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tv   WIS News 10 at 4PM  NBC  December 28, 2015 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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the police to see rice, and his gun, as a danger. "based on the evidence they heard and the law as it applies to police use of deadly force the grand jury declined to bring criminal charges against cleveland police officer timothy loehmann and frank garmback that was also my recommendation and that of our office after reviewing the investigation and the law" a caller who reported someone with a gun had told 911 the gun tamir had was "probably fake" but no one ever told the police that. rice's family is suing the city of cleveland over his death. across the country people are dealing with a variety of severe weather to end 2016 snow from new mexico all the way up the plains states. strong winds in tornado damage from texas to mississippi to tennessee. many of the storms have brought flooding, including dallas where firefighters rescued a man from on top of his car in flood waters this morning. that line of storms is
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continuing to push east. that rough weather has not slammed into carolina yet though we have seen some spotty showers, as as we take a live look over the capital city through the wis skycam. meteorologist ben tanner is in the first alert weather center tracking the system that's going to be our next major weather maker. during the afternoon highs will reach the upper 70s and an unsettled weather pattern will return. monday there is a good chance of showers as moist, humid air continues to flow in from the south around a ridge of high pressure anchored off the coast. tuesday a front will cross the
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few showers during the day, and the mild weather will prevail and highs will again reach the 70s. wednesday and thursday will also feature periods of rain which could lead to widespread flooding issues. of course, we'll watch this closely and will make some areas. sonia moghe reports from garland, texas...where 8 of those victims were. it was more than 80 degrees in parts of
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through... now... residents face cleaning up in the snow. from twisters and flooding -- to heavy snow -- a brutal storm system stretching from new mexico to the midwest will just not release its grip. this man in ellis county, texas didn't mind cleaning up after a tornado barreled through. jordan hinton it's proof he's alive. it was like a movie, i was running towards my closet and the doors and everything started caving in. in the midwest...the system brought heavy flooding over the weekend...forcing a partial closure of i-70 in missouri. several people were killed by the floodwaters, including a group of international soldiers who were at fort leonard wood for training. it's a small, dark, highway it was raining very hard, it was 8:22 it was dark at nighttime, they probably did not know what hit them. back in north texas... as the death toll from this storm system mounts -- survivors say life has new meaning. this has made me realize how fragile life is...but...try to do better. in garland, texas, i'm sonia
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the heavy rain is causing flooding concerns along major rivers from texas to the mississippi river to water ways across the southeast. right now water is pouring out of the spillways at wilson dam on the tennessee river in northern alabama. in mississippi near the alabama line two barges got pinned against a lock and dam in columbus. officials say one has already sunk. they say the barges are restricting water flow through the dam. heavy rain has fallen most of the day above the dam flooding surrounding neighborhoods. engineers say they don't know when they will move the barges because the current is too swift and too strong. along the flint river in georgia people are watching the water rise, but good news this afternoon as emergency management says it looks like flooding won't be as bad as first thought. raycam news netowrks wright
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gazaway has more. i'm a standing on the bank of the flint river near where the flint and lake blackshear join in dooly county. as you can see in this video they are experiencing some flooding here with water up to steps on some homes even up to the first floor of some homes. the good news though... crisp county officials did lower the levels in lake blackshear by opening the flood gates. this will provide major relief for cities like albany, newton, and bainbridge. up here though, they're keeping an eye on the flood waters. kenny calhoun dooly county ema director "well we're just monitoring the situation and trying to keep the sightseers out of the area. trying to maintain a safe situation." the flint is not expected to crest until tuesday wednesday or thursday depending on what city you live in, but the new forecast is better than what was originally expected. in dooly county, georgia, wright gazaway for the raycom news
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when severe weather strikes in our area, make sure you're tracking the latest by downloading the wis first alert weather app. it's your source for updates on-the-go, and it's free. just search wis in your app store. portions of the riverwalk park & amphitheater in west columbia are back open today after it had to close again last week because all the rain we saw. since the flood back in october -- the riverwalk park has been on a sort of roller coaster. the amphitheater of the riverwalk was able to reopen but it has been closed several times because the rain keeps re-flooding it. since october -- crews have been cleanin gup mud, debris, and trees. "we are getting additional erosion from that. and mainly we've got a lot of tree balls that were exposed down by the river because of the erosion. so now with these rains and all now, we're getting additional trees that are falling and things like that -- more frequently than in typical times. other than than, it's just the typical mud
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that's washed up and cleanup and things like that. but that's been the biggest issue." city engineers and fema have been working diligently to try and figure out all of the problems and what has to be fixed at the riverwalk park. we have sad news this afternoon: the wife of south carolina senator john matthews has died. geraldine hillard- matthews died on christmas day. she was 75. admirers described her as a great democrat, community leader, and good friend. services will be held later this week. an eastover man has been charged with murder after investigators say he shot and killed his neighbor after an argument over a fence. 49-year old mark volstromer is currently being held at the alvin s. glenn detention center. investigators say he shot and killed 62-year-old keith pruitt, jr. this happened on antioch amez church road near megan court. officials say volstromer's wife and pruitt were exchanging words about the fence line when the pruitt got out of the truck. investigators say that's when
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volstromer shot pruitt in the upper body. we're waiting to learn the timeline for when he'll be in court. a man on a riding lawnmower has died after a crash with a pickup truck in orangeburg county over the weekend. the highway patrol says it happened just after 11 on saturday night. authorities say the lawnmower driver and the ford pickup were both traveling west on winter creek road when the truck hit the mower in the back. troopers say the man driving the mower was killed. his name has not been released. the truck driver wasn't hurt. highway patrol troopers are looking to track down a driver who fled from an accident over the weekend. it happened near the percival road exit on i-77 north -- just after 8-30 saturday night. troopers say a pickup truck made an improper lane change and hit a car... sending the car off the road and into some trees. this afternoon we found out the driver was released from the hospital. the pickup truck took off. if you have any information about this hit and run, call crimestoppers at 1- 888-crimes-sc. up next at four: the new federal budget
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..means some big checks will keep coming to the palmetto state, but critics say the country can't afford it. plus, the holidays are behind us but the shopping season is still going strong. the action that's hitting stores now that all the presents have been unwrapped. your first alert traffic starts
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a big tax credit in the new federal budget is bringing some complaints. the new spending plan passed by congress includes 14 billion dollars for wind energy. that could help businesses like the g-e assembly facility in greenville. but some critics say the country can't afford that. tracie potts has more. :00-:06 :13-:17 :34-:41 :48-:56 1:05-1:10 there are wind turbines spinning in 39
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states, providing about five percent of the country's electricity. the energy department says producing power with natural gas and coal may be less expensive - but wind is cleaner. "that is a lot more than just economics - it's about leaving for our children a cleaner environment." taxpayers have been subsidizing oil and natural gas production for decades. more recently, green energy sources - like wind and solar - are getting tax breaks. this latest one year extension for wind supports 73-thousand jobs. "that includes jobs in construction- in development - in maintenance and also in cons- ah - in manufacturing." one group that advocates for limited government - calls the tax break 'corporate welfare.' "they're spending millions of dollars - lobbying congress in order to slip these extensions of the wind production tax credit into these end of year deals." terry and bonnie doran live close to a wind farm in pennsylvania. they worry about the impact on property values.
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"most people came here for quiet solitude -- they didn't come for an industrial site." weighing the need for more renewable energy... against added taxpayer costs... and the impact on neighbors. tracie potts - nbc news. the ge assembly facility in greenville is one of several factories that make parts for wind turbines. but the american wind energy association says south carolina is one of 11 states that don't actually have any wind farms. the man many called teh "clown prince" of the harlem globetrotters has died. over the weekend george "meadowlark" lemon died in arizona, he was originally from wilmington. lemon played in more than 75-hundred consecutive games during his 24-years with the team. during that time he played in front of popes, presidents, and royalty in hundreds of countries. lemon was inducted to both naismith basketball hall of fame and the international clown hall of fame. george "meadowlark" lemon was
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time now for an update on your weather. for that we turn to meteorologist ben tanner. during the afternoon highs will reach the upper 70s and an unsettled weather pattern will return. monday there is a good chance of showers as moist, humid air continues to flow in from the south around a ridge of high pressure
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70s and an unsettled weather pattern will return. monday there is a good chance of showers as moist, humid air continues to flow in from the south around a ridge of high pressure
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coast. tuesday a front will cross the area and produce a few showers during the day, and the mild weather will prevail and highs will again reach the 70s. wednesday and thursday will also feature periods of rain which could lead to widespread flooding issues. of course, we'll watch this
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changes accordingly. christmas is over and the "next"
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season is on. the crowds are now headed "back" to the mall... or the websites for those returns and exchanges. nbc's kurt gregory has more. :14 - :21 :52 - :57 so.... santa and his reindeer did their part.... and you have done yours.... now... it's time to hit the stores.... again!!!!! "no-one likes to do the gift returns but on average most consumers tell us at retailmenot that 20% of their gifts go back to the store." those dreaded holiday returns... almost as much of a holiday ritual as putting up the christmas tree. for some though it's christmas all over again, just a
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later. ""shoes, shoes, shoes... debare shoes $23, michael kors $24?. i mean come on". holiday returns are whatever you make them. before going out experts recommend doing your homework first... know store policies and what to expect. "so definitely want to try to get your big ticket items back first and foremost because there's a time frame with a lot of retailers." things to remember before heading out.... if you have a gift receipt take it with you.. and don't expect cash back. and in today's high tech world of smart technology..... "having mobile computing power in your pocket is going to make you a smarter shopper, so you can get not only get the best quality product, but can get he best quality product for a great to cut down on fraud.
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it's the season for sugar. and spice. measuring. mixing. melting. stirring things up. it's a sip, a taste... a nibble.
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find the perfect platters for your event in our gather & share brochure. publix. where shopping is a pleasure the annual "grinding of the greens" recycling program is underway. from now through january 7th -- you can drop off your live trees to several locations throughout richland and lexington counties. we've posted a link to the locations on our web site, wistv dot com... just scroll to the bottom of our homepage and click on the big red 10. saying good bye to bad memories and bad relationships brought out crowds in new york city today. today people gathered in time square for "good riddance day." organizers say the event is a time to shed and shred any negativity from 2015 to make room for positive memories in the coming year. many people cam out to say good bye to their exes and even an invitation to a canceled wedding.
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another common theme, shredding student loans also brought cheers from the crowd. let's get an update on your weather with ben. during the afternoon highs will reach the upper 70s and an unsettled weather pattern will return. monday there is a good chance of showers as moist, humid air continues to flow in from the south around a ridge of high pressure anchored off the coast. tuesday a front will cross the
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