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tv   WISN 12 News at 10PM  ABC  November 30, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm CST

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caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: now on wisn 12 news. patrick: a seven-year-old boy killed. a playmate reveals the warning signs he saw on his friend. >> he would have marks and stuff on his legs and sometimes on his back. patrick: plus, what the daughter one of the suspects says about her mother. joyce: wisconsin's historic presidential recount is about to begin. the precautions being taken, and how you can watch it happen. patrick: and aaron rodgers is ditching his nfl issued shoes this sunday. the reason for the change, and what the league is saying. four people are under arrest for boy on milwaukee's south side. joyce: tonight, we've tracked down several family members of the women arrested in connection with the child's death. christina palladino has also spoken with a friend of the boy. she's live now at children's hospital. >> the seven-year-old was rushed here tuesday with multiple injuries but tragically did not survive. one of the suspects daughters tells me she was beaten by her
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a little friend of the seven-year-old says the boy often cried about the abuse. 11-year-old laquan jones tells me he was devastated to learn of the death of his friend who lived across the street in this south-side apartment near 19th and mineral. >> i was mad and disappointed because he died. he was like one of my best friends. >> jones says he often played with the seven-year-old boy who recently moved here from arkansas with his little brother. >> every single time he would come over here he used to be crying, or sad or disappointed and stuff. the women arrested in connection to the death of the seven-year-old served 18 months in prison for her involvement in the 2003 death of a one-year-old baby. we reached out to the 44-year-old woman's adult daughter, who says she hasn't spoken to her mother because of the abuse she suffered growing up. she also told 12 news the 47-year-old woman arrested tuesday is a former drug addict. police also took two men into custody. it's unclear the relationship
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would never let him play at that apartment. >> i was scared to go over there because he had all those bruises . that's why i didn't want to go over across the street by his house. that's why i told him to come by my house. >> an autopsy was performed on the boy today. no further information will be released at this time. patrick: in less than poll 12 hours, workers across the state will start re-coun the 12-day recount process begins first thing in the morning at 9:00 a.m. sheldon dutes is live at the warehouse where the milwaukee county votes will be re-counted. sheldon: right now there is a marked squad car keeping and i on this warehouse on kinnickinnic avenue. this is where the poll workers will show up over the next seven days and you'll also be able to , watch the re-count all of the ballots stored carefully inside. deputies stood guard as workers
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them into this moving truck. they also followed as that truck hauled the ballots to the warehouse. >> once the ballot bags have been open, there will be 24 hour security provided by the sheriff's department. sheldon: so who will be counting all of these ballots? >> the tabulators consist of poll workers who have worked at the polling locations. sheldon: 130 of them will spend the next 12- c they'll only count the write-in votes by hand. >> we don't have really any concerns. we're excited about this and i know our staff is ready for it. >> we're up to the task. we're going to get it done by the deadline and we've got good people working throughout the process. sheldon: but milwaukee county clerk joe czarnezki isn't expecting a wide difference in the vote totals. >> i don't think we're going to see a change in the outcome of the winner of the election in wisconsin. that would be extremely rare for that to happen.
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are inviting you to watch this process unfold. if you want to come here and watch those votes being recounted, you must bring your photo id -- your photo id. patrick: as mentioned the , recount begins at 9:00 a.m. across all 72 counties. there are 2.9 million ballots. they can be counted by hand or machine. the state hopes to be finished in 12 days. the electoral college is scheduled to meet on december 19 to the recount is happening because green party presidential nominee jill stein asked for it, and is paying for it. in an interview on the view this morning, she said counting paper ballots will show whether there was any tampering, hacking or human error. >> this is about creating a process that we can trust because right now mistrust is , rampant. it was running wild in this election.
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for a recount in michigan. she previously had asked for one in pennsylvania as well. donald trump won all three states. joyce: meantime the trump team , continues laying the groundwork for the future. in washington today, vice-president elect mike pence met with house speaker paul ryan and incoming white house chief of staff reince priebus. ryan said the three met today for ongoing conversations about how to hit the ground running when the new president takes office in january. donald trump and mike pence are about to start a victory tour in critical swing sta it will start with a news conference in indianapolis tomorrow. they also have a public rally in cincinnati. there has been no announcement of a wisconsin visit yet. the new york post is reporting pence was a surprise guest last night at a party in honor of governor scott walker. pence was reportedly one of 15 v.i.p.'s at walker's campaign debt-retirement party in new york. governor walker ended his presidential bid last year within months of joining the
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he still owed, but a published report last month said his presidential campaign debt stood at $382,000. patrick: a mixed-martial arts superstar who calls milwaukee home is targeted by criminals again. anthony pettis posted this surveillance video on facebook, offering a reward to learn who broke into and stole from his range rover. 12 news asked him about the post, that he has since taken down. >> we saw the post on facebook. >> yeah. >> >> not really today, man. sorry. patrick: last month, a neighbor recorded video of pettis' cars being torched in his driveway. police today tell us that case remains unsolved. pettis never said the amount of the reward he's offering in the latest case. a scare for a homeowner in washington county. a bullet hit her patio door. the washington county sheriff's office says it happened saturday afternoon at a home in the town of trenton. the bullet made it into the house, striking a closet door. no one was hurt.
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bullets flew outside the milwaukee county courthouse this morning. milwaukee police tell us the shooter fired at two people near 9th and state. they weren't hurt, but a car was pierced by a bullet. police arrested the suspect, who they say knew the victims because of a criminal court case. joyce: despite our lack of snow, winter parking rules kick in tomorrow. that means look up and read the signs. on most roadways, you can park on just one side of the street, depending on if it's an even or odd-numbered day. you can sign up for text alerts to learn about snow emergency declarations by calling 414-286-city. one of the more fun parts of winter returned tonight. patrick: the holiday lites are back at miller valley. miller says this year's show has twice as many lights as years past. that's now 600,000 lights, all set to music. also new this year, a christmas tree made out of 150 beer kegs,
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about the real snow in a moment. the light show runs every friday and saturday night through december 17. always impressive that light show. packers quarterback aaron rodgers will be sporting some unique cleats during the game this sunday. joyce: take a look. one is green, the other is gold, packers colors but also raising , awareness for the macc fund for childhood cancer. the nfl has given players permission to wear custom cleats to show their commitment to different charitable causes. >> the macc fund has been near and dear to my heart for a number of years now. i'm just fortunate to lend my name to such a great cause that is helping so many kids and families and continuing this fight against cancer, especially with those kids. joyce: another packers favorite, clay matthews is also taking , part in the my-cause-my cleats campaign. he is raising awareness for duchenne syndrome, a form of muscular dystrophy found in young boys. right now, there's rain on the
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the weather center. lindsey, you're also hearing reports of snow. lindsey: that's right. some flurries in waukesha and washington counties. i will let you know how things are shaping up. joyce: a man is arrested for starting some of the wildfires in the great smoky mountains. the charges he faces, and the rising death toll from the flames. patrick: and if you're sending packages for the holidays, get your gifts there by christmas. the deadlines just released by the post office. joyce: and a man pulls off quite a robbery. how he grabbed more than a
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patrick: demonstrators take to the streets tonight in charlotte, north carolina. they're protesting today's decision by prosecutors not to charge a police officer in the shooting death of keith lamont scott from september. three protesters have been arrested from tonight's demonstrations. the death toll is rising from raging wildfires in tennessee. joyce: so far, seven people have died, and some families are still searching for missing loved ones. the firepl forcing thousands to flee their , homes around the resort town of gatlinburg. when man has been arrested for setting two of the fires. he is charged with one count of destroying property. more than 150 homes have been destroyed. the president called tennessee's governor to offer his support. the fbi says terrorist influences may have inspired monday's attack at ohio state university. abdul razak ali artan rammed his car into a group of people, got out and slashed people with a butcher knife.
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artan. >> all we know at this point is we believe he may have been inspired by anwar al-awlaki and/or isis or isil. we our investigation will hour, determine that. it's too soon to draw any type of conclusions. joyce: awlaki, an american-born cleric, was a top leader for al-qaeda in yemen, until he was killed in a drone strike in 2011. patrick: have caused the plane crash in colombia that killed 71 people on board. the pilot of the charter flight told air traffic controllers he had run out of fuel, pleading for permission to land. the plane went down in the andes mountains. it was carrying a brazilian soccer team. six people survived. one crew member said he tucked luggage between his legs and assumed the fetal position, and that's how he says he survived. rapper kanye west has checked himself out of a california hospital. he's back home with his wife kim kardashian west and the couple's two children.
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reportedly for exhaustion and dehydration. joyce: google is telling more than a million of its users their accounts have been hit with malware. the malware mainly affects older versions of the android operating system through third party app sites. users who buy their apps on the google play store are generally safe. google said it has contacted affected users, removed apps associated with the problem, and added new protection. netflix users can now binge watch on the go. today, the streamier download movies and shows allowing users to catch their , favorites away from a wi-fi signal. the move comes about a year after one of netflix's competitors, amazon prime rolled , out the option of offline viewing. this feature is free to all netflix members. patrick: a long-standing christmas tradition for town near the wisconsin border is coming to an end. a nativity scene in menominee, michigan was removed shortly after being put up. the madison-based group, the freedom from religion foundation, sent numerous
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it can't mix government and religion. >> the nativity scene is something of christmas, and we all personally understand that, but when it is the government we , have to take a little separation. patrick: the city is still looking to find a new home for the nativity scene. if you're shipping holiday packages the deadline is closing in to have them arrive before christmas. the u.s. postal service says december 20 is the deadline for first class mail. it's the 21st for priority mail and decemberis the dates are different for international and military mail. joyce: i got to get moving. i got to get moving. it has been raining and drizzling out there tonight. patrick: even snow flakes mixed in. lindsey slater joins us. nothing is sticking right now, right? lindsey: yes, we are good to go.
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december 1 is tomorrow. it is crazy. the average high is typically around 34. the average low is near 21. the average monthly snowfall for december is 10.5 inches or so. upcoming snow chances, a few of them in my seven-day forecast. noticing right now, doppler 12 radar network, it has looked like this basically all evening. we have seen the greens, pings, purples, and white colors as well. all of this indicates mixed precipitation. the green as the rain, purple and pink is a rain-snow mix, and the white is snow. we have had flurries reported in waukesha and washington counties. if you have any pictures, send one to us.
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folks are just seeing the rain, that's because an area of low pressure is still spinning. this is a stubborn system that has been here for days. it will park right over us, bring us cooler air, which is why we are seeing the rain, the air is dry to the west, so it is breaking up. tonight, same thing, a chance of rain-snow mix. it will not stick. i keep on saying, it's sticking, right? the ground is too warm. as far as your commute is concerned, yeah, there may be flurries and a rain-snow mix, but you should not have a problem on the roads tomorrow. as you can see as we zoom back out, finally the low is leaving and we ask a get a couple of good days as high pressure takes over for friday and saturday. not so much the case on sunday.
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light snow possible, minor accumulations, less than half of an inch. it is a small system. then we get a much bigger storm system happening wednesday and thursday next week. obviously if the low moves further north, more rain. if it moves further south, a snowy scenario. right now, it is looking more like a rain thing, but it is still over a week away, i'm thinking right now, this could change as the system and the weather changes every single day. right now, 38 degrees, drizzle, rain-snow mix happening. don't be surprised to see flakes flying, it makes it look pretty outside. your forecast includes a chilly, breezy start to the day, so make sure the kids aren't nice and bundled up because the windchill will feel like 29 degrees in the morning.
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forecast is include again the sunday chance for snow and if you are going to circle a day on your calendar, wednesday, thursday looks interesting, so we are monitoring the latest situation on that. patrick: winter here we come. joyce: thank you for filling in with mark. market -- early childhood education program in milwaukee central city. patrick: a mother of two of ducted and held for weeks. joyce: chilling details of her captivity. >> she was found. she had a chain around her waist. joyce: coming up, more of that exclusive interview and new information about the suspects. plus this -- >> any of you guys need a ride? >> we got a special driver. >> hop in. patrick: oscar-winning actor matthew mcconaughy surprises college students behind the wheel of a golf cart. the mission behind the video. >> you know her as first lady
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"scandal." >> tomorrow on wisn 12 news this morning actress bellamy young , tells us about the new mission she is on to help save lives.
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announcer: big 12 sports presented by menards. stephanie: aaron rodgers told reporters today his left hamstring is improving and he expects to play sunday when the packers host the houston texans at lambeau field. and as 12 sports stephen watson reports, number 12 has also found a favorite new target this season. stephen: aaron rodgers joked y receiver is only for fantasy football and contract negotiations, and he throws to the receiver that is open, and that has been davante adams of late. >> obviously i feel way better body wise, especially this late in the season, i feel amazing. i always tell everybody that once i am healthy that i will be able to produce. i will not be perfect, but i
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hoping to keep it rolling. >> >> you seen on the touchdowns he scored on slant rounds, getting that line of separation -- that degree of separation at the line of scrimmage. that stuff he was not able to do last year because of his injuries, so i never lost faith in him at all because he gets open a lot, and he has obviously aren't a lot of my trust this year and is playing very co he is playing right now. stephen: scoring twice against the eagles, davante adams moved up to fourth in receiving touchdowns. stephanie: thanks, stephen. as for clay matthews, he told the media today that he separated his left shoulder on this play in the first quarter of monday's night's game in philly. he called it a cheap shot by eagles offensive lineman allen barbre, a former packer.
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still up in the air, and today reporters asked him how he's , feeling. >> i'm in some pain, no doubt about it, some swelling, bruising. we got an x-ray, nothing is broken. i have some work to do. stephanie: coming up in our second half hour, the special honor that badgers running back corey clement received today. plus, both marquette and uwm hosting games at home tonight. the golden eagles trying break 100 points for a third straight game. joyce: thank you. an investigation police are calling operation lucky charms. patrick: here is why. a man steals a real-life pot of gold worth more than $1 million, and it's all caught on camera. how he got past the guard of this armored truck. ?
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am. joyce: plus, this music may be one police agency's key to keeping drunk drivers off the roads.
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joyce: tomorrow, president-elect donald trump sets off on a victory tour, with stops in indiana and ohio. patrick: announcer: now on wisn 12 news. as abc's kenneth moton reports, trump announced today he's leaving his billion dollar busine. ties with his billion dollar company. the president-elect made the announcement on twitter that he'll leave his great business in total to his children in order to fully focus on running the country. the business separation to avoid conflicts of interest comes as trump fills key economic posts. secretary of commerce fellow billionaire wilbur ross. treasury secretary goldman sachs executive steve mnuchin. >> we're gonna have the most significant middle income tax cut since reagan, we're going to incorporate the child care program, so this is, this is gonna be a tremendous boost to the economy. >> mnuchin who promised to focus
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keep 1000 factory jobs in indiana, v.p.-elect mike pence's home state. >> they picked up the phone and called the ceo of united technology and said we want to keep jobs here. i can't remember the last time a president did that. >> trump is expected to release the details of the deal in indianapolis thursday. it's the first leg of his thank you tour, which ends later in the day in cincinnati, ohio. trump is still trying to decide on a secretary of state sitting , down for dinner with contender mitt romney, who once called trump a con man. trump's white house chief of news. >> when he makes the decision, it's the decision that's best for america regardless of background. >> trump's team hinted he is down to four secretary of state finalists romney, senator bob , corker, former cia director david petreaus, and former mayor rudy giuliani. as for trump's business, house democrats are calling for a congressional hearing to examine his conflicts of interest. kenneth moton, abc news, washington. patrick: according to reports, sarah palin is also being considered for secretary of veterans affairs.


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