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tv   FOX 6 News at 530 Sunday  FOX  September 25, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CDT

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mph monday: windy and much cooler. high: 66 dewpoint: 47 wind: w 15-25 mph tuesday: mostly cloudy and windy with a chance for a few rain showers. am low: 45 high: 60 dewpoint: 43
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the packers find enough first half success in the home opener to hold off the lions. although detroit made it too close for comfort after intermission. tom pipines joins us with highlights. aaron rodgers put one statistic in the rear view mirror..he'd gone 14 rating of over 100. the nfl's all time leader in that category wound about with a 129. 3 mark today..almost perfect. aaron matched a career high by tossing 4 td passes in the first half. rodgers to davante adams 14 yards, 7-0 jordy nelson 6 catches for 101 yards, a 16 point 8 yard average..2 tds..all in the first
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14-3 the chemsitry is coming along fine; thank you. 2nd score, 17 yards yards 31-3 5 key defensive players out..morgan burnett's loss felt in 2ndary marvin jones 6-205 2 touchdown; 31-27; matthew stafford time of possession in the 2nd half. eddie lacy 17 carries--103 yards..1st time over the century mark this year. 10 yard run the pack run out the clock and win, 34-27. the pack are 2 and 1-tiom van
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thanks tim...the early bye week might can't hurt..5 players out
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cook carted off with an ankle injury. ben, mary. every game at lambeau is special... but there's even more energy when it's the home opener. fox 6's jonathan gregg caught up with the fans and joins us live from green bay. it's been nearly 9 months since green bay's last home game. so it makes sense for fans making their first trip to lambeau to do it on the first
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whoever penned the phrase 'theres a first time for everything,' 'bring em up. lets do this.' had to be talking about 'lambeau field...' why? 'its amazing. im moving here for sure.' because all of this is pretty much mandatory for packers fans. at least it feels that way. 'oh, its an experience. its green bay baby.' go early go often. 'wow, id have to get out my calculator on that one.' in fact.. 'do you remember your first lambeau game?' some fans struggle 'ahhh...' to remember their 'not really.' yet there has to be a 'first time' 'first time right here, first time.' thats just how it works.. 'is this your first packers game? ' 'yes it is.' patrek spinelli and his three friends. roadtripped from montreal canada. 'we went to chicago the cubs, we when to brewers and today the packers and tomorrow 16 hour drive home.' first time in green bay, first time tailgating, and maybe the
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old.' 'it taken you forty years to get to lambeau field, why did it take you so long?' 'its far away! its far away!' 'home openers, little nervous after last weeks loss to the vikings but hoping to turn it around against the lions here at lambeau.' but it makes sense though, for all the first timers to make good on packers opening day.' mary thanks jon of course you can get much more on the packers big win over the mary thanks jon of course you can get much more on the packers big win over the lions tonight at 10-35 on the fox 6 sports blitz. a woman is in very critical
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side. police were called to a home near 26th and michigan, around 10-45 this morning after a report of a shooting. inside a home... they found a 47 year old woman with a gunshot wound. she remains in the hospital. police have not said anything about any suspects or any arrests. an investigation is underway, after a drowning at mitchell park lagoon. the milwaukee fire department pulled an adult man out of the lagoon, just after 7 o'clock this morning. hospital, where he died. investigators say it appears like the victim went into the water without being fit enough to do so... and they don't think the case is suspicious. new at 5-- a milwaukee company is one of just 6 finalists for a major government contract. mayor tom barrett held a special news conference today at the site of the old talgo plant in century city. the united states postal service is looking for a contractor to build 180-thousand postal trucks. "rev group" is one of just 6
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selected to build prototypes. and if the milwaukee company wins the bid-- it could lead to hundreds if not thousands of jobs. "this is a significant step and it's something that's a part of our plan to do everything we can to create family supporting jobs right here in the heart of the community." it will be a while before we know the winner. "rev group" says the contract will actually be awarded toward the end of 2017. many parts of western wisconsin are still dealing with severe flooding governor walker got a first hand look at some of the damage this weekend. he toured places like gays mills and desoto. the governor has already declared a state of emergency in 13 counties... to help free up funds to allow the rebuilding to begin. gov. scott walker, r wisconsin " one of the things we want to stress in a time like this is after we deal with safety first and foremost is working with your county emergency
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damages two people in wisconsin have died in the flooding... and hundreds of homes have been damaged. early voting in milwaukee starts tomorrow, and the presidential candidates are stepping up their efforts to win votes in wisconsin. today, hillary clinton's campaign got some help from a big name. new york city mayor bill de blasio was in milwaukee, trying to rally support for the democratic nominee. the mayor and his wife both took part in canvas kickoff events this daughter, chelsea, as well anne holton, the wife of vice presidential nominee tim kaine, will also be in wisconsin later this week to rally support for the clinton campaign. meanwhile, donald trump will be coming to wisconsin himself this week. the republican nominee is hosting a rally at the waukesha expo center on wednesday night. the most recent marquette law school poll showed clinton with a two point lead over trump among likely voters in wisconsin... but that result is
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the campaign visits come as donald trump and hillary clinton are getting ready to meet for their first head to head debate. the two candidates will face off tomorrow night... and you can see it right here on fox 6. coverage starts at 8 o'clock. a shocking loss leaves the sports world stunned. coming up - how one of baseball's brightest young stars suddenly passed away this morning. plus - racing for a cure. how 15 thousand people in milwaukee joined the fight against breast cancer today.
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ga everyone loves a great story. whether it's classics we grew up with, y. but what about the comeback stories. where what's new meets what's next, and why meets why not. let's dive into the latest chapter of detroit. and the unmistakable vibe of pure michigan.
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the world of baseball is dealing
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fernandez was killed early this morning... in a boating accident near miami. florida officials say he was one of three people killed... while riding on a boat that hit a rocky jetty at a high rate of speed. the marlins canceled their game with the braves today, so teammates could mourn the death. the man suspected of killing 5 people inside a mall is now in custody. police in washington state arrested 20 year old arcan cetin last night. investiga turkey, but is a legal u-s resident. police say on friday night, he walked into the cascade mall in burlington, washington, with a rifle and opened fire - killing 4 women and 1 man. it took nearly 24 hours... but the suspect was arrested about 30 miles away.. when a deputy spotted him walking down a sidewalk. investigators believe the suspect acted alone... however, they still haven't figured out a motive for the attack. protests continued today in charlotte... this time with
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stadium, before today's game. they come, one day after police released dash camera and body camera video of the officer involved shooting of keith scott. extra police were called in to provide security at today's game... but there were no problems or arrests reported. a milwaukee icon and cycling legend is honored today after receiving a serious and devastating health diagnosis. fox6s derica williams shows you how the cycling community rolled out to honor the man behind wheel and sprocket and so much more. gather at state fair park words can describe who beautiful this as a sea of yellow prepares to take on the hank aaron trail. nats its all about enjoying the ride with friends more than a thousand plus friends came together for a slow roll bike ride in honor of chris kegel. my dad has always been such a nice guys and nice to
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terrain toward lake shore state park taking in the scenery while reflecting on the impact kegel, the owner of wheel and sprocket had. my dad has served on some of the founding boards off for all of the big national scale bike advocacy's so peoples for bikes and league of american cyclists. these folks are peddling in support of the bike icon who has his own uphill battle after receiving a devastating diagnosis. its a type of bile duct a its very aggressive and the treatment options are looking slim sunday september 25th has been named chris kegel day with a proclamation by the milwaukee and west allis mayors. it will really lift his spirit s throughout his more than 40 years or work kegel has touched so many people. thats evident with the number of participants but also the loving notes dedicated to him on these boards. just a great guy loved ones remain hopeful and the family is uplifted. the positivity this man has is infectious. i really think that the love and support we are
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is really working were hoping on a miracle its all about celebrating this wonderful guy and hoping to heal him with love derica williams f6n toss to weather weather thunderstorms will move out this evening. before they do, however, some could be strong. a few lingering showers are possible through and cooler monday with a high in the mid-60s and a strong west wind. a few showers arepossible tuesday with a blustery high around 60. crisp mornings ahead this week with lows in 40s and daytime highs in the 60s. tonight: t-storms ending. low: 55 dewpoint: 49 wind: w 5-15 mph monday:
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wind: w 15-25 mph tuesday: mostly cloudy and windy with a chance for a few rain showers. am low: 45 high: 60 dewpoint: 43 wind: wnw 15-25 mph wednesday:mostly cloudy. am low: 47 high: 64 dewpoint: 50 wind: ne 5-15 mph thursday: mostly sunny. am low: 48 high: 65 dewpoint: 51 wind: ne 5-10 mph friday: mostly sunny. am low: dewpoint: 51 wind: ne 5-10 mph saturday: mostly sunny. am low: 51 high: 68 dewpoint: 50 wind: ne 5-10
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you could call it a pink party for a postive cause! but it's been the color associated with a big fight! the battle against breast cancer. and a huge crowd was in the center of the ring on milwaukee's lakefront today - for the susan g.
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an army in pink descended on milwaukees lakefront this morning the 18th annual susan g. komen race for a cure took part near the art museum campus. survivors and families who honor their loved ones memories. 15-thousand people packed lincoln memorial drive for the susan g. komen 5k run and 1 mile walk. 'its amazing to see the community support.' each stride is a step forward in the fight for a cure. milwaukees race for the cure event is the largest funraser for the south eastern wisconsins branch
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raising over 1-million dollars last year. 'we want people to know that 75% of the money raised here stays right here the other 25% goes to national research.' to help women with the resources they need to diagnos and treat breast cancer - 'its challenging journey, financially and otherwise, so if we can relieve some of that burden were thrilled to do it.' the komen foundation supported michele mick through a find and treat the disease early on. 'definitely was a huge help just a relief to know those mammograms were being covered and the health insurance premiums because i needed that health insurance at that time.' she had a double mastectomy after her second breast cancer diagnoses 2 years ago. 'that was actually really devastating to have to go through it a second time and basically the whole change in body and everything thats involved so it was a much harder recovery.' the
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race with the recognition for breast cancers survivors - their story and battle reminds us of the continued fight. - 'after last years event 1-point-1 million dollars stayed here in south eastern wisconsin to help support womens care, organizers hope to raise that much, if not more, this year. reporting at the lakefront, julie collins, fox 6 news.' in the 17 years the race has run this south eastern wisconsin chapter dollars - 10-million has stayed in south eastern wisconsin. if you weren't able to take part in sunday's race for the cure event -- you can still support the fight against breast cancer. we've posted a link where you can donate to susan g. komen southeast wisconsin on our website -- fox six now dot com, or your fox six news mobile app. we'll be right back
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royalty. prince william and kate - along with their children.... are spending the week in canada. it's actually the first official royal visit for 16 month old princess charlotte. the royal family are touring british columbia and the yukon... as part of a celebration of the u-k's friendship with canada. follow breaking news 24-7 by
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ga ? ? they shelter us from the storm. they teach us that beauty grows with age. they give us the air we breathe. nto colors we never thought possible. the nature of trees reminds us that there are bigger things in life than us. a lesson best learned in a 19 million acre land of giants. welcome to the woods, of pure michigan.
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(groaning softly) okay, who'd like to start us off with show-and-tell? stewie? yes, today i brought in my mother's driver's license. now, if you look closely, she's clearly drunk. you could put a breathalyzer up to that photo and she'd get a dui. ha-ha, stewie's naked! what?! (laughter) oh, my god! don't look! don't look! cell phones down! cell phones down! (ominous music playing) (shouts) what the deuce?! stewie! run from the monster. you might have to drive.


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