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tv   WIS News 10 Nightcast  NBC  February 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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that's why the county held that meeting tonight -- to get feedback. "come on! this way! good boy! / the kids come back here and ride bikes. tammy moshier loves a walk in the woods behind her home off old woodlands road on gills creek. "he says this is a great trail, and we didn't spend one penny." moshier's home flooded in october. "it got really scary, you know, when we had to evacuate. yeah, it was scary." but moshier's rebuilding because she loves this peaceful setting. however, she says richland county is threatening that now. engineers have drawn up plans for a four-mille greenway that runs the length of gills creek from kilbourne road to bluff road. "i'm not sure why we need to spend, you know, all that tax money. trails are already there, and it's beautiful, and the neighbors keep it up, and we all watch out for one another." she's worried about a spike in questionable foot traffic in their quiet neighborhoods and the possibility of crime too. "i kind of don't like to even think about that."
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showed up this meeting to let county officials know their feelings. the county told them the $2.2 million project, funded by the penny tax, was approved by voters, so that money can't be spent on anything else. but transportation director rob perry wants to hear feedback -- good or bad. "i don't want to just hear, 'i hate it.' i want to hear, 'i don't like it and here's why,' or 'i do like it here,' or 'i can live with it there.'" of course, not everyone is opposed. "we do see the long-term value of this is worth pursuing anyway, because we may not get another opportunity in the future." when it comes to crime, elliott powell belives a beautiful, well-maintained and monitored trail will actually drive off criminals and undesireables already in the woods along gills creek. moshier disagrees. "i'm in these woods everyday, and i'm not sure the people saying that are in these woods." the project is in councilman greg pearce's district, and he was there tonight. pearce told the crowd to beware
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misinformation about the project. he said voters approved the project and it won't be a boondoggle. but, he did say engineers will likely go back to the drawing board to come up with a trail plan that's more desirable, possibly moving it to the other side of the creek. he also doesn't believe there's enough money to build all of it. turning now to your overnight forecast--and another cold night tonight. ben tanner is in the weather center... temperatures will not be quite as cold friday morning with lows in the upper 20s and lower 30s. friday turns mostly cloudy as low pressure develops
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upper 40s. expect a sunny to partly cloudy weekend with highs in the 40s and lows in the 20s. as a system approaches early next week, a wintry mix is possible monday morning turning to cold rain by afternoon into tuesday. in the 2016 presidential friday turns mostly cloudy as low pressure develops off the coast with highs in the upper 40s. expect a sunny to partly cloudy weekend with highs in the 40s and lows in the 20s. as a system approaches early next week, a wintry mix is possible monday morning turning to cold rain by afternoon into tuesday. in the 2016 presidential campaign, former florida governor jeb bush is cranking up
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midlands voters, and speaking to wis news 10.. in columbia this evening, bush spoke to a cheering crowd that started a rally by singing "happy birthday" to him. even after his fourth place finish in this week's new hampshire primary, bush says his campaign is just getting started and he's hopeful for pulling out a win in next week's south carolina primary. this evening bush spoke one-on-one with wis news 10 and kept up his criticism of his republican competitor senator marco rubio who has said bush lacks foreign policy experience. "going to committee meetings and hearing people talk about the world is a little different than engaging in the world. as governor, i've had the chance to be commander-in-chief of the national guard. i have lived overseas. i have worked overseas. i traveled overseas extensively. i made calls to 150 family
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afghanistan. i know what's going on in the world. i have no problems speaking with fluency about foreign-policy. bush will have some high powered help in the campaign next week. his brother, former president george w. bush will campaign for him in south carolina. the former president is scheduled to appear in charleston on monday evening. for the democrats tonight--it was a detour from their upcoming primarys. tonight in wisconsin, hillary clinton and bernie sanders were at it again in the latest debate. wendy woolfolk has more. --reporter pkg-as follows-- hillary clinton takes a page out of bernie sanders' playbook. presidential candidate : "we both agree that we have to get unaccountable money out of our political system and that we have to do much more to ensure that wall street never wrecks main street again." but she tried to dent sanders by portraying his plans on health care as unrealistic. presidential candidate : "that's a promise that can not be kept." sanders made sure to check his
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presidential candidate : "well, secretary clinton, you are not in the white house yet." and called clinton out on out on her stump speeches. presidential candidate : "secretary clinton has been going around the country saying bernie sanders wants to dismantle the affordable care act." presidential candidate : "i have fought my entire life to make sure that health care is a right for all people. we're not going to dismantle anything." clinton turned to discrimination -- making a pitch to some key constituencies -- latino -- african american -- and women voters. presidential candidate : "i am running for president to take down all the barriers that are holding americans back." as both candidates look toward the nevada primary -- sanders attempted to keep his young base with his debate performance while also courting the elderly vote.
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"if elected president i will do everything i can to expand social security benefits not just for seniors but for disabled veterans as well." i'm mary moloney reporting. one person is dead and three others hurt--including two law enforcement officers after a car chase on a georgia interstate. police say an officer tried to pull over a car without a tag along interstate 75...but the driver did not stop and led them on a chase. police say the driver began firing at patrol cars. the police shot back--killing the driver and injuring a passenger. police say they are still investigating the incident--and the suspect has not yet been identified. an arrest warrant has been signed for the man troopers believe was involved in a deadly hit- and-run crash in chester county monday night. the south carolina highway patrol says stevie breland of charleston is being held in charleston county on unrelated charges. they believe breland fled from the scene after rear- ending another vehicle on i-77. one of the passengers died. pieces of a purple- colored bumper were
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authorities believe came from the commercial truck breland was driving. south carolina could soon have a new way to pick its top educator. today, the state house approved a plan to ask voters to change the constitution whether the state superintendent of education should continue to be elected...or chosen by the governor. governor nikki haley is pushing for the change. if voters approve the constitutional amendment, the last election for superintendent would be in 2018. at colonial life arena tonight--the usc women's basketball team bounces back after a loss earlier this week to number 1 uconn. the number two-ranked gamecocks, hosting the 16th-ranked florida gators tonight in an sec matchup. the gamecocks pull away with an 86 to 71 win. rick henry's got more highlights and post-game reaction coming up later in sports. coming up on wis at 11... it's a scary situation we all hope we never have to face--coming face-to-face with an active shooter. we'll take a look at some of the important steps authorities say could safe your
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"what are we gonna do if he comes in this route, what are we gonna do if they come in here. consider this situation:
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to decide what to do. do you act? and how? news 10's sam bleiweis went through active shooter training and put some others to the test. it's the kind of nightmare situation that you pray you're never in. the outcomes of some of these incidents are horrific. but what authorities have found is that there's a critical 15 second window that could make a huge difference. in the worst and most dire of situations, do you take control and act? or do you freeze? the quick, impulse choices you make could be the life or death difference. we know the names and the places columbine high school, april 1999 two students shot and killed 13 of their peers. nat pop from security video it took law enforcement 32
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virginia tech, april 2007 32 students and faculty members died at the hands of a student gunman. what some students did, and didn't do...determined who survived, and who didn't. fast forward to july, 2015 - in lafayette, louisiana now a different law enforcement approach is in full effect. a man walked into a movie theater, opening fire and killing two. the first officer was off duty, nats but this time, on scene... in seconds. december 2015 in san bernardino, california a radicalized couple launched a joint assault on a holiday party, killing fourteen. the first officer was a mile away when dispatchers called for units to respond to an active shooter. a team immediately entered the building, evacuating survivors. nats from 1999 to 2015, while the mindset of the shooter hasn't changed, law enforcement now acts quicker. the average response to these events is three minutes. the priority is no longer negotiation.
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body count. sot: sheriff lott: "people think that when you call 911, we're gonna be there quick. we are gonna be there quick. but, those few seconds, that minutes that it takes us to get there, a lot of damage can be done. so you have to take some kind of action. vo: but, what is the right action? we put our coworkers to the test before and after they went through civilian training. sot: "sam: say the shooter walks in, through your hallway between your cubicles, what would you do?" karen: i would go under my desk. " sam: it sounds like fireworks, it doesn't sound like gunshots, would you wait for someone to tell you what to do? karen: probably. honestly i would." frank: i probably thought it was electrical and wait for someone to tell me what it is." sam: do you know where the nearest exit is? karen: no, not at this time." sam: what about your work? amber: work.i mean.if i'm hearing shooting i need to leave right then and there." vo: put that same group through
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brown: "panic will set in. and if you haven't rehearsed or even talked about it, and you don't know what to do, you're going to hunker down and lay under a desk and pray for you think you know the building. but, do you?" nats: binders, jam them in there just like a door wedge. anything you jam inside these seams is going to make this door almost impossible to open. brown: what you wanna do is get it nice and tight if you can you know they're coming. get it nice and tight on here and wrap it around
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you may even wanna get someone to hold it but now, you're not going to be able to open that door, you can put a bunch of force in there but you're not going to be able to open that door. something.let's walk in real time and find something for you puncher. vo:
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seconds and what do you matters. sot: lott; "you never know where that devil is." stay with us--we'll have you full forecast on the other side
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friday turns mostly cloudy as low pressure develops off the coast with highs in the upper 40s. expect a sunny to partly cloudy weekend with highs in the 40s and lows in the 20s. as a system approaches early next week, a wintry mix is possible monday morning turning to cold rain by afternoon into tuesday. a big baseball tournament is coming
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friday turns mostly cloudy as
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coast with highs in the upper 40s. expect a sunny to partly cloudy weekend with highs in the 40s and lows in the 20s. as a system approaches early next week, a wintry mix is possible monday morning turning to cold rain by afternoon into tuesday. a big baseball tournament is coming to lexington county.... plus the usc women get back on
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they were looking to bounce back from that tough uconn loss..... we've got the highlights of usc's sec showdown with florida...sports is next!!! this was bounce back thursday for the usc women. they had a blue monday....losing to top
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i know jeb. i know his good heart and his strong backbone. jeb will unite our country. he knows how to bring the world together against terror. he knows when tough measures must be taken. experience and judgment count in the oval office. jeb bush is a leader. he'll keep our country safe. jeb bush.
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thursday for the usc women. they had a blue monday....losing to top ranked uconn...their first defeat of the season........ tonight they looked to get back on track against the florida gators at the c-l-a. the gamecocks come in with a 22 and one record...the gators...19 and four. tiffany mitchell leads the scoring for carolina tonight...three point play...she finishes with a game high 22 points.
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bruised leg suffered in the uconn game.....puts up 13 points tonight....also pulls down 9 rebounds. alaina coates puts carolina up by 18 in the second quarter...37 to 19..... she posts a double-double...14 points, 11 rebounds. usc led by 12 at the half. fourth quarter...haley lorenzen with the layup for florida...the gators pull within nine....64-55 with seven-43 to play. carolina's twin towers respond....wilson to coates..... this time....coates makes the steal...gets it to wilson for the layup.... the gamecocks win by 15....86 to 71. they're 23 and one overall...11 and oh in the sec. staley: doubt? no. no doubt. i mean, this team has been through a connecticut loss and we know what that feels like. and usually, we get back and get focused on the task at hand and that's what our team did. mitchell: "we have a pretty resilient group.
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our ultimate goal is. so, we just knew we had to come out and get this 'dub' today." big baseball news for lexington county. the big south conference is moving it's tournament to the lexington county baseball stadium. the announcement was made today at the ballpark. the eight team double-elimination tournament will start may 24th with the championship game scheduled for may 28th. the final game will be televised by espnu. the conference was looking for a neutral site to hold the tournament. the big south has four of it's eleven baseball schools located in south carolina....winthrop, charleston southern, presbyterian and coastal carolina. lexington county baseball stadium is also the home field for the blowfish....a team made up of college players that compete in a summer developmental league. shanahan: to get a national audience for lexington county at our ballpark is going to make everyone so proud. lake:so much baseball is played
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every weekend..across the street..just hundreds of young baseball players that i won't to get to know about our program..not only mine but the whole conference. these lil' chickies and lil' doggies are small, -but they're intense. -yeah. -it's like my niece, hannah. -and you, uh, take karate? show him how intense you are. -yah! yah! ah! -(karate sounds) hey! now finish him. big flavor in a little package.
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and lil' doggies.
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think of the long history the hot dog has had with the presidency. george washington, "i cannot eat a fry because i like hot dogs so much." he said, "i cannot tell a lie." well, it's hard to understand him. he had wooden teeth. celebrate presidents' day with dollar hot dogs all day -on monday, february 15th. -(click) [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kristen wiig, bob odenkirk, musical guest, elle king, and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 416 t.o. >> steve: and now, here he is,


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