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tv   WISN 12 News at 6PM  ABC  September 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm CDT

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members shot the boy and his back. relatives say it is his younger brother. they tell me the boy's mother is being interviewed by police inside that home. she is the one who called 911 before 4:00 after the shooting. police are trying to determine whose gun it is and how the child got access to it. i also talk with the owner of a convenience store across the he says the two boys come into his store on a daily basis, seem like nice kids, and the family has lived in this house on the corner for a long time. patrick: this is the scene most of us woke up to this morning. the rain stuck around for most of the day. more is on the way, mark.
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forecast. it looks a little scary, but it is not. we have pockets of sunshine, then we get the rain and you get the illusion that it looks really ominous, but it is not. it is just some rain rolling in here throughout this evening. 73 at 7:00. 71 at 9:00. pockets of heavy rain and showers in the evening. we have some heavier rain back towards the dells. more rain in parts of extreme southwestern waukesha county over eagle working its way into jefferson county. we will get an update on this and how long it will stick around and what to expect for the first day of fall, coming up in weatherwatch 12. patrick: thank you. you can track the storms from your cell phone.
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we'll also send you any severe weather alerts right to your smartphone. from the app, you can also check out the radar to see when and where the rain will fall. >> a break-in at a caf? this morning. his reaction might surprise you. >> this is what the owners of the possibly east side spot woke up to wednesday morning. >> a man threw a brick through two of the windows, then it looks like he tried to use one of our tables to smash the door. employees were due. the man got inside and made his way to the store section. he was filling a bag with various items when the neighbor spotted what was going on. >> heard some noises and saw the gentleman smashing the window. called the police. the police came really fast and apprehended the guy while he was still in the building. >> they caught him with some soap and socks.
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the neighborhood for years. she says it is a perfect example of how it has changed. >> i think there are more poor people, the have and have-nots are closer together these days, and that is a problem. >> the owner met with some other businesses to talk about an increase of panhandling in the area. grexit feels like it has gotten worse lately and more aggressive, but people are in need. he is hoping people will take that need to s resort to this for soap and socks. the store was closed temporarily, but is back open now and no one got hurt. the owner says that is what is important. joyce: the store did have surveillance video, but police are holding on as they investigate. patrick: developing tonight a , toddler is seriously injured in what's believed to be a freak accident involving a bunk bed. relatives tell 12 news the
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upstairs in a duplex near 101st and mill road when a family member discovered the boy with his head caught between the bed frame and the wall. the boy had stopped breathing. relatives called 911. he's at children's hospital. new tonight wisn 12 news has , learned a carthage college football play accused of sexually assaulting another student is no longer enrolled at the school. 19-year-old lawrence gaines is charged with second degree sexual assault. investigators say an 18-year-old man told them he passed out, then came to to find gaines after a night of drinking earlier this month. joyce: happening now, nearly two dozen community groups gathering for a peace rally in downtown milwaukee. some of the main topics include racism and violence. they are demanding justice in what they call questionable police shootings of young black men. the coalition for justice is one of the sponsors.
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brothers with everybody else whether or not we agree with , their posture or attitudes but , at least acknowledge that we are all one planetary family. joyce: organizers tell me they want to strengthen the ideals of peace within all people. the event is scheduled to go until 7:30 p.m. inside city hall. patrick: milwaukee police chief ed flynn takes part in a national discussion on race and policing in america. >> what you're doing to solve this crisis? >> the most important thing is to understand this problem cannot be separated. patrick: chief flynn will appear on tomorrow's episode of the steve harvey show. the chief will discuss the biggest challenges facing police departments. you can see flynn on steve harvey tomorrow afternoon at 3:00 only right here on wisn 12.
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with fewer than seven weeks until the election, a new poll shows donald trump and hillary clinton neck and neck in the presidential race in wisconsin. the marquette university law school poll, released a few hours ago shows the democrat clinton leading the republican trout 44% to 42% among likely voters. that's well within the margin of error of 4.8%. despite the close race, wisconsin is not considered a swing state so far. >> i would expect more attention to focus here and come her would be very surprised. joyce: neither side has bought any campaign ads in the state or visited wisconsin very much. trump was last in the state in the middle of august. clinton hasn't returned since the april primary. on the senate side, the marquette poll finds democrat russ feingold leading republican incumbent ron johnson 47% to 41% among likely voters. the same poll three weeks ago showed the race about even. wisn 12 is teaming up with the marquette law school to host a live debate between johnson and feingold. upfront host mike gousha will
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night, october 18 beginning at 8:30, right here on wisn 12. patrick: new tonight state , lawmakers approve a sweeping review of conditions at a veterans home in north central wisconsin. the home in king has been in the headlines since the capital times published a story last month questioning the quality of care, medical errors, and prolonged staffing shortages at the facility. a representative from the wisconsin chapter of the vfw says more money needs to be spent to improve care at individuals there is not what it should be. because of the acuity of care they are unable to keep up with , the patient load. patrick: democratic lawmakers want their republican counterparts to call an extraordinary session to approve $18.5 million to improve king. >> tell us what you know.
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there is still no word on the president. joyce: keifer sutherland returns to tv tonight in a new abc show, designated survivor. sutherland suddenly becomes president after an attack on the u.s. capitol wipes out most federal leaders. 12 news kent wainscott today learned one of wisconsin's most popular politicans once played that role in real life. >> and at one of most critical points in this country's history. former wisconsin governor tommy thompson was george w bush's health and human services secretary. when the president went to capitol hill to address congress and an anxious nation just days after 9/11 the president tabbed , thompson for that unique role. >> i was absolutely shocked, and somewhat upset that i was going to become the designated survivor. the concerns were so much more magnified that evening. it was in a mountain, and it had all the capacity in order to run government from there.
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that happened, if that terrible tragedy would happen, government would continue. >> it was only afterward that thompson learned he wasn't the only designated survivor that night. vice-president dick chaney was also in a separate secret location during that speech. joyce: thank you. designated survivor wraps up a whole new night of tv on wisn 12. the night begins with the season premiere of the goldbergs at 7:00 followed by the new show , speechless. then at 8:00 all new episodes of , modern family and black-ish followed by designated survivor followed by designated survivor, at 9:00. patrick: then, new tonight at 10:00, zika conspiracies filling up your newsfeed creating health , scares and confusion. is what you see on facebook putting your health at risk? how to spot the fraud in your feed. and, wisconsin outlaws a drug in its fight against the opiod epidemic. what you need to know about the substance that's more powerful than herion. that's tonight at 10:00 after designated survivor. joyce: new tonight, what's wrong
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are asking following the quarterback's sloppy play so far this year. wisn 12 sports stephanie sutton traveled to green bay today to try to find out the answer. stephanie: it is rare to see aaron rodgers show emotion at interviews at his locker. after all the criticism after sunday's loss to the vikings, the quarterback told us how he truly feels about outside opinion. >> do your job and make your opinions and scrutinize, but we are not worried about your opin. sleepless nights worrying about what you guys are saying about our offense. you don't know what plays we are running, but the execution is, what the flaws and the execution, and that's why we have the confidence we can get this thing going in the right direction. this is not an end of the world type moment. we knew it was going to happen when we come in here because we
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myself, our team is playing at such a high level, when we have a couple of disappointing performances, we know what is coming. stephanie: the media spoke to him for about 15 minutes. coming up in sports, how aaron rodgers is pointing the finger at himself. patrick: still early in the season. joyce: may be somebody needs to tell him relax, remember that? patrick: here comes the next ro joyce: mark, the storms just keep coming. mark: that was awesome. round after rounds of rain rolling in. i'll show you the areas most at risk for flooding next in weather watch 12. patrick: plus, the popular sobelmans restaurant is branching out to the west to waukesha county. the current restaurant it's replacing. >> it's hard to watch your child suffer and know all the things he is about to undergo.
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announcer: leading the way with important local coverage, you're
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garbaciak, weather watch 12 chief meteorologist mark baden, and big 12 sports director dan needles. wisn 12 news at 6:00 continues. joyce: new tonight, sobelman's is coming to downtown waukesha. the new restaurant will be on williams street where spur's saloon is right now. it's set to open later this year. ? new on wisn 12, a sea of gold in a pewaukee church. pa ponton tells us, it's a show of support for a four-year-old church member and his family and their battle with cancer. >> good morning everyone. >> wednesday's mass at saint anthony on the lake catholic church in pewaukee is the g-9 mass. everyone wears gold to show their support for gold in september, a national effort to raise awareness of childhood cancer. >> they need to know that there is a greater family that walks
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support them. >> families like the hansen's. four-year-old eli has a rare form of childhood cancer. >> it is very hard to watch your child suffer and know all of the things he is about to undergo. his hair has started falling out. >> eli's mother jaime shared his cancer journey during the mass. showing what she says is the real picture of cancer. >> too often people see a smiling face, vault-headed little tough and resilient what they go through. it is important for us to tell the real story. >> along with eli, jamie and chris hansen have five children, including a six month old. >> we understand it is tough on them, but they have been awesome through it all. >> and in a show of support for other children and families, a gold balloon release. a way to send up prayers for people in this community and beyond. in pewaukee, thema ponton, wisn
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patrick: a big support system. this isn't the family's first bout with the disease. eli's mother successfully battled cancer in 2013. joyce: let's hope today's event lifted that family, right? summer is coming to an end with rain. patrick: mark, autumn brings more of the same. mark: we actually had one day of clouds and rain, and people start complaining. we have hapr we will get back there again. in the meantime, one day away, tomorrow for officially begins. that does not mean it gets colder all of a sudden. it will be mild tomorrow. 82 days in a row of temperatures of at least 70 degrees or warmer. we will not get the record, 92 days, set in 2002, but 82 days is a nice stretch. we will get back in the 70's
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we did not get to 80 today thanks to the cloud cover. we have showers, storms, even pockets of heavy rain. that is something i will be watching. the best potential will be in our northern counties, now until friday, but does not include what we has seen today, which are pretty impressive as well, but it does look like the heaviest rain will stay to the north. parts of dodge county picking up almost an inch and a quarter of rain i really appreciate everybody sending these to us on twitter and facebook. we would love to see your totals anytime we have rain and snow as we work our way closer to winter. you can do that many different ways on social media. to sheboygan we go, rain coming down, 66. look closely. washer screens. you can see the streaks of brain
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waukesha county, but it is moving gradually to the ease. it looks dark because of the cloud cover rolling in. flashlight for sheboygan, dodge, and fond du lac counties. that's the area for potential flooding. tornado warnings in northeastern sections of by what. possible -- sections of iowa. i don't think we will -- notice how this is not doing a lot of movement. when we have heavy wanted to roll on and not sit in the same place, so that is what we were watch throughout the night. sheboygan, a sprinkle over you. steady rain from jackson on highway 60 come extending back into new berg. cedarburg and mequon, you are seeing the rain, germantown through menomonee falls. northwest side of milwaukee, you're getting the rain, steady.
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mukwonago, steady rain as well. quieting down in the western parts of waukesha county. heavier rain in jefferson county. we have had scattered showers rolled through. heaviest rain right now working its way over johnson creek. to future cast we go, that heavy rain gets really close, to close for comfort, and so that something that we were watch closely here at weatherwatch 12 throughout the night and tomorrow. it will not rain all day in the way of sunshine. it will not rain all day on friday, but don't expect a lot of sunshine. i think we get some this weekend. 78 thursday, 73 friday, scattered showers. saturday, it gets better, 75. that should say sunshine and i change that at 5:00. i made the mistake, fixed it, and it didn't take. there is a chance of thunderstorms later in the day.
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monday, 72, highs in the 60's tuesday and wednesday. let's just say for the whole record, saturday looks like the best day of the next five. patrick: technology is not your friend right now. joyce: sometimes it just takes over. the vikings paid a large rpice for their win over the packers sunday. dan: they certainly did. how long they will have to play without former mvp adrian peterson. as for the former packers mvp, aaron rodgers hasn't faced this much criticism since he first took over the starters job from brett favre. how he reacted to that today.
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russ: i've travelled over 50,000 miles all across wisconsin - listening to people, hearing their stories. a lot of folks are business owners and entrepreneurs. they tell me how hard it is to grow a business in today's economy. isconsin businesses grow through expanded access to high-speed broadband, better job training and fair trade. because we need to export wisconsin products, not wisconsin jobs.
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? >> i have great confidence in aaron rodgers. i have never trusted a quarterback or individual as a player more than i trust aaron rodgers. his work ethic is at the top of his career. dan: strong words from mike mccarthy backing two-time mvp aaron rodgers, whose performance dating back to last year has been well below his previous hall of fame level. as 12 sports stephen watson reports, rodgers has heard the criticism.
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of relaxed today. this was a frustrated aaron rodgers on the heel of his 14 straight game with less than a 100 passer rating. >> i am not worried about the outside critiques or expectations people put on me. i have the proper balance of professional and personal time right now. i feel pretty good. i am a two time all fundamentals team. i'm not worried about outside expectations are screwed to the. worried about how the plan is coming together. >> i don't need any stimulant or number or statistic. i have as high of a confidence level as possible when i start every game, and i feel that way throughout the game, so it is just a matter of executing better. stephen: he is trusting that the
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players, they clearly have his back and have their own problems to adjust. for the packers, they are back at lambeau field for the next four games. dan: thank you, stephen, from a tunnel. five key defensive players for the packers missed practice today, while the rest of the nfc north is also dealing with injuries to key players. the lions will play the packers sunday without their best running back ameer abdullah, and without their best pass rusher, ziggy ansah. bears starters jay cutler, danny trevathan, and lamar houston could all miss significant time. and vikings running back adrian peterson will have surgery tomorrow to repair a torn meniscus. he's out 3-4 months, if not the entire season. minnesota also lost starting left tackle matt kalil for the rest of the season. it is a war of attrition. joyce: rough-and-tumble rough-a.
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it is not the worst thing in the world, as long as we don't get the flooding rains. heavier rain focus from milwaukee to the west all the way to the dells. that is working its way into our northern counties, the area that has the biggest threat of seeing heavy rain throughout the evening. i will keep a close eye on
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?? brad and angelina, new bombshells about the split. >> stop acting like this! >> why their divorce could spin completee out of control. >> i feel very sorry for them. >> brad blind sided and battle are their kids in hiding. >> and it had to be -- >> and then "the voice" banks on former child star. >> if you've got it, you've got to use it. >> where they first met these two talent sdmroos plus mark wahlberg faces off with his 13-year-old daughter on live tv. >> you keep misbehaving i'm going to give your behind a slap. >> and mariah carey's "empire" takeover. how she's really shaking things


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