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Mike Pence
  This Week With George Stephanopoulos  ABC  December 4, 2016 9:31am-9:54am CST

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here. >> announcer: we'll ask general david petraeus should his mishandling of classified information take him out of the running? the country in transition. >> we're not going to be divided for long. i've always brought people together. >> announcer: what's fact, what's fiction and what's next? mike pence, david here live from abc news, it's "this week." here now chief anchor, george stephanopoulos. >> good morning, let's get right to it. we are joined by the man leading the trump transition, vice president-elect mike pence. congratulations on your victory. >> thank you, george. >> thank you for coming in. let's get right to china. that call with the leader of taiwan. as far as we know no president or president-elect has spoken with taiwan's leader in nearly four decades. why did mr. trump choose to break that precedent in well, morning after the election, we've seen the president-elect engaging the world. he's spoken to more than 50 world leaders. i've spoken to several dozen myself and he received a
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courtesy call from the democratically elected president of taiwan. >> that was prearranged, wasn't it. >> congratulating him. they've reached out as world leaders have and he took the call, accepted her congratulations and good wishes and it was >> did he intend to send the kind of signal it sent because the chinese government has already complained go it. how did you respond to it? >> i understand some of the controversy in the media about this but -- >> not just the media. it's with the chinese government. >> yes, of course, but i would tell you that i think -- i think the american people find it very refreshing, the energy that our president-elect is bringing to this whole transition. 'not only bringing together a assembling a legislative agenda to move forward this country at home and abroad but he's also been engaging the world. i think during the course of the
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transition eight years ago president obama it's reported spoke to 22 world leaders. >> he did not speak to the leader of taiwan. that's what i'm trying -- >> more than 50. >> i think the american people want -- are encouraged remember to see president-elect trump is taking calls from the world speaking to the world. they know he's going to be out there advancing america's broad-shouldered leadership that has characterized his entire life but begins with relationships and that was nothing more than taking a courtesy call, a congratulations from the democratically elected leader of taiwan. >> so no implications for the one china policy? >> we'll deal with policy after january the 20th. this was a courtesy call and plus i have to tell you, george, it's a little mystifying to me that president obama can reach out to a murdering dictator in hailed as a hero for doing it and president-elect donald trump takes a courtesy call from a democratically elected leader in taiwan and it's become something
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of a controversy. i think the american people appreciate the fact that our president-elect is taking calls from and reaching out to the world and preparing on day one to lead america on the world stage. >> on day one will he label china a currency manipulator. >> he said that over the course of the campaign and the truth of the matter is, a lots change and america's economic policies. >> so he will. >> not just with regard to china but with regard to the north american free trade agreement. with regard to -- look, we've been -- america's been losing too much in jobs and economic growth on the world stage and i think people can count on the fact that president-elect donald trump when he raises his right hand is going to walk into the oval office and he's going to become a champion for american values. >> he will follow through on and we're going to stop losing to china and other countries. >> does that mean labeling them a currency manipulateer. >> it'll be for the president-elect to decide whether he implements that
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policy after inauguration. he spoke about that in the course of the campaign but, look, it's all about a process. he spoke to president ji in china two weeks ago. they had a great conversation and begun the relationship there but after january 20th, our new president will make digs about what the policies the united states will be but i promise you, winning on the world stage again and winning economically and he'll make the right decision. >> as john bolton said he believes the relationship with china has to be shaken up? >> well, i think -- i think the president-elect was very clear during the course of the campaign that we just have been losing to china for too long economically and it's time -- the time has come, the american people have elected a president who not just with regard to china but other countries around the world and in our hemisphere going to have a president that makes sure we have trade deals and advance policies economic policies on the world stage that accomplish that. >> let's talk about carrier. you got a nice thank you when you went to say thank you in
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indiana for saving those several hundred jobs in the carrier plant. >> right. >> president-elect trump has followed that up with a tweet about the rexnor corporation a mile down the road and said rexnord of indiana is moving to mexico and rather viciously firing all of its 300 workers. this is happening all over country. no more. so are you now negotiating with rexnord? >> well, what i can tell you is that we had a great day in indiana on thursday and carrier is staying in the united states because donald trump was elected president. plain and simple. >> well, several hundred jobs are staying but 1300 are still going. >> look, i understand the glass is half full mentality of some in the national media, george, but this was great news for over a thousand families in indiana go south of the border. we got word in february, carrier just announced after being in indiana since the 1950s they were pulling up stakes and going to mexico and follow a number of
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other companies in their industry that have gone to mexico years ago. i sat down with them in march and said, can we put together an incentive package which states always do, indiana does on a routine basis to encourage you to stay here. they said don't even bother. the avalanche with regulations coming out of washington, d.c., taxation, they said we can't make it happen but i was there in the office, it wasn't even a week after the election that the president-elect in the mitt of talking to foreign leaders assembling a cabinet, advancing a legislative agenda, pulling together a team at an historic pace picked up the phone and called the parent of the company and said we'll roll back regulation and repeal and replace obamacare and we're going to make america more competitive for manufacturing and we're going to renegotiate >> does he -- >> he simply asked them would you reconsider leaving our country and they said, yes. >> does he now pick up the phone and call the head of rexnord and all these other companies who
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are going to move overseas. >> well, i think what you're going to see and the president-elect will make those decisions on a day-by-day basis in the course of the transition, in the course of the administration but what you're seeing emerge here and i thinkette so exciting for millions of americans, you should have seen the emotion on people's faces. >> we saw it. >>th there was -- i mean, it was one of the most emotional experiences that i've had in my public career, the way people reached out, grabbed our president-elect by the hand and just said, thank you, because they see in him someone who is going to fight for american jobs. he's going to fight on the world stage in negotiating trade deals and he's going to come here to washington, d.c. and he's going to fight to reduce taxes, roll back regulations, repeal and replace obamacare and make america -- >> you said he's making them on picking winners and losers. sarah palin calls it crony capitalism. >> i don't think it's picking winners and losers at all, what the president-elect did with carrier was simply reach out one
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american to another and just ask them to reconsider. he told them, we're going to do exactly what we said we would do in this campaign. we're going to make the american economy more competitive. we're going to get tougher and smarter on trade deals, and that was changed circumstances when they made their decision to leave last february and asked i think that the message that that sends across the american economy to businesses that may be considering leaving our country is things are really changing. we got a president that is going to fight for jobs and fight to bring back the american economy. >> and the president-elect is sending that message this morning. >> i think it's the reason why he won the heartland so see dice sinkly. >> 30 out of 50 states in this historic mandate election. i mean won more counties than in the heartland. one community after another has been decimated as jobs were shipped overseas because of more government, more tax. >> the question what is the
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position going forward. more incentives like carrier got or punishment and president-elect trump on twitter this morning as well sending out about six or seven tweets. here's the heart of what he was saying. he was saying any business that leaves our country for another country fires its employees, bills a new factory or plant in another country and thinks it will sell its products in the u.s. wit consequence is wrong. there will be a tax on our soon to be strong border of 35% for these companies wanting to sell their products, car, air-conditioning units back across the boarder. is it fair to say rexnord and ford moving the focus from michigan to mexico will face this tariff. >> what you're seeing is a combination of policies. number one, is the president-elect has already got our team working on capitol hill to make sure we're reducing tax, repeal and replace obamacare and roll back starting on day one this avalanche of red tape and regulations that's crushing american jobs. but the other piece of that to your point, george, is that
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president-elect is committed to changing america's trade. >> he's moving forward on that 35% tariff. >> we'll renegotiate nafta. he's already made that clear. got an agreement from president pena nieto to do that and put on the table all the tools that will take away advantages that have been pulling up stake, leaving american workers behind and then creating products, shipping them back into the sfludz how do you handle that as governor of indiana. the happy workers at carrier, those jobs were saved a mile down the road 300 workers at re rexnord losing their jobs and now that company subject to a tariff. >> the way you handle that is we advance policies that are going to apply to everybody. equally. these multinational corporations have had in moving jobs overseas now for decades but we're also going to improve the economic environment here in the united
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states. we're simply with this businessman who's become president will take that oath of office on january the 20th. we're going to work with the congress to lower taxes, roll back regulations, repeal and replace obamacare and simply make the kind of changes in a broad range of areas including education, president-elect education across the country and make the kind of changes that will simply make it possible for american manufacturing to come roaring back in the heartland and all across america. >> i want to talk about more of those changes. one final question, president trump and his family, should they lead by example and bring that manufacturing home? >> the president-elect has been very candid about the fact that even in the course of his business he's seen that there's many products that you simply because they're not made here anymore. and he's been very, very open about that. and i think the policies that you're going to see this administration advance are just going to be about bringing jobs
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back to the united states and we do that, we do that by having smarter and tougher trade deals than we've had for a number of decades that are successive administrations but we also do that mostly by creating an environment where the free market can really thrive. i mean the truth of the matter mandates like the taxes in obamacare and the rest have been -- >> should those jobs come home? should they bring those jobs home. >> i'd like to see jobs of every kind come back to the united states. you saw the recent jobs report came out and the low unemployment rate is in itself deceptive. we saw the labor participation rate drop again. it's the lowest since the year after i got out of high school. i mean, we have millions of americans that are simply out of you what, president-elect donald trump and i are going to work our hearts out with this congress to make america for attractive for jobs of every
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kind and see this economy come roaring back. >> more of those promises. you said on wednesday you're planning the agenda to keep the promises president-elect trump made. one of the most prominent is this wall on the border. paid for by mexico. it's still prominent on the trump website. mexico will pay for the wall. how will that happen? >> well, what we're lay o the congress. i met again this week with the leaders of the house and the senate. president-elect and i were on capitol hill within about a week of the election and to do just that. it really will all begin with repealing obamacare and setting -- >> i want to get to that but first mexico paying for the wall. >> we'll get to the process of ending illegal immigration and all begins with border security, internal enforcement and building a wall -- >> can you make mexico pay for that we can accomplish that and the president-elect is going to choose the best way forward. we'll work with the congress in that regard. some of it will be negotiation. you know, president pena nieto
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and -- >> he ruled out paying for the wall. >> i know about the tweet. but, you know, in the course of renegotiating nafta, there was -- or agreeing to do it there was an agreement that border security is critical and important. we'll have those er amount of commerce that flows over that border. there's a whole lot of ways and i'm absolutely confident that our president-elect is going to keep his promise to the american people and secure the border and going to build the wall. we'll end illegal immigration once and for all and we'll find a way to have our neighbors pay for it. >> obamacare, you mentioned that. "the new york times" reporting that you're working with congressional leaders on the strategy to repeal immediately but then delay the replacement. president-elect trump said they were going to be done simultaneously. why the change? >> well, i'm not aware there is change. >> repeal and delay strategy is not what you're working on.
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>> we're working on president-elect trump's commitment to repeal and replace obamacare. it's all going to begin right out of the gate by repealing this disastrous policy that's been killing jobs. i mean it's on track next year to see americans see an average increase in premiums of 25% in states like we really believe it'll be vitally important in the early days of the congress with everything else happening and confirming cabinet appointments that we keep that promise to the american people and at the very same time, through both executive action and working with congressional leaders and our new leadership at hhs that we lay out a framework for an orderly transition to replace it. >> two or three-year transition. >> well, i think it's going to president-elect will decide on what's acceptable to him. we'll work with members of congress on that but as he said in that speech on obamacare in philadelphia, he wants the
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american people to know there will be an orderly transition away from this disastrous policy but the first thing we have to do is pry the enormous weight of obamacare off the national economy. we think that will create tremendous economic growth in businesses large and small and then setting capture the power of the free market. i mean, the president-elect has been very clear, we want to give the american people more choices, the ability to buy health insurance across state lines, use health savings accounts, but doing that in a way that doesn't upset the apple cart or create anxiety among americans about their health care. >> tied to that is what to do about medicare. president-elect trump spoke about that continually through the campaign. here's what he said. they want to do it on medicare, they want to do it on medicaid and we can't do that. and it's not fair to the people that have been paying in for
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years. >> but the president's nominee for health secretary and speaker of the house paul ryan have voted for changing medicare from a defined payment to subsidies to pay for private insurance s that on the table now? >> no, the people that are joining you are administration are seeping up for the president-elect's agenda. >> so no >> well, look, i think president-elect trump made it very clear in the course of the campaign that as president we'll keep our promises in social security and medicare. with regard to medicaid, though, i will tell you there's a real opportunity, there's a real opportunity as we repeal and replace obamacare to do exactly what president-elect said on the campaign, that is block granting medicaid back to the states. allow states to do what indiana was able to do in part in the last couple of years and that is innovate of we've actually have the history of the program that actually have to make a monthly contribution to a health savings account to receive full benefits. we want to give states even greater flexibility in
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innovating and creating the kind of solutions that will work for their population. >> president-elect trump has been quite active on twitter including this week the beginning of this week that tweet which i want to show right now about the popular vote and he said in addition to winning the electoral college in a landslide, i won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegall there's no evidence to back it up. is it responsible for a president-elect to make false statements like that. >> well, look, i think four years ago the pew research center found that there were millions of inaccurate voter registrations. >> yeah, but the author said it is not any evidence about what happened in this election or any evidence of voter fraud. >> i think what, you know, what is -- what is historic here is that our president-elect won 30 counties than any candidate on our side since ronald reagan and the fact that some partisans who are frustrated with the outcome of the election and disappointed
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with the outcome of the election are pointing to the popular vote, i can assure you if this had been about the popular vote, donald trump and i had been campaigning a whole lot more in illinois and california and new york. >> no one is questioning your victory, certainly i'm not questioning your victory. i'm asking about that tweet which i want to say that he said he would have won the popular vote if you deduct the millions it's false. why is it responsible to make it. >> i think the president-elect wants to call to attention the fact that there has been evidence over many years of -- >> that's not what he said. >> and expressing that reality pew research center found evidence of that four years ago. >> it's not -- >> certainly his right. but, you know -- >> it's his right to make false statements. >> it's his right to express his refreshing about our president-elect and one of the reasons why i think he made such an incredible connection with people all across this country
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is because he tells you what's on his mind. >> why is it refreshing to make false statements. >> look, george, i don't know that that is a false statement, george and neither do you. simple fact is that -- >> i know there's no evidence for it. >> there is evidence, historic evidence from the pew research center of v taken place. we're in the process of investigating irregularities in the state of indiana leading up to this election. the fact that voter fraud exists is -- >> but can you provide any evidence -- can you provide any evidence to back up that statement. >> well, look, i think he's expressed his opinion on that and entitled to express his opinion on that and i think the american people -- i think the american people find it very refreshing that they have a president who will tell them the connection that he made in the course -- >> whether it's true or not. >> he's going to say what he believes to be true and i know that he's always going to speak
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in that way as president. >> general petraeus is coming up as you've said, your transition team said he's being considered for secretary of state. the fbi director chose not to prosecute secretary clinton and told congress what general petraeus did was actually worse with classified information than what secretary clinton did. >> knew what he was doing was a violation of the law, huge ams of information that even if you couldn't prove he knew it it raises the inference that he did it, an effort to obstruct justice. >> how do you respond to that? >> well, first i respond by saying that general david petraeus is an american hero. i first met him down range in iraq when he was in command of the 101st airborne and saw the way he marshaled the resources and plan to develop the surge at the end of the last administration in iraq. he's a man of enormous talents, butting look, he made mistakes. and he paid the consequences of those mistakes.
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>> it would be difficult for any other person in the state department to get a security clearance after this so why isn't this disqualifying for secretary of state. >> i think the person who will make the decision about our next secretary of state is the president-elect and he'll factor the totality of general petraeus' career in decision, but i can assure you that the process of assembling this cabinet has truly been inspiring. what i think the american people are seeing is not only a record pace, this is the fastest assembly of a cabinet in the last 40 year, even a sitting vice president, george herbert walker bush didn't assemble a cabinet as quickly as donald trump is and whether it be general petraeus or mitt romney or rudy giuliani or senator bob corker or john bolton or others what people are seeing is an extraordinary capacity of an executive to bring the broadest range of people around him, to be in these meetings, george, to
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see the way he asked the incisive questions and gets straight to the point, straight to the issue, i'm confident as he's done so far our president-elect is going to continue to assemble a cabinet, people that will be the best for that position and it'll be a team that will make america strong and prosperous against. >> exhilarated toe >> it's incredibly humbling and incredibly exciting for my little family to be a part of a history that i truly do believe is going to make america great again. >> mr. vice president-elect, thanks for coming in this morning. >> thank you, george. standing by live to respond