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tv   Today  NBC  January 5, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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first of all congratulations to our friend hoda on the new book, and a long time pal, and kirstie alley has something going this year year, an even though she is maintaining he w cake? >> that not nice of us. >> to test the will power. >> okay. it is not going to work. >> and we will celebrate hoda woman where her new book is out "whe wbelo >> and you know who is over are will? >> who? >> janie. and she is the biggerer name on the bo and she is so adorable. adorable. >> and t i is. going to be fun today. we will have some fun. >> and valerie bertinelli and duff goldman, and they have been judging the kid ss on "chopped" and now the kids are going to
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while we were away we made news. because there was a story that came out about peyton manning and accusations of him using human growth hormones while he had surgery, and he blatantly said i it did not happen, and that is not the case, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. and he interview with espn afterwards and he wanted to explain at where he was at certain times of the day and how he was treated for the illnesses, and that when we me >> i have been in all 35 days for treatment and watched "hoda all 35 days i have been there for treatment and watched "hoda /" sweet of him. >> tha is sweet and then people started to react to it. "g.q." called this a devastating bombshell, and that it could
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is a d dk day in the nfl. >> it is tongue and cheek. and this one, the manning interview on espn admits to watching "hoe a da andda and kathie lee." >> hay! >> hey! >> and so he went in as a backup quarterback and led the denver bron broncos to a win over to the san diego charger ss. i tried to the watch him, but he does not have so did oit the bron -- i did it to the broncos and i said, i am so proud of you for manning up. that whole f fa yes. and yesterday we were doing favorite thing, and my favorite still, and her treatment is january 8th, and i usually call her when we are
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forgot to call her. and her dad, devin, video taped her watching. >> and she was diagnosed with cancer, and she is coming up for her last -- >> daddy, look. yes, yes, yes. >> and she said, hoda, it is almost time for no more kans er. >> hoda! >> that is so cute. you have been a champion of her. >> i love her. last treatment is january 8th, and no more cancer after that. good for her. >> yes. >> and back to school for some kids. >> not everybody is excited about it. >> after a holiday, who wants to start? and the school starts so doggoned early. and kids need more sleep and less homework, how is that? >> the kids are cheering, too. and this is a viral video that was posted on readit.
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going back to school. and spread out like a pancake. >> i felt that way. and we had a nice time off down in the key, and once you are hanging out there called the keys disease. >> you want to stay? >> yes. you make up your day as you go along, there is nothing that you have got to do. >> you don't have to wake up at a certain time, and go to bed at a certain time? that is awesome. and now it is a huge day. because yesterday the "bachelor" debuts. >> yes. kicked off. >> and that is because we didn't get to to see it, amanda fils us in on what is happening. >> so this is season 20. >> what? >> season 20. >> you haven't missed a one, i am sure. >> right. no. >> and this is from the caitlyn backb to find love. we think that he looks like a cross between peter brady and seth macfarland. >> and you know what, he does. >> look at that! which one is the bachelor. >> wait a minute, if you shuffled those around, i am not
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>> and the show kicked off with the interviews with the girls, and this sis the girl they could not believe. so h name is tee yar ra ra, and she is a chicken enthusiast. look at her interview. >> my chickens are like baby, and since i don't human babies,,hese are my babyies. i have a chicken named sheila who stays in my room with me. she does everything with me. it is going to be extremely hard to leave my chicken, and i haveha 10 days, ever. i have to think long and hard about this, what comes first the chicken or the ben. >> how long does a chicken live? what is the average life span of a chicken? >> i don't know, but it gets waccier than that, because they
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one girl showed up with a giant rose on her head. and this girl, only speaks russian, and she doing, is that a football move? she hike ss the ball. eh, i don't know. and this girl showed up with a mini horse, because she is a cowgirl from texas. louis the mini horse. and the first ever twins on the show the go after ben's heart. >> that is weird. >> haley and emily. >> yes, and the girl that was the star of the sh this girl lace. they rare positioning her as the villain. she is very cad and very jealous already, and so at the end of the show, she got a rose from ben, and she takes bens a aside, and she says, i'm so mad at you, because you weren't giving me enough eye contact in the rose ceremony.
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got done telling somebody else to go home. >> would you rather them stay? >> i get that, but it is -- >> i want to be clear that the issue is that i didn't make eye contact with you in the rose ceremony. >> you did not look at me once. i watched you. >> and lace is the one in the center of the controversy. >> i gave her a rose. i have a feel ing thating that the drama is just ge the girl with the draw marks and -- drama, and she is having jealousy issue ss on episode one, it is a long road. >> and amanda's mother is here. and she has her mom here. >> she is so proud. >> would you wave so we can see. oh, there's your mom. all of the schooling paid off. >> thank you, mom. thank you. >> thank you, sweetie. >> how long does it last? >> three months i think. >> oh, boy.
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so ellen had some fun. >> and we thought it was over, but it is not. >> and ellen and the prank fest with matt was over, but she started out saying it was over. >> i made a resolution that i would not mess with matt lauer anymore. and instead, i will show you this clip of him interviewing adele adele. " hello to the other side >> and i never said this to a woman sitting across from me. can i hold your hand. can i see the other one? [ laughter ] >> oh, my gosh. isn't that amazing graphics group to be able to -- it is flawless, and it is like, wait a minute. >> his tongue was sticking out. >> that is the part i liked.
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the al album "25" is officially the top selling album of 2015, and only came out in november. >> can you imagine? >> and it is still the best selling album of the year this year. >> and yes of 2016. so this is fun. there sis a principal at a middle school in atlanta, and the it up is ron clark. and he runs a great school where the kids excel in all of this stuff. so he started a challenge that said, i bet you can't do it like me. so we wanted to try to dance li the school. and so they took up thele challenge. here it is. i bet you can't rock like this i bet you can't walk like this you can't hit the folks like this and you can't do it like me
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and they do it like me oh, you can't do it like me >> how about that? >> how much fun would that be to go to the school like part of the day with somebody like that. so enthusiastic. >> and u youyou can get why the kids excel excel, because they love where and the will lip-syncing is out. >> and we have a sneak peek of channing tatum who took on the song "frozen." let it go let it go that perfect girl is gone >> oh, my god. >> that is his wife reacting to it. that is -- that show. >> and there should be a few surprises along the way. >> we need the to do that together. >> and houbtw about the the what-what? >> a l nae nae. >> that means i have to learn a song, and i don't know any of these songs.
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the stuffed bunny has gone viral on facebook. it was left behind at the adair hotel in ireland after a wedding and the staff the decided to have so much f of it in hopes that it would get the attention of the owner there on facebook. >> it rested in a robe. and given a spa day, and given a tour of the ground, and we are happy to say that the bunny who wa l injected as -- identified as jelly cat, has been identified with the owner kate. so kate found the bunny, and she said she was lonely and could not sleep without it. what a sweet picture. >> we like the happy endings. >> we have got it, and we will give it away later today. >> spanky tuesday. >> oh, no! >> you know you love it. >> and you know who else we love? >> kirstie at hillshire farm, spice is the spice of life.
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nice. she's the tv and film star who has been making us laugh for nearly 30 years. kirstie alley. >> but it is the role in the long running "cheers" that cemented her histo playing rebecca howe and scoring a emmy and golden globe for the best actress there. >> and kirstie has been st ove years, and she has been very honest about it. and she has lost 50 pound, and kept it off for over a year, and she is going totoell us about that and all of the projects she
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>> happy new yeerar. >> happy new year to you guys. >> and sorry we had you sitting with all of the cakes. >> that is sort of funny. >> it is good. >> and for me, it is day-to-day struggle, and i am the spokesperson for jenny craig, and i can go a little bit of life in and get off of track in many ways. >> and if i had that gentle accountability, anknow, at first you weigh in, and you know, you weigh in every week with the consultant, and oh, my god, oh, my god, and then you start to showing off as you are getting the results. yeah, that is what i like. >> and if you not a paid spokesperson for the jenny craig and not to put you on the spot, but is te b fit for you? >> yes, because the -- because it is personal. i would not do so well with counting, and we know that i don't do so well on my own, okay.
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>> and you have a buddy. >> or like a football player, you have a coach, and you don't go running willy-nilly down the field. and on those days when you are a bad girl a a naughty girl, what is the indulgence that is the hardest thing to refuse? >> caviar. and it sis hard to obsess. and people say, well, caviar doesn't have any calories, but you put it on the eggs, and then you 40 eggs before. >> i have never heard anybody say that before. >> caviar, but we get new downfalls in life. >> and you have a bi up, don't you? >> oh, god. >> does that make you feel good or bad. >> oh, god. >> well, it is in the notes. >> and i have my birthday coming up and i can collect social security and i am glad i can before it sis all gone. >> do you want to say the age?
10:17 am
50 is weird. >> you can't believe it happened to you. i feel 28. i know that -- >> that is the exact age that i feel. exactly. >> and i thought that you would say 32. >> no, everything good started to happening in life, a and so inside i feel 28, and outside i am clearly not 28. i think that who i feel like i'm -- i'm jennifer lawrence. i want to be jennifer lawrence, and i lo jennife lawrence and i'm obsessed with her, and she cut the hair in "joy" and that night, i cut this much of my hair off, and i said, it is time to -- >> i love this. it is pretty. >> and oh, i am going to to pay tribute to jennifer lawrence. >> what is it that you love about her? >> she is so real and so incrcrible incredible, and i just am riveteca and i am a stalk er groupie. >> does she know this?
10:18 am
but it is okay if she knows it, because i am a total, if i were around here, i would like her, and if i liked her hair that day, i would go, cut more. >> is that the first time you have had a star crush? >> it is on a girl, because i think that if i could be any now, who would it be, and it is jennifer lawrence, and then i'd be adele for the singer. >> you h taste. >> and i think that shows that i am older, and if i could be, and guys -- >> guy crushes? >> well, when you in the 20s and the 30s and you are picky. and i have always been very picky and no, no, and then over 45, i'd say, everybody is hand some. you know, the guys, like i see high school guys and college guys and i would not have given them the time of day, and oh, my god, so handsome? and have you seen our guy in "men "men's health." yosuf. he has a lot going on.
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>> and we will do that, and happy birthday to you, and congratulations. >> i think. thank you. i'm alive. >> and look good. >> all right. >> and coming up. do you feel l something is
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it is time for brain teaser tuesday when we put your minds to work for solving a fun riddle. this is comeing from the national institute of environmental it is. a baseball team won a game, and the score was 19-17 with no errors, and not a single man crossed the plate. how is that possible? a baseball team won a game 19-17 with no errors and not a single man crossed the plate. how is that possible? >> you have a few minutes to think about it. good luck before we reveal the answer.
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morning...through executive order. the white house says the first of those changes include strengthening and clarifying background check laws already on the books. the president is also proposing putting more money into research for smarter gun technology to reduce the risk of accidental shootings...and a 500 million dollar investment to improve mental health care. tonight longtime charleston mayor joe riley will end his 40 years in office with a farewell address. riley is expected to address the city tonight in
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live. he's served as mayor longer than anyone in thth city's 345-year history and is credited with leading charleston through an urban renewal that has made the city one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. burrrr! cold start to this tuesday with temperatures in the 20s! abundant sunshine today will look pretty however, it won't help much with the temperature as we'll only see highs in the middle to upper 40s. winds will subside during the day. clear and cold tonight, lows middle 20s. inineasing clouds for weweesday, high near 50 rain returns to the forecast by thursday afternoon through friday with highs rebounding to near 60 rain chance 40% thursday.60% friday. keep it tuned right here to w-i-s news 10 for more of the "today show". and get breaking news first at w-i-s t-v dot com. good morning.. time now is
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>> all right. it is brain teaser tuesday and before the break we ga allright. a baseball game won a game 19-17 with no errors and not a single man crossed the plate and how is that possible? >> there were two answers, and you got them both. >> the team was women or not one
10:28 am
>> and so hoda's new book is out "journeys that show us the way" and features everybody from laila ali to margaret cho to the people who listen to voice inside of their head and make a chan >> and my co-author is here, and we featured seven unique stories, and one of them is and they had it all. comfortable life, and retired and they could e ski and do whatever they wanted to. >> and they were young. >> yes, young, and decided to take to a sharp >> reporter: scottsdale, arizona. a picturesque home on a beautiful sprawling property, but the true beauty is with the family that lives wits because of how supportive and joyful they
10:29 am
to me and they loving soul and heart. >> reporter: the love of 10-year-old quinn has on his parents is not lost. >> i have a loving family. a brother, a sister, a mom and a dad. >> reporter: quinn is where he belongs. but it was not always this way. quinn, his brother and sister were born in hayiti. >> there is no electricity, and there's a lot of children that need to find homes. >> just ten years ago, thaey were those children. all three orphaned and they found themselves without a place to call home. until a chance trip to haiti when at the age of 51 craig and his wife real iz dized they were ready to be first-timeparents. after a lifetime that convinced that fatherhood simply
10:30 am
craig and kathy ventured to haiti as a family of two, and returned as a family of five. >> i was wholeheartedly committed to not having children be a part of my life. i wanted to be a successful busima wanted to build a company with a winning track record, and i did not want the distraction of other things in my life. >> reporter: but after reaching his ca goals and living a carefree life of golf and skiing. craig and kathy were searching for more purpose. >> i remember walking into my very first orphanage. that entire experience which was, you noeknow, really profound. when i was in the midst of that orphanage, and then even walking a away from the orphana there was a voice, this thing saying, do something. now, at the time i was not exactly sure what the something was.
10:31 am
was to adopt one or two or in our case three of these children. that was the beginning, and now you reflect back ten years the something turned into something much different and bigger. and now 14,5, 14 and 10. ananthey are something different. espy is a designer. >> like to design clothes, and that is my favorite thing. >> and a athlete. and quinn is a pint-sized pianist. it was not long that craig and kathy realized they wanted for others what they had on their own. so they started a foundation called "both ends burning" which is created to help thousands of orphans to live with families, they are building a global group to re-examine and reshape child welfare.
10:32 am
three kids, this is where they belong. >> we are exactly where we belong belong. everything in my paspast, and even our children's past was shaped for where we are right now. >> i am thankful for a roof over my head, and loving and giving family, and a brother and sister and mom and dad and all of the support i get. >> both of my parents like, they go out of their way to help other people, an do that, and evenb like my older brother and younger brother do the same thing, so they the rub off on us almost. >> love is formed by the nurturing experience. so i think that our family is just like any other family. we have the good days and our bad day ss, and we have the challenges, but at the foun is still this, this fabulous entity call d called the family. and we are all better off because we are i family. all five of us do understand
10:33 am
don't question it. >> that is so great. >> isn't that amazing. >> when i read the story, i was in tear sat the end. it is incredible. >> and the family is one of the people that we feature, and is and some people are looking for where where fay are belonging spiritually or swellintellectually or emotion ally. >> and craig was so sure that he didn't want children he had a vasectomy at 30. >> yes, i read that. >> so whatever you are looking for at your change, there is somebody in here that represents the path that you need to be on, but there are a bunch of stories in here. >> and great stories. who would you say this book is for? >> i would say anybody. somebody who is thinking of a second career, and somebody in the 50s or the 60s or a college gradua trying to figure out where they want to be many their life or for anybody.
10:34 am
and flip up a glass and say congratulations. today. >> yes, barnes & noble on the east 86thstreet, and if you want to learn more about the family, you can read an excerpt of the book at >> and what time, hoda? >> 7:00 tonight at the barnes & noble on the east side. >> and how did you know where you knew where you belonged. head over to the facebook page and tell us about it. >> yes, we want to know that, too. >> and oh my gosh, stephanie. we're, like, so goth. we're, like, goth goth. sfx: knocks on door. honey? i'm dying my hair, mom. hair dye? no, not in my bathroom! relax, mom. honey, just let me in! sfx: door rattling. no. tiffany! no. tiffany! it's just purple. teenage daughter? get scrubbing bubbles. kill 99.9% of germs and destroy dirt and grime. you only need scrubbing bubbles disinfecting cleaners for 100% problem solved. we work hard, so you don't have to.
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in people two weeks of age and older whose flu symptoms started within the last two days. before taking tamiflu, tell your doctor if you're pregnant, nursing, have serious health conditions, or take other medicines. if you develop an allergic reaction, a severe rash, or signs of unusual behavior, stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion, or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. anti-flu? go antiviral with tamiflu. t t of america's favorite tv personalities have teamed up once again. >> actress valerie bertinelli and pastry chef duff goldman is back for the season two of "kids
10:39 am
and the kids vie to take home a sweet $25,000 prize. >> however our team thought it would be good to the turn the tables on valerie and duff. so we have a panel of judges who are already polishing off both cake s cakes at this point, but they judge. >> and yes. >> and valerie is going to start. >> $5, guys. for the chocolate. >> and valerie has a sicilian love cake. >> sicilian love cake is all about the love. you start with a regular chocolate cake batter. >> okay. >> and what makes it sicilian and italian is the ricotta and mascarpone on it. >> she speaks italian. >> no, i want to be giada so bad. and so this is the mascarpone, and the ri cot the ta and it has
10:40 am
stuff that is going to go on top of it. go a layer. like a layer. >> and wn oven, it is going to do the opposite thing. >> it goes to the bottom? >> yes, the mascarpone goes to the bottom, and it makes that chocolate cake that much more moist, because it has to go up through, and so that is it. >> and you should not allow that word on the air. >> and that is what happens with this cake, and you put a chocolate frosting on top which is made of chocolate pudding? super simple. >> okay. have a taste of it. >> and don't tell us or have any hints yet. and esla is trying to give the hints. >> okay. come on al right up here with duff. >> i want to make a vanilla cake with coconut and marshmallows. >> that is cheating. >> why? because it is awesome? >> because kids love marshmallows. >> i know, man. i am telling you.
10:41 am
and you to persuade the cake. because it is up like that. >> is that your phone? that my phone? >> that is hysterical. >> that is too much. >> dude, i am seeing you on tv. >> dude, you are on "today" show, and i can't believe it. >> it is happen inging. >> i love that. >> keep eating kids. >> what is in the frosting there. >> and the chocolate one, too, sweetheart. >> and you did? >> and this is the marshmallow frosting and the swiss meringue. >> fluff? >> yes, marsh melmallow fluff and meringue. >> valerie is looking nervous. >> definitely time to check in with the judges. >> go for it. >> okay. i want to say that somebody here does cakdo all right. >> just say ging.
10:42 am
hold up your signs. ready. the one that you want. and the camera ss are pointed that way. one, two, three. >> oh! >> everybody likes the marsh mel marshmallow. >> everybody likes the marshmallow. >> i never win anything. this is great! >> they are both great, and the re go the, and the "kids baking championship" airs monday night on the food channel. >> and this is where guests check in, but they don't check out. >> our hunk when i lay in my tempur pedic contour then i slowly feel it start to kind of wrap itself around me. my mind just kind of goes blank. then the next thing i know it's morning. with tempur-flex you've got the spring and bounce of a traditional mattress then it also adjusts to my body. my cloud feels so comfortable. it feels like somebody's hugging you. how can a bed do that? this is the best investment of your life because this is where dreams are made.
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days after the paris attacks, senators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in calififnia insteaea two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, ruruo has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa
10:47 am
he is a man of many talents the actor, singer, songwriter who the "new york post" called broadway's most sexiest man, cheyenne jackson. >> many of you know him as the
10:48 am
by as the rival coach, but he has a return to the dark side. he is going to the latest project "american horror story hotel." >> he plays fashion designer and dad will drake who moves into a creepy hotel. and he finds himself in the lady gaga character. >> and she no likey. >> yes, she likey, and then she killy. >> and you are allowed to come back in the series if you are a ghost. >> if you are killed in the hotel, you become a ghost, and a pissed off ghost for the rest of the series. >> is it true that you were in a spin class and magic happened? >> yes, i was friends with ryan murphy, and so it is a very l.a. story, and we were in the spin class, and he said, i have a part for you in "horror story" and that is it. it has been really, really fun.
10:49 am
it is extremely explicit about show, and you have been doing scenes that even your mother and father cannot watch. >> yes. i warn them, and i call ahead a and my parents tried to watch it through the first episode saying, is he on? david, where is he? and yes, it is "american horror story" and dark and sexy and bloody and it is not for kids. yeah, it has been really fun. >> and there is also some light stuff going on inlife, too. back to the broadway. >> yes. am excited about that. >> what are you going to do? >> secret garden on pbs, and i'm playing dr. craven and my little mary is sidney lucas from "fun home" and a great talent. >> and you have a movie you are working on? >> yes, it is called "hello again" based on michael lacusa's musical, and audra mcdonald and
10:50 am
>> and every time you come back, it is something totally different. shod up with a cd. and songs that you had written. >> yes, and you know what it is like. to the survive, you have to be diversifying. >> you are a creator. than you, cheyenne jackson. >> i thoonk you for being a champion of mine and thank you so much.
10:51 am
lucky it is the first spanky tuesday of 2016, and before we get to hoda's tim to give it away. >> get this prize, it is a nordic track recumbent cycle from sears.
10:52 am
now, and this this bike is going to elhelp you the burn calories and train for the next race. you can create your own training course with google maps, and the bike automatically adjust s tos to match the terrain. >> and we will find o who won, and donna spun it for us. and the first winner of 2016. pennsylvania. >> sharon won. and axle camp of bethel, connecticut. congrats. >> and linda walls from fayetteville, arkansas. >> and now, this one, deep in, and this is -- you are gross, angela from liberty, kentucky. >> and the last one is cheryl murray from is central point, oregon. is o-r -- just kidding. >> congrats to all of the win winners.
10:53 am
and don't forget i'm on barnes & noble at 86 on the east side. >> turn around. turn on the music. track it. >> don't forget.
10:54 am
star >> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, host of "american idol," ryan seacrest. and from the new film, "the hateful eight," jennifer jason leigh. plus our viewers share their resolutions as we kick off our "new year, new you" series. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television]
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