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tv   WISN 12 News at 10PM  ABC  November 9, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm CST

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[captioning made possible by wisn-tv] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: now on wisn 12 news. >> a little girl struck and killed on her way to church. what neighbors now want to prevent it from happening again. on drugs? an addict takes twelve news inside a teen's bedroom and reveals the signs hiding in plain sight. joyce: we begin with breaking news, a man and child leap from a second story window to escape their burning apartment building. kathy: 12 news' sheldon dutes is live at the university gardens apartments, near the u.w. whitewater campus. sheldon: neighbors tell me it was a father and his pre-teen
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jumped out. this cell phone picture captured the flames as they lit up this door and window. >> it was scary very scary because we heard people screaming in the hallway. and they were screaming and crying and i opened the hallway door and all i saw was smoke and people running and screaming. >> lyle downs saw tla tried to help. >> we started spraying the hose or the fire extinguishers at the flames started with the top and work your way down. >> downs spotted two people who were trapped on the second floor. >> officer reeve asked me to grab a ladder, as i went to run and grab the ladder and came back with it he backed his suv up to the window and they jumped out of the second story and landed on the roof of the truck. >> the one guy bounced off and fell on his head but the boy seemed like he was ok he was crying pretty bad he was scared. >> they were shaken up.
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sheldon: fire department says no one was injured. they're still keeping an eye on the garden apartments which is less than a half mile from uw-whitewater. students who can't get back into their apartments tonight should report to the campus visitor's center. non-students will have to go to the gymnasium. joyce: more breaking news, five people have been shot in downtown seattle. specifics are just coming in. we do know that two victims are suffering life-threatening injuries. the government is still at large. poliay related to an anti-donald trump protest going on in another part of the city. kathy: anti-trump protests are going on right now in cities across the country. joyce: demonstrators are marching through the streets in new york city, oakland, philadelphia and chicago. protesters there blocked the entrance to trump tower and stopped traffic on the busy lake shore drive. they're carrying signs and chanting, showing their displeasure with the outcome of the election.
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it was wisconsin's 10 lectoral votes that put trump over the top to victory around 1:30 this morning. he's the first republican presidential candidate to carry wisconsin since 1984. >> while he won the electoral college hillary clinton leads the nationwide popular vote with several million votes still to be counted. trump called his win historic. >> but to be really historic you have to do a good job, and i promise you i won't let you down. i'll do a great job. >> trump spent his day inside trump tower in new york, while hillary clinton gave her concession speech, saying the loss is painful and will be for a long time. >> we must accept this result and then look to the future. donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. >> president obama spoke from
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side loses an election, but the day after we have to remember that we're actually all on one team. joyce: the president also pledged to make the transition as seamless as possible. kathy: with 72 days until the inauguration, one of the big questions tonight who along with vice-president mike pence will fill the seats in trump's cabinet and inner circle? several big names in wisconsin are reportedly on the short list. patrick, one of those is milwaukee county's sheriff. patrick: sheriff david clarke stood by donald trump's side and campaigned for him. a report today in politico calls clarke a possible candidate for homeland security secretary. the sheriff sent us a statement reading in part, am the sheriff "i of milwaukee county. i will continue to be the sheriff of milwaukee county until i am no longer the sheriff of milwaukee county, at which time i won't be the sheriff of milwaukee county." he went on to say that anything other than that is pure speculation. just a few weeks ago, mike gousha asked the sheriff, on upfront, if he'd like to work in
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>> well look, i'd be honored to serve donald trump in his administration. that has never been talked about. that's not what this is about this is about the direction of this is about the direction of the country. this is about breaking up this washington cartel with an outsider, and the country is what happens after that is fine first. if i'm asked. of course, when the president asks you to serve, you serve. >> you think you could be useful in a role in a t administration? >> oh, there's no doubt in my mind i could be. patrick: there are some reports saying rnc chairman and wisconsin native reince priebus is under consideration for chief of staff. we asked if there's a response, and have not heard back. governor walker says trump has hinted about a role. however, the governor says he plans to finish out his term and concentrate on his job as the new chairman of the republican governors association. kathy: and there are questions about whether paul ryan's days as house speaker are numbered. ryan refused to campaign with trump in recent weeks. and trump suggested in interviews that ryan might not be speaker.
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told reporters his relationships with trump and conservative house republicans are in tact. >> we spoke last night, this morning, and i spoke to mike pence as well. i think we will hit the ground running. we are already talking about getting our transition is together. kathy: ryan says they are coordinating schedules to begin working together. joyce: after hearing trump campaign about cracking down on illegal immigration, local latino families are anxious tonight about their future in this state. christina palladino sat down with children in waukesha who four are afraid of losing their parents. >> the flores family has lived in waukesha for close to 20 years. they are active in their children's schools, their church and community. , but tonight feel nervous about what comes next with a donald trump presidency. >> i know that right now a lot of families are scared but what i want them to know is that they're not alone. >> leslie flores says her friends at waukesha south high
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leslie was born here along with her younger siblings. three >> they don't have the same opportunities as me, and now that trump is doing these things. >> leslie's parents are undocumented. they came from mexico and are terrified about being ripped away from their children. >> we're going to try to stay here. we need to keep fighting for our rights. >> immigration attorney cain oulahan says he's been on the phone all day with families. >> i don't think that people should panic that something is goto , prepared and know their rights. >> for the flores family, the unknown is most concerning. >> i am scared for my kids. joyce: community forums are being organized across the state to educate immigrants about their rights when it comes to their documented status, enforcement and to address other , concerns. taking a closer look at the wisconsin vote breakdown.
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low 2.9 million voters, lower , than the 3.1 million expected. about 3000 more people voted in the senate race than did in the presidential contest. trump defeated clinton in wisconsin by more than 27,000 votes. kathy: a local family thought it would never happen to them. >> a lot of people are terrified to deal with addiction because the the stigma around it. i think people are terrified for face -- to face that. kathy: other families face it by revealing the warning signs hiding in plain sight. joyce: a big automaker announces layoffs. the thing that's saving you money that's hurting business. mark: plus, this amazing november weather continues. are you ready for another record high? how warm we'll get tomorrow next
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joyce: a line of people snaked outside the milwaukee municipal court this afternoon for the second warrant withdrawal wednesday. that's the chance for people to get their warrants and driver's license suspensions lifted simply by just showing up at court. 850 people showed up for the amnesty program last week. the court will hold one more session next wednesday. a call for more safety measures after a life taken far too soon. kathy: five-year-old rickyia langham was on her way church on sunday on the city's north side when she was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver.
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>> just days after her death, the memorial here continues to grow, stuffed animals and lose. -- and balloons. at the same time, neighbors want to know how to make the streets safer her cousin says they're planning a funeral for the little girl who was hit by an suv while crossing leon terrace, near hampton avenue. >> if we would have had a speed bump, maybe that would have prevented something like this from happening. >> that's in the back of their minds but just down the street , there are speed humps slowing traffic and there's a desire for more. district alderman cavalier two johnson has talked to neighbors. if people who live on leon terrace petition for a speed hump, his office will send the neighborhood post cards to vote yes or no. >> those postcards come directly to my office.
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they will have my support to get them in. >> they can cause a thousand dollars to get them in. they are still looking for the hit-and-run driver. kathy: the alderman says if a speed home is installed it , usually comes out to about $240 per resident on the street. new tonight, a milwaukee police officer is arrested. court records show he was while intoxicated. all we know about the incident is that happened in september. police say anderson has been suspended and will be in court next week. drivers may notice a change tomorrow. the dot is making the change tonight as part of the zoo interchange project. a major policy change at u.w. madison after a fan wears an offensive costume to a home football game.
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ropes will be banned, and anybody who engages in violent, threatening, or disorderly conduct which tends to provoke a disturbance or incite violence, will be ejected. a fan wore a president obama mask with a noose around its neck to a game last month. school officials were criticized by fans and players for letting the fan stay. joyce: drugs hidden in plain sight. a local mother and son want you to know what to look for in your kids' bedroom, and how to stop it. wisn 12's ben wagner shows us the warning signs. >> they are. >> tyler lybert and his mom sandi finish each other's sentences. they weren't always this close. tyler is a recovering heroin addict. >> we've lived it. i was that person. i never thought it would happen to us. >> sandi says she ignored the warning signs. >> i was the parent that didn't want to go through the room. give him his privacy. and i'll tell you why, i was
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then i'd have to do something about it. and back then, i didn't know where to go. >> tyler's addiction started in sixth grade. first, it was drinking. by eighth grade, prescription pills. in high school, heroin. >> if i'm under the influence, or i'm wanting that high, i would try anything. so i did. i started trying oxycontin. then from there it hooked me right away, and then it became too expensive so i switched to , heroin. even violent. sandi says there aren't many pictures from that time -- that time. >> i became tyler's friend and i thought that was the way to handle it. i lost that power as a parent. >> she hopes other parents won't make the same mistake. >> maybe if i had picked up those signs, we could have deterred the path i went down. >> so together they built a room , called 'hidden in plain sigh'' inside the hartland fire department.
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>> with at least 60 warning signs of drug use. >> that little stand has at least five different signs. >> five signs? >> just on top of that little shelf. some are obvious. >> the high times magazine is a sign. >> you might recognize pot magazines are hot glasses, but others are camouflaged. >> some of them are so subtle, that you would have to have seen it as a sign before for you to pick it up. >> could be hiding drugs. >> the room is only meant for parents up these stairs. the group says they don't want to give kids any ideas on how to hide drugs in their room. the centers for disease control reports someone who abuses alcohol is twice as likely to be addicted to heroin than someone who isn't. opioid addicts are 40 times more likely. >> i am tyler. this is the lybert family. >> the lybert's know how lucky they are.
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who died from alcohol or drugs. >> this wasn't my life plan. this wasn't what i wanted to do with my life. >> tyler has been sober for eight years now. he and his family speak to parents in a program called stairway to heroin, hoping to break the stigma of addiction. >> i'm the face of addiction. i'm the mother with it with the son who is an addict. but we're able to empower them to be that parent. >> the lybert's presentations have helped changed how closely some waukesha schools look for drugs. they're even teaching police departments the new ways kids ar ben wagner, wisn 12 news. joyce: the model room is free for schools at the hartland fire department. if you're interested in having the lybert family speak at your child's school, we have a link on our website. just type that families trying to do a lot of good to educate others. it sure does not feel like november. kathy: isn't november really,
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it does not feel like november. the temperatures are way above average and seem to be out of whack. it will still get cold this winter. we will still get snow. just in due time. in the meantime, let's focus on that, 60 six degrees, that's what we will get tomorrow, record high. the record high for years ago was 65 degrees, so we will be warm again. crazy warm, and getting the sunshine. this is thme people get seasonal affective disorder because we don't get a lot of sunshine, but this november has been completely different, sunny the entire time. into canada, southern and central canada, a huge chunk of the country setting records today, into the 70's. that is wacky. their average highs this time of year and southern canada is
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it will be windy. be ready for that. if you are doing the leaves tomorrow, they will be blowing around. if you're waiting until friday, they will be blowing around again. friday night into saturday morning, lows around 34. we will be close to freezing. we will keep a close eye on that. it has been crazy warm out there. for the first nine days of the month, the warmer start we have ever had going back to 1871. temperature at 56.5 degrees, 12 degrees above average. the warm streak continues with days of 50 degrees a warmer, 179 in a row, amazing. 211 days or and in a row with temperatures above freezing. we are closing in on those records. downtown milwaukee right now under mostly clear, but some cloudiness trying to work its way in here.
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night because of this, the west, southwesterly wind. that wind, i want to focus on that as well, it will be windy tomorrow. temperatures going up, but we have to deal with the wind. inland, 39 beaver dam. 37 watertown. 39 alcorn. cooter near the lake, but temperatures drop off a little bit more as we had throughout the night. here is the trend, warm on thursday, cold on friday, 51, 55 saturday. delightful. if you are curious about next week, it is warm again, so raking, yeah, it will be dry. that is nice, but it will be windy thursday and friday, less wind on saturday, comfortable temperatures, and i know a lot of you have the leaves is still coming down. i think we will have some leaves on the trees all the way to thanksgiving. 53 for the high saturday. 60 sunday, warming things up
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you are worried that we have been so warm, how will it affect the gun deer season that starts november 19-27, a lot cooler than now, and even some snow may be possible right at the beginning of gun deer season. 66, 51, temperatures warming for the weekend with lots of sunshine. 60 on sunday, absolutely beautiful, then again next week, not maybe a few showers, but i think we stay in the 50's, and maybe even 60's. kathy: that is amazing, mark. thank you. a milwaukee mom wants to care for her premature son the way she sees fit. joyce: but the state is fighting her. colleen henry investigates. >> the mom claims her strict religious beliefs forbid certain medical treatment. now, child welfare advocates are stepping in, claiming it's a matter of life and death for the newborn baby. >> >> i want my son to live, but i don't want his body being
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life. >> 12 news investigates a dramatic case unfolding right now in milwaukee's children's court. joyce: see colleen henry's investigation, faith versus medicine, tomorrow on 12 news at 10:00. kathy: you are probably enjoying this unseasonably warm weather, but your plants may be confused. joyce: coming up, what you should be doing differently now, to avoid any problems lar. aaron rodgers adds some comic relief after the election. his reaction to a write in vote
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together and break down barriers. you are talking about running a country compared to providing entertainment for people, but we love the opportunity to do what we do and inspire people. hopefully we can all move for together and get this thing going in the right direction. stephanie: some people wrote you in. >> i want to thank all the voters who voted for me. somebody had sent me geordie for president and me for vice president. >> we are tied 1-1. they voted me president and him vice president, so he was not too happy about that. stephanie: rodgers was asked if he would ever run for office. he said he's just trying to put
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titans. dan: thank you steph. , james starks was limited in practice today, and until he returns, ty montgomery will be the focus of the running game. mike mccarthy said today that the receiver is now a three-down running back, and at 225 pounds montgomery claims he can handle , the punishment that comes along with it. >> you deftly get hit more playing running back then as a receiver. that is a fact of the matter , and less you getting 15 points a game, you're not taking on those tackles. it's not anything unbearable. it does not faze me. dan: chargers running back melvin gordon is the afc offensive player of the week after rushing for 196 yards against the titans sunday. it's the first time the former kenosha bradford and badgers star has won the award. coming up in our next half hour, we'll check in on marquette and wisconsin basketball. joyce: we will see you then. thank you. tomorrow the future first lady , will meet with current first
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she plans to tackle while she is in the white house.
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