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tv   FOX 6 News at 9  FOX  August 11, 2016 3:05am-4:01am CDT

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live with the story you'll see only on fox6. good evening guys. imagine this--- you park on a street that says 3 hour parking. when you return--- you find new signs, and a hefty fine awaiting you. near state fair park--- finding a place to park, can be a bit of a treasure hunt. you have ten days of crazy. and then its nice and quiet. thomas jacoy juh-coy knows those who get a spot in front of his house have found 75th and main-- parking is free for a few hours. which is why jacoy says he didn't expect to see the city of milwaukee changing the rules on the fly. these were here on wednesday. and friday i'm not sure what time it was a guy from the city
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the west side of the street full of cars-- new tow-away restrictions suddenly appeared. i was like sir, do you work for the city and he's like yeah. and i'm like what's going to happen to all these cars here. he said this will not go into affect tonight. it won't go into affect until tomorrow. sure enough--- that didn't happen. i don't know maybe an hour or so later, here comes the police, putting tickets on every side of the car on vehicle. 60 bones. 60 big ones! expensive tickets! an assistant in alderman michael murhpy's office admits, it was a mistake. it was their office that asked the department of public works to put up the signs after a neighbor complained about traffic. they say there was miscommunication between d-p-w and the milwaukee police department about when the restriction should start. it's absurd. it's ridiculous. jacoy now worries hard earned money-- may be going down the drain. these people don't even realize that what they were doing was legal. so they're probably
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department dispatcher is accused of misconduct in public office. "melissa mueller" also works as a spokeswoman for the police department. she was booked into the jail this week. we're told investigators started looking into the case late last were referred to the milwaukee county district attorney's office. mueller is now on unpaid administrative leave. four men are arrested in connection to an armed robbery turned homicide. tonight, the victim's father opens up about the arrests and his daughter's death. fox 6's ashley sears is live in the newsroom with his message. 32-year-old rebecca wood was killed last month. her father says every day since, has been a struggle. he says these arrests bring him
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a victim's father-- struggles to find the words-- 01:26 im pretty much still in shock to express the pain felt over this last month. 01:21 i dont even know what to say. greg wood speaks to us by phone-- his 32-year-old daughter was killed july 13th. 59:19 she was a very beautiful girl. investigators say rebecca wood was shot in her car near 28th and complaint, 21-year-old deanthony bradley and three others wanted to rob wood. authorities say bradley pointed a gun at her head with his finger on the trigger. bradley told police when the victim tried to drive away the gun went off--killing the 32-year-old. 01:56 i had a meltdown. i just started balling. wood learned the four men were arrested over the weekend.
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to possession of a firearm by a felon. 02:18 i hope they get what...everyone one of them gets what they have coming to them. he says the arrests-- help his family move one step closer to justice-- 00:31 the guy that did it, he ruined lots of lives. wood leaves behind two children-- and an entire family heartbroken over her loss. 02:47 she was my baby...that was it.... crying wood says he is incredibly grateful for the work of the milwaukee police department. he tells us, his two grandchildren are taking their mother's especially hard. we have information on how to help those two kids--on our website fox 6 now dot com. live in the newsroom, ashley sears fox 6 news. an armed carjacking this morning turns into a cross-town pursuit.
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beckett in milwaukee. police say five suspects robbed a victim at gunpoint. officers located the stolen car-- chasing it throughout milwaukee's northside. it eventually ended near 28th and villard. five suspects were arrested after they tried to run away. police say they're both males and females -- some are juveniles. an apartment building in sheboygan falls goes up in flames. first responders on scene found the second story of the building completely engulfed in flames. police say nobody was inside when the fire started at 11. one firefighter had minor injuries. that remains under investigation -- but we're told it appears to be accidental. and firefighters called to the franklin industrial park today. you can see a large cloud of black smoke pouring out of the building. the company -- "s and c." it's based out of chicago and designs and manufactures switching and protection products for electric power transmission and distribution. no one was hurt.
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sheboygan bartender took action.. he got the suspect out of the tavern - no one was hurt.. except him.. turns out - the bartender was shot by police. fox six's justin williams has the developing story. you look down, and your arm is hanging down, from here. kurt klessig has just been shot, during an attempted armed robbery, at sheboygan's union tap. it's around 11-30, the night of july 17th. when i went behind that bar, and i saw all the blood, w think.' i, yeah, i, i, i thought i lost him. mary heitzmann tends to her fiance's right forearm after it is shattered by one of the bullets fired by two sheboygan police officers. this video shows the seconds before they shoot and kill 37-year-old kevin higgins, as the suspect exits a side door. meanwhile, i had to pick-up my hand and set it on top of the bar. flight for life delivers kurt to
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treatment, and related medical expenses, begin. while he says he doesn't have a clue what the tally is, thus far, he knows that going from this jigsaw-puzzle of bones, to this surgical repair, will cost more than he makes as a school custodian. i honestly thought the city would step-up 'n' say, 'you know, we did this. we'll make it right.' to be clear, kurt does not blame the firing officers. not a bit. but, while sheboygan police refer him to the state's victim assistance program, he would like more help buddy's car with a snowplow, last winter, and they recouped all of his losses to him. so, a human being, i get shot through the arm, they disable me, and, seriously, i haven't even been contacted by 'em. kurt explains, at this point, there is no timetable for his return to work, at either of his two jobs. but his medical costs continue to climb. if you're interested in helping make a contribution to cover those costs, you can, certainly, do so, by logging on to fox-six-now-dot-com, and
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to his go-fund-me site. for now, this is the latest, in sheboygan. i'm justin williams, fox 6 news. mostly clear and muggy tonight with temperatures falling into the 70s. patchy fog is possible overnight. hot and humid on thursday with a highs around 90 with heat indices around 97. thunderstorm chances increase thursday night. we have a continued chance for thunderstorms on friday with a humid high in the middle 80s and heat indices in the mid-90s. dry, but humid on saturday with a heat index around 90. cooler
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tonight: mostly clear. patchy fog overnight. low: 72 dewpoint: 70 wind: se 5 mph thursday: heat index: 97. increasing clouds. hot and humid with a chance for afternoon t-storms. higher chances at night. high: 90 dewpoint: 72 wind: se 5-10 mph friday: heat index: 94. breezy, hot and humid with a chance for t-storms. am low: 74 high: 86 dewpoint: 74 wind: wsw 10-20 mph and the outcome -- could have been a lot worse. a milwaukee man grabbed and ran off with a little girl. he claims there's a reason he did it. why a judge isn't sending him to prison. trump in a tumble? the new numbers out tonight. and what it could mean for the presidential candidate's campaign. and on the heels of the deadliest day in chicago in more than a decade, milwaukee police chief ed flynn makes a visit. but why? those stories are coming up in
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mental disease. that's the ruling against marquis mar-keece johnson, the man who briefly abducted a 7-year-old girl last summer. he's not going to prison but he's still going away for a long time. our a.j. bayatpour explains... abducting her in the way that he did is certainly traumatic for that young child. judge jeffery wagner describes it as an egregious crime - then
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young girl near 17th and highland and running off. the girl is able to break free a short distance away. i'm messed up right now. when it happened, fox 6 talked to tabitha bridges, who was relieved her daughter, andrea, was able to get away. i kicked out his arms and then i ran to my mama, crying and screaming. johnson's grandmother told fox 6 that johnson said he took the girl because he thought she was his. we questioned him and he said he gonna take the little girl because its his daughter and the moms not taking care of her. actually, johnson has no connection to the girl. in court wednesday, the prosecutor says when line-up, he did something else that was disturbing. the defendant took it upon himself, in this hyper - secure setting, to drop his pants and expose his genitals; the two seven-year-old who were watching the line-up saw this. johnson's lawyer says the man is no threat to society - as long as he's on his medication. he doesnt mean to
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over his impulses when hes unmedicated; i think the doctors are very clear about that. but citing johnson's history of not taking his medicine, the judge hands down the maximum sentence in this case - a commitment of 25 years in a state mental health facility. in milwaukee, a.j. bayatpour, fox 6 news. as part of his sentence, johnson will also have to register as a sex offender. a homeless sex offender was arrested along waukesha's riverwak that he was exposing himself. 55-year-old timothy inzeo was allegedly sitting on a park bench last saturday - when a woman confronted him about his genitals being exposed. inzeo told police he wasn't aware he was doing it. a records check revealed inzeo is homeless because shelters will not accept him due to his sex offender status, new tonight - milwaukee police chief ed flynn attending a crime and policing summit in chicago.. the meeting at the university of chicago comes two days after
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13 years. monday alone - nine people were killed across the city. flynn along with top police officials from nearly a dozen other major cities -- discussed national trends in crime, and the problems many departments face.. if we were to draw and elipsis and a density map around our highest poverty neighbors with our highest rate of unemployment highest rate of school drop outs and the highest number of abandoned home with that elipis would be the location of our highest rates of violence. we're the social agency of first resort for the poor. others feel like they're located in states that are "hostile" to their interests. wisconsin's controversial voter i-d law is back in federal court. today -- an appeals court stayed a previous ruling which struck down parts of the law. judge lynn adelman had issued an injunction last month which would allow people to vote without an i-d... only if they signed an affadavit saying they could not get an i-d and why. today's ruling throws out that exception. the
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eventually be reversed on appeal -- and would disrupt voting in the state. hillary clinton's lead over donald trump -- now 15 points in wisconsin. that's what the new marquette law school poll shows. it comes a day before trump's running mate returns to wisconsin -- political reporter theo keith -- says the audience actually gasped - when the number was released. franklin: its now a 15 point margin audience: the marquette poll results tells the story. hillary clinton surges to a 15-point lead among people who say they're going to vote in november. the lead was only four points a month ago. a 15 point margin is, wow! as some of you said the poll's director, charles franklin, compared the numbers to president barack obama's victory here in 2008. but he cautioned -- this election is far from over. this does seem in line with the kind of margin that we saw here
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and november what happens to this, right? it comes at a turbulent time for trump. tuesday, during a rally in north carolina, he said hillary clinton wanted to essentially abolish the second amendment, before creating the latest controversy. if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is. i dont know some have interpreted that as trump suggesting against clinton. congressman sean duffy, a trump supporter, blamed the media for blowing up the comment. but duffy says trump has to get on track by sticking to his economic and national security message . that sits squarely with the trump campaign. listen, be more focused, be more scripted and be more disciplined the trump campaign is still putting a lot of time and energy into wisconsin v.p. candidate mike pence will make two stops here on thursday including one in milwaukee. on the marquette
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poll also show democratic candidate for senate russ feingold holding his lead in the u-s senate race. among likely voters -- feingold leads with 53 percent support compared to johnson's 42 percent. feingold's lead with likely voters has grown by 6 points since july. the new m-u poll also reveals - 43 percent of registered voters would support a gas tax or registration fee increase to pay for roads. governor walker has said that's off the table. budget shortfall for road projects next year. walker hasn't said how he will deal with the shortfall. you'll find complete poll results on the home page of our website -- fox six now dot com, or your fox six news mobile app. gas prices going down -- that's good news. but not down enough for these guys. the thousand gallon gas heist. and the mystery of how they did it. and ya or nay? the new oreo
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in honor of national s'mores day - the girl scouts of america are revealing their new s'mores cookies. one version has a crispy graham cookie double dipped in cream icing and a chocolate coating. the other is a crunchy graham sandwich with chocolate and marshmallow filling. look for the new cookie next year -- sales in our area start up in
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the latest oreo flavor has arrived-- and its a bit fishy. as in swedish fish. an oreo representative says they are only being sold at kroger grocery stores and for a limited time. as you'd expect we're getting a lot of reaction to this on facebook jason says they are ok, i couldn't eat more then 2 or 3 in a sitting. much better by themselves. and danita writes - eww gross - oreos i like - not a fan of swedish fish. what do you think - like us on facebook and post a cm mostly clear and muggy tonight with temperatures falling into the 70s. patchy fog is possible overnight. hot and humid on
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highs around 90 with heat indices around 97. thunderstorm chances increase thursday night. we have a continued chance for thunderstorms on friday with a humid high in the middle 80s and heat indices in the mid-90s. dry, but humid on saturday with a heat index around 90. cooler high around 80. tonight: mostly clear. patchy fog overnight. low: 72 dewpoint: 70 wind: se 5 mph thursday: heat index: 97. increasing clouds. hot and humid with a chance for afternoon t-storms. higher chances at night. high: 90 dewpoint: 72 wind: se 5-10 mph friday: heat index: 94. breezy, hot and humid with a chance for t-storms. am
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should you have to pay to park at the lakefront? reaction tonight to the new idea. plus - a huge gas station heist -- more than 1,300 gallons of gas - gone .. how they did it.. there are many super soccer camps in our area. so what makes this one so special? find out when we go beyond the game.
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they've ripped off thousands of dollars worth of gasoline -- getting away in the middle of the night. police have photos of the crooks-- and now they need your help. fox6s rachelle baillon has more from caledonia.
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and august 3rd, thieves made off with more than 1,300 gallons of gas. the stations owner, joy peter, shared the surveillence video with us; you can see the same red chevy van pull up to the pump each time. police say the thieves appear to have some sort of device that allows them to bypass the gas pumps credit card reader.....essentially allowing them to hack into the pump without paying. 'our system nothing showing but only monitor say quickly dropped this much gas.' peter says he monitors how much gas th s noticed the numbers didnt match with how much gas had been pumped out. and then he spotted the thieves on his surveillance camera footage. he says in each instance, theyre on the property at least half an hour, taking around 400 gallons each visit. authorities think the suspects have large holding tanks or 55-gallon drums in the van that theyre filling up. police say theyre not aware of any other stations being targeted, but say this b-ps location may have been a factor. it sits right
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around the block to reach the entrance. 'we lost almost around 4,000 dollars.' police say there are two other vehicles that may be involved: a dark colored chevy suburban and a white cadillac escalade. if you recognize any of the people involved or have information about them, youre asked to contact the caledonia police. reporting in caledonia, rachelle baillon fox6 news. should people have to pay to park at the lakefront? that was a hot topic at tonight's public input session on the county's proposed county executive chris abele floated the "dollar an hour" idea to help raise about one-point-five million dollars for the county. right now - the parks system is facing a two-point-five million budget shortfall next year. abele says that means either raising revenue or cutting services. right now - this is simply a proposal. steve kreklow -- milwaukee county budget director says: "nobody likes paying for parking, so there are some people who have some concerns about the feedback, but what we try to
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process." many in the public -- and the chairman of the milwaukee county board of supervisors, have already come out in opposition of the idea. if the abele includes the fees in his budget, the board would vote on it near the end of november. big things are happening for the milwaukee torrent soccer team.they just finished their first outdoor season. tonight, we learn they'll play indoor soccer starting in december. but as tom pipines shows you, it's what they do for kids that goes beyond the game. 12:54:38 i want to do something for kids who can not afford soccer; because we all know that soccer is expensive in a club. and give the kids something that they can look up to. 12:54:47 milwaukee torrent soccer coach andreas davi says you can call him andy because it's faster to say. but good luck keeping up with the energetic native of germany! davi not only coaches the torrent-a 1st year pro franchise- in the national premier league, he took a job as head coach of the whitefish
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started the milwaukee torrent community foundation. that led to scholarships worth almost 20 thousand dollars..for youngsters from the boys and girls clubs of greater milwaukee to attend the team's soccer camps for free! 12:55:59 from the first day they were so shy; because they didn't know what to expect. then the 2nd day they came already with cleats that they have. then the 3rd day they come here and they started hugging us 12:56:08 for davi and his staff, competition is fine, but giving youngsters a chance to experience something they afford otherwise is the greater goal! 12:56:13 it's not about the level that you're in. this is really about the personal development. then you tell the kids that they can keep the t-shirt and you can keep the soccer ball. there were 2 kids that started crying when they heard this 12:56:23 13:06:58 awesome; i love running and making goals. 13:07:02 14 year old johnny marion is a camper who's learning much more than just soccer lessons. there's something he calls ""teamship". 13:08:17 everyone being nice to each other and just having a good time.
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13:20:08 i like all the running and how you get to be competitive. it's really fun 13:20:15 14 year old mekayla boyd is another one of the campers from the the boys and girls clubs benefiting from the scholarships providing by the milwaukee torrent foundation. 13:20:40 well the first day, i didn't know anybody, but everybody wanted to be friends with me and stuff. i was like the new person, and everyone helped me out. a nd it was like a bond davi has a bond with fellow coaches from germany..some of the best in the world fly in for the camp, which has been sold out for the past 7 years, to volunteer their expertise for free! peter quist germany coach camp 13:14:11 we do our best to introduce them the way to do it with other kids; so the most thing is to get this mixed stuff together, so that kiddies have fun and play football
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laughing all the time and see them running around and from time to time it will be better and better; so that makes the feeling for us to say wonderful 13:14:44 12:55:49 it's just the excitement or when you do the simple exercises, where you see how it works; and the kids are happy and they're laughing and the smile. 13:21:32 i will remember it a lot and really well; 13:21:34 tp; fss sad news to pass along - a man who helped make this tv station what it is today has died. andy potos died over night-- potos-- a milwaukee native was a one-time high school teacher who came to work here as a sales account executive in 1961. he was general manager from 1981 until his retirement in 1996. our condolences to his family. andy potos was 89. it's called "all things in common." it's a new initiative to help make high-crime neighborhoods in milwaukee
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how gas and food could help people get involved.. and he scaled the facade of the 58- story trump tower in new york city. but the cops were waiting - the dramatic take down coming up. we have more heat, more humidity and thunderstorm chances in the forecast. i'll have your fox6
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ed sheeran is being sued over one of his hit songs... and "the rock" is calling out some of his "fast 8" costars. the details in tonight's buzz. pop star ed sheeran is being sued... the heirs of songwriter ed townsend are claiming sheeran copied from the 19-73 soul hit "let's get it on" for his hit "thinking out loud." they filed a su infringement... saying parts of the two songs are -- "substantially and- or strikingly similar." sheeran has not commented on the lawsuit. scott eastwood says he was warned about working with taylor swift. the pair worked together on her "wildest dreams" music video. eastwood says his agents advised him not to appear in the video...saying they didn't want him to play the part of her "boy toy." in the end... eastwood decided to star as the singer's love interest in the video. looks like dwayne, the rock,
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castmates. the actor took to social media...slamming some of his male co- stars, calling them unprofessional. johnson didn't name anyone specifically, but according to t-m-z, the rant was targeted at vin diesel. the two are in their final week of filming "fast 8." that's your buzz. you air conditioner will be working overtime tomorrow.. weather expert tom wachs is coming up with the forecast. he hasn't missed a single day almost 50 years... why his streak is about to end.. plus - not politics as usual - the local race that sparked a
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opening a new location in west bend. it will be inside the sendik's west bend plaza -- and include a drive-thru window. the building will be erected some time later this year -- and the starbucks is expected to open in the summer of 20-17. it will be the second starbucks in west bend. streaming service netflix plans
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6-billion-dollars on programming next year. and for other networks, it's hard to keep up. at least one t-v exec admis - the deep pockets of netflix have cable providers needing to raise the bar. for more business news - go to fox 6 now dot com for a link to the business journal. adlib to wx weather mostly clear and muggy tonight the 70s. patchy fog is possible overnight. hot and humid on thursday with a chance for afternoon t-storms. highs around 90 with heat indices around 97. thunderstorm chances increase thursday night. we have a continued chance for thunderstorms on friday with a humid high in the middle 80s and heat indices in the mid-90s.
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a heat index around 90. cooler and less humid sunday with a high around 80. tonight: mostly clear. patchy fog overnight. low: 72 dewpoint: 70 wind: se 5 mph thursday: heat index: 97. increasing clouds. hot and humid with a chance for afternoon t-storms. 90 dewpoint: 72 wind: se 5-10 mph friday: heat index: 94. breezy, hot and humid with a chance for t-storms. am low: 74 high: 86 dewpoint: 74 wind: wsw 10-20 mph saturday: heat index: 90. partly sunny, still warm and
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high: 85 dewpoint: 70 wind: nw 5-10 mph sunday: mostly sunny, cooler and less humid. am low: 65 high: 80 dewpoint: 64 wind: nw 5-10 mph monday: mostly sunny. am low: 63 high: 78 dewpoint: 62 wind: se 5-10 mph tuesday: mostly sunny. am low: 62 high: 79
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anchors thanks vince school starts monday for some m- p-s students...and today their teachers got a taste of what's ahead this school year the kick off event for mps international baccalaureate school was at reagan high school superintendent darienne driver shared her vision for the expanding mps arts and athletics programs ..improving math scores...and closing the education gap between students of different races. "these arent easy conversations our biggest challenge is that we have not effectively educated our students of color, we have got to fix that " i-b students start school monday most other m-p-s students start on september first over the past 165 years of the wisconsin state fair.. there's been a lot changes.. of
3:53 am
same. krystle kacner introduces you to someone who's been a staple there.. for nearly a half century... the last time i cam to the fair and had a chance to walk around was 1973 yet greg friberg hasn't missed a single day of wisconsin's state fair for almost 50 years... he just hasn't walked the grounds.... ive seen it from the top of a horse but you cant get them into the exhibit hall he's a lieutenant with the fair mounted patrol weve worked just about everything in the park, from routine patrol work and public relations to heavy situations to big crowds that started to get out of line this year.. is his last though... he's retiring. here in the park, its family. its not like another job. there's something special here," the feeling is mutual... hes a man of honor , he has the badge of valor and purple heart.
3:54 am
following of your peers and the people you work thats one thing but when you have the general public coming the fair year after year , that follow and know this man and come to home to wish him a happy retirement , that is something that something that is absolutely unique in law enforcement." and its' those people.. those fairgoers... friberg says .. he's really going to miss.. i've met thousands and tho years and maybe made a few of them happy just doing it " friberg is retiring after 42 years here at the fair. before this.. he was a new berlin police officer for over 40 years... he says while he will miss it, he is looking forward to what retirement will bring.. and that he'll back here next year... with his family... but .. on foot. krystle kacner fox6 news
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challenge. meet - the santos family from milwaukee. they got to meet one of the co-creators of the challenge-- former green bay packers receiver, donald driver. the santos family built their own garden - they even give away their produce to the community. donald driver partnered with children's hospital to promote health and wellness to wisconsin's youth both in the school and at home. ...tackling real problems and challenges with real solutions. that's the goal of the "all things in common" initiative, rolled out at city hall today. beverly taylor rep resources to the people in need. "so the idea behind it is not having to go across town to one location or you can step out you door and go to that location or go around the corner and get the resources that you need." milwaukee alderwoman chantia lewis joined forces with other council members and church representative to explain how the new initiative "all things in common" will work.
3:56 am
really get a pulse on that community." the plan uses 25 established churches from across the city, in high crime areas-- that will serve as "community resource hubs". "the initiative is really aimed at creating sustainability amongst the residents in the city and addressing the issues and the needs that are represented in various areas." "this allows us to move quickly, decisively and also in some very specific ways in areas where we already know we need to be working initiative will take place august 27th from 11 am- 1 pm at all 25 church locations... you can call it a city- wide block party, with food, gas and bus passes, "we'll also have the child suport services for the fathers, and we will have the driver's license recovery.a video has been produced to explain what to expect... "so the 27th is saying hey, we're here and we're going to ramp up what we're already doing in this milwaukee, beverly
3:57 am
a 20 year old man from virginia wanted to meet donald trump-- but the way he went about it-- causing major drama in new york this afternoon. check out the selfie captured by the man who used giant suction cups and rope to scale the trump tower. the building is 58-stories. he made it to the 21-st floor before police pulled him inside. police broke windows and cut through a vent to try to stop him. headquarters for trump's presidential campaign. the schlitterbahn sch-litter-bon water park where a young boy died on sunday has reopened. 10-year- old caleb schwab died due to a neck injury after getting hurt riding the world's tallest water slide. while the park is open-- that slide will remain closed for the rest of the season. people lined up to spend the day at the water park but admit they were a little hesitant. passengers on a frontier flight to las vegas were in for a
3:58 am
initial reports said a passenger smuggled the animal on board. but airport officials say the monkey was an emotional support service animal -- and the passenger had all the right paperwork to bring it on board. it is unclear whether or not the passenger will face any consequences. politics take a personal turn. we've seen it happen on the national front. now a local race ended up with angry words, caught on tape, and court action. fox6's myra sanchick has the story. this race was very personal. i've never d election like this before this election the incumbent state representative from district 20 went to police. it came after a confrontation with her opponent's julie meyer's husband at a sinicki fundraiser at humboldt park last week.
3:59 am
husband decided he wanted to join us and it was very clear he wanted to try to cause some trouble but julie meyer, who lost the tuesday election to sinicki, says her husband and young son coincidentally ended up at humboldt park, the same time sinicki's supporters were there. he was out all day with my son. they were taking a break from knocking on doors all day at humboldt park garden mr meyer started yelling come on big guy cmon tough guy christine sinicki says police suggested she get a restraining order against julie meyers husband. she did. the incumbent do agree on one thing. it's not politics as usual anymore. it's absurd , outrageous . no body talks about issues anymore. it's all namecalling and fingerpointing standup representative sinicki says she won't pursue getting a permanent restraining order. julie meyers says she intends to run again. in milwaukee myra sanchick fox6
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lights, access, rio. >> then it was my turn to just finish it off. >> the final five! >> they soared higher than any team in olympic history, and they're not even done yet. i'm natalie morales, but wait till you hear what we've learned about the final five. >> oh, my god. something made you break out in laughter. >> what made him laugh, what made him cry? i'm billy bush with the whole story behind michael's amazing night include that swim cap close call. >> you saved the day conor. cannot beat that takeoff. i'm kit hoover. but sticking the landing may be


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