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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  November 1, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm CDT

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?? ?? was mariah's rrlationship ruined by a no sex before marriage rule? >> mimi time. >> yeah. >> they were living separate lives so why was mimi's fiance writing love letters just weeks -pago. >> then as jennifer aniston's husband justin theroux bashing brad pitt? plus "dancing with the stars" making grown men cry. we have backstage stories we never heard. >> i didn't realize i had such an impact on him. >> heidi klum's clone. >> i wish there were more of me. >> how she pulled off her mostenec halloween costume ever. >> she was toddlers and tiara's biggest star ever.
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all grown up and sleeping in a room full of pageant crowns. is she planning a comeback? >> i'm back. >> for november 1, 2016 thshgs is "entertainment" tonight. >> hello kitty, mariahcarie is dressing up as a sexy cat showing she has plenty of life left. >> was their relationship doomed by on mariah had a no sex before marriage ru. our source tells us the billionaire and singer slept in separate bedrooms. >> privacy and then whatever time it is. >> happy halloween. >> it seems like mimi is moving on posting that sexy instagram last night before going trick or treating in a golf cart with bryan tanaka, that's him, wearing the gold crown. >> e.t. obtained the love letters packer sent mariah a
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calls her his soul mate and mcp, mariah carey packer. what went wrong? one possibility, they lived very separate life. >> i am complete and total. >> he wakes up at -- early and goes to bed at 10:00 and you get going --? i'm writing a song at 4:00 in the morning and i'm not going to go blasting music. i did that and it was interesting. whatever, i s much. >> both were very high maintenance. with his and her entourages and their own set of rules like for mariah, you can only shoot her right side. for james, filming of him was rarely allowed even for her docuseries. >> it's not easy to have to be that person that i have to be, a strong woman and all that stuff. it's not easy. >> and three, oh, there's that sex thing. mariah's ex nick cannon
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>> this was the one woman they was -- >> i knew what her values were. >> let's move on to brad and angelina. brad's ex jennifer aniston has wanted nothing to do with this divorce madness, but jen's husband justin theroux jumped all up in the mix. he posted this image by an artist that puts an expletive in front of a variety of different words, politics, and brad pitt. he wasn't throwing brad. he has an issue with pickle, not brad. >> he is known for his sarcastic sense of humor. >> no treats for him, nancy. the olympic swimmer was out of dancing with the stars. >> i feel proud that i made it this far. >> the couple leaving right now is -- ryan and cheryl. >> ryan was eliminated after he and cheryl danced to a
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the olympian says she helped him get through the lowest point in his life. >> i think the one thing i really learned is i can keep fighting and keep getting back up and staying positive no matter what. >> lochte got a little choked up by the audience's standing ovation, but pro dancer val chmerkovskiy provided the real emotion and he was in tears with laurie hernandez. >> it's crazy how fast life moves and laurie brings the joy i just don't want to blow it for her, you know? >> making val cry, that was interesting. i mean, from what i hear he doesn't cry very often, so -- ?? ?? ? >> val and laurie earned perfect score, but the night's big triumph belonged to race car driver james hinchcliffe and his substitute partner jena johnson. ?? ?? ? >> they hit the dance floor as the joker and harley quinn after
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was sidelined. >> during dress rehearsal for the group number last week sharna slipped on a piece of her dress. >> i've had a reconstruction on this knee, and i felt something go a little bit on the inside, so to be sure that there's no tear. >> it's been tough and it was really tough to walk away, but as of right now i think i'll be able to dance next week. i have another assessment on friday and make sure that i am all good so leading up to that point i'll just split it jena and everything and i'll be there, but she'll be my body for me. >> jena and i want to go there and do her proud and i'll pull off this performance. ?? >> james definitely did. he and jena scored perfect tens and there were three perfect scores last night and we're talking about laurie and val and the other one went to calvin johnson. >> how did kim kardashian spend halloween night? taking care of business by
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since the paris robbery. it looks like the kardashian money train is back on track. >> kim broke her social media checking her bone and telling her that kim inc. is back in business or is it? by noon today the photo was deleted. the post was actually a branded ad for phone case maker lumi, a companyykim partnered with earlier this year and it's possible it was part of a deal brokered before the paris robbery. pack to social media after all. >> i can't wait until my website's up so i can just say whatever i want, when i want. >> saying whatever she wants earns kim a reported six figures every time she tweets, instagrams or snapchats a product. while kim was taking a break after being robbed at gun point she had been doing work from home and she's ready to get back to her normal life little by little. kim's baby steps getting back into the spotlight.
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facebook. kim rarely posts on facebook and it's where she has the least number of followers and it looks like it was taken long ago. the one she mourned the loss of in a tweet last august. she shared a lenk to her website last night where sister kourtney posted these throwback halloween movies. >> kourtney is 3 1/2 and kimberly ii 2 years old. nobody beats it comes to dressing up, she's been a butterfly and an old woman and jessica rabbit. this year she topped them all by going as herself six timms. see what i mean. >> straight ahead. >> it's attack of the klum clones. >> five heidis plus one real german supermodel as she made her entrance in a wooden crate complete with made in germany
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>> how easy is it for me, you guys? everyone says how do you juggle it all? i wish there were more of me so i could have it much easier. >> heidi has been juggling wild halloween bashes for years and while plenty of celees had the halloween party and they arrived until after midnight and many of her vips had a rest. >> we saw her boyfriend vito inside and at one point he was dancing on the table. they had this photo-op and he flanked her the entire night and the get up was so good in the dark some mixed-up guests posed with the wrong heidi. the craziness didn't end until 1:50 a.m. >> you killed it tonight. >> thank you. >> was this her ingenious costume ever. going as yourself, pretty shocking for such a halloween enthusiast. this process took 12 hours. >> i had my face passed and then
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face passed because my face had to fit on their faces. so it was very, very hard to do. >> eye proothetics, lashes, wigs, nails, costumes including boots all multiplied by five. >> e.t. can confirm they are also models. alexandra, kelsey, rachel, gabrielle and misty. heidi told us it even shock herd own kids. >> they were probably the freakiest. >> i can imagine that was a little freaky. >> i can only happened. >> we were with the stars get being ready to clean up on halloween. >> i'd say i'd probably walk around 1500 houses and i think i overdramatic it. >> the trick-or-treat theme and his scary new movie role. the octomom's be onning toplets turn eight and see what they look like today. >> and separated at birth. we have amy adams and isla
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couple of times in my career. >> but first -- ?? ?? ?? >> bruno mars will perform at this year's victoria's secret fashion show. we broke the news on etonline this morning. ?? >> lady gaga and the weekend will also perform. ?? ?? >> the weekend's girlfriend bella hadid will walk in the show for the first time joining
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leo dicaprio, the olsence sisters and james corden were among russ feingold voiceover: as i travel to all 72 counties - knocking on doors, talking to folks - what i hear the most is how hard it is to get ahead. one big reason -- we have a political system working overtime -- for ceos. let's protect social security, make college affordable
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i'm russ feingold and i approve this message because we need an economy that works for everyone. i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer. if the president gave the order we had to launch the missiles, that would be it. i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] self control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable. i love war. the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. it should scare everyone. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. maverick from "toppgun". >> only e... was with jacob tremblay from "room" before he hit the streets on halloween.
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>> i'd say i probably walk around 1500 houses every halloween. i think i dramaticed it. >> he's alongside naomi watts in >> it's scary, but you see a bunch of guys and you look in the corner and you see a guy eating a sandwich. >> are we sure jacob isn't an adult in a kiddie body. >> are we sure amy isla fisher aren't the same person beeause even they admit they get mistaken for each other all of the time. >> i get it. >> that's amy, and that's isla. >> i find it a huge compliment because i think amy's gorgeous. >> they are gorgeous with their amber locks and red carpet smiles and often wearing similar outfits even at this press juuket with carly. >> i totally see it. she's small, cute, and i'm not >> not so fast.
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than amy. >> i've been mistaken for her a couple of times in my career and one of them was pretty amazing because it was lady gaga and she congratulated me in "american hustle". >> you should have said thanks. >> i was too embarrassed. >> we met at the audition for "catch me if you can." >> amy won that part, by the way. >> feels good, though, doesn't it? >> amy and both are are girls girls and we started chatting. >> they're both married with kids. >> our girls went to the same dance studio, and she and i don't see it. >> i'm not this person that you thought i was. >> now aimy and isla are in a movie together. isla plays amy in a story within >> i was absolutely struck by the similarity between their appearance and also by their ability to act. >> they are great actresses and by the way, that director tom ford is the designer tom ford.
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he is a director. this time about her other new movie "arrival". >> "this is us" what has sterling k. brown tearing up? >> you try to take it one moment at a time. >> then whatever topped octommm? we're catching her with her octuplets as they celebrate their eighth birthday. and toddlers and tiaras star eden wood as a teenager revealing what her life was like after leaving the show. closed captioning provided
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?? ?? ?? oh, man. i never know what to think when i hear this video especially that part right there where she shakes her booty. it made eden wood one of the biggest stars ever on "toddlers and tiaras". >> it's stuck in my head now. >> how much has she changed from her pint-sized pageant days. >> the thing i loved most was getting on stage and performing. >> my name is eden and i'm 4 years old. >> i'm the world's youngest superstar. >> the most difficult -- >> i hated the hairspray. >> i don't want it.& >> i mean, now it's not that bad because i'm used to it, but -- >> it's been five years since eden left the world of child
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quit home schooling and is a -psixth grade cheerleader in sashing saa, but she isn't ready to hang up her tiara. >> i have bought some dresses and maybe i'll wear them in a pageant, maybe. maybe. >> i like it, but i like the other one, too. >> we went dress shopping with eden and her mom mickey and ever wonder where all 300 of those crowns she won went? well, eden sleeps with them >> miss eden! >> eden makes her big return to toddlers and tiaras, but this time she's a judge and the contestants and the moms treat her like royalty. as for the future, eden will be walking new york fashion week in february, but her big goal is to be like her idol, taylor swift.
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mega star. >> the girl has big dreams. >> she also sayssshe wants to be an actress. >> an actress. >> nothing wrong with high goals, riggt? >> we have an update on another cultural icon that everybody remembers. back in 2009 nadya suleman became world famous as octomom and we're catching up with her eight children today. >> welcome to the show, jonah -- >> makingei appearance in three and a half years, the suleman octupllts celebrated their upcoming birthday on "the doctors"? >> do you think you have the best mom in the world? >> yes, i do. >> she's done a pretty good job, doesn't she? >> she does a great job. >> their mom who now goes by the name of natalie gave birth to eight babies in 2009. the single mom revealed her
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welfare and her kids are happy and thriving. >> i own and take responsibility for my poor choices and it doesn't take away for how extraordinary these kids ended up to be. >> e.t. was with natalie back when the eight newborns were still hospitalized and the eight were not her only children. as a single woman she underwent in vittio fertilization multiple times and already had six children. by the age of 34 she was mom to >> he's so little and only two pounds and he's really, really strong. >> when the octuplets came home we were there for the media frenzy and eight years later she wants to move on from octomom. >> people never knew the true story. they'd say can i take a picture with you and hi, are you octomom. i no longer go by that. i'm a mom. i don't do that anymore. >> natalie now works as a
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hard times when her kids were younger. she filed for bankruptcy. pled no contest to welfare fraud and was in an adult film and worked in a strip club to support her family. they became quite defensive and no, wait, she's a counselor and, i knew it was directly hurting my family so i had to protect them. i'm very, very protective. >> let's jump from real-life family drama to one of the best new family dram television. without a doubt, "this is us" is the fall's biggest surprise and it's nbc's number one new show, and if you haven't had a chance to check it out there's a sneak peek to tonighty episode. >> here's what we learned. behhnd the scenes of "this is us" is on screen. >> there is life and tears and you take it one moment at a time and tell the story. >> how are you doing career day? end of discussion and it's going to be lit.
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because it delivers laughter and tears while making you thiik, this is actually us. >> a desk job? >> we need the money. >> this is us has been unpredictable from the start when it was revealee that the show takes place in two different time periods. we get to walk jack and rebecca raise their twins and adopted son in the 1980s as well as see the kids as adults in 2016. the latest big reveal, dad jack is dad. >> this is your dad. impact on sterling k. brown. we caught up with the father of two at the good plus foundation's halloween bash. >> i lost my dad when i was a young man, and so i feel acutely this sort of connection to fathers and father figures. like, i think about my dad all the time, and i know he's smiling at the fact that i get a chance to do this part right now and go on this journey and i hope i just do him proud.
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sterling just won an emmy for "the people versus o.j. simpson." >> it is so impresssve that he's doing so well because it goes against cbs' "bull".
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russ: as i've traveled to all 72 counties, i've heard from a lot of people. including seniors, concerned that ron johnson is going to turn medicare into a voucher program. senior: don't let it happen russ. russ: i've heard from families in need of good paying jobs. blue collar guy: ron johnson's trade deals help other countries, not us. russ: the bottom line - people want an economy that delivers for them. and, russ, i think you need a bigger van. russ: i'm russ feingold
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a memoir.& watch at reese witherspoon will be breaking out in song in the new animated movie "sing." >> can't wait to see that. a lot of raef reviews and tomorrow we have a big reese exclusive. >> reese, gets back to her southern roots and shares that she's obsessed with dolly parton. >> we're going to see dole right now. >> just in time for the holidays we are on the set as she
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[ crow caws ] ? [ whistling ] uh, brick, what's with the getup? oh, this? i've noticed high-school kids seem to be very into school pride. as you know, i live life on the periphery, on the fringes of fun. but i've decided, if i want to graduate having lived the high-school experience, it will require total immersion. but you don't even like sports. correction -- used to not like sports. now all i care about is we beat the bentonville bears friday night. the bears are going down. i hate them based on their geographical location. good man. in addition to sports cheering, i will also decorate my locker


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