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tv   FOX 6 News at 5  FOX  August 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm CDT

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wade watches from her front porch. its just crazy to me. im still in shock. we use that a lot over here for cars. she grew up across the street from the o'reilly auto parts. now... all that remains is rubble and dust... after protesters set the place on fire saturday night. i mean, jobs are lost, families without jobs. theyre suffering. theres no telling how long it will take to rebuild the business. mayor tom barrett damage. it was obviously a very hot and fast firehe says he's been in contact with the owners of the property and the business. i told them the city would love to word with them we would love to have them rebuild and to send the message and the reality that we wont coward because of this. :56 the atf is now calling on the public for help finding the people responsible. no information is too big, no information is too smallsherman
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actions of a few... should not be not reflective of the attitude of the neighborhood. we gone bounce back. im sure we are. but need to come together to rebuild our community. atf agents say they will remain out here for as long as it takes to complete their investigation. o'reilly's is one of three businesses set on fire that is a total loss. a-t-f agents have been investigating the other businesses this week as well. reporting live madeline anderosn fox6 news. ben t community groups call for the release of the only evidence -- they say -- will clearly show what happened leading up to the ?shooting of sylville smith. that evidence: body cam video on the officer... and they want that video released.. now. krystle kacner tells us why. she's live in sherman park . you can still see the aftermath of what happened in this community after that fatal shooting... the fires.. the destruction..
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about how they fear tension till simmers.. and could re-ignite. right now people are speculating rumors and things are flying anger and tension is highmartha de la rosa says the one thing that could possibly ease the tension? transparency about the very thing the community is divided about- a recent officer involved shooting. if the family has that information they can put it to rest and speak to othersan not what we want thursday...5 days after slyville smith was shot by a milwaukee police officer... de la rosa joins several other community agency leaders in a public plea-- the main point people need to understand is what took between that officer and that gentleman that lost his lifeto do that.. they feel the officer's body camera should be released... first to smith's family.. then to the public. the d-o-j released a statement--
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within the parameters of the law, to provide the community a transparent view of the events that took place on august 13 in a timely manner.' the a-c-l-u says.. that's not enough.. every day they hold off on the release of the video and hold off on answering simple questions about the investigation diminishes community trust. in addition to the release of the body cam video- the aclu also wants specific questions answered- such as did the officer get to watch h his statement? i reached out to m-p-d today.. it says it cannot comment because of the ongoing investigation. live in milwaukee kk fox 6 news. mary thanks krystle we posted the entire statements of martha de la rosa, chris ahmuty and dameion perkins on fox6 now dot com and the fox6 news app. search "body cam" -- or find the story on our home page. social media posts are lighting
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about the milwaukee officer who shot sylville smith -- and about smith himself. fox6's myra sanchick talked to one sherman park resident who knew both men -- and says neither deserves what is happening. she joins us live from sherman park with a story you will only see on fox 6. the department of justice is still investigating the shooting . one local man doesn't know if the officer and smith knew each other or crossed paths before one shot the other, but they had a few things in a friend. i think the image of both parties are being tarnished. sawi perry-- is a national guardsman and local rap artist trying to promote positive messages in light of the riots in his neighborhood. perry says he knew sylville smith, shot and killed by a milwaukee police officer saturday. he also knows
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weren't bad guys so that's the message i want to give so they both were not bad guys and people need to look more into the facts and one was a college graduate, one was a good kid . i know for a fact the officer was a college graduate. he was not a street dude . the other guy i know was not a street guy perry says social media posts are fueling anger, trying to vilify smith or the officer. neither of his friends, deserves that, he says. perry knew smith as a dancer, the officer a rapper. perry says he was in the next room when the officer recorded this rap video last year. perry says the anything more than art, fiction, and entertainment. that's one reason sawi perry says he and other artists will gather in sherman park sunday to talk to kids and hand out school supplies. i think they need to hear our real voice . pretty much the faces that they know and the artists they listen to caring for them and stop all this from happening perry says he's not sure if the officer and smith ever really knew each other. they may have certainly passed each other before that fateful day
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or he was in the wrong i hope it comes to some type of closure so we can move on as a city local artists will gather here at sherman park sunday at four and hand out school supplies to kids and speak to them. if you want you can bring a school supply to donate as well. live in milwaukee myra sanchick fox6 news ben thanks myra organizations continue to offer a message of hope and peace to whomever wants to talk. the billy graham evangelistic association brought in a mobile unit to the sherman park area. it arrived yesterday in town and volunteers will ?likely stay on-site through the weekend. they say they are there to talk to anyone who wants to discuss the violence of this past weekend. you can see our complete coverage of the milwaukee unrest when you visit fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app. look for the link atop our home
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this morning in the sherman park neighborhood. it's the third fire in as many days for the area... milwaukee firefighters responded to 33rd and hadley around 5 a-m. a vacant home caught fire and the flames spread to the home next door -- with four people inside. no one was hurt. the fire department says the vacant home collapsed -- but crews managed to save the other. "inside will be salvageable, there is some cleaning and stuff that will have to take place but they should be able to move back in" on monday firefighters were called to a house fire at 41st and burleigh... tuesday they responded to another fire at 50th and clarke. all the calls were between 4 and 5 am. the cause of each fire is under investigation. less than a week after playing their first preseason game, the packers are back in action tonight at lambeau field against the raiders. and there's also new details
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julius peppers -- and their deadline in meeting with the nfl. fox 6's tim van vooren live at lambeau with the latest. espn's chris mortensen is reporting that packers linebackers julius peppers and clay matthews have agreed to this comes after an al-jazeera network report on allege p-e-d use. both have denied the allegations. the league demanded the two be interviewed by august 25th or be suspended. as for tonight's game. roll cue to sot: will be under center
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competed at a big stage. it was my first nfl game. it was very exciting but you know, like the interception i threw. that's one mistake i wish i could take back. other than that it was fun. have fun, you know. i know how fast the game is now and with the help of the guys that's surrounding me i'm excited for my next
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make your pre-game pick on fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app. find our poll in a post on the "sports" tab. you can also share your thoughts on the fox6 news facebook page. another twist after four u-s olympic swimmers report being robbed at a rio gas station... still ahead... why brazilian story was made up -- and what really happened that night. and... arrests are made after a series of carjackings in milwaukee. what police are learning about some of the suspects -- next. thunderstorm chances increase overnight before one more warm day tomorrow. i'll have your fox6
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three arrests were made this week in connection to several carjackings across milwaukee county. and as julie collins reports -- some of the suspects have lengthy records -- including a felon. carjackings are happening all over milwaukee county - in fact, mpd says through july of this year weve seen 260...thats two shy of last years total.
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to put a stop to it -- just this week they arrested 3 people in connection to multiple carjackings. 'cops everywhere, it was just cops everywhere...'on tuesday, this man, who didnt want to show his face, saw a 24-year old arrested on cherry street. police say the suspect may be connected to several car jackings and armed robberies in the past few days. 'that aint the stuff you supposed to be doing. youre supposed to be doing something positive instead of taking something peoplw of the arrest was encouraging to alderman tony zielinski .. who has seen his district his by carjackings. he posted about it on his facebook page. 'i feel its important to let people in the area know we have a great police department."we spoke to him via facetime while he was out of town - he says the arrest should help his constituents and others across milwaukee feel safer. 'this will definitely make a difference. so its very god news, very good news.'on wednesday another 2
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police during a traffic stop... after a pursuit, the suspects drove over a curb and crashed into a vacant field. the two arrested have lengthy records, including a felony. 'that will have a definite and positive impact on reducing crime because the bottom line is they cant commit crimes on the street if theyre behind bars." the case against the carjacking suspect on cherry street will be referred to the d-as office in the coming days. as for the norhtside carjacking milwaukee police are still looking for a third suspect who back to you guys it's time for your news and weather together. the west allis man accused in a multi- county, deadly crime spree pleads not guilty in milwaukee county. zachary hays waived his preliminary hearing today on a charge of first- degree reckless homicide. hays also faces charges in sauk county after prosecutors say he killed an illinois woman on the interstate in a drive-by shooting. both incidents happened on may 1st.
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wells fargo building in milwaukee... authorities arrived after a note was found. it happened before the bank opened -- so nobody was let in. police are now looking through video surveillance for any suspicious activity. the pro football hall of fame is refunding ticket holders after the packers-colts game was canceled earlier this month because of poor field conditions. in a statement released today -- the hall of fame says ticket holders can sign up for a reimbursement plan. a group of fans has proposed a class- action lawsuit after the game in canton, ohio was called information on the reimbursement plan -- and how to sign up -- on our website fox6 now dot com. toss to weather weather after a partly cloudy day, cloud cover will increase overnight, helping to keep us on the warmer side. lows will stay mainly in the 70s. a chance of scattered storms
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overnight hours, continuing through early tomorrow morning. highs friday will hit the upper 80s. this is all ahead of an approaching cold front. the greatest chance of storms will arrive with the front on saturday. once the cold front passes, we'll be much cooler, with highs back in the 70s and dewpoints in the 50s for the weekend. tonight: increasing clouds. chance storms overnight. sw 3-7 mph friday: partly sunny. warm & humid, feels like 95. high: 89 dewpoint: 72 wind: sw 5-10 mph saturday: cloudy skies. rain and storms likely. am low: 70 high: 76 dewpoint: 66 wind: sw 5-15 mph sunday: mostly cloudy. cooler. am low: 59 high: 72 dewpoint: 56 wind: nw 5-10 mph monday: mostly sunny.
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wind: sw 5-10 mph tuesday: mostly sunny. am low: 63 high: 84 dewpoint: 61 wind: sw 5-10 mph wednesday: partly sunny. chance t- storms. am low: 64 high: 84
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milwaukee health officials want to make sure everybody is ready. after the break... where and when they'll hold a health fair to ensure everybody has what
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has many - looking for ways to help improve the quality of life in other neighborhoods as well. justin williams is live -- near 18th and locust, with more on a couple of efforts. justin? while the term re-building is currently commonplace in parts of milwaukees central city... there are those whose efforts to construct community continue, today, despite all the destruction. as hephatha lutheran church's milwaukee's destruction, during the past several days, we did see the damaged buildings. it's part of the reality of what's happened. she is part of the reality of what is happening, now. the lindsay heights community planning council is doing three walks. this is the third, neighborhood walk. ellwanger explains, the planning council and the hephatha micah holy ground core team, organize the walks to address the communitys needs. last year, we did three walks. we went door-to- door, and asked people what are their priorities were, for change, in the
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so, thursday's steps lead to a sort of check-up. as we do the walk, this afternoon, we'll be looking at some of the things that have happened, because of that, those kinds of walks, and others that we're still waiting to see happen. the former includes the new street light, at 17th and locust, this strong neighborhoods lot, and habitat for humanity homes. and ellwanger says this community is not alone, in this city. i think the churches that are in neighborhoods that are hurting, certainly, are trying to respond to the just one church that is an example of that. people of faith havent given up hope, you know. indeed... i know of another church which is also responding, tonight, as all saints parish hosts a prayer vigil for peace, beginning at 6-30, at 40-51 north 25th street. live, in milwaukee, im justin williams,
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-- families can make sure their students are healthy and ready for a new year. a free screening event is happening tomorrow... fox6s carl deffenbaugh has more with the milwaukee health department. preparations are underway at north division high school for another year of milwaukees back-to-school health fair. 'we can be able to prevent and have a healthier community all year round and then starting in the year in a row, the health department is putting on this free event, which runs from 10am to 3pm friday. students, and even some parents, will receive health and dental screenings, and even shots if they need immunizations. 'most of the services that we offer are services in which some of the community cannot afford to go. or, sometimes, they dont want to go to one of
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services available.' beyond the health side of things, there will be free backpacks and school supplies for the kids - making sure they are ready for the start of a new year. 'sesame street is going to be in the area and then a lot of things for the kids. so they can play around and make sure that this is a good, community, healthy event.' carl deffenbaugh, fox6 news. again -- this event runs tomorrow from 10am to 3pm at north division high school. there will be another one at south division high next friday, for more information, visit fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app -- and click "links." a brown deer family is stunned to see swat teams arrive in front of their home... just ahead... why they were there -- and what authorities found when they searched the home. plus... it was reported as a robbery of four u-s olympic swimmers - -- but up next why ?brazilian police dispute the claim... and what they say really
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there are many unanswered questions after u-s olympic swimmers are prevented from leaving rio de janiero... those questions surround an incident reported as a robbery -- which


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