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tv   WISN 12 News at 10PM  ABC  September 1, 2016 10:00pm-10:31pm CDT

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[captioning made possible by wisn-tv] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: wisn news starts right now. patrick: florida about to get hit with hurricane hermine these are live pictures from st. a lot of rain and wind there. kathy: then, this is the scene from apalachicola florida just moments ago. that spot is right by the eye of the storm. some counties around the gulf coast have mandatory evacuations. patrick: we start with chief meteorologist mark baden. mark, this is the first hurricane to hit to florida since 2005. mark: it is officially 15
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there is not a big population center here, but it will hit tallahassee. there is likely to be damage in those areas. it continues to move to the north. this is the satellite shot. wind at 80 miles per hour, a few miles from landfall, moving north, northeasterly at 14. this will cause problems through carolina and may impact the east coast into the holiday weekend. more on the hurricane in a little bit, but also our weather in a few minutes. >> in august of this year, we had 24 homicides. that's the most homicides in 25 years. kathy: a deadly month in milwaukee like no other. chief ed flynn using numbers to try and get people to pay attention to the deadly crime
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now. terry, the chief says five people lost their lives the first day of the unrest after the officer involved shooting of syville smith. >> that's right. he says those homicides were overlooked because of the arson fires and unrest. let's take a look at the numbers chief ed flynn showed us today. in milwaukee's per capita august, homicide rate was higher than chicago's homicide rate. 4.0 per 100,000 in milwaukee mp which had its' highest homicide rate in roughly 20 years. >> in the month of august, 83% of our homicide victims were african-americans, and 83% of described assailants were african-americans, and against this backdrop the police department still seized over 200 firearms.
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in the first seven months of this year, milwaukee also leads chicago in firearms taken by police. 246.6 per 100,000 compared to 185.5 in chicago. >> we know we've had the tragic crossfire homicides of innocent children and wrong houses being shot up. we've had a slight increase in domestic violence homicides this year. but the biggest driver of our homicides is arguments and fights and retaliation among people with criminal records. >> the chief also said they're having a problem with witness intimidation in shootings where people don't die. witnesses are afraid to talk to investigators which makes it , hard to bring criminal charges and prosecute gunman. -- prosecute a gunman. patrick: a death on milwaukee's south side is now being investigated as a homicide. and, the victim's daughter is accused in the case. a criminal complaint says vicenta manriquez got into an argument with her mother over money two weeks ago. the complaint says she hit her 63-year-old mother with a lamp because she was angry. police say her mother had serious injuries and died yesterday. manriquez is now facing a first -degree reckless homicide charge.
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are demanding answers from the district attorney's office. as wisn 12 news christina palladino reports, the mothers want to know why the driver who hit their sons with his pick-up has since been released from jail. >> we want answers. we want justice. >> family and friends of deangelo maxwell and jimmy morris finish putting up balloons near 6th and mckinley where the two were killed last , month. the group then walks to the district attorney's office. the two best friends were hit by a suspected drunk driver pick up truck after he pulled out in front of them while riding their motorcycles. >> i just want justice for my son. >> their mothers are demanding answers from the district attorney's office on whether the driver will be charged. he was arrested after police found two open bottles of alcohol in the truck and a marijuana pipe, but released two days later. >> how could you take him away? how could you? >> other family members feel there is racial injustice involved in this investigation.
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here to kill two black men, -- he went out here and kill two black men and y'all let them go. >> both men leave several young children behind. maxwell's girlfriend is expecting a son any day now. >> the mother of his unborn son that he will never be able to hold, or be there for anything. >> the district attorney's active investigation. they could only hold the suspect so long without charges. they're waiting on results from the crime lab both for his vehicle and his blood. the family says they'll keep demonstrating here until they get an answer. kathy: a meeting tonight in milwaukee's sherman park neighborhood about people gathering in the area weeks after a police officer shot and killed a man. patrick: last month's shooting
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homeowners met tonight behind closed doors. we're told smith's family was invited. this week, more than a dozen people were arrested in the neighborhood near a memorial tree to smith. meanwhile, a fence still surrounds sherman park. the county executive wants it taken down and the park to stay open later. the sheriff's office says they will send an update when the sheriff decides to take it down. today, two groups demanded action inside city hall. kathy: members of the black panthers along with a community called on the city to move faster in addressing the concerns of people in sherman park and other parts of milwaukee's inner-city. >> if the conditions for our people don't change in milwaukee, we're going to force them to change by any means necessary. >> you guys need to do better. you guys need to connect with us better. you need to make sure that we are at the table and that we know what is going on so, yes, we can be part of the plan. because without us, you can't make a plan. not that's going to be effective and work for us.
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two public listening sessions on its safety plan, one on the northside and one on the southside. the community group says it is not waiting for the city and to listening sessions are not enough. a red carpet lines the entrance of a school in sherman park, welcoming students back to school. patrick: just three weeks ago some of them witnessed the , unrest on the streets of their neighborhood. this morning on the first day of school, parents and teachers students move forward. the outpouring of community love and support is something mayor tom barrett wants everyone to remember. >> there are great families, great kids. this is what it is all about. patrick: school officials say they want students to feel this excited every day of the school year. kathy: it's milwaukee rally time. the harley davidson museum is brimming with bikers from all over north america. and that is not all. there are rides, activities, and
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the rally marks the 113th year for the iconic homegrown company that proves once again it loves to celebrate the loyalty of its customers. bill davidson tells me it also shows how time flies. >> i remember when we had the 100th in 2003, and here we are talking about the 115th. it will be big, i promise. i guarantee. and there will be rider s from all over the world. kathy: meantime, riders will have a full slate of events scheduled this weekend. patrick: an invention like no other. this light bulb does more than shine some light. it can live stream movies and pictures from your phone. coming up, how it works and the price tag attached. mark: head outside and take a look. northern lights across southeastern wisconsin. how long that will last, coming up. patrick: then a university
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what georgetown is offering certain descendants of slaves. and after last week's
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kathy: incredible video from florida. a space-x rocket exploded at its cape canaveral launch pad this morning. it happened during a test firing. space-x uses the pad to send satellites and rockets that carry supplies to the international space station.
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destroy a satellite that facebook was planning to use to spread internet service in africa. it was supposed to launch on saturday. libertarian presidential nominee gary johnson took the stage in milwaukee tonight. patrick: as wisn 12 news' adrienne pedersen shows, his goal is to distance himself from the major party candidates. >> this is the craziest election ever. right? how crazy it is? i am going to be the next president of the united states. adrienne: libertarian presidential nominee gary johnson touted being the different choice. >> if either of them get elected does anybody think polarity in , this country will get any better? no it will get worse than ever. ,adrienne: his supporters echoing the same thing. they're sick of two party
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. he has a whole new outlook on what the country needs. adrienne: johnson touched on every big issue saying we should , choose if we have health insurance. he called immigrants hard workers and denounced the war on drugs. tonight was about gary johnson introducing himself to milwaukee and saying this is who i am. patrick: for johnson to be part of the debates with donald trump and hillary clinton, he needs an average of 15% support across multiple national polls. marquette law school poll just released this week, johnson has 11% support among registered voters in wisconsin. in a one-on-one interview, adrienne asked johnson about how important it is to make it to the debate stage. >> there is no way you are going to win the presidency if you are not in the debates. it is estimated that the viewership for the first presidential debate will exceed
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going to be in the debate. patrick: democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton was off the campaign trail today. kathy: vice president joe biden campaigned on her behalf in ohio. vice presidential candidate tim kaine was in new hampshire. the clinton campaign aired it's first ad in arizona today. fresh from his meeting with mexico's president, republican presidential nominee donald trump focused today on immigration and building a border wall. patrick: trump was in ohio today. while he said mexico will pay for a wall along the border, mexico's president said in a mexican newspaper that he was very clear with donald trump m bill. also today, abc news reports that according to an rnc source, a member of trump's hispanic advisory council has resigned over the candidate's hardline stance on immigration. donald trump made headlines recently with his response after a relative of nba star dwyane wade was shot to death in chicago. kathy: abc's george stephanopoulos spoke exclusively with wade today about his cousin's death and about trump's response.
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expresses condolences. he also got a lot of reaction for this tweet he sent out. what to you think when you heard that? >> it was kind of conflicted. it is like on one end your cousin's death is used as a ploy or political gain. on the other national story and it goes back to that for me. i want eyes on this city. i want us to be able to do more together, and the only way we can do more together is it our people know what is going on, so i was grateful it started a conversation, but on the other hand it was a bad taste in my so because of what my family is dealing with and what our city of chicago is dealing with and it looks like it's being used as
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kathy: you can see more of this exclusive interview tomorrow on good morning america starting at 7:00 a.m. patrick: survivors of a mass shooting inside a colorado movie theater now have to pay thousands of dollars to the theater chain. on july 20, 2012 james holmes opened fire at the theater in aurora, killing 12 people and wounding 70. more than two dozen survivors sued the theater's owner, cinemark, claiming it did not have enough security measures in place to prevent the shooting. in may, the jury ruled cinemark was not liable for the shooting and most of the survivors instead took a small settlement. four of them refused. a judge has ordered those four to pay $700,000 for legal bills. a well-known university is trying to make up for it's role in slavery. georgetown university says the school will start awarding preferential treatment to descendents of slaves sold to benefit the college. the school says it profited from the sale of nearly 300 slaves in the early 1800's. the sale was documented and genealogists have been able to identify many of the descendents. georgetown is not offering
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process. more than a dozen schools, including harvard and brown have , publicly recognized their ties to slavery, but georgetown is the first to offer something to descendents. kathy: what do you think of this bright idea? a light bulb that can also stream netflix. the light bulb screws into a lamp like any other light bulb. but this one has a little computer inside projector on the wall. it can play movies or link with your smart phone to project pictures. the price tag is over $500. time to start thinking about christmas shopping. walmart will start their lay away program tomorrow. customers can pay as little as $10 to hold items worth a minimum of $50. walmart is anticipating a high demand for toys related to the next star wars movie coming out in december. patrick: 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick didn't sit during tonight's national anthem but he
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this is video of him sitting last week. kaepernick says it's in protest of the treatment of racial injustice and minority oppression in the country. safety eric reid joined his side tonight, taking one knee as well. tonight's game honored service members and veterans. fans were heard booing at the quarterback. one held a sign that read, you are un-american. act like it. happening now green bay is , hosting thousands of college football fans. today the city's mayor was among , those handing out purple and gold beads to lsu tiger fans at the airport. the pulaski high school band welcomed visitors with the familiar lsu fight song. lsu fawi don't forget you can see the wisconsin-lsu game only right here on wisn 12. kickoff is at 2:30 p.m. then, stay tuned for the season premiere of big 12 sports saturday at 6:30. dan needles and drew olson will be live at lambeau with the badgers post game. it felt like fall today. actually, the cooler weather led to our first waterspouts of the year on lake michigan. kathy: mark, the video is
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of kenosha and it was amazing to watch this coming together. it is beautiful and nice because it is in the middle of the lake. they are weak tornadoes that are over the water. you can see it. it is doing its thing. a pretty nice shot here. there were other waterspouts reported near chicago today. how warm surface water, 65-70 degrees, and cool air aloft, so we get this unstable atmosphere and air rising up quickly. there can be a spin and that, and that's when you can get waterspouts to form. same thing will not be happening tomorrow. temperature right now in milwaukee 66. i'm pointing this camera to the north, because at some point
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lights were visible. you have to be in a dark spot, completely dark, and stay out there and let your eyes i just to the dark. -- eyes adjust to the dark. 50's across the area, warmer near the lake. the lake water is warmer temperatures cool and warm faster than they do over water. dew points are low, very comfortable, another great day tomorrow. temperatures are quite warm not that far away. when hundred degrees in parts of montana today. it was a hot summer. it was the fifth hottest summer.
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it is the fourth hottest august as well. temperatures were way above average. beautiful day tomorrow, great day saturday, great again on sunday, although we get sticky. partly sunny, warm, and humid. maybe you are traveling elsewhere, looking good up north, west, then on monday, if you are western north, you might have to deal with a or two, but i think we stay dry here through the holiday weekend. we are very quiet around here. there will be an impact of this hurricane on us. it will hold high pressure and plays, and that's why it will stay dry all weekend. it is almost ready to make landfall here. more on this coming up in the next half hour. our temperatures stay comfortable tomorrow, maybe chilly in the morning. 73 for the high. 83 saturday.
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sunday. 82 again on monday. it is warm next week. i think all of next week will be warm. temperature in the mid-80's on tuesday with chances for showers and thunderstorms tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, so a lot going on. hurricanes and the possibility of northern lights, and of course a waterspouts today. i'm trying to throw it all in there. patrick: the first day of school is always a big deal. kathy: some students get the red we will tell you how this annual
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announcer: big 12 sports presented by menards. dan: in 2008, the lions won all of their preseason games, and then lost all of their regular season games, so finishing with a perfect preseason record was not priority number one for the packers in kansas city tonight. aaron rodgers was one of the many starters who did not play, so joe callahan got a lot of time at quarterback, and once again, he impressed. the nice throw on the sideline
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could be a break for the other receivers on the bubble. the packers cut punters peter mortell and tim masthay this week, so newcomer jacob shum had one game to prove he deserves the job. he punted eight times for a 48.5 yard average. that is pretty good. special teams led to the first score of the game. ty montgomery came up the midle to block the chiefs punt, and the packers took over on the kc 14 yard line. two plays later, callahan with the fade to tight end jared cook for the five-yard td. he yards. the chiefs ran for a pair of touchdowns in the second quarter. this one by darren reaves for the lead. the packers defense picked off a pair of passes, but kansas city beads green bay 17-7. now ted thompson and his staff have to trim the roster down to 53 players by saturday afternoon. there is speculation that most of the moves will be made tomorrow, because it could be awkward for players to come into the team facility on saturday, which is when the badgers play
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former badger joel stave started for the vikings tonight against the rams just a few days after minnesota lost starter teddy bridgewater for the season, but that was in him. stave was knocked out with a hand injury. fourth stringer brad sorenson threw a touchdown pass as the vikings beat the rams 27-25. and, speaking of injured nfl quarterbacks, burlington's tony romo will be out a little longer than expected. the cowboys quarterback has a compression fracture to a heal before he can return to the field. so the original timeline of six to 10 weeks has been changed to a minimum of two months on the sidelines. cowboys and vikings hurting. the brewers were off today. they open a series in pittsburgh tomorrow. the team also announced the annual on deck celebration is set for sunday, january 29 at the wisconsin center. coming up in our next half hour, badger players react to the no -leap zone at lambeau field.
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may be late next year. patrick: that changes the irs is warning about. the chance that the zika larry's has a hold in the u.s. kathy: a lifetime bond between a
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