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tv   WISN 12 News at 6PM  ABC  November 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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the arena featuring public art, gardens, a signature water feature and event lawns. , another rendering shows a year-round beer garden and outdoor media wall that links the arena with old world third street. the arena and the entertainment block are all scheduled to open in fall 2018. you'll hear more from the architect coming up tonight at 10:00. kathy: thanks, patrick. we've posted a slideshow of these rendering on our website and mobile app for you to look through. just head to and click on the story. more breaking news now. a fatal shooting in milwaukee. this is a live picture from 68th and congress, an 18-year-old man was shot during an argument. they are currently seeking suspects and the investigation continues. joyce: now tonight's big story, the fight over the release of convicted killer brendan dassey. the state just filed an emergency motion to keep him locked up after a judge ordered him released by friday night. colleen henry spent the day
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, waits for a decision. >> brendan dassey became an international cause after last year's netflix smash ?making a murderer.? dassey is serving a life sentence for helping his uncle steven avery rape, murder and burn the body of freelance photographer teresa halbach back in 2005. a judge overturned his conviction, calling his confession involuntary. the state has appealed, but the two sides are now in battle over whether the 27-year-old should be freed while the appeal plays out. the federal court in milwaukee ordered brendan dassey free by friday night at 8:00 p.m. wisconsin's department of justice is hoping the seventh circuit court of appeals will stop that with an emergency stay. >> the state says he is a rapist, a murderer, and a danger to the community, and his release will devastate the family of teresa halbach.
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download our free mobile app to stay in the loop about this developing story. we'll send out an alert the moment we learn when dassey will be released. kathy: a walker's point bar owner is getting more attention than he wanted after taking out a controversial ad. the ad ran in the local magazine alcohol-manac saying "sabbatic is for lovers." alley, where 50% of bradley tech pregnancies start and end." the bar owner says he's frustrated with vandalism and other problems. he's now receiving threats and didn't want to be on camera. >> this ad is partly based on your frustration and anger with the response to the vandalism? >> half of it was meant as a crude joke for literally my kind of people. my apologies to the people who didn't find it funny, who aren't in my circle. you weren't meant to see it. kathy: the mayor's office says disgusting, offensive, degrading, vile, and repugnant are words that come to mind.
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something like this, the mayor's office asked. mps also criticized the ad. joyce: new tonight, a third wednesday of extremely long lines outside milwaukee's municipal court. people lined up before court even opened this morning, all for the opportunity to have their warrants thrown out. this was the third, and final, warrant withdrawal wednesday. a group of judges created the program to allow people to get their warrants and driver's license suspensions lifted simply by just showing up at court. a milwaukee man is suspected of gunning down his own wife, and tonight we're learning there was , a history of domestic violence in that relationship. 12 news obtained court documents which show the suspect was charged this past he was accused september. of hitting his wife, 30-year-old kortni thornton, with a baseball bat. police say thornton was shot and killed monday night outside the ridgewood apartments near 70th and glenbrook. so far no charges have been , filed yet in that case. new information on a former county worker convicted of misconduct in office. the milwaukee pension board has unanimously voted to pull dennis dietscher's pension benefits.
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when 12 news reported he'd get october to keep them to the tune of $2700 each month. the county executive thanked the board for reconsidering its decision. dietscher was convicted of accepting kick-backs for county contracts. kathy: eight bayview woman takes matters into her own hands, finding her own stolen car after a was stolen twice from in front of her house. >> quite a bold the woman was taking groceries out of her car this summer when her whole ordeal began. she left her purse and keys on the seat, then she got it back, only to have it again stolen last night, and she had had enough. >> it was sitting a for 10 minutes. they came, wind, and it was gone. that was the first time.
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like she is driving a fancy car, but her kia optima is apparently in demand, stolen twice in a matter of days. >> it was horrible, absolutely horrible, heartbreaking. >> she figured it was the same guy who had the keys. she did some sleuthing of her own and went with her boyfriend where it was recovered the first time at seventh and mitchell at 3:00 a.m. >> i brought my key remote. he was drivingan lights went off and we were like, no way. there it was right in front of our face. >> she called police, but when they did not come quickly, she took action. >> i was not sure someone was going to wake up and get in my car and take off with it, so what do you do? >> so she hopped in and took her car back. >> i walked up to it, got into it, started it, and then drove
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she found some bullets as well as a drug scale in the car, which she turned over to police. she says she is moving from her home now. in the meantime, her car is being capped at the in-laws. kathy: the number of car thefts in the city of milwaukee is down significantly last year. a milwaukee bucks star gets a shout out from the president while marquette's basketball , team gets a ride on hillary clinton's campaign plane. wisn 12 news kent wainscott is live in the newsroom. kent, it's presidential politics meeting milwaukee basketball. >> that's right. some interesting hoops-politics connections. we'll start with the flight of the golden eagles. the marquette basketball team boarding what was hillary clinton's campaign plane.
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the plane is still flying high. it's back in its private company's fleet for others to charter, the markings still on it. this is the university of dayton flyers basketball team stepping off the former campaign plane this week for a game in alabama. now a marquette university spokesman tells us the same charter plane was used to fly the golden eagles twice. back from a game in maryland earlier this week and then again , to new york yesterday. this all comes one day after reports surfaced that the city's pro team, the milwaukee bucks, is one of three nba teams that will no longer stay certain cities. we reached out to a bucks spokesman who told us they don't , discuss travel details. and one of the bucks young stars ,, giannis antetokounmpo, got quite a shout out today from president barack obama during his visit to giannis' native greece. but the president had a little difficulty with the
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cheering for giannis antetokounmpo, who seems to be getting better each year. >> so while the president did not exactly nailed the pronunciation, giannis and many of his bucks teammates met with president earlier year during his last visit to milwaukee. you heard the cheering at the mention of giannis' name, an indication of how popular he is not only here in milwaukee, but back in his home country as well. kathy: a warning before you pull into a parking lot in milwaukee, beware, a tow truck may be waiting. joyce: 12 news' ben wagner investigates. >> it's a problem that's becoming all to common, unsuspecting drivers getting a rude awaking in milwaukee parking lots. >> we have had our customers spend thousands and thousands of dollars in the last couple weeks bailing their cars out from a private tow company that's towing across the street.
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the city is trying take, and we go right to the tow companies with our questions from consumers. joyce: see ben wagner's investigation, tonight on wisn 12 news at 10:00. kathy: looking ahead, some of the best gymnasts in the country will converge on milwaukee next summer. the city is hosting the 2017 usa gymnastics championships. the competitions will be held at the wisconsin center and the bmo harris bradley center next june. milwaukee officials estimate the event will bring in $5.4 million for the city. joyce: a month of free rides on milwaukee county buses is up for golden m-card giveaway. between now and november 29, you can enter to win one of five cards preloaded with a 31-day pass, good for unlimited rides. mcts is offering the promotion to celebrate a milestone 25 million rides since the launch of the m-cards two years ago. kathy: after serving wauwatosa for nearly four decades, changes are coming to the chancery.
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be renovated and converted into a jose's blue sombrero. the same company, derosa corporation, owns both restaurant chains. this is a drawing of what it will look like. the chancery will officially close in january. it will reopen as jose's sometime in june. still ahead tonight, you're hired. joyce: the mequon nature preserve adds its first four-legged staffer. how the chocolate lab is helping keep the area safe one sniff at a time. plus -- >> got to get stretched out, ready to it . wisn 12, baby. kathy: she takes it seriously. the friendly competition, helping put dinner on the table for local families this holiday season. mark: the warm air one last when we go from 70 to almost 20. >> hey, everyone. owning a piece of milwaukee history, while helping save pets. >> tomorrow on wisn 12 news this morning, the once-in-a-lifetime
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you how to dress if you're heading downtown for the
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preserve has gone to the dogs. not really. but they've hired their first four legged employee. joyce: wisn 12's lindsey slater shows how the chocolate lab is helping keep the area safe, one sniff at a time. >> meet tilia. she's the newest member at the mequon nature preserve. don't let her size fool you, she's here for a very important purpose. >> >> she comes to work everyday, just like every other staff member. she punches a clock, just kristen gies, the executive director, says tilia's days are mainly training and meeting and greeting the kids as they come and go for science lessons. but her primary job is to sniff out invasive species, like wild parsnip. it is a long stemmed plant with serrated green leaves. it shoots up a flower that resembles babies breath, but it is yellow. it can actually cause third degree burns if you touch it.
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she can sense one drop of chemical in 16 olympic sized swimming pools. she's only 18 weeks old now, but through intensive training over the winter months, come springtime, she'll be able to sniff out the wild parsnip before it can cause any harm. gies says they pay talia in dog treats. it's the least they can do for work they can't do themselves. >> i thought, why not here? we've got plenty of work to do, and it's hard enough to do with us humans. we don't have the same kind of scent work with our little noses. wisn 12 news. joyce: there you go. tillia even has her own instagram if you want to see what she's sniffing out. it's @tilia_mnp. here is a look at her latest post. >> my first interview with my new friend, lindsey slater. that is awesome. in case you are wondering, she does go home with the executive director at night. kathy: or the executive director gets to go home with her and
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trees are in place, and the stage is set. kathy: it's time to get into holiday spirit in downtown milwaukee. crews are setting up for the annual holiday lights festival. wisn 12 is a proud sponsor. there'll be music, fireworks, and free rides on the jingle bus to see all the lights. following the lighting of the tree at city hall, melinda davenport and ben wagner will co-host the kick-off extravaganza at pere marquette park. if you can't make it in person, you can watch the ceremony live right here on wisn 12 at 6:30. new on wisn 12, some good old fashioned competition for a great cause. joyce: our melinda davenport took part in the annual celebrity relay race to fight hunger. >> yeah, go melinda. joyce: do not get in her way. she is not messing around. you may also recognize elizabeth kay from 99.1 the mix. several local tv and radio personalities were paired off in the relay race style competition. the goal is to help get the word out about feeding america's stuff the bus food drive.
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drop off food donations at the brookfield pick 'n save to help feed hungry families during the holidays. the relay, by the way, ended in a tie. wow. she was intense about it. we only have a few days left to enjoy this amazing november. kathy: yes mark, reality is on , the way. mark: it is. most are satisfied wite some of you are excited for the fact that it will be cooling down. it has been one amazing november so far, back in the 50's again today with 55. three days in the 70's, may be four tomorrow, because it will be warm, our warmest start ever to november going back to the 1870's, so it is a long stretch
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two more warm days, then a 40 degree temperature drop. maybe 40-50 degrees. the wind will be the big story, really strong friday and saturday. look at these crazy high temperatures. remember, it is the middle of november. we don't usually have temperatures like this. it is usually cold. not tomorrow, 69 would tie the record high set third record high for this month if that happens. to waukesha we go, 45 degrees. we have cooled off temporarily, 47 milwaukee, but as the evening goes on and overnight, temperatures around 50 degrees as the warmer air begins its push moving in. then that wind changes its direction on friday, out of the south first, then flying out of
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it is a big winter storm. it is a window maker for us. these are blizzard watches out right now in parts of minnesota. that is something we will keep a close eye on. if you are traveling west, be ready for this on friday, 6-10 inches of snow to the northwest of us. not around here. tomorrow, warm, close to 70 degrees, then we get colder. this is when the cold frt may be still and isolated shower or thunderstorm as that happens in the early afternoon on friday, then we clear it out on saturday, most of the stove --and the north of us. crashing friday and saturday, it will make a big difference. it will feel cold. bottom line, window over 40 miles per hour as the cold air comes flying in. the wind to? 15-25.
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and higher than that. 69 degrees tomorrow. find out await to enjoy it, windy, but warm. 65, first half of friday will be warm, then the cold air sweeps in. friday morning, 57 degrees. that is way above the average high, 46 degrees. then, there it is, 42 on saturday, the streak of 50 plus temperatures comes to an end. then a lot of you will be traveling on wednesday, a pretty good chance of rain towards the middle of the week. joyce: we will talk football now, and the badgers will need a little help to reach the college football playoffs. dan: they do. so much will be determined by the final three weekends of the season. are the players paying attention to what is going on? plus, the packers add a new
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defense of their embattled coach. it's all next in big 12 sports. announcer: get the most accurate forecast wherever you are, with
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? dan: in a desperate attempt to upgrade their running game, the packers have claimed running back christin michael off waivers. he was cut by seattle yesterday . michael was the seahawks leading rusher this season with 469 yards and six touchdowns. as for the rest of the packers, they are rallying behind mike mccarthy. stephanie sutton reports from green bay. stephanie: of outside criticism of mike mccarthy. today, aaron rodgers defended him. >> i think it is ridiculous. i think people don't understand how difficult it is to win in this league and win consistently. the success we have had here, it is tough to do, and we set the standard pretty high, but i would not listen to some of
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the meeting rooms, the practice environment, so they don't know the type of work we have going on here. don't waste your time reading stuff like that. stephanie: aaron rodgers knows some of the heat can be taken off the head coach if they go to washington dc and get a win. green bay have won six of their last seven against the redskins. dan: thank four touchdowns saturday at purdue. the latest college football playoff rankings have wisconsin at number seven, but they could probably get into the four-team playoff if they win the big ten championship game. it is the subject the subject of players have not been able to ignore. >> it will pop up regardless, so you can't run away from it too long. it is one of those things, there is always another resource that
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doing, so we have to ignore the noise. dan: the bucks are just a few minutes away from tipoff in atlanta against the hawks, who lead the southeast division with a 7-2 record. the bucks are 5-4. and in baseball, the cy young awards were announced within the last hour, and both are former detroit tigers. max scherzer of the nationals wins his second cy young, and first in the national league. rick porcello of the red sox wins the al cy young for the first time. he beat out justin verlander. kate upton sent out a scathing tweet that we cannot read on the air. not happy that he did not win. joyce: the wisconsin badgers' march to the big ten championship takes another step forward this saturday when wisconsin travels to purdue. it's a game you can see only right here on wisn 12. kickoff is at 11:00 in the morning. then tune in to big 12 sports saturday at 6:30.
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look ahead to the regular season finale against minnesota. that's all this saturday only right here on wisn 12. dan: i am staying here.
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?? ?? "star wars" secret affair revealed. >> whenever i start to talk harrison gets nervous. >> what carrie fisher says about a secret romance with harrison ford kept hidden for 40 years. >> i love you. >> i know. >> plus, brad pitt on the move. is he buying a new york bachelor pad? kate gosselin custody war?n and- the bombshell claims against his ex. >> there's something being hidden. >> why the father of eights he does not know where his son is. >> if you texted kate where is my son? >> yeah. i would love you to. >> i'll text her right now. >> a kale owe cuoco exclusive


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