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tv   12 News This Morning at 530  ABC  December 7, 2016 5:30am-6:00am CST

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andy: but first, let's take a live look outside. a cold and windy morning in southeast wisconsin. we're tracking how low temperatures will drop as you get ready for work and school. good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm andy choi in for ben. melinda: and i'm melinda davenport. it's 5:30 on this wednesday, december 7th. let's start with the forecast. meteorologist sally severson is in the weather center. sal. sally: you know, we had temperatures 40 or better yesterday morning before the cold front arrived in the transported in overnight and the highs in the 20s for a couple of days. layer them up, it is chilly. the chills this morning single digits to low teens. right now 25. the winds are gusting up to 23 miles per hour. feels like 12 degrees at mitchell. 22 beaver dam.
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the winds are going to gust in the neighborhood of 30 miles per hour. we call for the highs today mid 20s. i will tell you colder air coming in next week, that is coming up. now to matt they are trying to fly news chopper 12. >> yep, if you are headed out the door yourself, good shape on the roadways. warm up the car and no complaints out there. things are moving the travel times are where they should be for an easy trip. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. matt, thank you. andy: right now, an overnight fire damages a milwaukee church. crews responding to the fire around 12:45 this morning. it happened at all saints fellowship christian church. that's near 12th and brown which is just north of downtown milwaukee.
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with the latest. hillary. reporter: it took the firefighters cutting through the roof to put these flames out. as you can see, very heavy damage up there this morning. the fire broke out around 12:45 this morning. firefighters worked on the flames that were shooting through the roof. it is unclear how the fire started, but the good news is that no one was hurt in the fire. all the str the area here. the church has a bible study tomorrow night, but it is unclear if this church will be okay to go in. the cause is under investigation. >> hillary, thank you. >> melinda: looking ahead, remembering a seven-year-old boy who died in milwaukee last week. later today there will be a
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abused. two men and two women have been arrested. they're accused of neglect. the vigil is set for tonight at 6:00 at 19th and national. andy: right now, examining new evidence in the steven avery case. blood samples are heading to the state crime lab this morning to be analyzed. avery's new lawyer says that new dna evidence could prove his innocence. avery is appealing his conviction for the murder of teresa halbach. the case receiving international attention after the documentary netflix series "making a earlier this year, avery's nephew's conviction for the same crime was overturned when a judge ruled brendan dassey's confession was coerced. melinda: right now, a milwaukee police officer under investigation. wisn 12 news' tim elliott has the details on why. tim? tim: a woman has accused the officer of shooting and killing her dog vinnie with a bb gun. elizabeth sandretti says the officer is her neighbor and was off-duty at the time. sandretti says he admitted that he shot at her two dogs with a
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>> and he said the reason that he shot the dogs is because they were in his yard and he didn't like it so he shot them. he told her that he shot them both. tim: police say they are doing an internal investigation. sandretti says she may file a civil suit to pay for $2,700 in vet bills. sandretti has an adult son who's disabled. she says the dog was his best friend. back to you. >> tim, thank you. andy: developing this morning, a group of kids playing on a beach in door county find a human skull. they turned the bones over to the door county sheriff's office. officials say the bones seem very old. they say the bones likely belong to a native american who may have lived more than a century ago. it's not the first time a discovery like this has been made in that area so officials say they know how to handle the situation.
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the remains are handled in away according to their customs. >> in 2009, bones were found in door county that turned out to be several hundred years old. those remains were returned to a native american tribe. right now, a medical examiner is working to confirm the origin of those bones. melinda: today is the 75th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor which plunged the united states into world war two. more than 2,000 americans died that day. today ceremonies are happening around the countryo those who lost their lives. including here in wisconsin. a program starts at 7:00 p.m. at the milwaukee county war memorial. there's also an event at the wisconsin veterans home in union grove. >> president obama is ordering that flags across the country fly at half-staff today. today is officially known as national pearl harbor remembrance day. it was declared to help honor those who died in the attack 75 years ago. >> wisn 12 news time is 5:35.
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andy: coming up on "wisn 12 news this morning," the mistake a tsa agent allegedly made involving a woman who's fighting breast cancer. melinda: and a viral internet video gone wrong. what police saw in this mannequin challenge that had them calling in the s.w.a.t.
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>> early morning temperatures ranging 20-25 across the area. live on the weatherwatch 12 camera network, as we look at the gas light building, jeremy nelson is on the top of that building. coming up you are going to hear more about the new lighting system in place. that is coming up in a moment. coffee extra hot this morning. tomorrow and friday. snow is on the horizon for the weekend. we are keeping a close eye on the weekend temperatures and potential storm track for a system bringing in the snow. but it is too early to call with any amount of certainty. we are continuing to watch that. we look at another round of the deep cold, single digit highs next week. >> thank you, sal. melinda: new this morning, by now you've probably seen those viral mannequin challenge videos
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led to a raid and some arrests. this is the mannequin challenge made by a group of people in alabama. the local sheriff says guns in the background of the video prompted deputies to raid the home. they found weapons and drugs and arrested two people. they were freeze, oh, you are. >> not a good idea. >> live and learn. andy: a cancer patient is calling for tsa agents to be fired after an intrusive search. melinda: she recorded the search and posted it on facebook. did not follow procedures while searching her. she needed special accommodations because of her health conditions, she's battling breast cancer. alberts says the tsa agents touched her inappropriately and against tsa regulations. melinda: also new this morning, a truck barrels into an elementary school. andy: students and staff were inside the dallas school but no one was near the crash site. the truck caused some significant damage to the school and some other vehicles. investigators are looking into
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one witness says a different car was driving the wrong way down the street just before the pickup crashed into the building. >> wisn 12 news time is 5:40. a wild police chase overnight caught on video. melinda: coming up on "wisn 12 news this morning," what a good samaritan decided to do early this morning to finally put a stop to the suspect's chaotic crime spree. andy: plus, a happy reunion a decade in the making. how this poodle made it back home years after going missing
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>> we are in at almost quarter to six on this wednesday morning a. few clouds will be filling in for us. 25 at the airport. we are not getting warmer than this. maybe a degree or two. probably going to dip a bit and back up to 27. look at the winds, west at 16
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chart until now, with the chills in the teens, get the coffee extra hot. mid to upper 20s for much of the day. we keep our eye on the temperatures and chances for snow coming up. >> thank you, sal. melinda: new this morning, an earthquake in indonesia claims nearly 100 lives. wisn 12 news' tim elliott is following the latest information. tim. tim: 97 people have died in indonesia because of the 6.5 magnitude earthquake. on right now. four people have been pulled from the rubble alive. officials say at least four more people are still missing. thousands of emergency responders are gathering in the region where the quake hit. officials say at least 200 buildings were damaged including mosques and a hospital. indonesian officials say there is no risk of a tsunami after the earthquake. >> thank you, tim. andy: new this morning, a 5.8
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caribbean islands. so far there are no reports of significant damage or injuries. the quake hit yesterday afternoon. melinda: right now, investigating the source of a deadly fire at a warehouse in oakland. atf investigators say a refrigerator may have sparked the fire that killed 36 people. they're calling the refrigerator a potential source of ignition. another appliance could be responsible too. the fire broke out during a dance party on friday. sheriff's officials say they believe they have found every victim's body. andy: new this morning, a firefighter in ohio shot while responding to a fire. it happened monday night in youngstown. firefighters were leaving the scene when shots rang out. police say bullets hit the fire truck and one firefighter was shot in the leg. police say the firefighters were targeted. >> i don't think they were stray bullets. there were a few shots taken, and we have at least two bullet holes in the truck, so i don't think it was random. andy: the firefighter is
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firefighters to any fires in youngstown. melinda: two iowa police officers have resigned. they're accused of planting evidence. they worked for the des moines police department. both officers stepped down this week just days after the department learned that they may have planted evidence during a drug investigation. police say they will review every case the officers worked on. they could end up facing criminal charges. andy: an atlanta family's car stolen from their driveway with a ten-year-old boy in the backseat. gone inside for just a few seconds to grab his coffee before taking the kids to school. ezra says a car pulled up with four men inside. one of them hopped out and headed straight for the driver's seat. >> the guy jumps into the car and i said what the heck and jumped out. >> shell shocked. you know, just angry about the whole thing. >> what the heck. after ezra hopped out of the car, the man drove away.
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ezra's dad says he's proud of his son for thinking fast and getting out of the dangerous situation. melinda: a long-lost poodle is back home nine years after it disappeared. the dog turned up about 20 miles away from its california home. look at that poor baby. gigi got out of the house almost a decade ago when burglars broke into sally butters' home. she posted flyers looking for gigi but no one turned her in until this week when someone saw the dog and checked the microchip. >> i'm shocked because you always hope you get your dog back, but you know, nine nears and 13 and a half years old and she's still alive. what a christmas present. >> she's precious. what a gift indeed. i love it. butters is reminding all dog owners to get their pets microchipped so if they get lost they can find their way back
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>> i love they both have the same hair style. melinda: later today, we'll find out who is chosen as time's person of the year. andy: the magazine is set to announce their choice this morning. some of the finalists, president-elect donald trump. hillary clinton earned a spot in the top eleven too. olympic gymnast and gold medalist simone biles is in the running. she won big in rio de janeiro this summer. and superstar beyonce is a finalist too. her album "lemonade" was a huge hit this year. >> i can't wait to see who wins. that is exciting. >> and what a variety. pop culture, and politics, and all kinds of things. well, we are talking windy and chilly and weekend snow. i think there is a chance wednesday, thursday, highs of 8 degrees.
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january. pockets of deep cold usually in january. 19 at waukesha. we have 25 at the airport. a bit cooler inland. winds are gusting this morning. 24-mile-per-hour gusts in waukesha and dropping the chills down to 5 degrees. single digit chills this morning to the low s. that is where we are staying for the chills. the snow potentially saturday afternoon to about sunday morning, timing is uncertain. just too early for the totals. we have uncertainty about the storm track and playing a role in the snow that we may get. stay with weatherwatch 12 as the storm is become apparent. for now, just think about weekend snow.
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we are enjoying a little sunshine. for today, the temperatures today and tomorrow 26 to 27. it is overnight tonight we see the clouds beginning to fill in. a little wave coming through tomorrow. mostly cloudy. the northwest wind and the lake enhanced snow over wisconsin and parts of the u.p. we are cloudy tomorrow. a couple of flurries in the afternoon tomorrow. mid to thursday. 21 on friday. we should see some sunshine. becoming cloudy and then quickly we are looking at snow developing for saturday afternoon, saturday night and sunday. a brief run up to 30 on sunday before we begin to turn colder midweek next week. >> sal, thank you. melinda: new from overnight, a high-speed chase through the los angeles area. wisn 12 news' tim elliott has been following the story. tim. tim: authorities in southern california say the driver led them on a chase through several
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another driver helped police stop the suspect. officials say the suspect was weaving through traffic and even hit a bicyclist during the chase. he lost a wheel and sparks flew as the chase continued. eventually the suspect hit a truck, the driver helped block the suspect from getting away. that's when officials moved in to arrest him. police say that man mave dui. it's not clear what began the chase. back to you. >> tim, thank you. andy: new this morning, a nine-year-old boy in north carolina was excited to visit santa claus but he left disappointed. anthony mayse says he was asking for christmas gifts when santa made fun of his weight. anthony says santa told him to lay off the hamburgers and french fries. he says it made him feel awful. his mother says he started
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>> it affected me so bad that i was crying until i went to bed that night and i want to say to him, like my mama said, you don't wanna disrespect a nine year old even though what shape and size you are it doesn't matter. andy: anthony's mother says she wants that santa to lose his job. he did apologize to the family but they say santa didn't seem very sincere. melinda: they've been a hot item for the past few holidays and it seems drones are flying to new need to know before giving the gift of flight? as the faa continues to sharpen its rules on drone activity, vendors like scott fischer wants to remind his customers to know what kind of drone they're investing in. the owner of gift of wings" say if your drone weighs more than half a pound, you must register that drone with the faa. and since last christmas, the government has added a few more rules.
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to stay below 400 feet, you have to stay away from the airport. you can't fly over miller park or summerfest. you have to use common sense. you can't fly at night. >> fischer says rules about flying at night may be changing soon, so continue to check for updates on drone rules from the faa. andy: last night the capitol got ready for the holidays with a tree lighting. speaker of the house paul ryan lit the tree along with a fifth grader from idaho. >> are you ready? >> yes. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. >> the fifth grader who helped light the tree won the honor through a contest. the ceremony traditionally includes a child from the state that provided the tree. this year, the tree came from idaho's payette national forest. andy: how much would you pay for the perfect christmas tree?
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melinda: that's what some trees are going for on the street of new york and people are actually buying them. not all trees cost that much. it's only in the upscale greenwich village neighborhood and the business that's selling thousand dollar trees has some low-budget options too starting at $60. that's a lot for the christmas tree. >> 60 is more my speed. >> how about 39.99? making it easier tt from wisconsin's cold winter. andy: coming up after the break, the new flight service launching in milwaukee today taking people to a much warmer destination. melinda: plus, helping fight wisconsin's drug epidemic. what you might notice later today that's aimed at keeping
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>> happening today, the ceo of at&t and time warner are selling. >> the two companies announced the october. it is one of the largest mergers. president-elect donald trump said he would kill the deal. leaders of the companies are appearing before a panel today to sway lawmakers. >> starting january 1st, workers
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leave for birth mothers and fathers. they are saying that the move gives the workers a better feeling about the work place and resulting in better customer service. the grand opening in wisconsin's store is set for summer of 2018. >> sea world is cutting jobs, the cuts are part of efforts to reduce the costs. the company struggled with the sales and attendance e release of black fish. sea world announced it is no longer holding the animals in captivity and phased out the whale shows at the parks. >> instagram is adding new futures. >> i like to comments though. >> a lot of trolls out there.
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>> good morning. welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm andy choi in for ben. >> i'm melinda davenport. it is 6:00, wednesday, december 7th. a fire breaks out overnight at a local church. >> plus, a teen approached by a man three times on the way home from school, the terrifying encounter. >> first, to weather and traffic. cold out there, windy too. matt is on deck. beginning with sally severson. sal. >> the temperatures this morning ranging from 24 degrees at port and airport to 18 degrees in the dells. everybody else is sandwiched in between. with the winds, the windchill chart feeling 12 at the airport.


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