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tv   Today  NBC  January 20, 2016 2:07am-3:00am EST

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. boozeday tuesday has finally arrived, and it is also las vegas eve, eve. we are packing the bags and going to the vegas. we are going to see j.lo and have a show live from thereron thursday, and we are going to be take over the strip. >> we can't wait. >> we know it is the porn convention, and we don't care, because we are going to be there anyway representing. i i am joined by jenna bush hagar, and kathie lee is taking
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there is by little mix called "black magic" and it is a good video if you are bored. >> you like it? >> yes, it is a good one. >> okay. >> and we are going to have some fun today, because if you loved "grease." >> which i did. when i was little, i used to have my one cousin be danny. >> and who were you? >> olivia newton john. and i would say, "summer loving" come on. go, kid. >> and i don't know if we are going to have olivia newton john with us, but we will have her with us in vegas. okay. >> you have a one-track mind. >> vanessa hudgens is going to be here with us, because we are doing "grease" the musical -- >> it is on fox. >> oh, i thought that we had it on nbc? >> no, they are here today.
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fox. >> and also, let's find out why men don't clean up after themselves. okay. they will teach us why they don't. we have to pick up all of their -- >> look at how they are caught totally off guard. they don't clean up after themselves. and at least jimmy is trying over there. >> and now, thanks, guys. >> and we will get into some sword tips from zach mcgowan who does a workout that is tough for anybody of any size. he does a crazy, crazy workout. but it's a big day for psy. >> i predicted the song "daddy" would hit like a kazillion hits, and it hit 100 million, and crank it. i got it from my daddy i got it from my daddy >> look at the man.
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>> oh, those are my moveve the dad dad daddy >> you are not going to vegas with us. >> oh, my god. >> and that has to be so turned off by ricky there. it is impossible. anyway, it is the fourth time anyway, that's a billion views less than psy. uptown funk, everybody was talking about the little kid named jacob tremblay tremblay. >> so cute.
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throw a dance party. look what he did. take a look. >> i just had a idea. >> if everybody can be a winner. we'll vote on instagram celebrating the critics choice awards. >> he's really -- we're going to see a lot of him. >> he is great. >> it's one of our favorite times on a tuesday. last night, monday night was bachelor night. that means amanda avery is here with us. >> hello. >> hi. >> are people getting
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>> oh, yes. >> and here we go with olivia. >> and nobody likes her. >> and she has been a frontrunner, but she is like really confident, and she does not want to make a friends with the girls, and she is all about ben, and smitten by him, and last night there was a target on her, and they brought her up s.t. i am like, what is the ft. >> what is that? >> fat toes. >> i know. >> what did you say? >> i can't say it. >> i think that i agree with you. i want to know what you just said. >> people were making fun of her toes. they'r'rhorrible.
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terrible. >> you can tell. >> i wonder if they smell. >> they started to -- it is like stupid -- your toes, i'm like -- [ laughter ] >> i love that she volunteered that about herself. look at that. that is catty and mean. >> yes, and it is the first time i ever felt it was such a mean girls moment. it makes you happy to not be on the show. didn't feel bad for her very long. so they go into the cocktail party and ben says, i have to say something serious, because i just got terrible news that some friends of our family were killed in a terrible accident and i will still go through the cocktail
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myself. and so she comes right away and says, oh, she's going to console him. take a look. >> and everybody has stuff on their body they would like to change, and me, from my waist down, like my legs, i hate them. people have written blogs that i have cankles. sorry. i'm trying to be strong all the time, but it's the scariest thing ever. >> and i came in here a little bit down, and this is not exactly what i wanted to talk about. >> that is nauseating. >> and you know what that is the definition of? narcissism. that is the definition. >> and she didn't read the room at all. the guys was in tears, and that is the first thing when they sit down is herself.
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>> yes. >> and finally, and the girl i have been picking on lace over the past couple of weeks, and she is kind of crazy, and so they go into the rose ceremony and take a look at what happened. >> i am mad at myself for the way i've act ed since i have been here. this has been really rough for me. i have a lot of work to do on myself. maybe just need to continue working on myself and better myself, because like my tattoo says, you can't love someone else until you truru love yourself. >> so she left the show. she walked off. she said that i need to work on myself and i'm going to leave, and she left. and actually she got a lot of fans back on her side, because they were tearing her apart. >> what is going on, on this show? >> well, they are upping the crazy.
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is over here. >> you were totally riveted. >> were you sad when you were watching these clips or what what? >> i don't know what is going on. and i heard that somebody has to work on herself, and said, you get it girl, go work on yourself. >> thank you, amanda. >> and this is for you, girl. >> okay. zoo lander is one of my favorite movies of all time, and will also my mother's favorite movie. >> what does she like about it? >> everything. >> so funny? >> she thinks it is hilarious, and ridiculously good looking. so they asked her to be an extra in the movie. >> really some. >> "zoolander ii" or "zoolander iii." anyway. whatever. it doesn't matter. and henry wrote her and said, it was the worst career decision ever. and they also did 73 questions and answered
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would. take a look. >> what's the best part of living in new >> the diversity, and we have very good looking people and people? and what are three words living in new york? >> hustle, bustle and. >> how often do you take the subway? >> hardly ever. sandwiches are the gateway to the cake. >> what's on your mind right now? >> pass. >> what's your favorite holiday. >> well, faith is very important to me, so i have to say my birthday. >> and what's your favorite season? >> spring, no salt. >> and what is your television show of all time? >> oh, that one with the lizard who sells insurance. >> what is your favorite movie of all time? >> the one with the dinosaurs and "marigold hotel" because it was so funny. >> and i love derek zoolander, and i i can't wait to see that movie. >> why is the chatter over already. >> cheers.
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>> how do you say winner french? >> bonjour. >> to. >> and here is a hint, we are giving it away. >> is somebody going to france? >> i don't know. >> then "grease" is the word and the
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you're not indestructible anymore. the kind of family moments that live forever, happen here every day. disney parks.
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it has been nearly 40 years since the iconic "grease" was turned into a blockbuster movie starring olivia newton john and john travolta. >> and now it is going to make its way through ryder high again. >> and you remember vanessa hudgens from her role in teen shows, and now she is teaming up with carlos penavega to revive the roles. so how do you feel
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hi, kids rchlt. >> live, live, live. >> how do you feel about live? >> it's happening january 31st. >> and there is nothing you can do about it now. >> and a it is live on the set, so is you can hear them? >> yes, and we are live on the set, and a dude right there. >> and how much rehearsing? >> like a broadway show. and we have been going since december 1st, and six days a week and ten hours long and so much fun, and it is so fun, because the cast is amazing and everyone is so wonderful, and everybody gets along, and so we feel like we are in high school. >> and vanessa, you say that you are not nervous. >> carlos? i feel like we live for the nerves as per formers, so it is going to be fun, and what we are doing is so ambitious, and we have ran the show once. so far. >> and it took five hours. >> and not only that, but it is the iconic
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making my cousins watch it for hours upon end. did you love the original movie? >> hundred percent. >> yes. i don't remember the first time saw it,t,ut it has opinion a part of my life, so i don't remember a part of my life when i didn't have "grease" in it. >> and your favorite song is -- >> one, two, three, summer loving had me a blast i met a girl >> oh, terrible. >> wait until you hear the cast album. >> you should hear her singing "worse things." there are worse things i could do than go with a boy or two >> we are live right now.
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great. extras, or they wouldn't have us on fox? >> no, they wouldn't. >> well, it is all working out. >> maybe next time. >> and you guys v a blast. have a blast. you are with us. "grease" will air january 31st on fox. >> okay. you want to ask a guy don't know what to say? the answers, and they
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here's a question, do you want to know what your man is really thinking? >> probably not. well, there is no better way to find out
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tell all." >> our hunky man panel is back to answer your questions. chris is single and the host of barlt jackson, which airs next week on the velocity channel. >> and next is the comedian, actor, and dad. and he does it a all. and he does it all. >> >> still correspondent, and still employed and shoutouts to the health and dental vision, and make it clear. the w-2s are filled out. >> and finally last but not least, the finally engaged, but has not planned the wedding yet. >> and we wonder if it is is ever going to the happen. >> it is going to happen, guys. >> and it is going to
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>> okay. and now, across the street for the first question. >> i'm courtney from new bern, north carolina, and i want to know why guys are so invested in sports where where they have superstitions and kit ruin their whole day if their team does not win. >> well, it is possible that most of us have not fulfilled our dreams in life, and so we put our dreams in the team. >> and you to vicariously live through the gladiators and you have to live that. >> and our brains have is not been shaking around in our head. >> and there is a day of depression after a bad game. >> it hurts. it hurts. i'm a bear's fan and cub's fan, and i am long suffering. >> you are on prozac. >> i am on the lion's, and it is bad. >> and my husband is a redskins' fan and it ain't fun for the wife either. and dusty rose smith asks why men don't clean up after themselves? >> our talking about a few guys that are a few generations removed from being fascinated by fire. and the fact that we don't clean up, we don't know tis.
2:29 am
thing, we do clean up after ourself, but you guys expect it to i was like, i will get to that. and why are you picking up my underwear. >> across the street. crazies. >> i'm matty from like to know if it matters if girls have an education. >> yikes! matty from oklahoma. >> does it matter when you date someone? >> well, it matters if i want to see them more than once, yes. >> i talk about it all of the time, my wife has a phd. >> and no, it is not hoity-toity, and we should express the levels.
2:30 am
have completed high school and i'm not being funny, and at least high school, and if you have not completed anything past that, it is not a dealbreaker, but i can take you the g.e.d. classes. >> my wife is a ph.d.. i bossed up. i found my beyonce and i put a ring on it, and if you find somebody with a great education, and in oklahoma, they have a great public education, and you take advantage of it and i'm saying this as an indian person, that your classes are easier, and the curve is lower, so go in. >> and this is going to make it okay, because he is an indian person. >> okay. we have to stick around and answer more of your questions. don't go away. get your slow cooker from the cabinet. we'll be cooking up
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the news. welcome back, everybody. it is boozeday tuesday, and jenna bush hagar is in for kathie lee, and our handsome guys are back to tell all. >> and we have chris jacobs, and the young john minaj, oh, like nicki minaj. >> don't insult my sister. >> so our writer says what are the definite don'ts on a first date? >> what is so difficult? hey, you want a cup of coffee or go the dinner?
2:32 am
>> and yes, it is flattering, and if therest a mutual attraction. >> and guys, we spend so much of our time hearing no, and we we would be shocked, yes, please, take me. >> and what should we ask for, coffee, a drink or what? >> i like the drink option, personally, because i like to drink a ton. >> and that is the exit strategy. >> and do we have to pay? >> no. >> no. >> just asking. >> and if you ask out, you pay or you split. >> maybe you are just established that, and since it is all fuzzy and blurry on that one. and the rule is -- >> establish who is paying? >> no, the rule is whoever asks pays, but usually this is also the rule that the man pays, so now -- >> and chivalry. >> and if i asked a guy out, and he came and he expected me to pick up the tab, it would be the last one. >> and hoda, you are a beautiful woman, and you say, hey, look, i want you to take me out, but you are paying. and he is like, i am the man, i will pay. >> and so why haven't you asked me out yet?
2:33 am
one. >> and you can alley-oop that one, great. >> and you to alley-oop it, and throw it off of the backboard. >> minaj, minaj. >> i'm madison from atlanta, georgia, and my question has to do with space. my husband and i share small house with small closets and small sinks, and we are constantly arguing over the space, and how much space do guys really need? the general rule is 2/3 for her, and 1/3 for him. let's cut a deal. you don't ask me to clean up so much, and i don't have to have so much space. so give me enough for >> and if you would clean up more, then i would have more space. the sneakers. >> he rented the suit for the show. >> and here you go,
2:34 am
and disengage from the rim instead of telling the significant other that he wants to leave the relationship and not explain. why do guys just vanish? >> is that a new generation thing? >> i am always the one left figuring out why you have not showed up. where did you go? >> you can find me via instagram and twitter, @hassan minaj. >> i am finally engaged and now you are telling me that i am disengaging. >> one more question across the street. >> hey. not there. >> and sounds complicated. >> talk more about the space. ruth has a question. what does it mean when a guy says that he is going to talk to you when he is ready. i fell in love with a co-worker and them things fell apart and
2:35 am
starting to bother and it has been six month, and he has a new girlfriend and can we be friends? >> oh, that is over. six months is a red flag. >> and there are a lot of markers, am i driving him crazy, and if you have to ask certain questions the answer is yes. heels. say can we be friends? and write it in blood on his desk. on his desk? >> oh, that is scary. >> and some of this well. >> and now, you want to hear from him after six months. and what he is saying is that i will talk to him when i'm ready, but it means, i'm not ready. >> so as a general rule, it is eight months, and then we are ready to talk. >> and an extra two months. >> and so, i did not like that minaj with the sociopath comment, and the blood comment. oh no. i'm just passionate. >> and now, go to and hit the button connect. >> and to another hunkie man who is a fine mate, hollywood
2:36 am
going to join us. >> and we have the next meal and breakfast all figured out. (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class? i take pictures of sunrises, but with my back pain i couldn't sleep and get up in time.
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you have got to admit there is nothing bsh on a warm day on a cold day, but who has time to the stand over to the stove and stir for hours and hours. >> not me. not me. so the "to today" food you get set and forget it. are going to to do? >> yes, the easy slow melissa. >> and she is going to
2:39 am
>> i want to show you a jalapeno trick. >> ok. >> it's spicy. it has jalapeno in it. >> and it is ground chicken, and kale to keep it nice and light, and you need garlic and cumin and chili powder and sour cream for the top. >> and show us the trick. >> and i'm excited for the trick. so if you want to take the seeds out of the jalapeno, and -- do you like it hot or spicy? >> well, i like it hot, and henry likes it mild. >> so you take half out. >> so all of the heat is in the inside stuff? >> yes, you see the veins and the seeds? that's where all the heat is. and you take a grapefruit spoon to go straight through, and you know when you get a jalapeno juice on
2:40 am
oh, ouch. >> i have done it. it is a disaster. >> it is bad, right? >> and it hurts. >> and wash your hands after you do this. and then you mince them up. they are ready to go here, and the best thing about cooking with the slow cooker, and in this recipe, everything goes in at the same time, so you do haven't to brown anything. >> i love a slow cooker. >> and you want to add the water, and start dumping, jenna, because everything goes in. and white bean, and use enough water to cover it by an inch, and that is about seven cups. and basically an inch. the lemon is in the lemon zest, and the wedges in the end, and the oregano, and you have the dirty job there, hoda. >> do you mix it all around? >> no, a quick stir. >> but you don't need to stir it a lot? >> no, just to break up that big chunk of chicken. >> you do it before work. and that took three minutes. and you cover it, and turn it on, and that is it. >> and it is totally safe, and i feel
2:41 am
it on all day. >> and i have heard the pressure cooker horror story are -- stories, but not slow cooker. i think they're fine. lid on? lid on. and the beans will get cook and the spices imbued into the meat. this is yours and tell me what you think. you will be the biggest critic, because you are from texas. what do yous think? >> delicious. >> what are the green things? >> no, it is kale, baby kale. you do it at the end, and stir it right in, and stir it in, and it is a one-pot meal. >> and you know what is fun with kids, you can do the condiments and put the cheese on the top or the tortilla chips. >> or the avocado is really good, and salsa. >> and now to the oatmeal station. >> so i want to give you a dessert, but this is technically breakfast. so after you have used
2:42 am
it out and make breakfast for the next morning so when you wake up, you will have oatmeal. >> that's so smart. >> so i'm going to do steel cut oats, and it is coconut oatmeal, and use the coconut milk, and this is shredded coconut. >> and isn't it better >> yes, more nutrients, because they are whole grain and taste better. by the way. >> and what is that topping? >> here you go. and let me top it for you. >> what is this stuff? >> dates. >> oh, i love those, too. >> and dates right on the top, and sugar. >> ooh, no. my finger. for more of the slow cooking recipes go to and coming up, we will have more fun with actor zach mcgowan, and see what this hollywood hunk can do with a sword
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if you are looking for a swashbuckling good time, we have a >> and you don't have to understand all of the pirate jargon. all you have to understand is hunk. >> and that is because the star "black sails" zach mcgowan plays the captain who takes the seas long before robert louis stevenson's tale. why do we look like idiots, and you don't? >> well, it is the classic idea of the pirate is kind of like a foolish kind of kid thing, and the show is a little bit more realistic representation of it. >> and you are authentic? >> well, as authentic as we can be. >> and long hair? >> not many barbers. >> and the leather pants? >> yes. >> and the high boots. so that is a typical pirate from back then? >> yes, and the high boots to keep the water off of your feet. >> and we were, this
2:46 am
workout regimen. it's crazy >> no, it is all c.g. >> you should be on the cover of "men's health." >> like we predicted. >> and it is a pirate work out, and you are not sprint walking the plank. >> yes, but thing about the show, it is a very physical show, and to be able to do all of the stuff is important. and if you want to get out there to swing around and have fun, you have to be able to do it. >> and we are into season three, and tell us what plot lines people can expect this time? >> well with, we are have been waiting for a war, and the pirates have been operating outside of the law, that. >> yes. >> and is your viewer like, you picture the young guys loving this show, but is there something for other people, too? >> absolutely. what is great about the show is that you can access it on any
2:47 am
if you are looking for a political drama, it's very political. if you want a lot of drama in the show, and if you want to have fun and watch pirate ships explode and sword fights. >> and romance? >> yes, it is a cable show. >> and look at him, of course, there is romance. >> i only get to wear a shirt on your shows, because on your show, i had to wear a shirt. >> you can go without a shirt if you so choose, because we don't want to discriminate. >> and what got you on this path? >> i was doing a show on showtime called "shameless" and when that was ending, this happened organically from there. >> and one of the things that we have been told about this get-up is that there is lots of sword fighting. >> there are. >> is there a technique to sword fighting? >> yes. when we showed up to pirate camp. >> pirate camp. >> and they teach us with these, and then you go on to the
2:48 am
>> well, it is simple, and they taught me like a nine-part system, and it is just like blocking. it is one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. >> it's like doing the robot. >> it is a little more complicated. >> but can we go like this. >> and yes, you can clash like that, and this is the classic, and if the people stab at you, you can fight them away. >> and thank you so much. >> season three the of "black sails" premiers this saturday on starz. >> it is a grand prize that we know that you will enjoy. thanks for, stephanie. we're, like, so goth. we're, like, goth goth. sfx: knocks on door. honey? i'm dying my hair, mom. hair dye? no, not in my bathroom! relax, mom. honey, just let me in!
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we are going to make five lucky viewers happy, because it is time to give away -- i was going to say very happy, but just happy. >> and very happy. and if you ever wanted to learn a new prize is -- >> a one-year subscription to babble with an ipad air ii worth a total of $582. >> this is how it works, you choose one of 14 languages, and they will give you everything that you need to speak right and understand a new language as soon as possible. >> i thought that we were sending somebody to paris. >> but you can learn, too. >> and you can take the lessons with, you and you will get to a awesome air pad ii and let's find out who the lucky winners are. okay. jenna, get in there. >> kathleen shields
2:52 am
york. >> congratulations, kathleen. i've got number two here. here. carla bellate smutz from kent, ohio. way to go. >> and martha vinson from hampton, virginia. >> and the last winner, and this is exciting. it is -- >> wait. this is only four. >> we have one more. >> and this is keith rice from irving, texas. >> we have a texan now, and we have sonica wojieniezski from wisteria, florida. >> and congratulations to all of the winners and make sure that you enter for next week's prize, and for a list of the complete rules and instructions go to and hit the connect button. >> tomorrow, why rap mogul rev run and tyrese want to help with the workouts. >> and j.j. abrams, and lilliana. >> and what you want to shop for this
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