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tv   FOX 6 Wake- Up News at 530  FOX  August 25, 2016 5:30am-6:01am CDT

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? ? going to tell my daughter, she doesn't have her brother any more? now at 5:30 we're learning more
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window. how his mother says this whole accident could have been avoided. after early morning rain, skies will start to clear by the afternoon with a high in the low-to-mid 80s. quiet and cooler on friday before thunderstorm chances return on saturday. thursday: a few morning t-storm 83 dewpoint: 63 wind: nw 5-10 mph friday: mostly sunny and cooler. am low: 61 high: 74 dewpoint: 57 wind: e 5-10 mph angelica adlibs traffic red on
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delays green on traffic map = no delays all eyes are on manitowoc county this we approach an important deadline in the avery's attorney has until monday to file a motion in his case but we're hearing it could be sooner. deandra corinthios is live in milwaukee with the latest we could find out as soon as today what avery's attorney -- kathleen zellner -- has planned to free him. she has to file the motion in the manitowoc county courthouse...and she's already dropped some serious hints. the netflix series "making a murderer" put steven avery back in the headlines
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signed on to represent him earlier this year. now avery's supporters are hopeful for a bombshell. zellner tweeted last month " a tsunami of new evidence is on the way" her tweets indicate her case focuses on "planted evidence" "cellphone tower records"...and "dna samples"... she even hinted at a new suspect. avery and his nephew ... brendan dassey ... have been in prison for nearly a decade ... convicted of the 2005 murder of theresa halbach. avery is serving a life sentence if avery's motion is filed this week ... it will come two weeks after a federal judge overturned dassey's conviction. the state has 90 days to decide whether to retry dassey ... or whether he'll be released from prison. reporting live in milwaukee
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guidelines at uw milwaukee have some students arguing the university is censoring them. uwms center for inclusive excellence debuted its 'just words' campaign last year. there are about a dozen word or phrases the group believes some on campus could find offensive. they include ghetto, lame, crazy, nazi and even 'politically correct.' organizers say 'politically correct' is now used aa other words like 'crazy' create a negative image of people with mental illness. a campus spokesman says the words are not banned... these are only suggestions to draw attention to words that some students might find hurtful. jh 'were not saying you cant say some of those words - but some of those words can be construed as microaggressions.' cm 'i dont personally find any of those words offensive - i think the use of them is all about who you are with.' were told 'r-as' have gone through training... in case a
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students choice of words. a desperate plea from the mother of a two year old, killed while trying to crawl out a window. all i have to say is if you have children please put screens on the windows. i don't care if you have to hassle the landlord, hassle the landlord . please put screens on the windows. because my son terry harris-lockhart tells fox6 that her son "michael mccoy the third" was at his grandmother's house near 40th and wright tuesday afternoon. the toddler crawled feet first through a first floor window, then the sash apparently crashed onto the boy's head, killing him. the mother tells us a thirteen year old inside the home was watching the child, but they both were taking a nap when the toddler woke up and tried to go outside. an update now about the 11-year-old girl was hit while
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in a "fair" condition at children's hospital. the car that hit her took off. milwaukee police say they know who they're searching for. a mural-- made in memory of the victims in the charleston church massacre-- is vandalised. the latest on the investigation into the graffiti. new details about the man who opened fire on police officers in dallas last month. why officials believe the soldier may have been suffering from ptsd. the nfl is looking into doping al players. details on their meeting with
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we're learning more about the soldier who killed five dallas police officers last month. a new report says micah johnson showed symptoms of p-t-s-d once he returned from afghanistan.
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significant risk to himself or others. he sought treatment for anxiety, depression and hallucinations. he targeted the officers where demonstrators were protesting deadly police shooting in minnesota and louisiana. police used a bomb carrying robot to kill johnson. jessob/dgx a mural honoring the nine victims of the charleston church shooting -- has been vandalized. it happened sometime late sunday or early monday. dgx it shows a portrait of the reverend, church pastor and one of the victims, against a the vandalism so far... dgx 22-year-old dylann roof-- is awaiting both state and federal death penalty trials in the murders. a georgia man faces up to 80 years in prison for pouring boiling water on a gay couple. 48-year-old martin blackwell was found guilty yesterday of aggravated battery and aggravated assault. blackwell attacked his girlfriend's son and his partner while they were sleeping. blackwell's defense attorney says he found their
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and required multiple surgeries. the traveling vietnam war memorial is coming to wisconsin. where in the state you can see it. the green bay packers and cousins subs teaming up for the next three-years. how fans could win v-i-p tickets to lambeau. meanwhile -- the green and gold is getting ready to take on the 49ers this friday. why this is arguably the most important
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= major delays yellow on traffic map = some delays green on traffic map = no delays two packers players speak to n-f-l investigators about doping allegations. clay matthews and julius peppers were named in an al-jazeera network report on performance- enhancing drug use back in december. both have denied the story, but
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by the league if they wouldn't meet with investigators. and the green bay packers and cousins subs teaming up for the next three-years. as part of the deal -- cousins is inviting fans to enter a contest to win two tickets in a v-i-p section at lambeau field -- featuring leather recliners and catering from the menomonee falls-based sub shop. to win - all you have to do is fill out an entry form online. we have a link to the contest on our website - fox 6 now dot com. the last time cousins partnered with the packers? nearly 20 the village of germantown is gettin ready for its visit from the traveling vietnam war memorial-- or the "vietnam moving wall" next month. the american legion post had a ribbon cutting ceremony yesterday -- transforming its banquet hall into a vietnam-era educational center. it's basically a history lesson from the time period surrounding the war. "we've been working on it for almost two years now. we've gotten great response from
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organizations, the village of germantown, and the school district... nothing but support." the half-scale replica wall will be at the germantown legion post from september first through labor day -- september 5th. toss to rob big weather enter their 3rd, and arguably
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be on aaron rodgers, no matter how many snaps he takes against the 49ers. he will finally get the chance to work with the first unit outside of practice in a game situation which will please the coaching staff and the fans.
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positive thing for the players on the field, including those behind him on the depth chart who might take add on the role of being a fan, at least for a little while friday night. "i look in practice sometimes and ask myself, how does he make those no look passes? you know he's looking at one defender and he's throwing across his body. but i'm very excited to see what he does this friday. i mean it's going to be very fun just to watch this dude. it's the reason i wore number 12 in college. he's one of the reasons i wore number 12, why i watch football and why i play away from the 2nd edition of this year's high school blitz. and you have just a few hours now to decide what our game of the week will be. send pip to one of these 3 games by voting on our website fox 6 now dot com slash sports by 10 tonight. and he will feature st. thomas more at st. francis or wisconsin lutheran at pewaukee or menomonee falls at greendale. we'll announce the winner on fox 6 news at 10 tonight. what a difference a week makes. last week, the brewers lost 6 of
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comeback on sunday. but that propelled them into this week where they came into yesterday's game on the verge of a sweep of the rockies. the brewers would trail 1-0 until the 4th when ryan braun blasts one to left his 23rd of the year, and the game is tied at 1. in the 5th, jonathan villar doubles to left, driving in a run it's 2-1 brewers. the offense comes through again in the 6th, orlando arcia with the squeeze play scoring hernan perez to make it 3-1. in the 7th braun stays game, his 24th of the year, a 2 run shot.. the brewers go on to win 7-1 and will try to make it 5 in a row tonight against the pirates at miller park. that's it for sports, i hope you have a great day.
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a world war two veteran. a look at the surprise serenade. attention prince fans... you could get a look at the singer's iconic "paisley park." how soon it will be open for public tours. ahead at six... how residents in indiana are working to pick up the pieces after several tornadoes touch down in the state. switch to u.s. cellular and get 50% off smartphones. it's a deal you don't want to miss. sir, hi. did you just say, "switch and you get 50% off a smartphone?" uh, yes. sorry. hi. hello. i was watching tv and i saw you say 50% off smartphones.
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attention prince fans-- his iconic paisley park will soon open for public tours. paisley park is prince's extraordinary private estate and production complex in chanhassen, minnesota. fans will get to tour the 65-thousand- square-foot complex - they'll see his studio - concert hall - as well as thousands of artifacts from prince's personal archives, like his wardrobe, musical instruments and artwork. prince sold more than 100 million records worldwide, making him one of the
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time. the daily public tours start october 6th. "the king and i" is returning to theaters for its 60th anniversary. the five-time oscar winner, with songs like "shall we dance" and "getting to know you," will have special showings around the u-s on sunday, august 28th, and wednesday, august 31st. check fathom-events dot-com for details. check out this feel-good moment-- dozens of navy officer marched to the home of a wwii veteran in california and honored him with the famous navy song- "anchors aweigh" the 98-year old pearl harbor survivor stood in salute of his visitors and watched the performance from his porch. video of the surprise serenade was shared by the vet's grandson on facebook and has been viewed more than four point five million
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goodbye to u.s. cellular field. beginning november first, the home of the white sox will be called "guaranteed rate field", named after a chicago- based mortgage lender. the team announced the 13-year naming rights agreement yesterday. a big week for lun lun the panda at the atlanta zoo. she's turning 19 years old today and she just found out she's pregnant again. she's the only giant panda to deliver twins expecting another set of twins. the cubs could be born in the next few weeks. if the birth is successful, the newest set of twins will be her sixth and seventh cubs. all anchors chat/toss to 6am
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on. now at 6:00 - calls for change... to the makeup of milwaukee's police department. plus - the clock is ticking down... as steven avery's defense team fights to get him out of prison. good morning and welcome to rob's weather thursday: a few morning t-storms then gradual clearing. high: 83 dewpoint: 63 wind: nw 5-10 mph friday: mostly sunny and cooler. am low: 61 high: 74


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