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tv   WISN 12 News at 6PM  ABC  November 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm CDT

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near pike lake. he turned around, leaving his way through the neighborhood, got back on the highway 60. at that point, he started going the speed limit, put on his turn signal, then pulled into the gas station at kettle moraine and 60. he got out, walked up to the building, officers were still not in w, then try to walk across the street. at that point, officers spotted him in a field across the street , chased him down, tackled him, handcuffed him, and put him into the back of the squad car. at that point, they started to search the field, going through his pockets come up with the content of his pockets into a
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waiting for authorities to come take possession of the suspect and suspect vehicle. we have not seen them go into the van. i believe they need a search warrant for that. a long chase for more than an hour through three different counties, but ended without incidentere in hartford. kathy: thank you, matt. there were a lot of close calls during this chase. patrick is here in studio with a closer look. some video to go along with what matt was saying. here is one of those close calls. here is another one here. the oncoming vehicle appears to move out of the way to give him room to get by. he then approached an intersection. watch what happens. they almost collided.
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he appeared to run out of space. you can see him turning around on someone's yard, and at this point, he lost law enforcement. later on, he went down a different street and made his way to the gas station, not out, appeared as if he wanted to blend the end, but then law enforcement moved in and took him into custody. kathy: we let you know about this breaking news as it was happening with the wisn 12 news mobile app. download the free app now to get important updates sent directly to your phone. in just one week, america will elect a new president. joyce: the candidates are zeroing in on wisconsin in the home stretch. seven campaign events are planned statewide today and tomorrow. two are happening now. democratic vice presidential nominee tim kaine is in madison. kathy: let's start live in eau claire, where republican nominee
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live. terry? >> the republican national committee chair is on the stage right now. a new marquette university law school poll is due out tomorrow. in the last poll three weeks ago hillary clinton was out in front , 44% to 37% for donald trump. a new poll shows the two close nationally. a lot has happened since then in the campaign, including news are rising significantly in many states, including wisconsin, and donald trump seized on that today in pennsylvania. >> obamacare means higher prices, fewer choices, and lower quality. yet hillary clinton wants to expand obamacare and make it even more expensive. she wants to put the government totally in charge of health care
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we will be live streaming donald trump speeches as he takes the stage in a few minutes on, incomplete coverage at 10:00. -- and complete coverage at 10:00. >> the campaigns about the candidates, but they are really about the voters. raise your hand if you are doing any work for the campaign, volunteer, staff, give all of these guys a big round of applause. and one of our staffers personally made part of that "h"
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have an amazing staff? talk about attention to detail. joyce: tim kaine addressing supporters in madison. kathy: another big story, new information on the police shooting of jane anderson -- jay anderson in wauwatosa. the attorney for anderson's faly times and had his hands up just prior to the shooting. 12 news nick bohr is live at madison park. and nick, the information is in a notice of claim to the city. >> that notice of injury is the first step in what will likely be a civil lawsuit. attorney jon safran says anderson wasn't bothering anybody here after hours last june when the officer approached his car, saw a gun on the seat,
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anderson to death. that notice of injury was filed yesterday and includes the officer's name, joseph mensah. it says mensah was back patrolling the streets after being involved in another fatal shooting just 11 months earlier. the filing indicates mensah may have filed for disability after that shooting but was denied. , neither we nor anderson's attorney have been able to confirm that. the tosa city attorney has refused to comment. the family's been shown enhanced quad video they say shows -- squad video they say shows anderson lowering his arms just before he's shot. the family attorney doesn't believe it shows anderson lunging for a gun. >> i don't see anything that would make me believe that he lunged for anything. we now don't know where it was in the vehicle. that is a problem.
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video released as soon as possible. once again, the district attorney's office says it won't be released until their investigation complete -- is complete. joyce: a pleasant prairie man is facing attempted homicide charges after police say he shot a man 12 times in the groin. police say 43-year-old rodney coleman believed the victim was sleeping with his girlfriend. the shooting happened in the avenue in kenosha friday morning. the victim survived. coleman faces up to 60 years in prison, if convicted. kathy: a retired kenosha county sheriff's captain charged with sexual assault. police say the victims were residents of a nursing home owned by his family in pleasant prairie. clarence mielke faces several sexual assault charges. mielke retired in 2000 after nearly 30 years with the kenosha
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the department released a statement saying in part, "these charges are deeply troubling we sympathize with the victims and their families." bed bugs at cudahy high school. district officials tell wisn 12 news bed bugs were spotted inside two different classrooms in the past week. on both occasions, the school called in pest control experts to check the school and clean out the rooms affected. the company has now cleared both classrooms. joyce: how to fix a broken police department? representatives from the cincinnati police department share their story about how they bounceback following unrest in their city. department leaders revealed the key has been their community-based policing. >> the key the key is you have e sure everyone is willing to work. sometimes you don't always have
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community-based policing, they now have body cameras, squat cameras, and tasers. kathy: a 24-year-old was found in the street unconscious and bleeding early sunday morning in downtown menomonie. his death is now being investigated as a homicide. alnahdi was a junior at stout studying business administration. u.w. system president ray cross said in the statement, "it is difficult to find the right words in light of such of a tragedy, except to express our sorrow for all who knew hussain. -- who knew hussain." police are asking anyone with information on what happened to come forward. joyce: developing tonight the , estabrook dam is one step closer to demolition. the milwaukee common council today approved a plan to rezone the land on the milwaukee river. the plan allows the city to take ownership of the dam from milwaukee county, rezone it from park land, and sell it to the milwaukee metropolitan sewerage district for one dollar. mmsd would then tear it down. >> you will look at a natural,
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for properties coming up. happily you don't have to pay nature to be nature. joyce: some homeowners who live along the river want the dam repaired instead. they argue taking it down would lower their property values and put their homes at risk for flooding. kathy: new tonight at 10:00, last year these holiday cups , caused controversy. now we're getting a sneak peek at the cups starbucks is using this year. joyce: new on wisn a true scare 12, for a wisconsin mother on halloween. she says she found a nail inside a tootsie roll. the woman told police the nail was in a green apple tootsie roll her kid got while trick-or-treating in wisconsin rapids. here's a picture from police. the mother said she wasn't sure which house the tainted candy came from. police continue looking for suspects. a record warm start to november. wasn't it amazing? kathy: unbelievable. 77 degrees today but we know , it's still november. mark: we can't get used to the 70's. how much colder we'll get tomorrow next in weather watch
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>> they love the boys. joyce: becoming a family. two little toddlers just days away from biggest moment of their lives. why their new parents couldn't say no to adoption. kathy: and if you have extra candy laying around, you can turn it in for cash. the buy back program happening now, helping make the holiday a little sweeter for troops overseas. russ feingold voiceover: as i travel to all 72 counties - knocking on doors, talking to folks - what i hear the most is how hard it is to get ahead. one big reason -- we have a political system working overtime -- for ceos. let's protect social security, make college affordable for families and fix a tax system that rewards companies for exporting our jobs. i'm russ feingold and i approve this message because we need an economy
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joyce: we are going to update you some breaking news you will see only on wisn 12. a bank robbery suspect is in custody tonight after police chase spanning three counties. the suspect d t washington county. we showed you the chase and arrest live at 5:00. we have video clips on our website, we will have a complete report at 10:00. kathy: two little toddlers are about to have one of the biggest moments of their lives a family , to love and care for them. joyce: mike anderson has their story just ahead of national adoption day.
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home in richfield we see the , quiet goblins of halloween. but inside the site and feel is , noisy with nothing but love. >> stack it up. >> no, it is my turn. >> the maikowskis are a family born out of biology and adoption. >> i was adopted into of family of 13 siblings. children in 32 years. >> matthew maikowski was practically an only child. >> pretty much i am. >> but the notion of a big family quickly grew on him. >> it was intimidating meeting her family. >> matthew and meg aren't going to try to match her family but they do have their own on the building blocks. annaliya and nevaeh are their kids by birth.
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omari and grayson, toddler brothers who look like twins. we can't show their adorable little faces just yet because they are at the moment in foster care. >> they have embraced the boys. they love the boys. one of the workers asked what she loves doing most with the boys. them. >> all four kids are all about behaving the way siblings do. a judge will make it official next week. in richfield, mike anderson, wisn 12 news. joyce: the adoption is next week thursday, and we can assure you that we'll be there. hundreds of mps students are seeing a little more clearly tonight. kathy: students at browning community school and barack obama school got free vision screenings from wisconsin vision today. after the vision test, students picked out a free pair of glasses. >> well, it's interesting
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have come back. we had a young lady who was 10-years-old and couldn't see the big e. the teachers are reporting that her classroom work is much different than it was four years ago when we first saw her. kathy: over the past six years of the program, more than 800 children have received free glasses. joyce: have extra halloween candy laying around the house? happening now, a chance to get rid of it and get some cash too. dental professionals on mequon road in germantown will buy back unopened candy and tell 7:00 tonight. the candy and other donated items will be shipped to soldiers deployed overseas. kathy: that makes me hungry. i want to step outside again and enjoy it. joyce: isn't it amazing. kathy: i was calling it juneve mber. mark: 77 degrees? there's a lot of june days when we don't get to 77 degrees.
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record high for november. we have reached 77 four times and recorded history back to 1871. the 77 is what we tight today. -- tied today. i think most of you would rather have this than this, and that's what we had today. we will cool down some tomorro for the next seven days and beyond is still looking pretty good. a live look outside, 65 degrees, very nice, sun is setting, so the temperature falls off quickly. that is pretty warm. that's a great amount of moisture in the air for this time of year. people falling back into the 50's right now. temperatures will not fall much tonight because clouds fill in
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around the state, quite an warm. look at the entire country. you can't find anywhere all that cold. boston is chilean 48. 54 -- boston is chilly at 48. everybody else's way above average. if you want cold, we take you to northwestern canada, alaska, old crow at 14. this time of year. temperatures falling back to the 60's. clouds on the increase tonight, and rain is on the way for wednesday, beginning in the morning around 9:00, and a couple of downpours from time to time. rain not continuous, but will continue for much of the day. the temperatures don't go up at all tomorrow.
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so it will be different tomorrow. a couple of streak will to the south staying there for now, but we will see an increase in clouds at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow with scattered showers rolling through and downpours possible. the heaviest rain looks to be i-94 to the south. lesser amounts and little rain in our northern counties we clear out again heading into thursday. how much rain? some places picking up as much as an inch of rain. 77 to 57, so cooler. 62 on friday. saturday, 65, sunday 65. we turn :00 spec saturday night. one week from today is the election. -- we turn our clocks back on saturday night. one week from today is the election. joyce: donald trump is speaking to a crowd in eau claire.
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government. as you know, the fbi has reopened its investigation into hillary clinton. this is the biggest scandals since watergate. now it has been reported that there are fbi inquiries virtually all of hillary clinton's inner circle. joyce: donald trump speaking in eau claire. terry sater is there, and we will have an update at 10:00. kathy: the packers are hoping to get a few key players back this week. dan: one of them is randall
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russ: as i've traveled to all 72 counties, i've heard from a lot of people. including seniors, concerned that ron johnson is going to pen russ. russ: i've heard from families in need of good paying jobs. blue collar guy: ron johnson's trade deals help other countries, not us. russ: the bottom line - people want an economy that delivers for them. man: we just need a fair shake, and, russ, i think you need a bigger van. russ: i'm russ feingold
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? dan: the nfl trading deadline passed this afternoon without the packers making any deals,
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davante adams set a franchise record for the most receptions in a two-game span with 25 the past two weeks, 13 catches against the bears, and 12 against the falcons. >> really just shows the trust my quarterback hassan mead, all the work we have been putting in since they won -- quarterback has in me, all the work we have been putting in since day o busy against atlanta, randall cobb missed that game with a hamstring injury. 12 sports stephen watson has our exclusive one-on-one with the packers receiver. >> how tough was it for you to watch on sunday? >> it was hard to watch, but sometimes you have to have people around you to protect you when you can't protect yourself. i think that is something the training staff and coaches were
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your injury? >> it is a day-to-day thing. it is not a typical hamstring pull. we are trying to be as cautious as we can. it will be better to miss a week here than to miss six on the backend. stephen: i know it is all about leaning, but a game like atlanta, are there any moral victories when you go on the road like that? >> like that. adversity, injuries, different things happening throughout that game. you just learn and grow from those experiences. dan: thank you stephen. , 17 years ago, jamar fletcher returned this interception 93 yards for a touchdown as the
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won 35-19 at northwestern. that was wisconsin's last win in evanston. since then, they have won at every other big 10 stadium. this saturday, they head to evanston again, hoping to keep their big 10 title hopes alive. you can see that game only right here on wisn 12. mark: it can't last forever.
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it's not uncommon for autistic kids to flap their hands. and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party. my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. when it really mattered.
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?? ?? was mariah's rrlationship ruined by a no sex before marriage rule? >> mimi time. >> yeah. >> they were living separate lives so why was mimi's fiance writing love letters just weeks -pago. >> then as jennifer aniston's husband justin theroux bashing brad pitt? plus "dancing with the stars" making grown men cry. we have backstage stories we never heard. >> i didn't realize i had such an impact on him. >> heidi klum's clone. >> i wish there were more of me. >> how she pulled off her mostenec halloween costume ever. >> she was toddlers and tiara's biggest star ever.


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