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tv   FOX 6 News at 10  FOX  August 9, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm CDT

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ago. comments paul ryan says: "i heard about the second amendment quote. it sounds just like a joke gone bad. i hope he clears it up very quickly. you should never joke about a think like that. i didn't actually hear the comment, i only heard about those comments." paul ryan says: "we knew we were going to do well. we received the vote that we were hoping and expecting to get all along. and that's just kind of how it. the outcome is
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and desperate candidates do certain things for attention and that's what i think you saw here. " the chairman of the republican national committee-- reince priebus tweeted out congratulations to ryan. calling it a well-earned victory. it's certainly not the outcome paul nehlen knee-len wanted. he held a watch party with supporters in janesville. that's where we find our jenna
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paul nehlen spoke to a small crowd assembled here. his parting words ... "this is the just the beginning. tonight is just the beginning." nehlen said his fight to remove paul ryan from office ... is not over. he asked the crowd if it was willing to carry on with him tomorrow, two weeks from now ... and two years from now. that is a reference to paul ryans two year term in congress. it sounds like this may not be the only time nehlen challenges ry will not the last time he will attempt to have his voice heard. when i spoke with him one on one tonight ... he said 'this is war' and he has a great organization in place. "the message to paul ryan is we are dissatisfied with his representation of us. that representing corporations is not representing people of this district 46 when he makes his votes they have to be on behalf of wisconsins first district."
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trade deals ... he already believes he has made an impact on ryan in that area. he says he is very proud of this campaign. reporting live in janesville. jenna sachs. fox 6 news. ted thanks jenna state rep mandela barnes challenged fellow democrat state senator lena taylor for her seat-- and lost. take a look at the results. taylor is winning by xx with xx percent of precincts reporting. campaigns now. our krystle kacner is in glendale with mandela barnes-- but let's start tonight with ben handelman and lena taylor's campaign in milwaukee. a big win for the incumbent, and lena taylor. in the state senate since 2004 she knocks off her first primary challenger ever. the state senator never afraid to show her emotions--- nearly
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her supporters were screaming at the t-v as soon as the results started coming in... in happiness. even some of her campaigners seemed to be surprised how big the win is tonight. an election watch event turned into a party. live music is now blaring inside which has brought us out here. in a race where she said her opponent was lying about her record, she declared this a win for honesty. i asked her about that. people reward is resounding, and i think to be honest about 101 laws that it means something. to be be honest about what your record is, to be honest about constituent relations and it matters, and i am just overwhelmed with excitement, and happiness and not just for me, but for the voters. senator taylor was fired up
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challenger she is all but assured to keep her seat. live in milwaukee, ben handelman fox 6 news. mary thanks ben mandela barnes' held his watch party at the sprecher brew pub in glendale. that's where we find our krystle kacner tonight. there was some disbelief and confusion in the room here... when those results first came down.... in private.. but came here shortly after the race was officially called.. to address the dozens of supporters that came out. he said this was a speech he never though he'd have to give- he started by thanking everyone - his parents , his campaign, the volunteers... he also mentioned those key issues and causes he built his campaign around - including public schools -
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campaign... ' not what we had hoped for there still is a fight for tomorrow because weve gotta continue to work for public education. weve gotta continue to work to make our streets safer. weve gotta continue to work for economic opportunity. those werent campaign issues, those are real life issues that people, too many people in the city of milwaukee are dealing with.' after his speech.. the crowd chanted his name.. still him.. and what he stands for . live at bayshore mall.. krystle kacner fox 6 news ted thanks krystle if you're looking for the closest thing to an upset, you'll have to go to the ninth assembly district on milwaukee's south side. right now, democratic incumbent josh zepnick --who has held the seat since 2002 is getting a strong challenge from political newcomer "marisabel cabrera" if he loses, it'll complete a bad year for zepnick who was arrested for d-u-i in october and had a
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february.. no surprises in the race for milwaukee country district attorney. incumbent john chisholm was being challenged by verona swanigan. you can see chisholm is winning by a big margin. there is no republican in the race-- so the winner tonight is almost guaranteed a victory in november. to the u-s senate now. russ feingold was looking for a rematch with senator ron johnson-- and he'll get it. he easily defeated his democratic opponent-- scott harbach. by a margin of xx to xx. unopposed tonight. ashley sears spoke with him tonight. but let's start with bret lemoine in the newsroom. he was at feingold's rally earlier today. russ feingold joined supporters at a rally in racine this afternoon. he didnt even seem phased by tuesdays primary... feingold was already focused on november. he previously served as a u-s senator from 19-93 until 20-11. it was during the election of
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johnson. tonight - feingold gets a re-match. he says he will fight for middle class and working families. feingold told supporters - if you work hard you should be able to pay your bills and have a good life. but he says johnsons time in office has been focused on helping the wealthy... and corporations. rf 'people are tired of the wealthy interests of this country coming in to our state and controlling our politics and not addressing the needs of the hard working people of this state.' tonight, reading in part: "wisconsinites deserve an economy that works for everyone - not just corporate ceos and the special interests. wisconsinites deserve leaders who will actually listen to and fight for them. if we win in november, thats exactly what ill do as a senator." feingold watched the results come in tonight with his family in middleton. live in the newsroom, bl, fox6 news. mary thanks bret there was no pressure on ron johnson tonight. he addressed supporters at the g-o-p office in waukesha
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sears tonight. supporters gathered here earlier tonight at the waukesha county republican office. drumming up support for senator johnson. the incumbent republican senator did not have a challenger in this primary. he focused tonight on his opponent come november, russ feingold. calling him a "slick politician" who will bamboozle wisconsin. stop sot phony promises. he's going to continue to mortgage our children's future. that's why i stepped up six years ago. i was panicked for this nation. i saw all these deficits of over a trillion dollars a year. senator johnson rallied the base. encouraging them to continue make calls, knock on doors and get wisconsin out to the polls in november. live in waukesha, ashley sears fox 6 news. ted thanks ashley don't forget-- we've posted this race and all the others on our
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visit fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app. the heat is back! weather experts tom wachs joins us from the deck tonight. get ready for more heat and humidity along with a chance for thunderstorms. i'll have your fox6 forecast coming up. plus-- death, another fatally stabbed. the latest on the investigation-- and a vigil to remember one of the victims-- next. and later-- she's just 12 years old and she saved her dad's life. high honors for a salem
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from the wisconsin lottery.
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election results tonight-- in the democratic primary for the 4th district primary race -- it wasn't even close -- as incumbent "gwen moore" easily defeats her challenger gary george. george is a former state senator who wasr office-- and a convicted felon. moore has had that seat for more than a decade. one man was shot, another stabbed.. in a double homicide near 36th and congress earlier today. tonight, mourners gather on the street where one of the victims grew up.. for a vigil. fox six's rachelle baillon has our developing story. a large crowd gathered tuesday night to mourn the passing of 25-year-
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say to anybody thats out there if you know who done this to my son bennie bennett please come forward.' bennett was one of two victims killed on 36th street around 3:30 tuesday morning. fox6 has learned that the other victim was 44-year-old billie hill. bennetts family didnt recognize hills name, but police think the two deaths are related and occurrea guy he loved everybody he helped everybody he know thats what his mom love to do i love to help everybody so bennie was like me.' bennetts mother says she will search for her sons killer, until that killer pays for this crime. police say they are still searching for one or more suspects. 'im going to do this until justice is served im not going
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release balloons from this same location, in his honor, tomorrow at 6 p-m. theyre inviting anyone who would like to join them to come on out. reporting live tonight at 50th and luscher, rachelle baillon fox6 news. mary thanks rachelle just a few hours later-- milwaukee police were called out to another homicide. a man was shot around 7-45 this morning near 50th and clarke. a relative tried to take him to the hospital-- but it was too late. and over at 51st and vienna-- an s-u-v crashes into a house. police say it collided with another car a little before one-- and continued on into the house. the driver was taken to the hospital-- but is expected to be okay. new at 10-- a big honor for a salem girl scout. today 12-year-old katelyn hannah was given the "national lifesaving medal of
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through the attic and onto a concrete floor. katelyn remained calm and called 9-1- 1. she did everything the dispatcher asked her to-- even sent her siblings to her neighbors house so they didn't have to see anything. her dad had 11 broken ribs and a collapsed lung-- but thanks to katelyn he's alive. "i was really nervous, but i was keeping myself going, telling myself it would be okay and getting him where he needs to be and stuff like that. taking care of him." "she went above and beyond at this point and really kep h to do what needed to be done." there are 2-million girl scouts nationwide. katelyn was one of just 22
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clearing skies tonight with temperatures falling into the 70s. we'll drop into the upper 60s to low 70s by s partly sunny, warm and humid on wednesday with a high in the upper 80s. hot and humid on thursday with heat indices in the mid-90s. thunderstorm chances return thursday night. thunderstorm chances continue friday. 80s on friday and saturday with a break in the
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skies. low: 71 dewpoint: 71 wind: sw 5 mph wednesday: partly sunny, warmer & muggy. high: 88 dewpoint: 71 wind: se 5-10 mph thursday: partly sunny, hot and humid with thunderstorms likely at night. am low: 72 high: 90 mph friday: mostly cloudy, hot and humid with the chance for t- storms. am low: 73 high: 87 dewpoint: 73 wind: w 5-10 mph saturday: partly sunny, warm and humid. am low: 73
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partly sunny, cooler. am low: 65 high: 78 dewpoint: 64 wind: nw 5-10 mph monday: mostly sunny. am low: 62 high: 79 dewpoint: 60
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activated, and practiced for the first time since having his foot surgery . the tight end wasn't the only one to be activated. the preseason blitz-next in sports.
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ty montgomery had reason to smile as he pedaled into tonight's packers workout. the 2nd year receiver, practiced for the first time since
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from the physically unable to perform list. that pup list got leaner when tight end jared cook----reports are he looked great tonight---and linebacker sam barrington joined montgomery at practice. only corey linsley and jordy nelson remain unavailable. aaron rodgers indicated that eighty-seven would be back sometime in the next week. montgomery wound up having micro- fracture surgery on that ankle. "hindsights 20 20 with junior guerra on the d.l.--tonight marked the return of willie peralta to the brewers rotation for the first time since june 11th. of course, the junior p.a. announcers are always a
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no, number ten, kirk nieuwenhuis." one hilite begets another.. ryan braun..boom..his 19th homer of the season and 6th in his last 19 games. it gave peralta a 1 nothing lead in the 4th inning. peralta helped his immediate future by pitching into the 7th inning for the first time all season. that's when he was charged with 2 runs. but willie flashed his old form..striking out 6. michael blazek pitched well in the 7th-adonis ga scored the go ahead rungiving the loss to peralta, 2-1. the braves take the first 2 in the 4 game series. prince fielder belted 230 homers in his 6 plus seasons with the brewers. tonight it appears the one-time prolific slugger is facing the end of his career. fox's ken rosenthal reports that fielder, now with the rangers, is -quote: "medically disabled" after his 2nd neck surgery in 2 years. doctors won't clear prince to play. the rangers will hold a
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fielder has hit 319 homers-the same total as his father cess'ul. ironic-given their complicated relationship. thankfully, prince was reunited with his dad last year. perennial power hartland arrowhead opens it season against defending d-2 champ homestead august 19th. new warhawks coach fritz rauch was an assistant there before moving to grafton. arrowhead legend tom taraska will assist coach rauch, who has a strong staff of former head coaches surrounding him. "any of those others guys bring a tremendous amount of experience and authori year of change, and in a year for the kids of new faces, i think it's tremendously important that they understand that they have, not just some young guys but they also have some experienced head coaches who have been through the wars and they have been through the battles." congratulations to riverside high school "basketball" terrence lewis he announced today that he'll
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terrence is ready put in the effort to help the cyclones swirl. "going to the next level playing for iowa state. i mean i might stay in the gym more, get in the weigh room a little more. just go up and down the floor at a fast pace but at the same time im going to be ready for it, its honest." former nfl quarterback tim tebow will try out for major league baseball teams! coach perry--
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when the oil billionaire koch brothers call senator johnson... [ cellphone ringing ] ...what do you think they talk about? how the koch brothers' companies polluted wisconsin, even green bay, or how they spent millions to support johnson as he voted their way 90% of the time and supported special tax breaks for big oil polluters? whatever senator johnson and the koch brothers talk about,
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for the content of this advertising. it's primary election night-- we're monitoring results tonight. ted ad libs race we have full results on our website fox6 now dot com. and be sure to join us for a full recap on fox6 wakeup starting tomorrow morning
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