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tv   FOX 6 News at 10  FOX  August 16, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm CDT

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tonight hear from some of the victims. that's where we begin tonight-- prayers for another peaceful night. this is a live look at sherman park -- the milwaukee county sheriff's office closed sherman park for the night about 4 hours ago. and within the last few seconds-- the curfew for milwaukee teens went those measures helped keep the peace last night. and everyone is hoping that'll be the case tonight too-- especially business owners-- who are still trying to pick up the pieces. the a-t-f is offering a 10-thousand dollar reward for information on the people who set 8 businesses on fire saturday. ashley sears and ben handelman continue our team coverage tonight. let's start with ben. he's live
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no issues tonight. you could almost call it a normal night. normal--- until you look at the scene behind me. still some law enforcement in riot gear, although their numbers far fewer. this gas station one of the places the a- t-f says will reward anyone with information that leads to an arrest. at the corner of sherman and burleigh, honestly he didn't see it coming, and his world has been flipped upside. gas station have returned, making their way through a blackened charred mess. we watched their lively destroyed before our eyes. the corner gas staton--- lit on fire-- during unrest in the sherman park neighborhood saturday night. a family member of the owner says he is too devastated to talk. his attorney , vincent bobot says his client now fears for his safety with his future unclear. he thought he was part of the neighborhood. now that's been
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the owner, fired his own son, after the clerk fired a gun into the air after a group of teens tried to get into the store. a boycott of the gas station lasted several days, before the two sides made ammends, they thought their trouble was behind them--- until this. "they are going to have a decision to make. does he rebuild the location at the existing location and what does that mean for the future of his business." as they begin to tackle a tough decision, a sign maybe not all was lost. carriedou safe. a family hopeful, their lives can be rebuilt moving forward. the attorney for this gas station says he is confident milwaukee police will catch those responsible. again--- a ten thousand dollar incentive for those who help authorities. live near sherman and burleigh, ben handelman, fox 6 news.
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one business owner says he will rebuild despite his business being set on fire. since early sunday morning, he's been waiting to get back inside. fox 6's ashley sears is live near sherman park with his plans. the violence the past few days will not stop him from continuing with his business. out here near sherman park, people remain peaceful. neighbors n hope it stays that way. 12:08 it's been a stressful couple of days. it's not easy-- nats to see your life's work--reduced to ashes. 11:34 trying to keep my faith and wears on you. in the early morning hours sunday-- gary mulheron watched as his business a to z wholesale--burn. lit on fire--by violent protesters.
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targeted? since then-- mulheron has returned each day-- trying to get back inside the place he's owned for 14 years. 12:57 heartbreaking... 6 seconds speaking with investigators from milwaukee police and atf-- it's unimaginable what's happening around the city. his family-- 31:29 really emotional, really emotional. stands with mulheron--trying to keep him focused. 31:48 i'm just worried that he's just, he's just going to break down. this is his son adam's fir close. 30:04 me being angry is not going to fix this. it's not going to take back what's been done. in spite of everything--mulhero n says he will rebuild-- in the same spot--because he says he has to. 17:27 tears up i'm a humble person and i don't wish bad on nobody and i believe the good lord is going to get me through it. it could be some time before mulheron is allowed back inside the business. the investigation there hasn't even started. his kids have set up a gofundme to
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live near sherman park, ashley sears fox 6 news. mary thanks ashley as we've mentioned-- the unrest started after the shooting death of sylville smith. the officer who pulled the trigger comes from the very neighborho fox 6 investigator bryan polcyn has more on the officer's background... including some surprising tweets and his very own rap video. "got some workers on the payday. never trip what they say..." this is the milwaukee police officer who shot sylville smith... in a rap video posted on youtube long before the shooting, he makes reference to civil unrest over police use of force. "i'm gonna start a riot like it's baltimore."fox 6 news is aware of the officer's identity, but
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because the investigation is ongoing and he has not been accused of any wrongdoing. the 24-year-old officer hails from the very inner city milwaukee neighborhoods he patrols. he was first appointed a police aide in 2010... then promoted to probationary officer in 2013... a period that was extended for 97 days in 2014. around that same time, he tweeted about getting wasted, blowing money at strip clubs and casinos. and in one ominous tweet, he wrote, slur on the other side of the gun.three years later, he shot and killed 23-year-old syville smith, a young man who once attended the same high school as him. "i'm all about my dollar, in god we trust..." in october of 2013, he wrote "how long does this drug called fame be lasting?" it appears he's about to find out... but for a reason he never expected. the officer's twitter account hadn't been used since 2014, but remained accessible until tuesday. a search for the account now shows it does not
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investigators. milwaukee police would not confirm or deny the officer we described is the one who shot sylville smith. and the milwaukee police association declined to comment at this time. we've been tracking the unrest for days now-- check out our extensive coverage on fox6 now dot com and the fox6 news app. there's a link on our home page. breaking news now from 23rd and fond du lac. a 22-year-old woman was struck and killed by a car earlier tonight. souc run. no suspects are in custody tonight. to the other big story of the night: republican presidential candidate donald trump is campaigning in west bend tonight. he kept the crowd waiting for more than an hour and a half. jenna sachs has their reaction. but let's start with our theo keith tonight. trump addressed this speech to milwaukee --- to inner city voters -- to black voters he gave it in washington county,
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trump -- speaking from a teleprompter tonight -- says to every voter in milwaukee, he's running to offer them a much better future. he urged people to reject the bigotry of hillary clinton, whom trump says only sees communities of color as votes. trump says he's the law and order candidate, while clinton is anti-police. clinton is against the miners, she is against the police, believe me. you know it and i know it. and guess what, she knows it. those peddling the narrative of cops as a racist force in our society ... a narrative supported by a nod by my opponent... share directly in the responsibility for
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country." the rolling stones "let's spend the night together" is part of the trump music rotation, and people here almost did. trump was more than an hour and a half late. it was very warm in the expo center and some people did leave before the speech, reducing the capacity crowd of 36 hundred we saw at least one person suffering from heat exhaustion. live, theo keith, fox6 news. brad thanks theo donald trump drew a capacity crowd to washington county tonight-- and some protesters. fox six's jenna sachs shares their
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an enthusiastic crowd ... greets donald trump in west bend. i would stand with him even if it was just me alone. that trump is not afraid to ruffle feathers ... is what many in this crowd ... like most about him. right off the bat he said dont expect me to be politically correct because im not a politician. he makes a lot of noise but he also has a lot of sense in his head. larry hamlin says what he likes best about trump ... is that hes not hillary clinton. im here with my liberal daughter so she can maybe pick something up today and his daughter .... is one of those rare undecided voters ... traditionally a democrat. shes here to make up her mind ... and needs to hear more than campaign slogans. i want to hear what he plans to do what his policies are. outside the rally ... a quiet protest vows 'never trump.' we have no place for misogyny and xenophobia and bigotry and hate which he seems to espouse every time he opens his mouth. this
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if trump carries wisconsin ... or the traditionally red washington county. mr. trump has no qualifications. he has no experience. he is wholly unfit to be president of the united states. ad lib latest. in the meantime-- democratic vice presidential nominee "tim kaine" is in wisconsin tonight. he was taking part in a private fundraiser in madison. this is video of kaine and u-s senate candidate "russ feingold" stopping to talk to supporters at a hillary clinton campaign office. today was hot-- and it's only going to get hotter! weather expert tom wachs joins us now.
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your fox6 forecast coming up. also ahead-- a heated debate over milwaukee's budget. the unrest has many calling for more police officers. but can the city afford it? plus-- we'll tell you why firefighters are having a hard time figuring out what caused a fire on the city's northwest side. this is your moment, this is your time. i believe in you. congratulations bro on a job well done. i'm so proud of you. you are amazing.
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milwaukee police are investigating two death's on the city's north side. a woman's body was found inside a home near 24th and melvina. police say it appears she was killed by a man she was dating. that man was also found dead-- but the cause of his death is under investigation. over at 50th and clarke-- firefighters are sifting through debris. a vacant home went up in flames overnight. damaged several others nearby. you can see the siding melted. officials are still trying to figure out how it started. "there was no electricity or gas service to this building was we are pursuing at this at this point in time as curiosity of how a fire could have started without one of those two things. ." six people were displaced from the duplex next to the vacant home. they are getting help from the red cross. in the wake of the unrest in
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city to hire more police officers. but, as the city prepares its 2017 budget... milwaukee mayor tom barrett wants you to know... its a much more complex issue. fox6s bret lemoine has more from downtown. its a numbers game for the city of milwaukee... as officials consider the 20-17 budget. the biggest line item by far is the milwaukee police department. tb 'you can see why this can become a tense conversation. the one thing you cant do at the city level is you cant print money.' milwaukee mayor tom barrett explains night... adding more staff at m-p-d wont be easy. barrett is requesting 28- million dollars more for m-p-d than what was budgeted for this year. the police department accounts for more than 300-million dollars of the citys proposed billion and a half dollar budget. tb 'the police budget now exceeds the tax levy for the entire city of milwaukee.' barrett says the police department budget has steadily increased over the years... while state funding has dried up. state shared revenue
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while the police budget is up nearly 100- million. barrett says one reason for that... is the citys employer pension contribution for police... 30-million dollars this year alone. and adding officers might be financially difficult as well. barrett says only 10 officers were added to mpds staff in the last six years but it cost a whopping sum: tb 'so, to tread water, for lack of a better term, cost of $61m.' bl "this was just the first of several listing sessions planned.the budget will be presented to the citys 'finance and personnel committee' in october. reporting
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partly cloudy tonight with temperatures falling into the 70s. scattered thunderstorms are possible overnight with a low in the upper 60s. partly sunny, warm and humid on wednesday with a high in the
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scattered t-storms wednesday afternoon. hot and humid conditions for the end of the week with highs near 90 thursday and friday...with heat indices in the mid-90s. thunderstorms are likely on saturday with a high around 80. much cooler air moves in sunday with high t-storms overnight. low: 69 dewpoint: 66 wind: sw 5 mph wednesday:partly sunny with a chance for thunderstorms, mainly in the afternoon. high: 86 dewpoint: 68 wind: w 5-10 mph thursday: heat index: 95. partly sunny.
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wind: sw 5-10 mph friday: heat index: 95. partly sunny. am low: 72 high: 89 dewpoint: 71 wind: sw 5-10 mph saturday: mostly cloudy. thunderstorms likely. am low: 70 high: 80 dewpoint: 69 wind: sw 5-10 mph sunday: mostly cloudy and cooler. am low: 63 high: 71 mph monday: mostly sunny. crisp morning. am low: 55 high: 71 dewpoint: 51
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as pie; we're going to support our players. we've always supported our players. and we're going to continue to support our players". 15:08:01 ted thompson talking about clay matthews and julius peppers and the nfl's demand that they meet with nfl investigators by august 25th or be suspended. the gm disagrees with
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their starters in preseason because of jordy nelson's injury last august. 15:18:20 "because it wasn't normal. it would have been like you walking across the street and your acl fell down or soemthing. nobody hit anybody, nobody touched anybody. nobody made any dramatic moves. it just happened; so you can't guard for everything". 15:18:36 time is running like a back toward the kickoff of the badgers season... number 6 lsu comes to lambeau field on september 3rd. unlike some of his players, perhaps, paul chryst loves to practice in the dog days of august. "i love being in camp because it means we're not getting ready for a game yet but we are right? we"re getting ready for a season. i think we've got a ton of stuff we still gotta do. im glad we stil got a lot of practice left but even then its, and its not just coach speak, like i really believe that. we need a lot
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like the badgers, uw whitewater opens "its" season september against the college of new jesrey. at perkins stadium. whitewater finished 1 game short of playing for the d-3 championship last season under first year coach kevin bullis. "going back to the spring, everything has been a lot more smooth. coaches are kind of more comfortable which makes us more comfortable and i think going into this fall, we just picked up where we left off last spring. we are just kind of rolling forward especially with all of the older guys. its almost beat." it's time for you to vote for our high school blitz game of the week.... the pads are popping once again. yours truly privileged to go where you send me on friday night. your choices are wauwatosa east vs wauwatosa west, waukesha south at nicolet or brookfield central at whitefish bay. go to our website, fox 6 now dot com slash sports and vote for the game of your choice. voting ends thursday night, at ten...when we'll announce which
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treatment....with cruzer steering the ship in studio. . the brewers suffered injury and insult at wrigley field. they didn't score a run while getting swept by the cubs in a twi-night doubleheader. the injuries happened in game 2. kris bryant hits a rocket off the knee of chase anderson in the very first inning. chase made the play..but had to leave the game. in the 4th, ryan braun hustles after a drive to left..he crashes into the wall.. injury that's being evaluated! the play of the game..another magic act by gifted 1st baseman anthony what he does on the keon broxton foul ball! what a catch. the brewers avoid being shutout in a double header for the first time in franchise history when ernan pair'-ez leaves the yard in the 9th inning. but they bow, 4-0. the 16 hour day was made longer by the fact that matt garza and company lost game 1. garza wasn't bad..3 runs over 5 innings. pitcher trevor cahill knocked in a run with a safety squeeze bunt... cahill game off the disabled list to win his in his
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18 inning for milwaukee!
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the numbers! more than a million people attended the wisconsin state fair. over 11 days-- they enjoyed 315- thousand cream puffs. 5 thousand klement's famous
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bratwurst, polish, italian, hot dog and chorizo. and finally, 105-thousand ears of corn.
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moving in with your parents isn't a sign that your life is right on track. there's no way you can fake this. "things are great. i met a terrific girl, "i got a great job, "and if everything goes right, i'm going to be moving back in with my parents soon." it's like getting busted on a parole violation and thrown back into the slammer. "in the opinion of the board, you need further rehabilitation." you go back into that little room, and you feel so huge, like you can crush your bed in your hands. you hold your parents between your fingers going, "why was i so afraid of you people?" i am rich. in my gentleman's quarters, we sip champagne and peruse my art collection, which consists of renaissance classics and more avant-garde pieces. yes, i am rich.


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