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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  August 31, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm CDT

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?? think you know everything about the chris brown arrest? >> hold on. stop the press. >> think again. only e.t. has both sides of the story. >> it becomes a war zone. >> our exclusive interview with the star inside chris's house. and new details from queen accuser. >> is this woman telling the truth? >> then the new bachelor re-vealed and it's a shock. >> only 800 shows. >> and behind the scenes of melissa mccarthy's musical moment. star struck over strie sand. >> and "dancing with the stars" the early years. the lost audition tapes. >> you don't want to look at it? fine. i'm the man.
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>> now for august 31, 2016, this is "entertainmentonight." >> we have the information you won't find anywhere else about chris brown's arrest. he is accused of pulling a gun on a former beauty queen. >> the question is what happened inside the singer's house? we talked to chris's accuser and i spoke exclusively to ray jay who was there. we are the only show with both sides of the story. >> i'm here to say listen, stop the press, stop. stop the press. there is another side, a better side, the truth. >> ray jay told me he was upstairs getting a tattoo when this woman, baylee curran claims brown pointed a gun at her. >> has it hit you yet what happened? >> no. i'm still in shock. >> the 25-year-old said she went to brown's house to pursue the idea of being in a music video but it went awry after looking
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diamond cross necklace and then his friend got a little bit crazy and then that triggered chris, i think, and said i'm so tired of you people cussing me out saying [ bleep ] about -- putting the gun to my face saying [ bleep ] now i'm going to blow your head off. >> did you see him drinking at all, doing drugs? >> no comment. >> let me run through a few things she said. >> okay. >> she said there were guns >> she said it was an argument over jewelry. >> okay. >> and he pulled a gun, put it in her face and after she walked out then a car followed her. >> okay. >> is that truthful? >> listen, i can't say whether it's truthful or not. i never saw that happen and i was there. >> last night brown's attorney tweeted the allegations against
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the police reacted. >> how many were there? >> a football team. put the guns down. settle down, boys and girls. >> meanwhile this morning we learned new details about baylee curran's past. first, she's wanted for a grand larceny investigation in new york. this afternoon she said she was just learning about the accusations. second she was stripped of her title as miss california regional, a source tells us in part over racy said it asked baylee to return her crown and sash and she has yet to do it. as for brown -- ?? -- while the performer has a history of trouble with the law the biggest headline was in 2009 when he was convicted of assaulting his then girlfriend rihanna. i talked to him about the incident in 2014. what have you learned since then about that situation? >> you learn from your mistakes and right from wrong.
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wrong. >> none of chris brown's legal woes hurt his music. in the last three years he's been on 30 songs on the top 100 and has a net worth of $30 million. >> now a major tv news. we know who the next bachelor is. nick viall will be so great. in true bachelor form the news comes with drama. >> i'm definitely ready. i'm excited. >> we have been predicting it for three years. ul say they came back and said, nick, we want you to be the bachelor. would you? >> i would feel lucky. >> you would be a wonderful bachelor. >> most fans thought luke pell was a lock for the gig and a source says luke was the first choice but producers had a change of heart when he made too many demands. a last-minute switch was made to in this case. >> ultimately it got down to the
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most deserving, the most sincere. >> this will be nick's fourth shot at love. he's on bachelor in paradise now. he was on kaitlyn bristowe's season. some called him the villain. >> i learned i'm a polarizing character. >> that's fine. >> i'm okay with it. i'm always going to be myself. >> the 35-year-old soft sales man is likable posting workouts and the lovable good guy on bachelor in price which convinced producers america wants him to find love. >> he wants to love somebody and be loved. hopefully this is it. >> how many times will i see you again? >> hopefully never. >> there is another wrinkle in the story. last night nick saw him picking out an engagement ring for jen
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one of the best. you have to watch to see how it ends. >> how is luke taking it? he hit the gym and tweeted thanks for the love. sometimes we are faced with unexpect changes. there is at least one person who isn't buying the hype. in a skype interview with e.t. today bad boy chad johnson -- >> he's the epitome of the person who gives them what they want to hear. great redemption story, nick. you're so ld >> that's chad being chad. i always thought nick would be the best bachelor. congratulations, nick. olympic champ ryan lochte knows what it's like to be a reality star. he had a show and was famous for this -- >> that means yeah! and he hopes "dancing with the stars" will help america forget what happened in rio. >> some real talk from ryan
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fresh off winning gold and fabricaing a story he was robbed at gun point he traded in his speedo for sequins hoping america gives him a second chance. >> hopefully this show will definitely help show my real personality, the loving caring self. >> ryan's partner is cheryl burke who is back after sitting out for three seasons. she flew in to start rehearsals. >> would you be down to do some water stuff? maybe synchronized >> we can talk about that. >> nervous? >> a little. i don't want to mess it up for her. she's such a good dancer. i'm such a bad dancer. >> gotcha. >> that's not the only waiting game ryan is playing. the u.s. olympic committee is expected to level the punishment on lochte for the rio robbery scandal any time now. >> everybody deserves a second chance, they say. >> thank you. >> well, ryan couldn't have
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wait until you see what cheryl was like the day she tried out for the show. we have the audition tapes. maksim full of himself, surprise, surprise. >> and "america's got talent" is down to the finals. how good was 13-year-old comedian lori mae hernandez? she took no prisoners. >> she was phenomenal. she lit up the judges. it was so nobody expected that little cutie to turn and take down the host. >> how does it feel to be served by one of the youngest contestants? >> she was wilding out. >> i just outgrew barbies like mariah did nick. [ cheers ] >> you have to say it. >> it was all in fun. i was like, take as many shots at me as you want. >> do you have to give mariah a heads up? >> sometimes. she thinks i put people up to
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oh, yeah. the return of the always startling. the freakish mime got in a duel with an audience member but the judges fight was pure magic. >> with mel you have the ability to do something stupid and be interesting at the same time. >> what does that mean like me? >> exactly what i just >> it was a little joke which she over reacted to as usual. >> those aren't bruises from mel b, they are kisses from heidi though she helped pour fuel on the fire. >> no, no, no. >> heidi! >> yeah, i might have done that. >> you got the audience wet. >> and soaked someone in the audience. they will probably sue us. >> no, probably not. look at that.
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mel b and heidi posing for a pic with the fan. no hard feelings. but there could be hard feelings tonight on the show. we find out who gets eliminated. >> up next, behind the scenes with dr. rob lowe. we are exclusively inside the boot camp. >> the hardest thing is getting the gloves on. >> from the lost audition tapes to the first interviews how it began for the "dancing with the stars" >> she saw us as the flawed osmond family. >> and behind the duet of melissa mccarthy and barbra streisand. >> we heard you have a starbucks
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who better than rob lowe? come on. >> and it takes more than a pretty face to make it in o.r. >> this is medical boot camp. the hardest thing is getting the gloves on. >> rob lowe joined the cast as a military doctor to train the doctor on new techniques. now he's the student and marcia gay harden is the teacher. >> it's a battle of looking good
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you're doing. >> this is a battle for you, not for rob lowe. >> i'm learning from the master. >> rob is ready. this is what he knows. everything interesting you do, you snap the gloves near your face. >> if you're not snapping the gloves on you're wasting everybody's time. >> we can't wait to see him as a doctor. >> he'll need a nose job. >> hard to forget the time he played surgeon. one thing has stayed the same -- his face. there he is as a sleazy tv producer in wayne's world. no signs of wrinkles on the west wing even with a stressful job in politics ands a city manager on parks & rec, no frown lines. >> you're observant. >> want the secret? >> i have tried to avoid acting with props.
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september 28 on cbs. >> he's aged beautifully. >> you have a man crush. >> on his hair. and melissa mccarthy and barbra streisand. >> and the lost "dancing with the stars" audition tapes. >> on the dance floor i'm wild, aggressive and sexy. >> country stars collide as luke bryan gets >> i'm feeling her up here. >> oh, my gosh.
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love entertaining people. i love to see, you know, people being entertained. therefore enjoy entertaining. how many times can i say that? >> that was derek huff being entertaining during his audition with "dancing with the stars" ten years ago. now the audition tapes are resurfacing and what a difference a decade makes. >> what makes me a it's what i bring to the floor which is, i guess, masculinity. >> on the dance floor i'm wild, aggressive, sexy. off the floor i'm very to myself, mostly like an all american girl. >> i would bring a different dimension. energy, obvious good looks and a full head of hair. >> what sealed the deal? wait for it. there you go.
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we have watched that baby face boy turn into a goatee wearing, six-pack sporting winner. >> when the girl walks in, yeah, this is where i dance. >> on the dance floor i am sexy, wild, and sensual and exotic. >> these audition tapes of our favorite pros helped them beat out hundreds of other dancers vying for the $5,000 gig but the best story might be maks who we met in 2006. >> top teacher. >> you said let's go. >> this is what i have to deal with. >> >> when he was 13 he broke his leg and had a rod in it. he was told he'd have to walk with a cane but six months later he was walking again. yeah, that's determination. >> why should we choose you?
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fine. but i know 99% of the rest are going to love me. you will love me, too. i'm the man. >> well, there was no audition required when melissa mccarthy was asked by barbra streisand to sing on her new album but maybe there should have been. barbra talked about how they came together. ? any part you can play ? ? i can play better ? better than you ? ? no, you can't ? >> she said it was one of the best days of her life working with you. what struck you? >> she's delightful. so funny. >> we heard you had a starbucks in your house. >> you heard what? >> and everybody has to wear cashmere. i'm willing to hang out with her at any moment. >> of all the celebs who sing
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? any part you can play ? ? i can play better ? >> whoo! >> that was good? >> yeah. >> let me have this moment. ? anything you can build ? ? i can build better ? ? i can build any home better than you ? ? lots of bronze ? >> show off. >> she sounds great, i thought. >> well, that's because she does at times sing fantastic. all of the sudden she'll come out with a note ande wow! at other times. ? no, you can't ? >> now just say the three words, same note. >> and she goes -- [ descending notes ] [ same notes ] [ descending notes ] >> wasn't that it? >> with direction -- ??
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perfect. you won't hear country stars on the new album but the best country hats to offer hit the stage last night at the acm honors. there was a lovefest everywhere you looked. in fact, luke bryan got a little bit friendly with e.t. online. ?? >> it started innocently enough during rehearsals. >> walked around seeing my name -- i'm sorry. >> he touched my butt. >> feeling her up. >> hey. i was too handsy. >> that's all right. i don't mind. >> later at arrival -- >> did you coordinate this? oh, my gosh. luke is touching my butt again. that was on purpose. >> two for two here. it was side butt. >> it was. it wasn't a full grab. your wife is over there. >> she gave me permission. >> one would hope. luke and his college sweetheart are about to cell appreciate their 10th anniversary. >> that's a big one. >> don't jinx it.
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rehearse the cover of "i love a rainy night". >> i knew if i drank in college i wouldn't mess up the chorus. >> speaking of that, thomas rhett was buzzed about his duty with ashton kutcher saturday night. >> he e-mailed me and said, i'm going on the road full time. i said how much are you charging me? he said the first show is free. >> also in shelton and his ex-miranda lambert. >> you are close to blake and miranda. hanging out with both tonight? >> they're awesome. >> and in honor of labor day we asked about the oddest jobs people had before making it in music. >> i had to do telemarketing. >> i sold cell phones and pagers. >> cleaning out tanks on boats.
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dirty jobs. >> this is my favorite job. >> i floured the chicken at roy rogers. ruined my church pants. >> i'll bet you did. >> i served the chicken at aunt maude's country kitchen. >> which chicago star was offered a college gymnastics scholarship? offered a college gymnastics scholarship? catherine zeta we upped the ante at culver's to create the new crispy southwest chicken sandwich. all-natural, whole white meat chicken breast. on a lightly buttered, toasted ciabatta roll. the perfect cheese for pepper jack is going to be creamy and mild, and it's really going to tone down the spiciness of the peppers. you're going to taste the cheese first, and then you're going to get just a little bit of warmth from the peppers. it's really good. a bold new flavor and only here for a limited time. mmmhmm.
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>> that's all at et >> travel consideration provided
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which chicago star was offered a college gymnastis scholarship? richard gere who turned 67 today. >> his costar renee zelwegger is back in "bridget set in london. carly decided to challenge them to british slang quiz. >> they say funny things. >> they do. >> i will say a phrase. tell me the american translation. >> dodgy. >> don't eat it. >> making fun of people. >> minging. >> i don't know. >> gross. >> slides off. >> putting you down.
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