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tv   12 News This Morning at 5  ABC  September 2, 2016 5:00am-5:29am CDT

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flying from new york to san francisco. massage therapy worked well with neck pain and migraines and physicians are encouraging people to avoid strong pain drugs that lead to addiction. it is 6:00. the news continues right now. >> great to have you with us on "12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. >> i'm melinda davenport. it is 5:00. the first hurricane to make a direct hit on florida in years slams into the gulf coast and thousands of people in the dark right now and we are tracking the damage left behind and whe the storm is headed next. >> a solemn farewell for a wisconsin born nun murdered in
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service. >> first, we start this morning with a check on the morning commute and a look at the holiday weekend forecast. >> matt is standing by but first we are going to sally. >> we are showing up in the 50s and 60s this morning and going up to 70s. the weekend buzz is the sunshine through the weekend. it is feeling more humid for sunday and monday but plenty of smiling sunshine. wet is rni for tuesday. right now, 64. the winds are light and north. we are going to to be looking at plenty in the way of sunshine. this morning, a little chilly inland and the readings in th 50s. we are reaching up to the low 70s. less breezy today as well. fantastic weather. now to matt for the traffic. >> give the ac a break. we are in good shape on the
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in fact, the travel times suggest, oh, a speeder getting the ticket there. travel times... that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> thank you, matt. today family and friends say good-bye to the local nun killed in her home in mississippi. sister margaret held grew up in slinger. she joined the st. ances. held wasou f dead in her home last wek. they have arrested a suspect. this morning a prayer vigil is held at 9:30 and followed by the funeral at 11. wsses rh ito help after a pickup truck crashes. this was the scene around 12:30
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oklahoma avenue. the truck was badly damaged in the crash. wisn 12 news spoke with a person on the scene moments after the impact. >> i was able to wrench a door off, but the driver was caught in the vehicle. >> we have emails into the sheriff's office about the injuries and what caused the crash. >> while you slept, hurricane hermine makes land fall along the florida coast. >> it has been over a decade since a hurricane directlyit the state of florida. we show you the area where the storm first hit shore. it is st. marks. now, we'll look now from the abc stion in tampa. rain and high winds are the biggest concerns right n a
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shaking in the wind. it struck with 80-mile-per-hour wi thstamage has been from the downed and risg ood waters. the storm surges are up to 12 feet there as well. ginger zee is 4mile??hxa the srm making land fall and tweeted out the photos. ginger is live all with a look at the damage on the florida coast and watch for her reports on "goodorning america" at 7:00 after "12 news this morning." n? >> tim, in the pacific the remnanof tropical storm madeline is passing the big island o haii it dumped several inches of rain and now they are getting ready for hurricane leste
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remain as >> pre-se ends wit a(?w?e for the green bay packers. aaron rodge didn't play.?? instead joe calahan came back at the quarterbac he complet 143 yards. a former badger caughtf ose with a 40 yard pass and a long punt return but the 17-7. the pack opens regular season next the road nst the sonville jacquars. >> did you see themustach? >> the mayorelped to hand out
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fans at the trport. athey p2thinking? that is superv? welcoming. e hi school band wlcomed the visitors. lsu fang the bgers tomorrow at lambeau field. don't forget, you can see the wisconsin lsu game only here on wisn 12, and season premier of big 12 sports. we are live a badgers post game coverage. >> and tonight the uw alum association is holding a pep rally. it is at title town brewing company and they have create dd beer forheoccasion. made only with wisconsin ingredients. >> time now b5:06.
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llie won on the big screen. and blazing saddles. see them saturday and sunday nights at mayfair mall. he was 83 years old when he passed away earlier in the week. >> two classics. incredible. >> checking in now with sally. >> beautiful day, beautifulekah. >> we had yesterday. this morng 50s inland. light jacket will do it. later in the day up to 73 degrees and sunshine. high pressure is influencing the weather. it remains anchored throughout the weekend as tropical storm hermine is moving up the sea board. 60s over the dakotas. temperatures today up to 73.
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64 at the airport. the readings going to climb up to the low 70s today and near 70 along the lake. matt? >> disabled vehicle around the airport curve. all directions here are moving smoothly.
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the third ward art festival, running tomorrow and sunday along broadway street. 36 of the artists are?n? from wisconsin and showing jewelry to pottery and photographer. >> the color run holding a 5k in milwaukee tomorrow night in miller park. it is at 7:45 p.m. babies exposed to the zika vis. >> the test that is rme for newborns. >>plus,= more scrutiny for hillary clinton and her family's foundation, the documents handed
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ord. america's best-selling brand. ? i'm free, baby!? hurry. get 0% for 72 and $500 labor day cash across the entire ford lineup. plus specially tagged vehicles get another $1000 smart bonus cash. >> we are continue to track hermine this morning. the storm made land fall as a hurricane 1:30 local time.
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florida. maximum winds decreased now to 75 miles per hour. the biggest concerns flooding and power outages. 20 some thousand in georgia are without power at this point. a reporter from orlando tweeted out this tree that went through a home. certainly, sal, you are tracking >> it is wet much of southern two-thirds of georgia overall. now, as we switch weather units an lo atokhe hermtrack,t tropical storm and 70-mile-per-hour winds. likely to become a hurricane once again before, moving out over the warmer waters. it is a huge rain maker for the
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the western florida panhandle, but we are talking about the wet weather impacting the south eastern u.s. if you are travelling call your airline. our weather, it is gorgeous. 73 today. 80 tomorrow. low 80s for sundays and monday as beach weather is settling in. matt? >> we are looking good across the freeway system. the construction around the zoo is wrapped 894 at 60thjtm2 street is looki good. no sweat out there with the tral times. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. colorful plants arod miami beach may be prime breeding ground for the zika mosquitos. >> learning more about efforts to curb the spread of the virus.
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there is a list of things to do in florida to prevent the mosquitos from breeding. the homeowns are to t rinse f e leas using olive oil or oil and coating the leaves and stops the mosquito eggs from sticking to the leaves. this is coming after the virus was found i three groups of mosquitos trapped in miami beach their hearing tested right after birth. now this weekend miami-dade county is using airplanes to spray from high above and trying to troll the mosquito population. they have a list of times pulled
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florida has seen 35 locally acquires cased of the zika virus. >> turning to commitment 2016 and the race for the white house, a major money haul for hillary clinton. and donald trump is saying that people didn't understand parts of his immigration speech. >> 1 # $43 million, that is how much money that hillary august. meanwhile, the state department is giving the ap is planning schedules from tenure at?b the secretary of state. this is coming as the look at the donors to the foundation. donald trump saying that people didn't understand all parts of the speech, after getting rid of the bad players ine th u.s.,
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>> tomorrow donald trump speaks to the african-american network in work. meanwhile gary johnson is foro milwaukee. last nht at a rally he plant add fact that he's a different ?(?k?zat work. eaor others.tpreu government can play a role in making that easie and government can pla a role with certainty. if the taxes are not going to go up, if rules and regulations aren't going to get worse, argue
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that crehe envnt where businesses are confint and they hire people. >> right now johnson?7x1 is not polling quite high enough to be part of the prime time debate with clinton and trump, he needs 15 percentage points across the pos andccording to latest poll ?releaseds thi week, johnsn has 11% of support. wisn 12 news time now is 5:18. school pictures people sent in yesterday. >> yeshank you for sending ose in. wee flooded with the the show. showed you ours. here is yours. >> we don'tnow who th boy is. >> if you claim these children
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an group. cute too. >> oh look at this. >> posing. his grandmother said he said he's going to be a good student. >> just a better student. >> you have to keep your promises you keep to a grand ma, too. >> at least for the second day, it is nice for the kids starting they have yesterday today and a long weekend. it was a week and a half ago on top of the memorial weekend. >> yes, it was like yesterday. >> summers go fast. this is a hot one. the fifth hottest summer on record and the fourth hottest august on record. we have more warm back in the forecast this weekend. now we had temperatures a little
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today i expect around 70s. 80urns for tomorrow and sunday and monday and feeling the humidity as well. early today, 62 glendale. 57 bay view. 50 at this hour in waukesha. that is true at west bend. 49 burlington. temperatures will get into the low 70 it is high pressure. overall, influencing the weather over much of the great lakes through the weekend. as we look at the big picture overall tropical storm hermine is moving up the atlantic sea board, it is helping to keep the high pressure in place for us and a beautiful holiday weekend. we have a few passing clouds from time to time. here we are tonight at 6:00.
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70. a little patchy fog tonight and saturday spellin the sunshine again and a goodooking forecast for sunday and monday as well. steady up temperatures. 80 tomorrow. we are talking about mid 80s for tuesday and a good chance for showers and stms a ualo p the time during a flight to mexico. >>7'?h a woman starts to do a h stand or a head stand eve her seat. details. >> would you stretch next to her? >> maybe. >> wes and elizabeth are?]?v h good morning, guys. >> good morning, who is ready for a long, long weekend? the lwth county fair is going on. this is the state's largest county fair.
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>> well, both, it is the largest. skillet is going to be there tomorrow night and sunday night. >> not just a guy with a pan, it is a band. >> check that out. coming up next, milwaukee about to get really, really lod, why, we'll tell you coming up.
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goong everybody. we a bringing a brd new season of the school s outs?ivt. evy y classrooms across southeast wisconsin. >> if you are interested in u stopping by, go tond o?>>is12 news time now is 5:25. we have made it to friday. >> yes, ake coming up too.
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lotsfleys coming to town. >>?r chede weekend with t ll >> iho town. if you want to see a ton of some ofhebikes are d museum. them on the road? or just for show? >> yus for show. >> they are fancy. everyone be aware of the blind shots and look out for the bike >>,hank y guys. >> w0ue are continuing to track the damage from hermine. >> it isng a packi punch in florida and georgia and the
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>> following breaking news this morning. hurricane hermine makes landfall in florida.
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damage that hermine has already done.a major development today in the making a murderer case. the decision that the state has to make about one man's future. thni. look at this. it is a gorgeous sunrise here. when the rain will return to the forecast. >> good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. >> and i'melinda davenport. 's 5:30 on this friday, ser second let's t with the forecast. meteorologist sally severson is in the weather cte sal? >> summery weather is staying in the forecast and just not ing to go yet and we are lookinat highsntohe 80s. for today,lue fors everyone. temperatures low 70s. cooler a times along the lake. now, saturday we get closer to 80 degrees. starts to feel a little more humid forsatda but especially sunday anden mday more humid and temperatures


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