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weather. developing right now in sumter-- police are on the scene of a
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avenue. the sumter county sheriff's office says a 37- year-old man was found shot after witnesses gunshots in the area. the victim was taken to the witnesses also described seeing two men running away from the scene shortly after the shots rang out. we're working to get more information--meanwhile call crimestoppers at 1- any information. tonight, investigators say a holly hill man has admitted to killing his ex- girlfriend ...and led them to where he dumped her. harold pratt was arraigned today lets's go to wis' billie jean shaw at the orangeburg county sheriff's office in addition to murder, 45-year-old harold pratt has also been charged with possession of a weapon during a crime. pratt did not make eye contact with anyone in the courtroom as the judge laid out his charges. when asked if he understood his
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answered "yes sir" in a low tone. he is accused of fatally shooting 38-year-old loretta bunch. she was reported missing by her father after no one was able to get in contact with her. while bunch's family members did not want to go on camera, they did tell me pratt and bunch dated for nearly 10 years. her aunt says a few months ago, it was at that very home, investigators say pratt shot bunch before tossing her body off a bridge on highway 453. bunch's funeral is thursday at 11 am at the avinger funeral home in holly hill. meanwhile, pratt remains in jail as he awaits a bond hearing. at this time a date has not been set. at the orangeburg county sheriff's office, billie jean shaw, wis news 10. the columbia city council officially has two new members. they were sworn in just a couple
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the newly elected members along with mayor steve benjamin all said they're ready for a new era of leadership where working together will be a priority. there were about 200 plus people there as councilmen howard duvall and ed mcdowell took their oaths. councilman moe baddourah, who ran unapposed also was reelected and took his oath today. mayor benjamin did not endorse either duvall or mcdowell; he endorsed their opponents. the mayor and councilman baddourah have also butted heads in the past on various issues. duvall says there's a new dynamic on council now, but he says what happened today is not a changing of the guard. "no. we're going to make our case to council. we're going to dialogue over it. we're going to make our case to the people, and if in fact, you know, that becomes a reality, you know, it's democracy at work, but we're not going to stop pushing to move this city forward." the elected leaders tell me that 2016 will see a number of big votes for council
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flood recovery, a no-kill shelter, and a tax break for a student housing project. councilman duvall says he also wants to examine the way the bull street development will be funded. both he and the mayor used the word "unity." duvall says council will have a retreat coming up in early january. flooding around the midlands is nowhere near what it was back in october. but heavy rain and high water are again causing problems--and even damage close to our rivers. and access to some areas is again limited. jack kuenzie joins us from the ampitheater with more. sam--it's great to have easier ways to reach the rivers. that's something that we're starting to take for granted---though it's a relatively new thing in terms of the area's history. now we have about nine and a half miles of walking paths and other amenities that have brought people here in contact with some of our that's what the three rivers
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designed to do and while there are still some parts not completed---others have been around for more than 15 years now. with that access comes an expectation that at times nature will take over and cover up and even destroy what we've built. that's happening now here in west columbia---in cayce and columbia and it will continue to happen as the water levels rise and fall. "we're kind of operating in its territory and we've got to take it as it goes and try to get it open as quickly as we can. you know we always ask our citizens to be very patient. it does take a lot to remove silt and trees in an area that's so confined. our portion of the riverwalk is very natural so we have tons of trees, so it is difficult to...clean it up as quickly as people would like, so we always ask people to be patient." the river alliance earlier this month got approval from columbia city council members to move forward with the next big chunk of the greenway system---a three mile stretch to be created in
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of the congaree and saluda rivers. ceo mike dawson says that part like others is designed with the idea that flooding will occur from time to time---and he says there are measures taken in the design process to minimize damage from floods and flooding debris. clemson is just two days away from the college football playoffs--they'll face oklahoma thursday afternoon joe gorchow joins us live from outside sun life stadium media day provides a great opportunity to gain insight as to what makes the players and coaches they way they are. clemson's deshaun watson's poise and calm demeanor
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field comes from his mother. watson says he tries to emulate how his mom handled the most difficult moments of her life... including a battle with cancer when deshaun was 15 years old. today, watson described how seeing his mom conduct herself through the helped shape him into the type of leader and person he is on and off the field. he continues to seek wisdom from his mother everyday... especially on game day. watson loves hearing from his mom as she e ovides the encouragement and advice he needs to hear before kickoff. "honestly, no matter what the game is, she's telling me, you know, she tells me the same trust your reads, trust your eyes and lead this team. because you're a leader. and that's what we've been doing and once i hear those words, she say i love you and go get it, so that kind of motivates me to go play hard.
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tell myself you know, enjoy the moment, you know i've been dreaming about this my whole life, so why not enjoy it and celebrate this time." watson's had plenty to celebrate this season. he's guided clemson to a 13-0 mark, was named acc player of the year, earned the davey o'brien trophy as the top qb in college football, and ranks fifth in the nation in total an orange bowl victory and a ticket to the national title game. joe gorchow wis news 10 sports. more rain still in the forecast this week--but temperatures starting to creep down.
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recently flooded due to heavy rain. highs will settle in the middle 70s to finish out the year. the new year will start with cooler and drier weather. break 2 troopers are investigating after
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officials say the 2009 crown victoria was getting onto i-26 from lake murray boulevard when it lost control and crashed. the police car is registered to the town of irmo. troopers says the driver was thomas speers. no charges have been filed in the crash. more resignations today in the town of north-- wis has confirmed now that the town clerk and assistant clerk have submitted their letters of resignation to the mayor effective january 7th. this follows resignations by the north police chief and another officer earlier this month--which left the town without a police force. no word has been given as to why the clerk and assistant clerk are resigning. the film director serving prison time for the death of a production worker in georgia is asking for an early release--but the victim's father says he doesn't deserve it. randall miller was sentenced earlier this year for the death of columbia-native sarah jones, who was killed by a train during the filming of "midnight rider." he was sentenced to two years, but now his lawyers are asking him to be set free--less than halfway into his sentence for good
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his health. jones' father said today that releasing miller early would send the message that "hollywood gets a break"...and is asking the judge to deny the request. south carolina religious leaders are challenging people across the palmetto state to learn more about the world's religions. they met at the state house today to promote what they call "interfaith harmony." they read a proclamation by governor haley declaring january "interfaith harmony month." "members of interfaith partners of south carolina are distressed and deeply saddened to hear so many of our country's citiznes and political leaders and candidates espouse retaliation to our muslim colleagues, friends and neighbors for the actions of a small group who wrongly claim that islam justifies their actions." at today's event, local muslim leaders denounced the actions of isis and other terrorist organizations--saying radical islamist terrorists do not represent their religion. the palmetto state is getting big recognition this
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right back with sports after
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in the college football playoff semifinal. the sooners... love playing in miami. no program's played in more orange bowl's, or won more than o-u. of course, no team's beaten clemson this season. both squads... convened at sun life stadium for media day. the tigers arrived first to take their spots on the podium and in the sea of hundreds of reporters. the sooners followed an hour later in the same room. today provided a fun way to break away from the preparation for the big game. normally bowl week marks the of the season for both programs. that's not the case this time around in the the winner advances to the national championship. this stage certainly feels different for everyone involved, considering neither program's played in the playoffs before. "this isn't our normal game week. normally on a thursday we might have three
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around, so this is a little different. every week, we've just tried to focus on us. whoever that opponent is, whatever we've got to do to get ready and just try to focus on winning that game." "there's just an anticipation of another game. so it just seems different that it may not be the end. you know, so that's kind of out there for goes and those kinds of things, it's been the same." the national spotlight's certainly shining on both teams this week. without question though back in columbia... the nation's paying attention to the usc men's basketball team. the gamecocks are 11-0 and ranked in the top 25 in both the ap and coaches poll. usc looks to remain untouched by closing out 2015 with a win at home
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tomorrow. the key to carolina's perfect start... the players belief in one another. "the trust that we have in each other is kind of our main focus, so whether we're playing bad, or having a bad half, or starting a game off poorly, or starting a game of great and going on a run, alley- oop, dunk and the crowd going crazy we're still able to maintain our composure." "just taking it game by game. just keep walking in on time and just practice what success our palmetto teams are having on the court and grid-iron in 2015. when it comes to clemson football... they hope 2015 doesn't mark the end of its journey. if they beat oklahoma they'll leading up to the big game continues tomorrow on wis. rick and joe will both have live
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thursday night you can also follow updates on wistv dot com. a reminder for flood victims applying for federal assistance-- the deadline is fast approaching--but now you're getting a little extra time to get you paperwork in. if you were affected by october flooding, fema is now allowing you to get your application in through january 4th. the deadline was january 3rd at midnight, but since that falls on a sunday--officials are letting people accept applications through the next day. after that you will not be eligible for federal financial assistance. you can apply at disaster assistance dot gov...or call the fema hotline at 1- 800-621-fema. if you were a victim of october's flood, you may qualify for tax relief efforts from the irs. janet kellet, a local tax expert says those who suffered severe damage such as losing a home have the option of claiming a casualty loss on their 2014 or 2015 tax return. a casualty loss is a tax loss that is unexpected or sudden. however, kellet says not all
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loss. "well with casualty losses, that will have to exceed 10 percent of your agi, that's your income for the year to be able to deduct that and also you tax liability, it's not like a credit." if you choose to file a casualty loss for your 2014 return, the deadline has been extended to february 16. the 2015 deadline is april 15th. that's the news for now. see you back here at 7 for all
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