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tv   FOX 6 News at 10  FOX  August 23, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm CDT

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wright. our ben handelman is learning new information--- including no adults were home. ben's live at the medical examiner's office. good evening guys. family tells us some young teens were in charge of watching the two-year-old when he wandered away. neighbors spring into action--- but there was little they could do. near 40th and wright, its hard not to notice the amount of kids who live on this street. or the police tape that surrounds them. i found out wt doing cpr. ceree sir-ee hall heard the screams coming from a few houses down just after 4.she ran to help, finding the body of a lifeless two year old boy. i think he was trying to come out feet first, and the window fell down on his neck, and he was probably just hanging there. hall was one of the first to help. then paramedics. they worked so hard to try and help that baby. they really did. it was to no avail. the child was pronounced dead at the
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definitely a tragedy. relatives tell fox 6, the toddler was staying with his grandmother. however at the time of tragedy, no adults were home. family says the child was being watched by young teens. barbara gates watched the chaos that followed. they was outside looking for him for over a half hour before they actually found him in the window sill the boys distraught mother arrived on scene, and was soon led away by police with other family members. i was just praying in his head, please god give him life could think of at that point. sadly on this day, prayers went unanswered. we did see family leaving with police. but it appeared it was simply to be questioned. no one was arrested, and no is in custody as police try to figure exactly what happened. live downtown at the medcial examiner's office, ben handelman fox 6 news.
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farming accident is under investigation. a young man is dead after he was run over by a "skid loader". it happened around 2:30 this afternoon in the town of trenton -- at a farm on highway y. the sheriff's office says he was riding on a feed spreader when he lost his balance and fell. flight for life was called-- but the man died before it could arrive. on milwaukee's north side -- a girl riding her bike is hit by a car. it happened around 7:30 tonight near 27th and burleigh. she was taken to chilen seriously she was hurt. officers are still trying to determine if this was a hit-and-run accident five people are hurt after a serious crash in new berlin. it happened at the intersection of moorland and beloit roads around 7. this is d-o-t video of the accident. police say one car was t-boned. two of the injured are children. fortunately-- everyone is expected to be okay. the heat has returned-- and our
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joins us from the deck tonight. increasing clouds tonight with temperatures falling into the 70s. thunderstorm chances increase overnight. we will have off-and-on chances for thunderstorms throughout the day wednesday with a high around 80. a few thunderstorms could linger into thursday morning, otherwise gradually decreasing clouds. highs in the low 80s thur friday is quiet and sunny before rain chances return saturday night into sunday morning. tonight: increasing clouds. chance for thunderstorms overnight. low: 69 dewpoint: 68 wind: s 5-10 mph wednesday:mostly cloudy with scattered thunderstorms. muggy. high: 80 dewpoint: 70 wind: sw 5-15 mph thursday: a few a.m. t-storms, otherwise decreasing clouds. am low: 68
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5-10 mph be sure to download the fox6 storm center app. it's free and available for apple and android devices. you'll have instant access to the interactive radar and fox6 weather forecast. milwaukee aldermen are calling a newly-released public safety action plan-- a starting point. it spells out possible strategies for reducing crime-- through 23 recommendations. for one-- the report calls for moe deputies. as well as expanding juvenile detention facilities. council leaders admit not every alderman agrees theyre describing this as a first step. lets start the conversation, and then lets take the evidence, lets take the data, and make adjustments based on what resources we have. as far as the cost to taxpayers-- there isn't a price tag just yet. officials say itll be a matter
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those affected by the plan. from the community organizations whose work involves public safety-- to those sections of government that may see some changes. fox 6's ashley sears with what stakeholders have to say. 00:56 its hugely critical. at milwaukee police district three-- as a room of 9-1-1 operators answers calls-- potential employees--hear what the job entails. nats this is part of a recruitment-- to fill 35 open positions. actually get to make a difference. the recruitment falls on the same day a new public safety plan is introduced by members of the milwaukee common council. part of the plan--would bolster operations here. calling for increased salaries and consolidation between police and fire dispatch centers. milwaukee police captain paul felician could not speak to specifics of the plan-- but would say a strong dispatch center is critical to public safety. 03:25 i can guarantee you, every
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helped save somebodys life. just blocks away-- washington park partners-- is just getting a look at the plan. 31:02 we all deserve to understand and process what's within these documents. the action plan calls for adding 280 new officers and improving police and community relations-- phoua vang says resident need to understand what that means for them. 32:32 they have a right to understand how it's going to affect their immediate neighborhood. it is a plan--an entire city is just starting to digest-- one they will be paying close 26:23 safety is important to all neighborhoods on an equal level. people can still apply for 9-1-1 operators positions through august 29th. meantime, police chief ed flynn commented in a statement today about the safety plan saying-- the department looks forward to future conversations with the council. live at police district 3, ashley sears fox 6 news.
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example of why an "action plan" is so important. over near 18th and juneau-- shots are fired during an armed robbery. police say several suspects robbed a 20-year-old in broad daylight. we're told the victim was armed and actually exchanged gunfire with the suspects. no one was hurt-- and no arrests have been made. and in riverwest-- half a dozen cars were broken into overnight. it happened in the area of humboldt -- just south of capitol. police say the vehicles were locked -- and their windows were smashed. the cars were ransacked and stuff was stolen from inside. police are still looking for the suspects. this is the man charged with a brazen crime outside a police station. prosecutors say 65-year-old randall drescher - shot and killed a man outside milwaukee's district 6. and as our stephanie grady explains-- he turned himself in! she joins us live from the newsroom tonight. according to a criminal complaint drescher's friend was trying to buy a
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station. drescher told police they were sitting in their van watching passersby when the victim-- "reed carlsen" accused drescher of staring at him. according to court documents-- carlsen wouldn't leave them alone-- and even threw an orange traffic cone into the van. when carlsen began to walk away-- drescher got out to put the cone back in place. but then drescher claims carlsen began approaching him and drescher pulled his gun. drescher told police he feared for his life-- so he shot car with first degree reckless homicide. mary thanks steph prosecutors say brothers in sheboygan should have been welcoming a new baby into their family... instead, investigators believe they were sexually assaulting a woman near a public park. fox6s bret lemoine shares disturbing new details. it happened the morning of monday, august 15-th. police
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was yelling that she was raped.' sheboygan county assistant district attorney nathan haberman says the 21-year old woman eventually had to be taken to the hospital and sedated because of the distress she was in. haberman says the incident started when brothers clemente and julio rojas spotted the woman at this gas station... nh 'they offered to give her a ride.' the victim said she had to go see her probation officer. haberman says the woman had likely taken drugs before meeting the brothers. instead of driving her to her destination... haberman says the brothers took her to two area liquor stores and got her victim describes being taken to a park area and being assaulted by individuals in the back seat of that car.' according to the criminal complaint, the woman told police both men raped her. nh 'at first, both clemente and julio denied any involvement at all.' haberman says julio later admitted to consensual sexual activity... but clemente still denies anything ever happened. the brothers also told police they were out that morning... to welcome a new member to their family. nh 'one of the rojas
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actually her due-date for a child they have in common.' if convicted, the brothers face up to 40 years behind bars. ted... mary... quite the scare for carroll university last night. police were called out for reports of a man with a gun. they found something a lot less menacing. but did their emergency alert system work as planned? we'll fill you in-- next. plus-- a sneak peek at harley davidson's new engine. why the company say
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a heads up for riders! starting sunday-- changes are coming to several downtown bus routes due to the demolition of the transit center. the new routes will provide riders with better access to the milwaukee intermodal station and a direct route to grocery stores and the lakefront from the west side. we've posted the details on our website-- fox6 now dot com.
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carroll university. there were reports of a suspicious person with a weapon looking into windows of a campus building. turns out it was a false alarm. several officers responded last night. they eventually determined the suspicious person was a professors 15-year-old nephew holding a stick. but the alert system worked exactly the way it was supposed to-- sending out texts, emails and tweets. "those situations can be anything to a severe weather alert to an incident like what occurred last night on campus. last night, they worked very everyone quickly of the lockdown situation." classes dont start at carroll until after labor day -- but around 450-students have already arrived on campus. to learn more about the safety protocols at carroll university-- visit the links page at fox six now dot com -- or your fox six news mobile app. new tonight: it's a big day for milwaukee-based harley davidson! the company unveiled its newest product line. fox6's rachelle baillon
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harley davidson's brand new engine is rolling off the line this week... they're calling it the "milwaukee 8". "the ninth new big twin in harley davidson history so it's not everyday that we launch a new engine." christianson says there have been significant changes at the menomonee falls plant over the last year and a half, in order to get the place ready to produce the new engine. "to incorporate the tooling, incorporate the changes needed we've had to move or change over 500 diff for making this new product." as for what's different, christianson says heat management is improved and that the milwaukee eight offers a more powerful feel during acceleration. "mechanical noise is down which gives us the opportunity really to tone the exhaust node and give our customers more of that rumble that they really like to hear." excited employees say launching the new engine gives them a chance to be a part of the company's long history. "you feel like you're part of the tradition now from
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got to experience multiple engines and i get to experience my second one." "if you'd like to take a closer look at the new milwaukee eight make sure you check out fox six now dot com reporting in menomonee falls rachelle baillon fox 6 news." increasing clouds tonight with temperatures falling into the 70s. thunderstorm chances increase overnight. we will have off-and-on chances for thunderstorms throughout the day wednesday
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thunderstorms could linger into thursday morning, otherwise gradually decreasing clouds. highs in the low 80s thursday. friday is quiet and sunny before rain chances return saturday night into sunday morning. tonight: increasing clouds. chance for thunderstorms overnight. wind: s 5-10 mph wednesday:mostly cloudy with scattered thunderstorms. muggy. high: 80 dewpoint: 70 wind: sw 5-15 mph thursday: a few a.m. t-storms, otherwise decreasing clouds. am low: 68 high: 81 dewpoint: 66 wind: wnw
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59 high: 76 dewpoint: 56 wind: nw 5-10 mph saturday: increasing clouds with t-storms possible at night. am low: 57 high: 77 dewpoint: 62 wind: se 5-10 mph sunday: mostly cloudy with the chance for t-storms, mainly in the morning. wind: nw 5-10 mph monday: partly sunny. am low: 65 high: 80 dewpoint: 62
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he's trusty according to the packers quarterback. the blitz is next
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playing until he told me during the last preseason game; so, and we're both going back to cali, get the show out in front of the hoe fans; so it'll be good". aaron rodgers will join davante adams in the lineup for his first preseason snaps when the packers play the 49ers at san francisco friday night. don't be surprised if jordy nelson's held out. the receiver may be shaking the rust off, but after about a thousand reps together, jordy and aaron are on the same page. 16:00:36 "like you said, we've got a thousand reps together. i threw a ball to him today in a one on one drill against sam; and i quipped to alex, 'i could
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the beauty of us playing together for a long time". 16:00:53 badgers offensive lineman dan voltz didn't know it at the time, but when the redshirt senior tore his acl and lateral meniscus at illinois last october, it marked his final game in a wisconsin uniform. the last injury turned out to be the last straw. dan voltz has unexpectedly retired. there's a lotta love and respect "it's hard; this program has been such a big part of my life for going on 5 years now. something i deeply care about. you earn the respect of your teammates because of how hard you work, and, so telling them i wouldn't be playing anymore, it was difficult for me". " you care about him, therefore, i don't want to say you're at peace; but you know it's the
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think teammates, coaches is 'how's dan'? and dan will be really good. he's so much more than just a football player". it's week two of the high school blitz. i'm pumped and privileged to go where you send me . the candidates are: st thomas more at st francis, wisconsin lutheran in wa greendale. just head to slash sports. the polls close thursday night at 10. the brewers trying to beat the rockies for the 2nd straight night. down 4-2 in the 7th..jonathan villar doubles to score orlando are' cia they walk ryan braun intentiaonnlly-that backfires when hernan pair' ez smokes a triple dowjn the line..villar scores the tying run. here comes ryan
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young cancer patient luka braovac had the time of his life monday, when he got to take swings on the field at miller park! it just so happens that scooter gennett and jonathan villar are his 2 favorite players. watch this! "hey, turn around, buddy. 'what's up, bud?!' jonathan villar! do you know this man?!' hey! 'good to see you' so you swing with me? do
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cat in russia has a new gig. baby monkey. we're not monkeying around on this one. meet fedor-- a 3-week-old squirrel monkey from a zoo in russia. his real mom refused to carry him on her back -- something essential for him to survive his first few months of life. a zoo worker took him home -- and that's when he met up with the cat -- and he's clung to her ever since. the little guy will go back to the zoo in about a month. wakeup starts at 4:30! breaking
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