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tv   WISN 12 News at 6PM  ABC  November 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm CST

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colleen: levi ruohenen appeared in court by closed-circuit television to face homicide charges after the friday-afternoon crash that killed kevin and emily dalley. the dalleys were headed home after a thanksgiving celebration. according to the criminal complaint, a witness said kevin dalley stopped at the intersection near their subdivision and signalled a left turn, when ruohenen's car his attorney says ruohenen works as an operating engineer at a we energies plant. prosecutors say he had a prior drunk-driving conviction.
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had played hockey with friends on friday, where he drank three to four beers, then headed to a strip club, where he had another beer or two. >> this is a horrible, horrible tragedy. colleen: ruohenen's attorney says his client is devastated. ruohenen faces a maximum 90-year sentence if convicted. meanwhile, the dalley family has asked for privacy. relatives have set up a youcaring page for donations and have already received $50,000 in donations. in caledonia, colleen henry, wisn 12 news. kathy: dalley had another child in the car. she is back home recovering. joyce: turning to the weather now, our umbrellas got a workout today. the good news is, it was not very cold. that means rain, not snow. 50 degrees, so we are a long way away from freezing, although it is still nasty out there. but it is rain and not snow, and as said, you do not have to shovel rain. and that is the case. light rain. you have got some pockets, where we have got some heavy or moderate rain it will continue to move in throughout the night. let's expand the view. that is a front that will be pushing it eventually, and that
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kind of interesting for this time of year. no fog at all. hanging around 50 degrees. when this rain comes to an end, we expect temperatures in the mid to upper 60's. anchor: and you can track the weather on-the-go anytime with our free app. track any rain or snow on the interactive radar. and keep an eye on the 7-day forecast. kathy: the family of a milwaukee mother who was gunned down in front of her children is crying out tonight. only on 12 news mike anderson ta message to other victims of domestic violence. mike: now we have a face to go the name kortni thornton. the 30-year-old mother of three young boys was shot to death by her estranged husband two weeks ago. as her family prepares to lay her to rest, they're sending a message to other potential victims in kortni's memory. >> she did all of the things that she was supposed to do. she had filed for divorce. she had filed for a court-ordered protection, but we
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paper, and what happened was, unfortunately, her husband killed her. reporter: her husband, 32-year-old dexter gardner, has been charged with first-degree intentional homicide. police say he gunned thornton down as she was picking up their children near 70th and glenbrook. gardner was out on bail at the time, already facing charges for hitting thornton with a baseball bat two months earlier. her have waited too long to get out. >> maya angelou said it. the first time that they do it to you, believe that is who that person is. reporter: the family has launched a website called "the kortni thornton domestic violence foundation," providing information that might help victims get help before it's too late. the funeral services will be tuesday at 11:00 a.m..
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friend. she has been released from the hospital but will need extensive physical therapy. the suspect, dexter gardner, faces life in prison. in addition to homicide charges, he is also charged with possession of a firearm by a felon and bail jumping. he's due back in court next month. joyce: a brown deer police officer charged in a shooting pleads not guilty. officer devon kraemer made the plea today. in march, officer kraemer is accused of shooting 26-year-old manuel burnley as she and her partner struggled to handcuff him. he survived the shooting, but lost part of his lung. kraemer is charged with aggravated battery and will face a trial. joyce: milwaukee police are asking your help to identify a sexual-assault suspect. take a look at the man you see walking down the street in this video. police tell us the assault happened near 17th and state, just before 11:30 saturday night. the man had a handgun. if you know who he is, you're asked to contact milwaukee police. kathy: now a developing story a lawsuit is being filed to force
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presidential election. wisconsin's 72 county clerks expect to hire thousands of temporary workers to make it happen. terry sater joins us live from the newsroom with how it will work. terry: kathy, we have learned that the recount will begin thursday, the pricetag will be $3.5 million, and the two campaigns requesting the recount have to pay by 4:30 tomorrow afternoon. green party candidate jill stein cited evidence of voing irregularities that indicate potential tampering with electronic voting systems. that's also why the campaign says it's going to court to try to force the presidential but the wisconsin elections commission says it's confident the recount will confirm president-elect donald trump is due the state's 10 electoral votes. a green party spokesman says the recount is allowed by law. >> it's about the right of the voters to know that their votes count. and therefore, we're saying we need to take a good look at this. >> we've said many times that there are numbers of reasons why we are skeptical of any claims
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being tampered with in the state of wisconsin. terry: the recount begins thursday and has to be done by december 12 at 8:00 p.m. that's so the state can deliver the results by the federal deadline of december 13. live in the newsroom, terry sater, wisn 12 news. joyce: tomorrow you will most likely see people protesting on the side of the road. it's part of a nationwide event called "day of disruption." thousands will be asking for higher minimum wage. this is also when workers at o'hare international airport in chicago will walk off the job. some 500 baggage handlers, cabin cleaners, janitors, and wheelchair attendants say they want $15 an hour and union rights. it's unclear how or if this will affect any flights in and out of chicago, so if you are flying, be aware. kathy: happening now. the green bay packers are getting ready for tonight's big game against the philadelphia eagles. here is a live look from inside lincoln financial field. 12 sports director dan needles is live in philly right now.
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game for the packers. dan: it is, kathy, and i think every game left on their schedule. the eagles are 5-5, and they have outscored their opponents by 55 points, even though they are a 500 all club. when they have loss, they have been close games. that is nothing new. if you look at the rest of the schedule for green bay, at the beginnin schedule. now, maybe at chicago, three home games, three road games, and they will close with three straight games. the packers pre-much have to win five out of six if not all six to make the playoffs, so this game tonight will, of course, be on monday night football. in the 1990's, and assistant coach with both the packers and
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to john gruden. reporter: yes, and he is always as animated as we expect him to be. we talked about his time with brett favre, and he thinks aaron rodgers been unfairly criticized this season. >> i think that is unfortunate that he has not been recognized far how great he is playing. no matter the problems with the green bay packers, his name would not even come up. lineup. hopefully, it jake ryan plays. improve their communication. and going to play tonight, i hope so, because they are fourth and fifth quarter. cannot matchup and has not matched up in the last weeks. reporter: and we just found out in the last couple of minutes that jake is inactive, and coming up in our big 12 sports
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memories with brett favre, and we ask him if he thinks matt mccarthy is in the hot seat. dan: and coming up later in sports, something the packers absolutely have to do tonight in order to have a chance to win this game at lincoln financial field. dan needles in philly. back to you. kathy: again, you can watch the game right here on wisn 12. our special coverage countdown to kickoff starts at 6:30 right after this newscast. anchor: and then new tonight, after the game, two different medicines being pulled off of store shelves. and it is the packers and the eagles tonight on wisn 12. we are live from philly, including with coach mccarthy and aaron rodgers gets is tonight, after the game. anchor: well, preparing for cold weather now.
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to ask for more warming centers to help the homeless. anchor: they put the word out to places that have the capacity to temporarily house homeless people. the milwaukee continuum of care is training organizations interested in opening their doors. each place is trained to handle children, families and individuals living on the streets. the city and county are hoping to have places ready before the dangerous cold moves in. >> the first line of defense for cold weather is simple. having a warm safe place to go. no one, and let me one in milwaukee should spend a night in the cold weather. joyce those who are homeless or : those looking to help the homeless may call 2-1-1 to be directed to the nearest warming center. anchor: a parent gets a devastating call after his child is involved in a car crash. >> i'm thinking we are here because he is in surgery or something. i never imagined that he would
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life-saving message he wants to share. mark: when snow can arrive.
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believe it. i got a phone call, saying that he was in an accident. a google that phone call changing the life of a family from kenosha forever. their 18-year-old son killed in a car crash last week in the town of salem. kathy: only on wisn 12 news, ben hutchison spoke with the parents who have a simple so important message. ben: one week ago, in the early afternoon, along this stretch of highway k, the kenosha county sheriff's department says 18-year-old cody grinus lost control of the car he was his family, rushing to see him at a hospital. >> and they say he had a 1% chance of making it. ben: his dad, tracy, says everything happened fast, then their worst fears realized. >> i'm thinking we're here because he's in surgery or something. i never imagined he would be gone. ben: the investigation revealing speed was a predominent factor in the crash. cody's death is hitting his younger brother chase extremely hard.
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>> chase, he did not know what to do. he like put his hoodie over his head. ben: back in i met the grinus 2015, family at anderson park in kenosha. chase has autism he doesn't often share his feelings, but cody made him feel comfortable. we sat on the swings and he talked about his love for cars and his little brother. grinus' family now grieving cody's loss and talking about the importance of wearing your seatbelt one detective telling , cody's dad, the outcome could have been different. under the conditions, that he could have been with us today. ben: in the town of salem, ben hutchison, wisn 12 news. kathy: a passenger who was wearing a seat belt survived with minor injuries. the family is trying to raise money for a funeral. we have a link on the gofundme
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marathon continues today with cyber monday. that means some very busy shifts for workers out of amazon's fulfillment center in kenosha. 12 news had the chance to go inside today and see the chaos up close. there are about 630 amazon purchases, each second, on cyber monday. amazon rolled out a new deal every five minutes today and employees are ready to work overtime. >> it is a fun time of year to see all of the gifts coming through. >> we do not shut down. anchor: while official totals aren't out yet, amazon tells 12 news, black friday online sales surpassed last year. they're expecting the se a lot of businesses got in on the cyber monday deals. kathy: and here are some online sales you may not have thought of. summerfest offered a cyber first, monday deal. 50% off a 5 day pass to next year's festival. that brings the price down to $50. also, something you might not have thought about today the , brewers have 25% off all apparel online, only today, and
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and to stay in holiday mode, if your neighbors have something, he mail us and be sure to include your email, full number, and the address of the display, and then look for the video on wisn 12 news at 10:00. and if you are looking for a good day to put up the christmas lights, maybe tomorrow. mark: tomorrow. it may be breezy. and kind of the tradition. cold that it hurts? alright, so tomorrow, we get temperatures actually in the 50's and maybe even in the upper 50's around here, which is way warmer than average. keep in mind, the average is down at 40 degrees, and we will not get close to that. 45, and then a fair amount of sunshine. so get out there and enjoy it if
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be windy. it has not been pleasant today, but the rain will the ending tonight, probably around midnight or so. there is your terrific tuesday. and late this upcoming weekend, sunday, into monday, at least the potential is there. more on that coming up. wet roads across the area. temperatures are warm. it is not going to freeze up. no snow. around 15 near milwaukee, and it is not going to fall throughout the night, temperatures holding pretty steady. colder and, and then eventually, we start to bring this in, but no hurry. thunderstorms erected over iowa today, including tornadoes, kind of weird for this time of year, and then that spin, a counterclockwise flow, but it is well to the northwest of us, and
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southwesterly wind, so we warm up ahead of that, and that is exactly what has happened. you still see a whole lot of green and some yellows mixing in. we are not done with rain yet. this is tonight and during the overnight hours. we are going to add some of these totals, a lot of places picking up an inch of rain, which is a lot of rain for this time of year. in milwaukee, we will be adding to that. at future cast, seven :00, again, scattered showers moving through, maybe even a rumble of thunder near 10:00. and then it will move through. eventually, we will start to bring in that colder air as we go to wednesday and thursday. look at tomorrow. this brings in some sunshine, and it will be great. enjoy tomorrow for we start to cool things down.
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be some snow showers. some snow showers of us getting in here into thursday. overnight, temperatures staying mild all night long, 10 to 20 mile-per-hour wind. on tuesday, again, that is warm for this time of year, not record-breaking, but warm, nonetheless. the wind at 12 miles per hour. for the weekend, we go from 56 to 48, so not that bad. showers on thursday. we are not expecting the temperatures to warm. a little cooler on saturday, but not a bad day, and then sunday into monday, all sorts of questions on this, but i what to give you the heads up. there is a potential we could see our first snow into monday. we are watching temperatures closely and the storm track closely, and at this point, our two up main computer models are
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anchor: should i put the scraper in the car? mark: please do. anchor: we are getting closer to kick off. trying to stop a losing streak in philly. monday night football. dan needles will be joining us live again from lincoln financial field, up next in sports.
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anchor: we are just over an hour away tween the kickoff with the packers and night football, a game you can see on wisn 12 news, and sports director dan needles joins us live with a preview of tonight's game. dan? dan: stephanie, some bad news and good news. the starting quarterback for the packers, after missing straight games, he is back, but jake ryan is not, and that defense has been the problem. in this four-game losing streak,
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blame on the defensive side, but also getting blamed is the offense. earlier in the season, the packers would score on every opening possession, but in the last games, they have not scored a single touchdown in the first quarter. >> it is something that we have done around here for a long time. we just have to get back to it. even with the titans. the one where randall and a broad did not click up. >> it is a difficult part. it is about keeping it moving. we just have to do it and get it early and come out hot and keep striking. dan: now, that will not be easy to do. the eagles have played formidable games this season, only allowing three touchdowns. they haven't excellent defense, and there will be a lot of pressure on the packers.
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live in philly, dan needles, wisn 12 sports. anchor: facing for the big title in indy, like the second half against the gophers. four interceptions. the badgers have had 11 in their last three games. >> 100% of the credit goes to the guys up front. a great job, the quarterback. backend, but it is really the front seven doing their job. they do not get as much credit as they deserve. anchor: we talked about it at the beginning of the newscast, a must win for the packers tonight. anchor: a must win. anchor: they are not going to have any weather to contend with? mark: we will have a great night to chill and sit back and relax in your chair and just watch the
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it is not pretty. the rain will continue off and on as we head throughout the evening hours, temperatures hanging right around 50 degrees. now, the good thing is, unless you love snow, it will be all
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>> the city of brotherly love. it hasn't been a kind place for the packers. tonight as green bay tries to , keep its postseason hopes alive -- >> i hope >> an old familiar face stands in their way. it's the packers and eagles on monday night football. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captioning made possible by wisn-tv] doug: doug pederson and aaron rodgers, were both once backup quarterbacks. they will be on opposite


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