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tv   FOX 6 Wake Up News at 430  FOX  August 23, 2016 4:30am-5:01am CDT

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wake up any minute and everything is going to be ok, but it's not teaming up with other charities to help some sheboygan residents after they lost their home in a deadly fire. we have the details on today's "one stop shop" for those affected. also this morning... police are asking for your help in finding the person responsible for burning down a liquor store during last week's unrest. details on who officials are looking for. good morning and thanks for starting your day with wakeup. lets go straight to our fox6 weather expert rob haswell in the weather office.
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80s, and dewpoints will be in the mid 60s. although we should start off our day mostly sunny, clouds will return by the afternoon and evening. storms come back wednesday as a low moves in from the west. wednesday will be our 'stickiest' day of the week. thursday and friday are looking dry and comfortable, before another round of storm chances comes back for the weekend. tuesday: mostly sunny. high: 82 dewpoint: 63 wind: sse 5-10 mph wednesday: mostly cloudy. chance thunderstorms. am low: 69 high: 80 dewpoint: 69 wind: sw 5-10 mph university students. but first-- three people are recovering after police say they were shot in milwaukee. angelica joins us from the newsroom with new information. police say it started with after fight when at least one person began shooting at others in the area. it happened just after 8-30 last
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shot and taken to the hospital-- he is expected to be okay... a 22-year-old woman was grazed by a bullet and treated on scene by milwaukee fire. and a 32-year-old man suffered a serious gunshot injury. he was also taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. police say it isn't clear if the three victims were involved in the earlier fight. no word yet on any suspects. this story is still developing-- we'll have the latest in a live report, coming up in our five o'clock hour. open this morning after a brief lockdown on campus monday night. around 8-30 last night, police responded to calls of a possibly armed person looking into windows at the humphrey memorial chapel. police say they found the person lying in the grass, but the person grabbed an unknown object and ran into a nearby classroom. that's when the college was put on lock down. police contacted a professor and students in the building and learned the suspicious person was not a student and was not armed. the lock down was lifted before
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kim and jessob. back to you. a former milwaukee police officer is accused of threatening the mayor. 48-year old gilberto collado heel-bear-toe co-ya-doe is charged with disorderly conduct and possession of cocaine.police say collado went up to the city hall information desk on thursday and told the clerk he had recently been arrested for a d-u-i and that he is a former city employee. while he was there, milwaukee mayor tom barrett walked by, alongside his security detail. he had a gun and he would beat them with it. officers later found collado two blocks away. investigators say they didnt find a gun in his bag... but they say collado was carrying a camp ax and cocaine. milwaukee police confirm collado is a former officer. the district attorneys office declined to comment. another sign milwaukee is on the mend-- milwaukee mayor tom barrett has canceled the 10 p.m. curfew for those 17 years old and younger. he says the earlier curfew is no longer
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police have a suspect in an arson that occurred during milwaukee's unrest. this man was caught on surviellence inside m-j-m liquor.. after it was broken into and before it was set on fire... authorities say by way of molotov cocktails. police are now asking for the public's help in identifying the man in this picture-- anyone who has any information on this case, or identifies the person in the picture, is asked to call milwaukee police or a-t-f. new information now about the prompted the unrest in milwaukee. we've learned two body cameras captured the incident. but it could be a while before we see either video. i can tell you now: viewing the body camera videos will not answer all of your questions. wisconsin attorney general brad schimel says he's worried the evidence on those recordings could harm the investigation if it's made public too soon. sylville smith was shot
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saturday. authorities have said smith was fleeing police and that footage from the officer's body camera clearly shows smith holding a handgun. but schimel says that footage is just a small part of the investigation. his team is also interviewing witnesses-- and reviewing evidence collected at the scene. he had a responsibility to do what he could to try to maintain safety and calm in the city and i think what he did was a reasonable decision to release a small piece of information. timeline to finish the investigation. but he expects a decision on charges to come faster than it did in the dontre hamilton case. that took about six months. in response to schimel's remarks-- the a-c-l-u of wisconsin says many questions remain unanswered. "the chief has said this is a suspicion stop. a suspicion stop? ok, so what was suspicious about these
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spokesman chris ahmuty says he specifically wants to hear from milwaukee police chief ed flynn. m-p-d is conducting its own internal investigation into the officer who shot and killed smith. in the meantime-- this case has gained national attention. the reverend jesse jackson confirms he will attend syville smith's funeral on friday. we've been covering sherman park extensively. to take another look at the arson suspect or to hear more from attorney general schimel-- visit our website at fox 6 now as the community continues to come together to help heal wounds from last weeks unrest - a big boost for families.. feeding america will be at "the mary ryan boys & girls club" in sherman park from 1 to 3 p-m today. the free mobile pantry will distribute 10-thousand pounds of healthy, nutritious food. it's open to the entire sherman park community. a death investigation underway in shorewood -- after a suspect dies at the police station. police say the 39-year-old man
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in his cell. he died at the hospital. the greenfield police department will be handling the investigation. the red cross is doing its part to help victims of a deadly apartment building fire in sheboygan. today-- the red cross is partnering with other charitable organizations to create a "one stop shop" at farnsworth middle school to help those affected by the fire get back on their feet. we are reaching out to food pantries, goodwill and churches so that they're able to send representatives so they're able to help. its a little surreal feels like its not really come and see the damage and the devastation one person died-- dozens others were left homeless after the blaze. inspectors let a few tenants get back inside yesterday and salvage whatever they could-- the state fire marshal is still trying to figure out how the fire started. they have not released any details about the person found
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receiver --back at practice with a huge smile on his face! it's been one year since jordy nelson tore his a-c-l in a preseason game at pittsburgh. nelson was activated from the "physically unable to perform list" last week. we'll hear from him on how he's getting back up to speed coming up in our five o'clock hour. drug overdose deaths are on the rise in milwaukee county. what drug seems to be linked some recent deaths and how this year bandmates, friend and family are remembering a guitarist-- found dead over the weekend. why matt roberts' family believes his death may have been an overdose. president obama is headed south today to tour the damage in baton rouge from the recent, deadly floods. we're taking a look at the community's clean up efforts. time now 4:xx you're taking a live look outside this morning.. another nice day with highs in the low 80s and dewpoints in the low 60s. right now . when storms return and
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tuesday will warm slightly. our highs will be back to the mid 80s, and dewpoints will be in the mid 60s. although we should start off our day mostly sunny, clouds will return by the afternoon and evening. storms come back wednesday as a low moves in from the west. wednesday will be our 'stickiest' day of the week. thursday and friday are looking dry and comfortable, before another round of storm chances comes back for the
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sse 5-10 mph wednesday: mostly cloudy. chance thunderstorms. am low: 69 high: 80 dewpoint: 69 wind: sw 5-10 mph four suspected overdose deaths over the weekend are likely linked to a growing fentanyl problem in our city. 50-100 times more powerful than heroin. and according to the medical examiner's office -- milwaukee county is on track to see twice as many fentanyl related deaths this year than last. this weekend's victims range in age from 26 to 43. overdose deaths have now exceeded motor vehicle accidents as the leading cause of accidental deaths in the united states. over the weekend-- police found former guitarist and founding member of the band "3 doors down" dead at a west bend hotel. family suspects matt roberts may
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to play a benefit concert with a local band-- helping the the stars and stripes honor flight. i explained what the event was and he said, oh i'll do that for free. fox6 spoke with a member of the band roberts was set to play with, known as "the nix." he says hours before roberts was found dead-- they were rehearsing in his basement and talked for quite some time. it was the feeling of hey, there's a rock star in my basement. butted with it was like i made a really good friend and he was just taken away. know how his son died but says he suffered from anxiety his whole life and struggled with crowds-- always waiting until the last minute to head on stage. his toxicology results could take months. wisconsin attorney general brad schimel discussing what's next after brendan dassey's conviction was overturned. dassey and his uncle - steven avery - were convicted of murdering teresa halbach in 2005. dassey was 16-years-old at the time. the federal judge who overturned the conviction said the
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and assured dassey that he had nothing to worry about. "we're still examining all of the options, there are a number of different directions this case can go, and before we make a determination,...give some input." dassey could be freed in less than 90 days unless prosecutors decide to retry him. an unusual surgery in india is doctors found when they opened up one man's stomach. new details in the investigation into a deadly alligator attack at a walt disney world resort. why officials say not much more could have been done to prevent the attack. repellant is key as zika virus concerns grow in miami. why the florida governor is being criticized for his response to the outbreak. you are watching the fox 6
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you are watching the fox 6 wakeup news. tuesday will warm slightly. our highs will be dewpoints will be in the mid 60s. although we should start off our day mostly sunny, clouds will return by the afternoon and evening. storms come back wednesday as a low moves in from the west. wednesday will be our 'stickiest' day of the week. thursday and friday are looking dry and comfortable, before another round of storm chances comes back for the weekend. tuesday: mostly sunny. high: 82 dewpoint: 63 wind: sse 5-10 mph wednesday: mostly cloudy. chance thunderstorms. am low: 69 high: 80 dewpoint: 69
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sentence given to a stanford university swimmer is recusing himself from an upcoming case. judge aaron pesky has filed a statement ahead of the new sexual assault case, saying some people might doubt he could be impartial. earlier this year, the california judge sentenced former stanford swimmer brock turner to six months in prison for assaulting a drunk woman at a party. his short sentence was heavily the man accused of killing nine people at a south carolina church became "self-radicalized" in the months before the attack. federal authorities say two handwritten documents were drafted by 22-year- old dylann roof. one before the 20-15 attack and one while in jail. authorities have long said they believed roof was the author of an online manifesto in which he embraced confederate symbols and talked about white supremacy. he faces the a possible death sentence if convicted of murder charges
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president obama is headed to louisiana today to see the damage left by last week's deadly floods. he is reassuring those affected that their recovery is a priority for his administration. the president had received criticism for not visiting the area sooner. meanwhile, residents are working to gut their waterlogged homes, trying to salvage anything they can. "it's just like a nightmare that won't end, can't wake up from. it's... everything we had and bought over the storm and floooding has damaged roughly 60-thousand homes... and forced thousands to find temporary housing with family, friends or shelters. fema says more than 100-thousand people have registered for assistance. a man in india is recovering from surgery after doctors had to remove several knives from his stomach. angelica joins us from the newsroom with new information. doctors say the man had swallowed 40 knives in the past
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the hospital now after the five-hour surgery. doctors say some of the knives were folded, and some had exposed blades up to seven inches long. the man was apparently suffering from a psychiatric disorder and is now being counseled. doctors say the man couldn't explain why he had swallowed the knives. kim and jessob. back to you. deadly gator attack at disney world. the florida fish and wildlife commission says little could be done to prevent the 2-year-old boy from being taken. their report says the gator acted in a "predatory manner" and that the boy did nothing to provoke it. the reports also says a man alerted staff to the gators about an hour before the attack. he was on his way to warn families when he heard a woman scream. six gators capable of the attack have been killed. officials are confident though
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students are heading back to school in miami-- in the middle of the so-called zika zone. florida governor rick scott is defending his response to the virus outbreak. miami beach mayor philip levine is accusing the governor of not taking enough action. but the governor says he's been active in his outreach campaign... as well as mobilizing crews to spray for mosquitos. miami beach has been singled out as one of the centers of the zika outbreak... along with the wynwood neighborhood in miami... where
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another location in the milwaukee area... the company hopes to replace bakers square on capitol drive in shorewood.
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take a look at this - five large stones - put into place on the basilica of saint josaphat on milwaukee's south side. each weighs about 9-thousand pounds! they're replacing some of the damaged sandstone at the basilica... it's part of an effort to raise 7-and-a- half-million dollars for restoration. parts of the building are deteriorating -- and some emergency work is being done now instead of waiting for complete funding. ahead at five: more fall out for u-s olympic swimmer pulling out of their deal. and then at six... an attempt at a good deed... gone wrong... how one boy got stuck in a chimney while trying to help out his neighbors. it's just about time to start seeing pumpkin everything-- everywhere. how an illinois corn maze will
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barbara streisand-- taking action when she noticed something wrong with her i-phone. the legendary performer noticed
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pronounced her name "strei-zand," saying the second "s" like a "z." so "strei-sand" says she called apple c- e-o tim cook... and siri's next update, september 30th, will include the correct pronunciation. it's back to school for tyra banks. she says she's co-teaching a course next summer at stanford's graduate school of business. the class: "project you: building and extending your personal brand." getting ready to celebrate all things kobe! city council declared tomorrow-- wednesday, august 24-- as kobe bryant day. bryant retired last season after scoring 60 points in his final nba game. he will also be recognized for his philanthropy tomorrow. fall is almost here! time for pumpkin everything and of course corn mazes. check out this corn maze-- it's known as
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has five separate maze games... on 33 acres of corn. this year's theme-- the 50-th anniversary of star trek! the human puzzle will feature famous images from the franchise. the maze opens september third and will run through october 30th. check this out-- sometimes you see a home run-- and you pray it doesn't hit your car. well-- during the second inning of a minor league game... the gateway grizzlies outfielder smashed a grand slam homer into the parking lot hitting a parked truck... after his team took the win, he found out the damaged
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it will be released after the district attorney is done with his final determination. now at 5- wisconsin's attorney general announces the body camera videos from the officer-involved shooting of sylville smith...will not be made public for weeks, if not months. wh h of the questions. and milwaukee police searching for the gunman who opened fire in a west side neighborhood. three people were injured. what police say happened right before shots rang out! rob joins us now with more on the weather. rob's weather another day with high pressure bringing us some sunshine and helping with a southerly push of warm and slightly more humid air. highs will reach the low 80s and dewpoints will get into the low 60s. a low moves our way tonight and into


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