much media exposure. he also said geyser plans to enter an insanity plea. patrick: commitment 2016 coverage, a major shift in the race for president here in wisconsin. donald trump has moved into a statistical tie with hillary clinton in the new marquette poll. clinton lead strong 45% to 42% among likely voters. that's within the poll's margin of error. wisn 12 news political reporter kent wainscott is here. kent, this is a very a different race than it was just a few weeks ago. >> race just three weeks ago that same poll showed hillary clinton leading donald trump by 15 points. now, that margin is down to three. and there were some other interesting numbers in this poll that tell us what wisconsin voters really think about these candidates. more voters believe hillary clinton is qualified to be president than donald trump, 54% to 32% but more voters consider , trump to be honest although , the numbers are low for both
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just 26% for clinton. and the majority of voters view both candidates unfavorably. 58% unfavorables for clinton. and 63% have an unfavorable view of trump. but i asked the poll's director whether the overall numbers signal a change in wisconsin's place in this race -- in this race. do these results show that wisconsin is in play? >> i think this tightening certainly shows that we could be a competitive state. >> note. when third-party candidates are added to the mix, the margin's margins stay the same. hillary clinton maintains the same three-point lead but more , than 20% of the voters don't support clinton or trump. the poll director calls that an enormous number at this stage of the race. patrick: thank you. the poll also shows the race for u.s. senate in wisconsin narrowing. the poll finds democratic challenger russ feingold with a lead over republican incumbent
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48% to 45% among likely voters. feingold held an 11 point lead in the poll three weeks ago. monmouth university also released its poll of wisconsin voters. the race for president had results close to the marquette poll. clinton had a 43% to 38% lead over trump among likely voters. the race for u.s. senate was much different. the monmouth poll showed feingold leading johnson by 13 points among likely voters. of nearly 5%. wisn 12 is teaming up with the marquette law school to host a live debate between johnson and feingold. upfront host mike gousha will moderate the 90 minute discussion. you can watch it live tuesday night, october 18 beginning at 8:30, right here on wisn 12. libertarian presidential candidate gary johnson will make his first campaign stop in wisconsin tomorrow night. johnson will hold a rally at serb hall on milwaukee's south side. the rally starts at 7:00, doors open at 6:00. kathy: new at 6:00, the governor calls for an investigation into the state's largest veterans home. the call comes just days after
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quality of care at the home in king in north central wisconsin. the report also cited a series of medical errors and prolonged staffing shortages at the facility. the governor today asked the state department of health services to review the home following outcry from the report. new tonight at 10:00, overdose deaths skyrocketing we take you to a vigil and waukesha county for ones, now coming together. the ministry of the exploding home. what investigators say happened in the neighborhood before the explosion. that is tonight at 10:00. patrick: school is about to begin for thousands of kids across our area tomorrow. mark, how is the weather looking? mark: how long you can enjoy does less humid air, next and
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my life. patrick: then, as mother teresa is about to become saint teresa, the special encounter this local woman says she had with the soon to be saint when she visited milwaukee. plus, you don't have to go all the way to canton to see your favorite brett favre memories. the new display here in wisconsin, dedicated to the hall
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announcer: leading the way with important local coverage, you're watching wisn 12 news at 6:00 with kathy mykleby, joyce garbaciak, patrick paolantonio, weather watch 12 chief meteorologist mark baden and big 12 sports director dan needles. wisn 12 news at 6:00 continues. patrick: from our partners at biz times milwaukee, plans are in the works to improve the milwaukee county zoo. an economy impact study done by uwm says the zoo plans to spend nearly $45 million over the next five years to upgrade the grounds. the upgrades include renovating the hippo exhibit, expanding the elephant exhibit, renovating the rhino area, and improving guest entrances and exits. the study does not say who will pay for the projects. new at 6:00, remembering mother teresa. kathy: three decades ago the nun graced the halls of marquette university.
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us how today the school honored the soon to be saint. >> marquette university is honoring mother teresa with a mass taking place near a mother teresa statue on campus. mother teresa was also honored 35 years when she visited the school in person and received the pere marquette discovery award, the university's highest honor. >> the peace and power she exuded was something i don't think i have ever witnessed before in my life. >> susan mountin was in campus ministry during that visit. she had a miscarried one child and was newly pregnant again. >> no one knows but my husband that i'm pregnant, would you pray for the baby? she grabbed my hand and she prayed for the safety of our son. >> he was born safely and
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unassuming type of woman, very humble. >> dan johnson was a young staff photographer at marquette when he met mother teresa. he took all these pictures during that 1981 visit. >> i try to keep it low-key so she could decompress and relax a little bit. i think that help because i got her trust, and then she allowed me to make photographs of her that i might not normally have gotten a chance to do. >> mother teresa will be ca vatican on sunday. kathy: you can see more photos of her historic vist to marquette on our website, patrick: new at 6:00, you don't have to go to the football hall of fame in canton, ohio to pay tribute to the legendary career of brett favre. an exhibit dedicated to favre opened today at the packers hall of fame. the exhibit includes a display dedicated to his nfl record 297 consecutive starts, plus a rundown of every packers player
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favre. there's also the locker favre used until the 2003 stadium renovation. >> after we put him in the packer hall of fame, we had that year in between to start figuring out what we wanted to do, and we knew we wanted to honor him and you we had a big job to do it, and we wanted to do it right after canton, so this worked out beautifully. patrick: the temporary exhibit will be on display for one year. the hall of fame inside lambeau nice weather at lambeau right now and the forecast looks great all the way into the holiday weekend. kathy: it's nice to get a break from the humidity. mark: you walk out and it's not like, oh, man. it was oppressive for most of the summer. the packers will not be playing at lambeau field this weekend, but the badgers will, and it will be beautiful on saturday.
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friday and talk more about what will be happening tomorrow. 74, 80, 82, and 82, and we are drive. it looks really nice. this should excite a lot of you who want that last gasp of summer. temperatures will be warming up this weekend, and a little sticky as well. tomorrow, 58, not sticky, maybe a jacket in the morning. a lot of times kids want to wear their summer attire. it might be too cool for that. why did we call down? we can thank the jet stream taking a dip to the south of us. that has not happen much all summer long. that will knock of the hot, hazy, and humid weather down to the south. 69 international falls. 98, that is not eight misprint,
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is still some heat out here, and some of that will make its way towards us. 74 fond du lac. 70 waukesha. dew point temperatures is the measure of how much moisture is in the air, and this is a good way to show it. it's not bad at all right now, very comfy. yesterday, it was over here, a 70 degree dew point. right now, very comfortable, so you don't sweat as much, and great news if you have to mow the grass. grow again in turning nice and green. there is a lot going on in the tropics. that will move into florida, and some strong wind, maybe 60 miles per hour. i think the bigger threat will be the heavy rain. then, the two hurricanes are getting closer to hawaii. this is lester and matalin. matalin looks like it was great
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on our radar. this is chaff from military planes running exercises right now. there is nothing to worry about and nothing falling. this is just little pieces of tin dropped out of planes to confuse radar during military exercises. here is the week ahead, 70 on thursday, 74 friday. this is a great stretch of weather. it does ge even that should not be horrible. a warm labor day, and the best chance of rain for us will hold off until labor day is done, and then veterans chance for storms on tuesday into wednesday. temperatures next week look warm again, and yes, it will be sticky. kathy: some people are making it a six-day weekend, and i have proof. new at 6:00, the purple and gold invades the land of green and gold.
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big match up between the tigers and badgers at lambeau. this group has been traveling together for the last 20 years. they say they're very excited to be in a city with a long football history. >> wisconsin bucket list number one is lambeau field. that is a given. we have jim taylor from lsu, can't wait to see his name in the ring of fame up there. that is huge. kathy: the group plansto lambeau tomorrow. patrick: don't forget you can see the wisconsin-lsu game only right here on wisn 12. kickoff is at 2:30 p.m. then, stay tuned for the season premiere of big 12 sports saturday at 6:30. dan needles and drew olson will be live at lambeau with the badgers post game. the lsu coach had a warning for his players today. dan: he did. what he will do if any of them try a lambeau leap saturday. plus, the verdict is in for a pair of packer defensive stars. and, as the packers close out the preseason, the pledge their top draft pick made for the regular season.
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>> good evening. i'm ben wagner. tomorrow the first day of school , for milwaukee public school students. tomorrow on wisn 12 news this morning, we're getting you ready with how teachers will be welcoming those students back. and, meteorologist sally severson will have her bus stop forecast.
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announcer: sports director dan needles, honored with best sportscast by the wisconsin broadcasters association. dan: the nfl has cleared packers linebackers clay matthews and julius peppers in the league's performance-enhancing drug probe, saying no credible evidence was found linking those two players and steelers linebacker james harrison to p.e.d.'s. howeve has not been cleared yet. rookie defensive lineman kenny clark doesn't know if he will play tomorrow at kansas city after missing the game in san francisco with back tightness. however, clark is confident he will be ready for the regular season opener. >> i feel pretty good. i am not concerned about it. just a little tightness in my back and i'm just trying to get everything figured out.
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sure everything is set for week one. that is what matters. i don't know what is going to be the next step for me, play or not, but as far as being out on the field, of course i want to be on the field. dan: lambeau leaps have been a tradition at lambeau field since 1993, but don't expect to see any this saturday when wisconsin faces lsu at lambeau. a leap will probably draw a 15 yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. lsu coach les miles was asked today what will happen if one of his players does a leap. >> that if anybody jumps into the lambeau leap, they will end up with their thumb out trying to get a ride home. dan: the brewers close out their homestand tonight against the cardinals. milwaukee is trying to avoid setting a new season low with seven straight losses. former brewers closer jeremy jeffress has entered an inpatient rehab clinic, where he is expected to spend the next
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texas rangers is up in the air for the rest of the season. jeffress was arrested last friday on a dwi charge in dallas. and, back to the brewers last night, one of the highlights of their 2-1 loss to st. louis was provided by a fan in right center field. the guy in the green shirt, who did a usain bolt and was quite proud of himself. that however was not the fan catch of the night in cleveland, the foul ball to left, and a fan without the help of a glove, makes a running grab. with that, he is alr kathy: that was funny. patrick: the oscars will be sticking around for at least the next 11 years. abc today signed a new deal that keeps the academy awards on the network through the year 2028. that will be the 100th anniversary of the oscars. next year's academy awards will be held sunday, february 26. you can see them only right here on wisn 12.
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mark: tomorrow takes it off. we are done with august after a warm summer. it is not warm this evening, quite comfortable, 60's, not much humidity, a beautiful day tomorrow and through the holiday
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ron johnson: it's just kinda free money, young people don't really, necessarily understand finance. narrator: what senator johnson doesn't understand is, more than 800,000 wisconsinites have student loans. but he wants to eliminate federal student loans and keep interest rates high. johnson: it's just kinda free money... narrator: with senator johnson, opportunity for middle class kids would disappear. ron johnson's not for students.
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?? think you know everything about the chris brown arrest? >> hold on. stop the press. >> think again. only e.t. has both sides of the story. >> it becomes a war zone. >> our exclusive interview with the star inside chris's house. and new details from queen accuser. >> is this woman telling the truth? >> then the new bachelor re-vealed and it's a shock. >> only 800 shows. >> and behind the scenes of melissa mccarthy's musical moment. star struck over strie sand. >> and "dancing with the stars" the early years. the lost audition tapes. >> you don't want to look at it? fine. i'm the man.


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