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tv   WISN 12 News at 1030PM  ABC  November 2, 2016 10:30pm-11:00pm CDT

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>> oh, my god. we should warn them. joyce: you've heard of jumping the shark. how about surfing over one? it happened when a shark swam into a gup of surfers off the coast of new south wales, australia. you can see the shark in the water surrounded by surfers. as a wave comes, one of the surfers goes over the shark. a bright and popular senior at rufus king high school is hit and killed this morning by a bus on her way to school. kathy: as christina palladino reports, marisol cevallos was deeply loved by her family and friends, who all say she had a
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>> hundreds of close friends and family members lit candles, prayed, and cried for the tragic loss of 17-year-old marisol cevallos. her family says she was on her way to the bus stop down the street from her home early this morning. she was hit and killed while walking along the crosswalk near 9th and oklahoma by the bus driver. >> we are devastated at the loss of my sister. it's left an emy void in every single one of us. >> a straight a student and played in the milwaukee youth symphony orchestra. ? >> her family says marisol had a great sense of humor and loved being around her friends. she was looking forward to being in her brother and future sister -in- law's wedding.
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bridesmaid. she had never been a bridesmaid bridesmaid. she had never been a bridesmaid before. >> but all her dreams of finishing high school and going to an ivy league college are gone. >> i'm sad that she couldn't go to prom. i'm sad that she couldn't experience life to the fullest. >> in milwaukee, christina palladino, wisn 12 news. kathy: police say the driver of the school bus is a 62-year-old woman from south milwaukee. she stayed at the scene and is cooperating with police. u.w. will change its stadium policies in wake of last weekend's incident. a man wore a mask of president barack obama to the game with a noose around his neck. athletic director barry alvarez said in a statement he's determined nothing like this will happen again. he says they plan to have a revised policy in place before the next home game, but did not get specific. >> it was the first time that i had hoped that she was going to make it. joyce: this madison mother talks about the day her daughter finally woke after weeks in a coma. but the joy that dena carreyn felt was soon replaced by fear that her little girl wouldn't get the organ donation she needed to live. now, in a twist of fate, hope proved closer than they ever
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>> mama, i made it. >> you made it. joyce: to see lyla carreyn run around a playground, you'd think she's a typical four-year-old, but her mom will be quick to tell you lyla's not like this most days. >> 97% of the time she feels pretty awful and doesn't really have much energy. >> we caught her on one of those rare days. one year ago after lyla's pre-school called home tsay lyla had a high fever. >> i went and got her from school and took her to the urgent care, and within 15 minutes, we were in an ambulance on our way to children's hospital. joyce: lyla's kidneys suddenly failed and her lungs filled with blood. >> doctors told us at that point they didn't know if she'd make it through the weekend. joyce: after a three-week coma, lyla woke up, diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease and in desperate need of a new kidney.
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all over the country getting tested and looked everywhere for a match. joyce: including lyla's birth mother, who wasn't a match either. six months passed with no luck until beth battista saw a post on facebook. >> something just inside me i , just felt like i had to go in and get tested. joyce: she turned out to be a match. she also turned out to be lyla's teacher. >> i didn't know at the time she was gonna be in my class this year. i never really believed in fate, but i'm a believer now. joyce: a camera rolled when beth told dena of the match at school, giving her a simple gift. >> just a little black box with a note, a simple note inside . the note said i may just be her teacher now, but soon a piece of me will be with lyla forever. i'm her kidney donor.
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it took a minute to sink in, and when it did, we were just shaking and crying. my immediate thought was the she was going to be part of our family. being able to save a little life is just amazing. joyce: the new kidney will mean no more of this for lyla. >> on an average day, she receives 19 different the 12 hours of dialysis. joyce: 12 hours of dialysis every night. >> i have to scrub my hands before i touch anything. joyce: the bedtime routine at the carreyn house takes an hour and a half. dena, her husband, and son have it down, taking lyla's blood pressure, finding the right
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it all, because there is no room for error. >> so this is what you end up with in the morning. this is the drain back of fluid that came out of her body. joyce: toxins come out. medicine goes in. but first, the site has to be sterilized. each swab painstaking for dena, sometimes painful for lyla, but lyla endures. >> i know it's it is not fair. joyce: dena may wear the birthday crown, but lyla will get the ultimate gift thanks to her teacher who's giving of herself and to her family, who , refused to give up hope. dena told me it's ironic because
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lupus, an auto-immune disorder that can complicate pregnancy. and now her daughter has a different auto-immune disorder that really turned their world upside down. it really through them for a loop. kathy: and now the transplant is scheduled. joyce: it is. we will have more on that and the connection that the green bay packers have to this story in our next half hour. th it would be nice to see the sun again. joyce: mark, you have a very un-november like forecast. mark: it is a bonus, we are have 77 yesterday. wait until you see the forecast. we are feeling lucky out there.
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as well as tomorrow and the rest of the week. lots of sunshine on the way. average high of 52 degrees, and you can see we are way above that. it is going to be very nice. jetstream, a cool spot right now, bring us the cooler air, but it does not last. this is not what you typically see in november. this is called a rich, at huge area of high pressure that when when enveloped the country and bring sunshine in november, and bring warm temperatures come in november. this will change. make sure to enjoy. -- to enjoy. 65 saturday and sunday. the clock is assigned you want to change your clocks before you go to bed saturday night.
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friday and saturday looking good. that will continue sunday, monday, and the rest of the week of those leaves continue to come down. watching for the possibility of fall throughout the night. 53 degrees, dew point 50. we will watch to see if we can get any clear skies to see some of that formation as temperatures all into the 40's. we are down under a mile in west bend and fond du lac. it will be catching, should not be widespread, but keep that 9:00, sunshine breaks through and a beautiful day. rain is pushing out, so quiet for the rest of the night. some patchy far, 46, cooler inland. tomorrow begins a streak of 60's in november. that is really nice. the average high is 52 tomorrow. 63 on friday.
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weekend. again, don't forget to change her clocks as we fall back saturday night. the sun says before 5:00 on sunday. still warm on monday, then of course, a lecture and a on tuesday, a slight chance for showers, mild into wednesday. most of next week looks to be really mild. this weird fall continues. joyce: it does. it is one of our favorite pastimes, shopping. kathy: but 12 news melinda da something else we love to do in wisconsin, we brag about how we got the best deal. >> what did i say today? >> $78. >> i found no shortage of folks wanting to share their tricks on saving money at their favorite stores. what you might know about coupons will surprise you. a retail expert tells you how to crack the code for getting the best deals what you really need , to know about coupons, and why
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shopping habits. kathy: interesting revelations, even for the most veteran savers out there. watch melinda's report, cracking the code on savings, tomorrow on wisn 12 news at 10:00. a wild police chase through three counties and wisn 12 was , the only station to bring it to you live. joyce: still ahead, what we're learning about the suspect and his criminal past. kathy: then, their baseball season is officially over, but the brewers want to start it back up tomorrow. the free event you're invited to inside miller park. >> helping families one holiday decoration at a time. >> tomorrow on wisn 12 news this morning, we'll take you inside this year's christmas fantasy house. >> you might even find some inspiration for your own home. and sally will be tracking how long these mild temperatures will stick around.
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russ: as i've traveled to all 72 counties, i've heard from a lot of people. including seniors, concerned that ron johnson is going to turn medicare into a voucher program. senior: don't let it happen russ. russ: i've heard from families in need of good paying jobs.
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e - people want an economy that delivers for them. man: we just need a fair shake, and, russ, i think you need a bigger van. russ: i'm russ feingold
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announcer: big 12 sports presented by menards. dan: the browns and falcons are the only teams in the nfl that have allowed more points this season than the colts, who play at lambeau field sunday. however, as 12 sports stephanie sutton reports, the colts
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don't play each other very often, the one thing they know is the quarterback. >> he has done a good job. he has a unique skill set, very athletic for a guy of his size, makes the decisions. he is doing a great job for them, a franchise quarterback, and they have unfortunate for a number of years, and to be able to draft him and have a great transition organization. >> another elite quarterback in this league. he can throw it in any slot in the football field. he can run it, get a first down and more. >> he is a guy who knows how to get the job done. he is the leader. you have to be ready and be on your game when you play a quarterback like him. stephanie: that is quinten rollins.
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practice today and says he is feeling better, but does not know if he will play sunday against andrew luck and the colts. dan: thank you steph. , corey linsley was the packers starting center the past two seasons, but lost his job this year to j.c. tretter because of an injury. now, he might get his job back. tretter could miss several weeks with a knee injury. linsley practiced today, and is expected to be removed from the pup list before sunday's game against the colts. >> our practice tempo, our teams tempo in practice is so quick, and we do a great job, so i think i will have to go through the same preparation everybody else's, so it will be fine. dan: in cleveland, and epic game seven. it was tied 6-6 in the ninth inning. coming up in our next half hour, how the badgers are going against the grain to prepare for saturday's game at northwestern. joyce: thank you, dan.
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kathy: the incentive from milwaukee judges that brought hundreds to municipal court to have their warrants thrown out.
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in washington? money. and ron johnson fits right in. six years ago, johnson took a shady $10 million corporate payout, went to washington, then voted to protect $21 billion in tax breaks for the world's biggest oil companies. $21 billion. a wisconsin senator, protecting tax breaks for oil companies. that's ron johnson. that's washington. and he fits right in. end citizens united is responsible
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kathy: it was a wild police chase through three counties. news chopper 12 was the only eye in the sky. today we learned that suspect , has a long criminal record. joyce: 12 news nick bohr is where it all began, with a bank robbery at 58th and forest home. >> the man arrived in the van he had stolen from work. he went inside, demanding cash from t gun. he left with the money, just the beginning of an epic chase in southeastern wisconsin. when the van was spotted, the chase was on. news chopper 12 picked up the pursuit is milwaukee police and sheriffs deputies joined in. as across lines of jurisdiction, the wisconsin state patrol took over. >> what you saw was multiple
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nature of his driving behavior and the risks far outweigh the requirement to capture the subject. >> the state control used the computer system and a live feed from news chopper 12 to track the suspect. he bailed out of the stolen van in hartford. officers took him down in a field nearby. now it is up to the state control to retrace route, compiling a list of all the crimes along the way, including several hit and run crashes, fleeing and eluding in waukesha and washington counties, and fleeing the state control, but that is not all. >> an additional multitude of traffic violations where he was running traffic signals, stop signs, in proper passing. >> he has a record going back 20
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fleeing from police, as well as five guis. we are not naming him because he has not been charged in this case. joyce: thank you. we have more video of the police chase and the suspect's arrest posted online. just head to the wisn 12 news facebook page to watch it again. mobile app or the 12 news facebook page to watch it again. kathy: now to the race for the white house with just six days to go both campaigns are criss , crossing the country trying to rally support in as many must win swing states as possible. as abc's maggie rulli reports the gap between the candidates , is rapidly shrinking. >> as the gap between the two candidates shrinks to nearly nothing both campaigns are , hammering down on key battle ground states. hillary clinton in las vegas continues to go after trump's character. >> no matter who you are, what your background is, if you don't fit in a very narrow category of
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then somehow you don't have a part in trump's america. that really bothers me. >> and donald trump triples down with three events today in florida, another state locked in a tie. >> what a great honor, great crowd >>. bashing clinton. >> i've been watching hillary the last few days, she's totally unhinged. we don't want any of that. she has become unhinged. >> battleground states are a w today'c nes ab washington post national tracking poll shows clinton and trump tied at 46% each. president obama drives home the importance of swing states while in north carolina. >> i hate to put a little pressure on you, but the fate of the republic rests on your shoulders. the fate of the world is teetering, and you, north carolina, are going to have to make sure that we push it in the
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her across the country, and president obama is no exception. he's expected to campaign for her everyday from now through the election. maggie rulli, abc news, washington. joyce: the final marquette law school poll before election day is out. hillary clinton has a six-point lead in wisconsin just six days before the election. among likely voters, she has 46% of the vote to 40% for donald trump. when broken down by gender among likely voters, 46% of men support trump and 41% support clinton. among women, clinton is supported by 50% and trump by 34%. patrick has a closer look at the election. patrick: upfront host mike gousha, who also works on the whole, joinss now. and mike, there's been talk in recent days about wisconsin being a key battleground state as the race goes down to the wire. >> patrick, i think it's safe to say we haven't been a key battleground state most of this campaign but we're now at the , point where raw math enters in.
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, figure out a way to the 270 electroal votes he needs, and one of the few paths available to him would be to win wisconsin along with states like florida, ohio and north carolina. ,patrick: what's the biggest obstacle forrump? >> we saw this again in today's poll. trump continues to struggle in the traditional republican suburbs outside milwaukee. he's in a real battle with hillary clinton there, and if he doesn't improve his performance, it will be hard for him to win wisconsin, no matter how well he does in places like northeast wisconsin. patrick: stretch. thank you. joyce: only wisn 12 news is teaming up with abc news to bring you big story coverage on election night. live coverage from throughout wisconsin and around the country all night on air and online starting at 4:00 that afternoon. sunshine returns tomorrow. mark: it's kind of a bonus, especially for this time of year. it is november. you don't expect too many days in the 60's and 70's to you
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with most of the day in the mid-50's. thursday, watch out for fog in the morning. outside of that, a-ok. the sunshine breaks there in the morning, 62 degrees, and we won't stop there. friday, saturday, sunday, smiles galore, sunshine galore. i think i will take it. joyce: will make you smile too. a madison girl is getting a chance at life thanks to her teacher. in our first half hour, we told you how the teacher is donating a kidney to the child, who has a rare auto-immune disorder. one of the reasons they wanted to share their story is to talk about the importance of living donors. >> honey, it's time to get hooked up. joyce: every night, dena carreyn connects her daughter lyla to life-saving dialysis. >> because her kidney stone were -- kidneys don't work.
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has to be taken out by dialysis. joyce: a closet in lyla's room holds just some of the tubing and other equipment needed. >> this is about two weeks worth. joyce: while the utility room down the hall holds the boxes of medicine. dena carreyn can't wait for this routine to end. >> i just want her to be able to enjoy a normal childhood. joyce: the four ural girl will -- the four-year-old girl will get that chance thanks to her kindergarten teacher, beth battista, who turned out to be a kidney donor match. beth says the surgery will be laparoscopic, with three small incisions. >> you will need 5-6 weeks to recover mainly because you are so are and tired, but she should build to lead a normal life. joyce: are you scared?
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but thinking about the outcome gets me through it. joyce: it will make life so much easier for lyla. >> adult kidneys do it in children. they don't remove the nonfunctioning kidney, so she will have three kidneys. the outcome for kidney recipients are much better when there is a living donor and fall versus a deceased donor. i have people say to me what if one of your kids need a kidney. to do this, and i can't think of any other way to do it. i am so ready to save her life. joyce: wanting to somehow thank beth, dena wrote to ellen degeneres, who had them on her show recently. ellen also had a little surprise for beth, who's a huge fan of aaron rodgers. rodgers went on >> i was so moved when i heard about your story and the


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