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tv   WIS News 10 Nightcast  NBC  December 28, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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highway patrol is still investigating the hit and run. meanwhile, the victim wants to get the story out there so someone -- somewhere -- might come forward with some answers. for now, each step is tough for kevin bessellieu, but the 31-year-old columbia man is just glad to be alive. "it's a miracle. the fact that i'm still here and still alive and breathing it shows that there is a god and there is someone watching over me." bessellieu was pulled from this mangled car this past saturday night. "i still have a couple bruises. i have a couple broken ribs, a slight concussion, and a slightly collapsed lung. i can barely walk as it is. i need a walker to get around in this point in time." before a violent crash, he was driving north on i-77 near percival road with a trunk full of gifts for his kids. "something told me to look in my rear view mirror, and i see this car dipping in and out of traffic, but i pay it no attention, so i continue driving. as i approach i-20 to augusta, i glance against into my rear view mirror, and next thing i know, i
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see this car. he came into my lane, and he was right next to me -- right behind me on my butt -- and then, it hit me." bessellieu doesn't remember much after that. "i remember the guy hitting me in the back. i remember the car swerving. i saw the trees flash through my eyes. / that was it. then, i woke up, and i remember a firefighter talking to me." troopers say bessellieu is the victim of a hit and run. they say an unknown pickup truck or suv hit his mitsubishi and sent it off the road into some trees. whoever hit him sped off. "the type of person who would do that has to be someone who only cares about themselves." amazingly, bessellieu is out of the hospital two days later, but as he recovers, he's hoping someone will come forward with a tip that'll land whoever wrecked him behind bars. now, the south carolina highway patrol hasn't released a possible description
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suspect's vehicle. bessellieu says it was either a truck or an suv, and it might have been a green toyota sequoia. if you have any information about this hit and run, call crimestoppers at 1- 888-crime-sc. an orangeburg county man is charged with murder, after a woman missing since christmas turned up dead. today, orangeburg county deputies arrested harold pratt. the sheriff's department believes pratt shot and killed 38-year-old loretta bunch last week. she was found in a holly hill waterway today. yesterday, family members reported that she had not been seen since friday. her car was later found at a home on old state road--where witnesses say she had been picked up by a truck driver. the orangeburg county sheriff's
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department is investigating the case. an eastover man is charged with murder after investigators say he shot and killed his neighbor after an argument over a fence. authorities say 49-year old mark volstromer shot and killed keith pruitt junior at his home on antioch amez church road yesterday. officials say pruitt got into an argument with volstromer's wife about the fence line dividing their properties. when pruitt got out of his truck, investigators say volstromer shot him. richland county deputies are continuing to investigate. for the week ahead--we're looking at on and off showers. ben tanner gives us an update tonight... so far showers have been few and far between, but i will still carry a 40% chance into the afternoon. temps are currently in the low 70s, we will have no problems reaching the upper 78- 79 across the area. monday afternoon highs will reach the upper 70s and an unsettled weather pattern will return. there
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as moist, humid air continues to flow in from the south around a ridge of high pressure anchored off the coast. tuesday a front will cross the area and produce a few showers during the day, and the mild weather will prevail and highs will again reach the 70s. wednesday and thursday will also feature periods of rain which could lead to widespread flooding issues. of course, we'll watch this closely and will make changes accordingly. our heavy rains are causing more havoc around the south. in anderson county, the neighborhood road guytin road has completely washed away. this is the third issue for that same road in just three months. the first time--was a sinkhole in late october. the anderson county roads and bridges
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manager says the problems have kept coming because of all the rain. repairs are expected to cost hundreds of thousand off dollars, which if fema approves, would have to be completed within 18 months. and in georgia, two people are now known dead from flooding in gordon county. the sheriff's office says boats and divers found them this morning. one of the men was a kayaker found in a 12-acre private pond who went missing on saturday. the other man was found inside a car near thehe flooded a aa. ofoficials believe he drove arounun barricades that had been blocking cars. in the lowcountry, more than 100 rescued animals are being treated the charleston animal society. they were taken from a north charleston home yesterday, in one of the largest rescues in charleston county. deputies say north charleston police were responding to a burglary at a nearby house when they discovered 72 rabbits, 32 cats and 4 dogs. charleston county deputies say the homeowner claimed she was trying to help the animals but it became
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the charleston county sheriff's office is still investigating. no one is facing charges. a quadriplegic man in columbia has some help getting around again after he says someone stole his handicapped accessible van from his home on christmas eve. robert mccurdy says the stolen van was tailored specifically to transport someone in a wheelchair. since last week--he says he's been stuck in his home. today, a wheelchair accessible van company donated a vehicle for him to use for the next few days "i mean who would do that, a handicap van, that's low, very low. but now to know that their are good people, we had offers from several people offering their personal vehicles to try and help us and now we have one that we can use." the mccurdys will be able to use the donated van until thursday. after that they say they'll have to look into buying another one if theirs isn't recovered.
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in the meantime, columbia police are investigating. be on the lookout for a 2012 honda odyssey van with south carolina handicap plates w-126. a sizable area in west columbia will be without water for a period tomorrow--and if you live in the area yoyoll want to plan ahead. the city is shutting off water lines for a relocation project near leaphart and mineral springs road starting tomorrow at 9 a.m. until 7 p.m. this will impact more than two dozen blocks in and around the leaphart road area. once water is restored people in th area will then be under a boil water advisory and will need to boil water for at least one full minute before using it. tomorrow, three columbia city councilmen will be sworn in--including to new faces recently elected. howard duvall and ed mcdowell each won runoff elections in november. mcdowell will now represent district two. duvall is the new at-large councilman. councilman moe baddourah will also be sworn in.
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he ran unopposed in november's general election. the ceremony is tomorrow at 3:30 at columbia city hall. will the usc men's basketball team keep their perfect score as they head into the new year? in the latest ap poll has the gamecocks sitting at number 24--one spot up from their number 25 ranking last week. they also jumped 3 spots in the coaches poll--now at number 20. the 11 and oh gamecocks face francis marion on wednesday. coming up on the news at 11-- a winter freeze is making for a its sights. a texas teenager who avoided jail time for murder because of an "affluenza"
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for murder because he was too rich has been found in mexico. ethan couch fled after authorities determined he violated the terms of his probation. couch was sixteen and driving under the influence when he struck and killed three people on a texas road in 2013. his lawyers managed to keep him out of prison by pleading what they called "affluenza" in november, social media posts showed couch playing a drinking game, in clear violation of the conditions that kept him out of jail. now, mexican authorities say they've found couch and his mother near the popular resort town of puerto vallarta. he will be turned over to u-s marshalls. a notorious hacking scandal is apparently not stopping cheating website ashley madison from signing up new members. the website claims on its homepage that it now has more than 43 million members. that's up 4 million from this
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summer, when the hack was first publicized. the data breach exposed the names and some vital information of an estimated 32 million ashley madison members. the site's parent company is facing numerous class action lawsuits related to the data breach. boston's chief health inspector had mexican for lunch--showing confidence in a recently reopened chipotle restaurant. william christopher dined at the chipotle near boston college today--after nearly 140 b.c. students contracted norovirus after eating at the restaurant earlier this month. inspectors point to a sick employee--not the food--as the likely cause of the outbreak. it reopened saturday after getting approval last week from inspectors. winter weather system slamming the middle of the u.s. has led to thousands of flights being canceled or delayed for all those holiday travelers. more than 700 flights were canceled at dallas- fort worth international airport alone. thousands more were reported
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canceled or delayed at chicago o'hare. officials say a typical travel day has about 150 cancelations and 4 thousand delays--nationwide. now the winter storm that's threatened the southwest--is about to hit the northeast, as people brace for what could be coming their way. we get more from dan scheneman snow, ice and strong winds have pounded the plains and midwest. millions of people are under winter storm warnings. in iowa, some roads were closed when as much as a foot of snow fell in some cities. in oklahoma, thousands of people were left without power because of the winter storm. one family thankful for a generator... "we have the heater hooked up and the refrigerator....just the bare necessities." chicago's o'hare airport is one of the transportation hubs where weather stranded travelers. about five-thousand flights were canceled or delayed. "my flight was canceled, but i didn't find out 'til i got here." this is part of the same system
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that dumped two feet of snow on new mexico... and the system is now moving northeast where people are ready for the first winter storm of the season.... "snow blowers ready snow tires are on so we are good to go." so far showers have been few and far between, but i will still carry a 40% chance into the afternoon. temps are currently in the low 70s, we will have no problems reaching the upper 78- 79 across the area. monday afternoon highs will reach the upper 70s and an unsettled weather pattern will return. there is also a good chance of showers as moist, humid air continues to flow in from the south around a ridge of high pressure anchored off the coast. tuesday a front will cross the area and produce a few showers during the day, and the mild weather will prevail and highs will again reach the 70s. wednesday and thursday will also
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feature periods of rain which could lead to widespread flooding issues. of course, we'll watch this closely and will make changes accordingly. flood victims in need of federal assistance have just under one week left to file
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the deadline is january 3rd at midnight for anyone who's houses were damaged or destroyed by flooding in october. after that, you will not qualify if you apply for federal aid. 24 south carolina counties are eligible. you can start the application process online at disaster assistance dot gov. you can also call the fema hotline at 1-800- 621-fema. tigers fans are counting down the days to miami--and hopes for a national championship title are at a fever pitch. coming up, we'll take a look at the season that's catapulted clemson to top college football contenders. the clemson tigers have been untouched with a
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the college football playoff. sports reporter joe gorchow has this year's number five story in our top 10 stories of the year. this year... the tigers turned away all challengers to make program history. swinney: "it's been a fun season and challenge each and every week. we tried to make every week the biggest week of the year. we've been at our best when we needed to be." clemson's 13 wins are the most ever in a single season by a tigers squad... besting the 12-0 mark set by the 1981 national title team. one of the most memorable
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victories... came on a stormy night in death valley against notre dame. following the two point win... coach dabo swinney delivered an unforgettable line. swinney: "and tonight it was byog... bring your own guts." that dab of wisdom... just one of many from dabo this season. swinney: "dabz of wisdom can i tell my wife that? a lot of it i go with the flow and with how i feel. i'm a gut guy i am an instinct guy. sometimes you got to put y'all here me the best is yet to come. we're going for the triple crown. we're going to be a tough out, and it ain't because we were tip toeing through the daisy's. we're going to play." the tigers fed off his inspirational motto's... to achieve perfection... and claim the school's first acc championship since 2011... with a 45-37 victory over north carolina in the conference title game. swinney: "i love the guts and i love the heart of this team. we talk all the time about you've got to be a champion on the inside before you can be a champion on outside, and tonight the inside of these guys really shined through." mac lain: "the whole team just has a genuine love d appreciation overall. been saying it for the whole year.
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when we needed it the most, they really stepppp up." dabo's leadership earned him five national coaoa of the year awards from different organizations around the country. his star quarterback received similar recognition from the conference and the nation. sophomore deshaun watson was named acc player fo the year ... claimed the davy o'brien award as the top qb in college football... and finished 3rd in the heisman trophy race. swinney: "not just the best player in this conference he's the best player in the country. if you sit down and watch all 13 games i don't know how you can argue with that." watson: "it's a big role. major task, but this is what i've prepared for. this is what i came to this university for to represent clesmon well. play the position of quarterback, and i think i've been doing it pretty good." clemson's enjoyed this wonderful journey... that's guided them into this years college football playoff. swinney: "all the things we've gotten done this year are in the rear view mirror. it's about what's next." what's ahead...
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a showdown with the oklahoma sooners in the orange bowl on new year's eve. a victory to ring in 2016... we'll be with the tigers in the sunshine state as they continue their quest to become national champions. coverage of clemson's big battle starts tomorrow on wis. coming up...dabo swinney explains why he's a twitter quitter. social media is not dabo's thing...... also..... kobe bryant makes his final trip to the carolina's to play an nba game...sports is next....
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quitter. that's what dabo calls himself. he tried twitter for a little while...but gave it up. when the tigers arrived in fort lauderdale saturday for the orange bowl....dabo snapped a few pictures as he departed the plane. he wasn't posting to any social media accounts because he doesn't have any. the clemson football a lot of other universities does have a very active twitter account. it's a great way to promote the program and communicate with recruits. right now....dabo says he's ok leaving the tweeting to someone else. last thing i want to do every day is get up and figure out how many people are following me...feeling like i have to document my life and telling know..that's what clemson football is for. maybe one day...i don't know. i like to talk to people..still like to talk to the recruits. i don't have facebook. if somebody's on facebook as me..that a'int me.i don't do twitter...i'm new school, old school. i'm new school, with old school ways i guess. but hey..everybody has to be who they far that's just
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it was a record setting day for navy quarterback keenan reynolds. the midshipmen taking on pittsburgh in the military bowl. third quarter...reynolds on the keeper...finds plenty of running room and races 48 yards......he also breaks the f-b-s rushing record for a quarterback on this play....reynolds finishes with 144 yards on the day and 4,559 for his career. fourth quarter...reynolds scootstsnto the end zone for his third td ofof the game....he alslsbreaks the f-b-s record for touchdowns with 88 for his career..... quite a performance as reynolds leads navy to a 44 to 28 victory in the military bowl. the usc men's basketball team continues to move up in the national polls. the 11 and oh gamecocks jump three spots in the coaches poll to number 20.
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they also move up one spot in the a-p rankings to 24th. usc's next game is wednesday at seven when they'll host francis marion. nba great kobe bryant making his final appearance in charlotte tonight.... kobe and the l.a. lakers visiting the hornets...... bryant is retiring after this season.... he has a decent night...scoring 20 points and pulling down four rebounds.... it's not enough against kemba walker's 38 points......
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