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tv   WISN 12 News at 5PM  ABC  October 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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some of my friends were taking photos of the messages that had been sent to them. it's like, "i'm coming to your school," "i'm going to do bad things," and the here -- and stuff. >> district officials say the threats originated from non-district equipment, but someone had downloaded to at least one district i had. they say they believe the threats came from another student. >> what about your friends? cliff they are really nervous. they had in talking to me on e-mail and the. >> police determined the threat is not credible and not a danger to students. >> it is concerning being other of a special needs kid.
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day at school? >> the school principal also sent a letter to parents. it says in part, "we want to stress that these devices, while they are powerful tools for learning, also require power monitoring by parents when they come home every day. your support in viewing your child's online activity supports us all in keeping our students safe, and police want parents to be sure they are checking every device their students use. principal, student safety is the schools top priority. >> thank you. new tonight, we are learning about a large sex trafficking bust involving a local mother pimping her own children. the fbi rescued a 16 and 17-year-old girl run their home. the sisters told agents they were being pimped by their on mother, and they also said their
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tonight, they're are working to rescue even more children. >> it can happen anywhere. the dark secret of child sex trafficking. >> this is truly some of the most oppressed victims that we have run across, and they really are enslaved, if it's physically bound or if they are held in by fear of violence or if it is addiction and taken and in that manner. >> at dei special agent three doris is rescuing these victims with a focus on their three-day crackdown over the weekend. on street corners, and hotels, and in one case, the fbi says they rescued two sisters and their very own home. wisconsin, they found 11 teenagers and -- and rescued 23 people.
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the leading office in the country this year. >> agent nor is says they are dealing with it epidemic and believes milwaukee is now a source city for sex trafficking. >> we've had girls from milwaukee we has -- we have found as far south as dallas and miami. that is a challenge as well, that there is not a specific area we can focus on. >> the dei is also counting on the public to help. >> this is the 10th year f nationwide, 82 minors have been invested and authorities have made 239 arrest. >> in the race for u.s. senate, the candidates a soft tonight at the marquette university law school. a new poll out today shows former senator russ feingold in the league with 52%. senator ron johnson has 40%. kent wainscott's executive a hall with a look at what we can expect tonight. >> it's going to be an
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the other polls, but i want to give you a look behind the debate stage. no strict time limits, rules, or guidelines. just a flowing discussion of the issues between the candidate, and both campaigns got out ahead of the debate today with new campaign ad. listing his -- ron johnson in listing feingold on the attack over health issues. >> russ feingold will work with both parties to lower premiums and cut health care taxes. >> i want to do the hard work of improving the system so it works for middle-class families. >> as washington cost senator ron johnson sides with insurance, voting to make a medicare voucher program, forcing seniors to pay more drugs. >> politics have been pretty
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now we have kids. i'm even more concerned about the future. just like that helps out with the kids, he's exactly the guy we need to clean up the mess in washington. >> back outlined now, this is a look at our temporary control room here inside the marquette university law school. if you follow me down through this hallway, you can he we are steps away from the debate stage. the audience here. our cameras will be broadcasting tonight's debate all throughout the state of wisconsin. voters getting their last opportunity to see these candidates for united states senate face off in a debate format. >> and it starts in just over three hours. around here, wisn 12 is the only place to watch the today.
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app. >> president obama fired back at donald trump over his claims of a rigged election. karen travers has the latest from the white house. >> donald trump is not letting this go. >> so many cities are corrupt and voter fraud is all too common and then they criticize us for saying that. but if fired up president obama saying this talk from trouble is unprecedented for a presidential candidate and not waste facts. >> i would advise mr. trump to stop whining and go make his case to try to get votes. >> the president says the rhetoric calls into question his fitness to take office. >> if whatever things go badly for you and you start losing you start blaming someone else, then you do not have what it takes to be in this job. >> trump passer rating me stopping by a north carolina --
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by a north carolina office. hillary clinton got a boost from her former rival, editor bernie sanders, who land trump and said americans must not elect him. >> it is a history which is not only sexist but racist and is xenophobic as well. >> sanders also's thing in arizona, part of a new late game push by the clinton campaign in the traditionally republican state. first lady michelle obama and chelsea and it will also be in and the clinton campaign is a thing tv ad by an mail advertising. next she is playing on her opponent process side of the field and the clock is on her side. >> on that final debate is in the books, hillary clinton is ramping up her campaigning. she is scheduled to begin a battleground state every day or the next week. >> our commitment 2016 coverage continues tonight. on world news, watch for their
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right after our news is >> new information about the network arrested outside of the house and david clark. according to the arrest report, ms admitted he saw the no trespassing signs with walked of the shares driveway anyway on sunday. he rang the bell. when he did not get an answer, reports walked around the home and knocked on a side door. that's when a uniform shares deputy assigned to watch the the sheriff then ordered him to be arrested. program works for nbc in chicago and that he was looking to interview the sheriff and had called the sheriff's office but was not able to get a hold of anyone. he posted $200 bail and was able to get out. a plume of the, black smoke this afternoon. some of you saw the smoke and called the newsroom. firefighters say it is just
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>> the owners of colbert packaging organization say they are moving to wisconsin. the company is relocating warehouse services and part of its packaging operation to kenosha. governor scott walker and several other elected officials were on hand for the announcement at the factory floor. the company owner says the move will add 40 new jobs to wisconsin. >> this was the place to be. this state is very welcoming, pro-business. things like that in our decision quite easy. >> the facility should be open for business december. >> new tonight, a big donation to a unique milwaukee fight shop. students organized a drive at schools and colleges across the state. today, volunteers delivered those division.
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people like the physical things that they can donate to help people rather than just money. clickstream bikes is a nonprofit that hires teenagers to repair it bikes for resale at half the right. the goal is a program important life lessons to at-risk youth. >> another spectacular -- i mean, i would rate this 10 -- beautiful fall day. >> we know this cannot last forever. for the cold front that takes us from the 70' plus -- >> the race for president at one milwaukee school. the unique learning experience three weeks before election day. >> just in time for dinner, this will trigger your taste buds. the new flavor joining the ranks of milk chocolate and peanut in. >> hello, everyone brightening up your day one. >> tomorrow, where you can have
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lowers. >> plus, sally will have your
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house, the race for eighth grade president is teaching students an important lesson. >> we find out how students are debating the issues and learning about the election process. >> can you are that? that's the sound of democracy. >> if they are going to do this, we want to go all out for them. >> ayah sarsour is a teacher at bethune academy at 35th and cherry. she set up this elaborate election day debate to help these voters decide their next leader. >> rashawn collins, chavern williams, andre walton, and demarco smith. >> 4 candidates want the job, and they faced hard hitting questions like, >> >> should students have assigned jobs at school? . should school uniforms be mandatory? what is our most important issue facing our school? >> demarco smith thinks he has the tools to be an effective leader.
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trustworthy and take responsibility and respect . >> now after the mock debate, the candidates and the voters broke off into smaller groups to discuss the election process with local leaders like state senator lena taylor. >> they have a couple questions that even stump you sometime so they are doing some higher level thinking in this process . >> sarsour wants her students to be informed. >> we really want our 8th graders and 7th graders to know that while big national elections matter local elections matter and a local issues matter too so that's why we really focus in on school issues . and vote. >> in the end, demarco did not win the presidency. instead, rashawn collins is the
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>> there's a new link tonight between your age, health and the hours you work. researchers at new york university found that later schedules are best for teens and young adults. the study found they tend to go to bed and wake up later because they release melatonin, a hormone linked to our biological clock. for adults in their 20's and 30's, researchers say consistency is key. researchers say the best work schedule should reflect your lifestyle preference, whether it be an early bird or night owl. deviating from that can have a negative impact on your health. for those 40 and older, researchers say, if you can, less is more when it comes to work hours. work week is best for people over 40. they also found that working about 25 hours a week can improve cognitive performance. working more, can have the opposite effect. >> right now, we want to take a look at what's coming up tonight at 6:00. >> the case against this milwaukee teen was suddenly dropped and what happens next. then, what's wrong with aaron rodgers, a popular former packers player reacts to calls rodgers hollywood girlfriend is
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join us for all new stories tonight at 6:00. >> thank you. well it isn't a conventional way , to find an organ donor but it might just work for a cincinnati man. {toya/vo full} ralph beach has been waiting for a kidney for 3 years the 66-year-old spends 10 hours a day on dialysis. to help speed up the process he and his wife took their appeal to the streets using an old school tactic by hanging 125 signs around town asking for help. they also went high-tech with their appeal created a website and advertise it on their car. so far, the couple has received about 65 calls now they are waiting to see who will be a match. well here's a military jet that , isn't designed to be stealthy check out this hot pink fighter jet. so cool. the retired plane is painted pink in honor of breast cancer awareness month. the jet is on display on the flight deck of the uss lexington in corpus christi, texas. the paint job, made out of dishwashing soap and latex paint, will be able to be washed
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crexendo kidding? that's a great look, too. new, a new eminem flavor -- a new m&m flavor. >> its little candy will have a soft caramel center. caramello is the fastest-growing segment in food right now. -- is the fastest-growing segment in food right now. they join milk chocolate, peanut, peanut butter -- >> i'm sticking with carmel. can we go back to this work week thing? over 40, 3 days a week. >> i'm not quite 40 yet. >> 5, 6 more years, you can join
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if you believe that, it's going to be 95 tomorrow. >> let's talk about what is happening in the here and now. it has been a great stretch of weather. what an unbelievable last 24, 36 hours. it was 76 degrees last night at midnight. there were some crazy things going on. it is still nice right now and much drier, so we do not have the humidity like we did yesterday. great shot seeing some of the boats come out of the water, but it's nice to still see all those boats, and you can enjoy yourself still for some time to come, but it is getting to be the season where you need to bring those in. nice, fall color around here, and it should be really nice into this weekend. probably your best bet to go out and see some fall color. we still have some trees that are completely green. we have some that have lost
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extending all the way down to lakeshore all the way out to the west toward lacrosse, should be beautiful along the mississippi river as well. if you are looking for something to do this weekend, the weather looks pretty good. i recommend checking out some of the leaves. how about raking? good day tomorrow. windy on wednesday, so it will be blowing around those leaves. mind cooler air on friday, also a great day to check out. this is visible almost every night, but you have two chances this evening. the sun sets just after 6:00, so at 6:25, should be dark enough for that. this one is four minutes long, and it will be right over the top. then, at 8:00, a two-minute passing low on the horizon moving from west/southwest to the south, so check that out.
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be able to see anything you want to. 71 right now in milwaukee. lake temperatures still way above average because we have had an above average summer and above average fall. 84, st. louis, but you want to see what is happening of to the north because this time, it's headed our way. the cooler air is coming. with it, highs -- instead of highs in the 70's, we will have highs bacin actually is only a little bit below average. kind of a wonky little view, but you can see where we have the cold front moving in. i do not think we see any rain out of this as this cold front moves through. in the meantime, we are nice and clear for tonight. no weather worries. couple of high clouds rolling in from time to time tomorrow but mostly sunny skies in the forecast.
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tomorrow. that's the warmest we get for the next seven days, the warmest we get for a wild. 53 degrees on friday. average high for the next few days is 58 degrees. back up to 57 saturday. again, looks like a really nice weekend ahead. should be beautiful sunday. 62 monday. slight chance of rain as we head into tuesday. cooling down gets us down to the 50's. this time of year, you can have a cooldown that brings your >> we will take the new on wisn 50's. 12 news tonight at 10:00: a new wine store opening in brookfield wants to serve alcohol more like a restaurant or tavern. the dilemma for city leaders and how they say the wrong decision could hurt the city's growth. and wikileaks releases more emails it says were hacked from hillary clinton's campaign. the tech titans they say were considered for her running mate, tonight at 10:00. >> coming up. they helped dorothy get home in the wizard of oz. >> tonight, those famous ruby
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the fundraiser for the piece of movie history.
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new tonight on 12. the nominees are out for this year's rock and roll hall of
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? >> pearl jam and the late tupac shakur are two of the 9 first time acts on the ballot. there are 19 acts in all, including depeche mode, elo, and joan baez. save the ruby red slippers. >> that's the goal of a new campaign. the smithsonian institute needs $300,000 to restore dorothy's famous slippers from the wizard of oz. the shoes are one of several sets worn by judy garland in the 1939 film. the shoes and put them in a climate-controlled case at the national museum of american history. >> there's a kickstarter campaign almost 1/3 of the way there. >> kendrys and a hot glue gun.
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i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. on healthcare, russ feingold will work with both parties to lower premiums and cut health care taxes. i want to do the hard work of improving the system so it works for middle class families. but in washington, senator ron johnson sides with big insurance. voting to make medicare a voucher program, forcing seniors to pay more for prescription drugs, deny coverage to cancer patients.
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>> enjoy it while it lasts.
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tonight, breaking news. donald trump and his bold claim. as this evening, president obama now taking aim at trump with stern words. and the woman from "people" magazine accusing trump. tonight, the new image that's now emerged. also tonight, that deadly plane crash, right into an apartment building. now, the new and alarming report about the cockpit. what happened seconds before? the american troops tonight, backing up the iraqis. their biggest assault yet on isis. our team on the front lines right now. the abc news exclusive. we take you right inside guantanamo prison tonight. the colonel who has never taken cameras to the roof. and what the detainees yell at us. >> abc news! >> if the prison closes, will


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