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tv   FOX 6 News at 10  FOX  November 12, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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ohio state hasn't loss no has a loss, louisville has a loss. coach >> joel: coach peterss going to bring them back into the mix. michigan still in a bit of a dogfight. >> gus: and that should do it. the usc trojans when it 26-13. and for the record, pat hayden was right. clay helton is the coach of usc! >> joel: as complete a win as the usc has had in the number of years. >> gus: lane kiffin, steve sarkisian, none of those guys 16 straight games. downstairs is shannon spake.
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have worn a path in the turf over there pacing back and forth. i see you shaking your head, what is undermined? >> college football not the greatest thing in the free world? unbelievable, pretty great atmosphere, what a great game between these two teams. >> shannon: you told sam darnold was a cool customer, how did he surprise you tonight? >> his maturity each and every game keeps growing. with himself and offensive line and defensive line putting pressure on the great quarterback we w a great victory up there. >> shannon: you have won six straight, including one against the fourth-ranked team, what should the headline say tomorrow? >> this was a team that those players won this game and i'm very proud of them. >> shannon: thank you so much, coach. because thank you. >> gus: led by their redshirt freshman quarterback, swaggy d, sam darnold, usc bounce off the
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>> gus: welcome back.
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sponsored by coca-cola. the usc trojans defeat the washington huskies, the fourth-ranked team in the nation, 26-13, handing washington their first loss of the season. gus johnson along with joel klatt, six straight games now for sc, but they did it in every facet of the game tonight. >> joel: listen, i was so impressed with what i saw out of usc, because, like you said, every facet was able to answer this is the most balanced team that i have seen coming into this game, speaking of washington, so they had to play great everywhere and they did. the defensive line, i thought, was going to be the most thin spot of the team coming into the air. stevie tu'ikolovatu comes in as a transfer and solidifies the defensive front. clancy pendergast puts a great scheme, and adoree jackson goes out and gets a couple of interceptions. this team is a really good football team, this is the most
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the west coast right now. if they get into that pac-12 championship game they will make some noise. >> gus: but i think the key for usc, which turned around their season, you know we have seen carson palmer. we have seen matt leinart. at some great ones have played the position of quarterback at sc. they went with the redshirt freshman, and he is certainly delivering. >> joel: i tell you what, he has changed the mindset. you call him swagger, i think he has changed the swagger of the entire team, because now they offense away, but the entire defense of side as well. the defense plays harder when they know that the offense is going to answer the bell and vice versa, that is what you are seeing. a lot of credit to clay helton. this guy has done a remarkable job. everybody, including me, thought that he might not be the guy for the job at the time he got it. he has proved all of us wrong. this guy is an exceptional head coach. >> gus: all right, so sc with a traditional win tonight.
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washington question mike we will answer that momentarily, let's go downstairs to shannon spake. >> shannon: down here with sam darnold. adoree jackson. lets her with you, sam. you said coming into this game this would be her biggest learning curve, this environment. what did you learn? >> it was similar to the, it was a great learning experience. i threw an interception, had a couple of plays that i wish i could have back, but i thought our whole team did a great job in this environment, especially. and it really is how well we practiced this last week. we made a couple big plays and we were able to pull it out. >> shannon: how many times did you let yourself look around and take in the atmosphere? >> a couple of times, you want to remember these moments because they don't come that often. when you do you want to take it all in, look around and enjoy the moment. >> shannon: let's go over here to adoree jackson. first i will ask you about the big matchup with john ross, you did let one get away, what did
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one? >> they came to me and rallied me. i knew i made a mistake, i slipped and fell, and with guys like that they will capitalize. a credit to him. but my teammates basically do the pickup for me. they tell me not to be too serious, put a smile on her face, do this. because they know every day i am out there with a smile on my face and staying positive. so it is great by them. we know there are going to be ups and downs in the game, you just to have downs, i'm a db so you have to have short-term memory, so i'm thankful for that. >> shannon: where you guys started the season and the win tonight, why is it so important? >> just a testament to how you start in how you finish. we know things weren't going the way they wanted to be, but we have faith in ourselves, that is our motto. faith, family, football. you have to have faith and family, football comes last. it started clicking and i am thankful for that. >> shannon: congratulations. >> thank you.
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where to the huskies go from here? >> joel: they have a lot to play for. remember this is just one loss. we are seeing chaos around college football, clemson lost today. you don't know about michigan and iowa right now. gus, they could still find themselves in the play off with a one loss and a conference you have a gym. >> gus: 26-13 the final, essie makes it six in a row, handing washington their first loss of the season. next saturday, see host arizona state at 7:00 p.m. eastern on fox. that wraps it up from the emerald city. for joel klatt and shannon spake, i'm gus johnson saying so
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10: a police chase on i-43 leads to a crash. the suspect took off on foot -- and was caught near nicolet high school. fox6's ashley sears is in that area and joins us with the latest. ashley? police arrested that man in this area at about 8 o'clock.0000000 traffic is moving again after it briefly came to a halt earlier this evening.
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glendale police say this all began when they noticed a car driving recklessly. police say they ran the plates and found out the car belonged to a wanted felon. authorities say they tried pulling over the driver, but he sped off. a short chase on i-43 ended with a crash. we are told the suspect ran from the scene. police searched for him--eventually taking him into custody about 45 minutes later. he was arrested in the clovernook neighborhood near nicolet high school. we are told one person was injured when the car crashed. that person was sent to a nearby hospital. live in glendale, ashley sears fox 6 news. bev thanks ashley you are watching fox 6 news at 10. now to our big story at 10: searching for a killer. milwaukee police found a man dead outside of his home in the river west neighborhood. fox6's derica williams talked to residents who rushed to his side. the sun shines saturday morning making the rolls of crime tape
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deadly scene. its a bit shocking and nerving to be so close to the violence like that kiefer waterman was startled from his slumber. we heard some sort of yelling and screaming behind the house 3 gun shots after gunfire erupted, chilling cries echoed near weil and wright. i heard someone yelling to call 911 so i did and i could hear some yelling after t strelitzer called for help after hearing chaos in the alley, other residents did what they could to help the 33-year-old man who was found outside of his home suffering from a gunshot wound. 'i gave him chest compressions gave him his inhaler we lifted his legs emergency responders arrived, but despite lifesaving efforts he died on scene. it scary folks are rocked by the violent death. makes you feel nervous about being around here with recent crimes
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happened is troubling. theres been a lot of stuff going on . theres been hit and run my roommate got mugged at gunpoint 2 week ago a lot of scary stuff going on my thoughts and prayers go out to the family, thats just a terrible situation while condolences are being offered, hope for justice is also being felt as milwaukee police continue to investigate. in riverwest, derica williams f6n. ambulances saving lives. we're not used to them changing them forever. that's what one group hopes to do--- by making a few tweaks. fox6's angelica sanchez is in the newsroom with why they say they need your help. angelica ben-- the organization street angels milwaukee outreach is hoping the community can help them purchase a retired ambulance to deliver even more hot meals and blankets to homeless people in milwaukee county. they are giving it a very special
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pratt. he's dedicating his saturday night to help feed the homeless at a meal site inside all peoples church. he knows all too well what they're going through ' a few months ago i was on the other side of this table receiving food and i would love to give it to people who need it.' pratt says he's now living a life of sobriety and owes it all to angels. not from above but those in the streets. ' were typically out on the streets for 4-6 hour alone weve served a 7200 meals.' president of milwaukee street angels outreach...eva welch says this year the group wants to take their mission of helping the homeless one step further by purchasing-- this retired evacuation ambulance. they want to make it a mobile resource center that can increase the amount of food.. blankets.. and other items they deliver to those in need. they;re nicknaming it the "angelbulance" they hope the community can help them raise ten-thousand dollars
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they use their personal cars for their work. 'there are some nights where im so tired i dont want to go and i start to picture them waiting for us to get that meal and that hug and that 'hey how are you doing' it just picks you up to keep going.' volunteers like pratt say the angels deliver more than hot meals-- they also provide hope to those who need it most. 'if you dont know they will help you find out what you need. if your just kind of like im in a bad situation definitely reach out to the angels and they will help you.' we have a link to their crowdfunding website at fox6 now dot com . in the studio im angelica sanchez back to you. hand thanks angelica help like that -- especially important when it gets cold - -and we had temperatures in the twenties this morning in some areas. tonight things are cooling off again. weather expert stephanie barichello joins us in the
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a bit breezy tonight with temperatures falling into the low to middle 30s overnight. sunny, windy and warmer tomorrow with highs near 60, especially along the lake. just a few more clouds monday and tuesday with highs in the middle 50s, then a chance to see 60s by thursday. rain is possible by friday and much cooler air looks to settle in behind that storm system. tonight: clear, co wind: sw 5-15 mph sunday: mostly sunny, windy and warmer. high: 58 wind:
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download the fox six storm center app. it's free for apple and android devices. the badgers didn't just beat illinois today -- they absolutely dominated the illini at camp randall stadium. in the process -- keeping alive their hopes for a berth of a
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with the latest from madison. "good evening everybody, there was a huge upset in the political realm earlier in the week but not on saturday here at camp randall stadium. the badgers favored by a ton, they won by a ton, 48 to 3. they run the ball for 363 yards, 4 touchdowns. corey clement 128 yards and you also had dare ogunbowale, he was over 100 with just seven tries. braderick shaw 19 carries, 85 yards." "exactly, so we got dare who's always phenomenal and you never know what he's gonna do bu and he breaks off a long run when we need it. you got braderick and we got taiwan back in the mix so i'm excited to see what this running back group can do." "yeah, it's been great for me. like you said, taking advantage of what i get. being big in pass protection and passing downs, that's been big for me. and also third down running the ball so i'm, it's been good and i've been excited for it
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getting in the game and being able to celebrate with us." "talk about forever going forward. how about the defense? four interceptions in the first half and they hold the illini to just three points. it's incredible at 8-2, still a chance for a playoff berth in the top four. members of the orange bowl committee were here at camp randall stadium. in madtown, tom pipines with the badgers for fox six sports." election, the trump team gets ready to move to the white house, as people around the country take to the streets. fox's doug mck-elway has the details from new york. with a little more than two months until president-elect trump takes over the oval office, the focus now turns to his transition team as they prepare for a trump presidency. three of the trump children are on his team.... along with former new york major rudy giuliani... giuliani says: "all my work on behalf of him is done out of
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the first shakeups is the announcement that vice president elect mike pence will lead the transition team, replacing gov. chris christie. still no word on who will serve as chief of staff, though we're told that announcement will be coming soon. trump campaigned heavily on the idea of his "outsider," status, but many people on his team are long-time washington insiders. conway: we're trying to form a federal government. it's up to president-elect trump to choose those advisors he wants around him on his senior team, key positions, cabinet, it's a very been worked on for many months away from the campaign, this comes as protests after the election hit their fourth day across the country. specifically, some of the proters are calling for the electoral college to be abolished, after hillary clinton won the popular vote of the country. moore says: there needs to be a mass uprising against the electoral college tag: hillary clinton spoke to donors today on a conference call, and was heavily critical of f.b.i. director james comey -- saying that his letter to congress brought her email scandal back into focus,
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york, doug mckelway, fox news. reacting to the election.. how will a donald trump presidency affect our muslim communities? the president elect has called for a "total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states." our jonathon gregg gets reaction from a traveling prayer leader. it's been four days since donald trump was elected president, "unify our great country.' four days for americans to contempla for them. "what we can do as a community is to unite and band together is and show the world exactly who we are." azam akram says it's a perfect opportunity to further educate the public on the muslim community and the islamic faith. "we are first and foremost a spiritual community and we have no interest in politics." akram is muslim prayer leader, or "imam" he's based in chicago and visiting the milwaukee chapter
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a tolerant community, a harmonious and loving community." akram says as writers and tv pundits may focus on trump's past comments on muslims he says islam teaches followers to focus on doing good and not to not dwell on what has not happened. "that's the whole message here to not unnecessarily create a hysteria that may not be warranted." akram says while, muslims like himself will continue to focus on their faith, and the good they can do for others. "and that reflects our islami gregg, fox6 news. still ahead -- backlash for an oshkosh council woman's protest during a city meeting. why she sat down during the national anthem this week -- and how city leaders are reacting. and a chance to check out all things trains! a look inside the biggest "train festival" in the entire country going on at the state fair grounds this weekend.
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protest is getting nation-wide attention. she sat during the pledge of allegiance at a meeting the day after the election. nat: "indivisible, with liberty
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councilwoman caroline panske said she couldn't bear to say aloud. she says she decided in the moment to sit down during the pledge -- because she was upset with the results of tuesday's election. oshkosh's mayor says he didn't see the protest -- but called the gesture "inappropriate." steve whatever your political leanings are, you park those at the front door, you do not bring those into the council chambers. we are elected, and we are here to serve the entire city of that people feel disgusted and disappointed, what i would like them to do is reach out to me. some veterans said they were offended -- panske said that was never her intention. she says it was a one-time gesture, but she does not regret it. community members hold a rally in fond du lac to honor their local police department. people lined the streets with signs of gratitude. organizers say the day is a way
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du lac police department "there's probably two words an officer never hears in his career -- that's 'thank you.' they hear very little thank you's, very little appreciate what you do, and the vast majority of us, as you can see today, they do appreciate what every officer does. i don't think the general public realizes the dangers and the risks an officer has, as a law enforcement officer, so we just want to say thank you today." this is the second year a police appreciation rally has been held in fond du lac. 45 years ago train-fest got off to a smalls is the largest weekend event at the wisconsin state fair expo center. its the biggest of its kind in the whole country and julie collins has got your ticket to train fest. saturday the wisconsin state fair park expo center is packed like a club car... before they were all let inside the train enthusiasts lined up well before the
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the deals.' jim durbin and his son have been enjoying trainfest for decades. 'its something my dad and i have shared for a long time, he got me into this when i was a kind, its something i like to keep doing, its a great father/son bonding time for us.' they use their time to explore the more than 100 vendors in search for new models. 'you can always make your train set bigger, better, more detailed.' from small trains to rideable trians tht capture anyones attention and imagination - its fun for this is the youngest exhibitor this year. 'i think its pretty great and fun and im pretty happy i can showcase my trains.' he enjoys the mechanics and making frinends but loves to watch the train go round and rond. 'i think its pretty great and fun and im pretty happy i can showcase my trains.' his parents encourage the creativity 'extremely proud, my son has a passion." 'this years train fest is estimated to bring in 25-thousand can join the fun tomorrow from 9am until
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expo center. reporting in west allis. julie collins. fox 6 news.' adlib to weather weather staying clear, cool and a bit breezy tonight with temperatures falling into the low to middle 30s overnight. sunny, windy and warmer tomorrow with highs near 60, e clouds monday and tuesday with highs in the middle 50s, then a chance to see 60s by thursday. rain is possible by friday and much cooler air looks to settle in behind that storm system. tonight: clear, cool and breezy. low: 36 wind: sw 5-15 mph
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high: 58 wind: sw 15-25 mph monday: a mix of clouds and sun. am low: 41 high: 56 wind: w 5-10 mph tuesday: a mix of clouds and sun. am low: 41 high: 56 wind: wsw 5-10 mph wednesday:mostly sunny. am low: 40 high: 58 mostly sunny. am low: 42 high: 60 wind: s 5-10 mph friday: mostly cloudy with the chance for showers. am low: 48 high: 56 wind: sw 5-10 mph staying clear, cool and a bit breezy tonight with
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30s overnight. sunny, windy and warmer tomorrow with highs near 60, especially along the lake. just a few more clouds monday and tuesday with highs in the middle 50s, then a chance to see 60s by thursday. rain is possible by friday and much cooler air looks to settle in behind that storm system.t cool and breezy. low: 36 wind: sw 5-15 mph sunday: mostly sunny, windy and warmer. high: 58 wind: sw 15-25 mph monday: a mix of clouds and sun. am low: 41 high: 56 wind: w 5-10 mph tuesday: a mix of clouds and sun. am low: 41
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wednesday:mostly sunny. am low: 40 high: 58 wind: wsw 5-10 mph thursday: mostly sunny. am low: 42 high: 60 wind: s 5-10 mph friday: mostly cloudy with the chance for showers. am low: 48 high: 56 wind: sw 5-10
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the midterm grade is in for the packers and it's only a c. coming up, how aaron rodgers thinks an a cans still be earned for the season. and the badgers are a step closer to a shot at a big ten title. highlights and tom pipines report from camp randall are coming up next.


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