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tv   FOX 6 News at 9  FOX  November 14, 2016 3:05am-4:00am CST

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to reconstruct the accident. the accident scene was cleared by about three p-m. in brown deer-- an elderly driver crashes into the "family table" restaurant on brown deer road. police say he hit the accelerator instead of his brakes. there were people inside at the time-- but luckily no one was hurt. the owner tells us this is the second time a driver has smashed into their building in the last three months. a cudahy homeowner and his tenants watch helplessly as their garage bursts for the family business. fox 6's brittany shannon is live near college and pennsylvania...outsid e what's left of the burned-out building... everyone out here is thankful tonight... thankful that no one was seriously injured and everyone has a place to call home this evening. because after you see the flames, you won't believe things didn't turn out worse... "i'm in tears for the owners" neighbors, bystanders, tenants,
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"33:05 i thought that my whole house was going to burn out. that much fire was there 13" a fire that started with a bang... "34:00 we heard this boom loud bang and i thought it was a gunshot at first 34:05" but when tenants glenn keidl and his son walked outside their home...instead, they saw flames... "34:51 i thought i could at least try to contain it until the fire department came. but it went up real fast there was gasoline in the a mattress then all the wood 35:01" the residents who live just steps away from the garage tell us the fire department arrived quickly. emergency crews say the wind fanned the flames, creating extra smoke. "35:24 the wind was blowing this way really hard and i just saw this and was just praying to god, hoping this wasnt going to go up29 bc this is where my dad lives" we're told a tenant who lives on the property was using a grill as a fire pit and knocked over some gasoline- causing this. but for these residents, they say they're happy a little
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im pretty lucky it didnt spread to the house" the person who was using the fire pit was taken to the hospital with some burns on his hands. you can see the garage is a total loss. the owner of this property tells me they had some equipment for another business property stored inside the garage. they couldn't tell me how much was lost, but they estimate it to be in the thousands. in cudahy, brittany shannon, fox 6 news. mary thanks brittany. stores are doing their best to force the holiday s us--christmas music can be heard on the radio--the only one not playing along--mother nature. weather expert tom wachs joins us from the weather office. mostly clear tonight with temperatures falling into the 40s this evening. we'll drop to around 40 near the lake overnight, mid-to-upper 30s inland.
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mild day with highs in the middle 50s. most of the week looks quiet a mild with highs in the middle 50s to low 60s. a strong storm system is forecast to move in friday night with rain and wind. this storm is forecast to usher in the coldest air of the season by late in the weekend. tonight: mostly clear. low: 40 wind: sw 5-15 mph monday: partly to mostly cloudy. high: 56 wind: w 5-10 mph tuesday: partly high: 56 wind: w 5-10 mph check the radar anytime - right
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center app, it's available on android and apple. pick a song any country song to describe today's packers loss in nashville--"friends in low places" does "i fall to pieces". mike mccarthy has got to be hoping "ring of fire" isn't on your list. and it's not getting any easier as next week they go "on the road again"... tom pipines is here with the blitz. follow today's 47-25 debacle. mike mccarthy's men certainly aren't "setting the world on fire" their defense was disgraceful in the first half. bad that the titans led 21 nothing before aaron rodgers had completed his 3rd pass! the packers are 4 and 5-for the first time since 2 thousand 8-when they finished 6 and 10. leadership must be questioned. after failing to move the ball with great field position, the
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touchdown on the titans first play from scrimmage. murray ties a franchise record with at least 1 rushing td in 5 straight games. the titans found the end zone against at will against defenseless green bay- 4 straight touchdowns. marcus mariota to anthony fasano with no packers player in the same zip code! 21 nothing. the packers trailed 35-10 before aaron rodgers threw his 2nd and final td pass..he was intercepted twice..13 yards to james starks who returned for the first time in a 35-16. mason crosby missed the point after. rodgers, under siege all day-sacked 5 times..a 20 yard td run. he gets rocked in the end zone. that cost the titans a penalty. 35-22. but marioto threw his 4th td pass ..41- 22. that was that. 47-25 final. tim van vooren with the blitz. for the second straight week, the packers behind from the
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at tennessee. this on sunday, is a bad loss. we understand how poorly we performed today as a team. we're disappointed. we have higher standards than that. we have higher expectations of one another. so that's what we'll tap into and grab onto. you gotta remain positive come together. everybody is gonna be coming down on us, and that's just how it happens. we just have to stick together. i mean, things didn't go the way we wanted them to, but our confidence never wavered. we came out, they got up a little bit on us, and they won the game. you guys don't believe me, but it's always short term. it's always week by week. that's the only way you manage this 16 game season. so, specially when you get into a situation like we are with three on the road or three or four at home, whatever it was. it's all week by week. if you start looking at anything past that, your mind is gonna start spinning, and you're gonna be in trouble. when asked specifically if jobs are on the line, aaron rodgers says after the game in nashville, 'that's the nature of the
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regular season for green bay. at nissan stadium, tim van vooren, fox6 sports. tim brandon and yours truly will have a lot more to show and tell on the blitz tonight at 10:35. including the tandem of ted thompson and mike mccarthy. the vikings lost their 4th straight game. that's the packers only saving grace. but..questions abound on 1265 lombardi ave. ted, mary. the law is clear cut--felons aren't supposed to have guns. and if they're caught with them--the punishment is suppose to be severe. the fox six investigators dug deep--very deep and found case after case after case where felons with guns were not punished. tonight, he's asks the milwaukee county district attorney why not? a different type of "thunder down under". a major earthquake in new zealand today-- why people braced for what
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check--it's another to give your time. the dinner some milwaukee bucks had with our veterans when we go "beyond
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a fox 6 investigation finds felons caught with guns often spend littl our story, one elected official says he plans to take action. fox 6 investigator bryan polcyn shows you what this state lawmaker plans to do... and why he asked to see the data we spent eight months collecting. milwaukee police rely heavily on data analysis to catch criminals. but if you want to know what happens to them after they get caught, well, the data trail quickly goes cold. that's why our painstaking analysis of felons with firearms caught the attention of a milwaukee
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may have gone soft on crime. every year, milwaukee police confiscate hundreds of guns from criminals who are not allowed to have them. like 20-year-old demontae robinson. at age 14, robinson was convicted of attempted armed robbery... a juvenile crime equivalent to a felony. three years later, milwaukee police spotted him in a no handgun. they found even more guns in a house where he was staying. prosecutors charged him with possession of a firearm by a delinquent. but four months later, they dismissed the case. "i looked at it and i was like, 'why was this case dismissed?'"milwauk ee d-a john chisholm says police began to doubt they'd arrested the right man. but there was also this... one of the officers involved was injured on the job...
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seven days later, he was arrested for shooting a man multiple times near 38th and hampton. but prosecutors dropped the gun possession charge. and then a judge threw out the shooting case, when the state wasn't ready for trial. "he got out because the speedy trial demand could not be met." robinson is now facing charges in yet another shooting... that never could've happened if he'd been in prison in the first place. 'once we make an arrest, something else has to happen. and all too often, eight months, the fox 6 investigators compiled data from more than 3- thousand, 6-hundred felon in possession cases in milwaukee county. more than a third of the time, charges were never filed. hundreds of others were charged, then dismissed. but even when felons are convicted of having guns... we found 20 percent serve less than a year in jail. and 75 percent serve less than three. "it doesn't reflect a lack of
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didn't care about the cases we wouldn't charge them in the first place."chisholm says caseloads are massive and gun cases can be complicated. but milwaukee police chief ed flynn is frustrated. 'in the past three years, weve arrested close to 200 people 2 or more times for being a felon in possession of firearms.' people like joshua moore, convicted of possession of firearm by a felon in 2013... 2015... and again in "there's a revolving door in our criminal justice system thats allowing this to happen." when state assemblyman joe sanfelippo saw our investigation... he immediately asked to see the data we'd collected. "we have been searching for those very statistics and they just didn't exist."the owner of american united taxi is a tough-on-crime republican... who was already planning to introduce a series of crime bills in the next legislative session. now,
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and all the work that you put into it, i think there should be a state audit of crime in our state and get these types of statistics from our police departments and our district attorneys and our judges." "we try to use data to make good decisions."flynn says police are the only ones doing data analysis. "the rest of the system is incapable of thinking strategically about crime and violence."chisholm admits their record-keeping system is not conducive to sophisticated data reporting. maxine white says they aren't equipped to do it either. "i don't pretend to know how to make the judiciary work better. i don't. i'm not a judge. but there must be some way? you know? and i just dont get the sense there's a lot of imagination." "last month, chief judge maxine white declined my request for an on camera interview, saying she'd prefer to be part of a follow-up story. since then, i've called twice asking to schedule that follow-up interview. she has yet to call back."
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fingers. it's easy to say, 'oh, the judges aren't sentencing tough enough, the da's aren't charging enough.' but let's find the facts, like you were able to dig out."sanfelippo believes a lenient criminal justice system may be driving up violent crime... but he admits it's just a theory... unless there's data to back it up. "i want to make sure we have the facts and the data available so that when we're putting new laws on the books, they're going to be effective laws." milwaukee county's chief deputy district attorney, kent loe like that of demontae robinson illustrate how important witnesses are to successful prosecutions. in both the gun possession case and his first shooting case, witness problems led to both cases being dismissed. meanwhile, representative sanfelippo says he is intent on requesting a statewide audit of crime data. he also wants to create a state crime commission. he plans to float both ideas when the legislature reconvenes in january. you and the fox 6 investigators
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compile this data. is there somewhere we can go to see the fruits of all that work? there is now. for the first time, we are publishing two files produced as a result of our data collection and analysis. the first includes information on more than 25-hundred cases from 2011 through 2015. the second includes sentencing information for cases in 2016. you can view both files on the links page of u com -- or your fox six news mobile app. coming up on fox 6 news at nine...served with a side of "thank you" a local restaurant opens its doors today to show their appreciation to law enforcement. and still ahead, a higher calling. the special mission for one choir in southeast wisconsin that has
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mostly clear tonight with temperatures falling into the 40s this evening. we'll drop to around 40 near the lake overnight, mid-to-upper 30s inland. we will see some clouds around on monday, but it will be a mild day with highs in the middle 50s. most of the week looks quiet a mild with highs in the middle 50s to
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forecast to move in friday night with rain and wind. this storm is forecast to usher in the coldest air of the season by late in the weekend. tonight: mostly clear. low: 40 wind: sw 5-15 mph monday: partly to mostly cloudy. high: 56 wind: w 5-10 mph tuesday: am low: 42 high: 56 wind: w 5-10 mph a mexican restaurant in franklin
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good reason. coming up, the well-deserving group that was served a free meal today a couple bucks players enjoyed food and fellowship with a few of our veterans the other night. find out why that was so unforgettab
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a show of thanks today in franklin, as the owner of a popular mexican restaurant shows his support for law enforcement. our julie collins has the scoop on 'since early october gus mexican cantina has closed its doors on sundays except today, he opened the restaurant for some very special guests.' the restaurant is packed - many join together with good food ready to cheer on the pack. but these patrons have more in common than their favorite sports team - theyre all law enforcement officers.
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gus hosseini - owner of gus mexican cantina and that is gus hosseini. hes the owner of this restaurant and hes cooked up quit the meal for our nations bravest men and women. 'i want them just come in forget about anything 1 day, just come and relax.' gus hosseini - owner of gus mexican cantina and bring their families with. 'everybody, their kids, the family, their wives, their girlfriend...' gus hosseini - owner of gus mexican cantina each one of them enjoying a meal for free! 'here we have a bbq meatballs, its all homemade.'today gus is serving 'moral will certainly be uplifted by this wonderful, i was going to say small but this is truly a wonderful gesture.' gus says not only is it the least he can do for all the years the law enforcement has kept him and his community safe but hes got a bigger message. 'all the bad negative thats coming against law enforcement, i thought its time for me to come back and give em support and my love.' gus hosseini - owner of gus mexican cantina and the officers
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great appreciate for what hes doing.' in franklin. julie collins. fox 6 news. there were long backups this afternoon after a crash on "eye"-41 43 894 at 60th street. two westbound lanes of the interstate had to be closed. according to the milwaukee county sheriff's office, two vehicles were involved in the crash, one of the cars actually flipped onto its roof. fortunately, no one was seriously hurt. in honor of veterans day, the milwaukee bucks hosted a number of events to nation. it's all part of n-b-a cares "hoops for troops" week. one of those events was a "game- changer" for everyone involved. tom pipines goes "beyond" the game. 20:19 i used to be an extra well done and butter guy. but now, i'm a medium well butterfly shrimp 20:26 bucks forward michael beasley os more comfortable on the basketball court than in a kitchen. but on wednesday night, he found
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veterans at the zablocki v.a. center. teammate steve novak along with other bucks staffers, joined michael...but not in front of the stove. 22:57 no no no. hopefully beasley knows what he's doing; but if i went and tried top help it would be so. so, we'll let beasley; hopefully at the end of the night, if anything goes wrong, we can blame him. and i'll stay out of it. 23:09 actually, beasley cooked like a veteran..and the two players made a special connection with the veterans that the players and for our freedom won't soon forget. 22:02 obviously have gone through different things in their lives. and are working through those things an d just being with them and speaking with them in an intimate setting has been really nice 22::11 22:28 we know that these guys are in our state; they're are fans; so these people who are cheering at the games; the lounge where they put the games on. 'this is where we cheer for you guys'. so 22:37 22:52 it was really cool novak, the former brown deer and marquette university sharpshooter appreciates the impact that our
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dreamed of playing for the milwaukee bucks. and obviously without the freedoms that we have you can't dream. you don't get the opportunities to go to marquette and pursue your dreams. you realize you're sitting at dinner across from guys who were defending our freedom, putting their lives at risk. this is a time for us to be with them' and say 'thank you for your service' 'thank you for what you gave to all of us 23:54. 24:00 it's special special too, to know that as bucks players, they could say thanks by spending time people they know are you just want to spend time with these guys and hear their stories and you realize, they do; they have a lot of questions for us. 24:21 you realize that we're guys, they probably know more about us than we know about them. so there's more to talk about than we might expect. 24:31 25:19 actually a little overwhelming. but just a great group of people and obviously i'm not used to being in the spotlight. 25:27 david shimp is a veteran who grew up a big bucks fan.
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lew alcindor and oscar robertson and that whole cast. so i've been an avid bucks fan my whole life; and to know actually meet a couple of them and actually talk to a couple of them is really, really cool 26:56 after his service, mr. shimp had what he describes as ups and downs in life. but he's made a great comeback. 20 ended up homeless and drinking too much alcohol. and they took me in to the domacilary program , helped me reco it';s helped get me back on my feet. 27:35 28:17 and i owe most of it all to the v.a. and of course god and help like that from other veterans. 28:22 26:00 i wouldn't be standing here right now in the tr house being able to talk to you and break bread with a great group of people and both players i've met so far. i'm enjoying the heck out of it. 26:19 38:15 as nba veterans, steve novak and have scored lots of points in their careers
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but on this night, during a season when they give b ack to our veterans, they gave out a big assist. and both young men will tell you that they got a lot more out of it than they gave.38:33 at the zablock v.a. center, with the veterans, tom pipines, fox 6 sports 38:43 tag? brand new job mechanical engineer great lakes naval base tomorrow. headed to the vatican! the local singers getting ready to impress the pope. plus, the milwaukee county sports complex was filled with vendors that ranged from quirky to downright creative. why this was more than just a place to shop. and pink making a big announcement on twitter. we'll have more details coming up in the buzz. the mild weather continues as we start out the work week, but big
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have your fox6 forecast coming up.
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set shot bump back w/ tc hollywood is honoring "the man from uncle." plus-- pink shares some big news this weekend. details in the buzz. baby number two is on the way for pink! the musician took to twitter yesterday to unveil the big news. s a photo of herself with her five-year-old daughter-- willow sage-- resting her head on her mom's growing baby bump. the baby is pink's second with motocross-champ husband, carey hart. for the second week in a row-- marvel's doctor strange is at the top of the box office. in the 10 days since its release-- the magical comic book film has brought in 153-million dollars just in the u-s. also for the second straight weekend-- the animated film "trolls" came
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week was the sci-fi film "arrival" starring amy adams and that's the buzz. we had beautiful weather this weekend but it's time to look to to the week ahead. our weather expert tom wachs is coming up with his six day forecast. plus-- a trip of a lifetime arrives for members of one local choir. the opportunity they'll have once their plane touches down in rome. up ahead-- he was out looking for blood-- and hurt two innocent people in the
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'im jenna sachs. why are we
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germs? the contact 6 story for anyone growing a beard this movember tonight at 10.' if you're a craft lover or and d-i-y enthusiast you might have been down at the craft and relic show this weekend! described as a mix of vintage, etsy, and pinterest all rolled into one-- more than 150 vendors filled up the milwaukee county sports complex. artisans and craft makers sold everything from vintage antiques and furniture to re-purposed crafts. the event not only a place to shop-- but also a source of inspiration. "it's been really fun to see folks walk through the door and shop, find things for their home but also be inspired to leave here and kind of source their own items, whether it's from flea markets or things in their own home and re- purpose them into something else. it's eben really cool to hear those stories." typically-- these events are planned for the spring and fall-- but this year-- they're
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look at a photo gallery when you visit the links page of our website -- fox six now dot com, or your fox six news mobile app. adlib to wx weather mostly clear tonight with temperatures falling into the 40s this evening. we'll drop to around 40 near the lake overnight, mid-to-upper 30s
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we will see some clouds around on monday, but it will be a mild day with highs in the middle 50s. most of the week looks quiet a mild with highs in the middle 50s to low 60s. a strong storm system is
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night with rain and wind. this storm is forecast to usher in the coldest air of the season by late in the weekend. tonight: mostly clear.
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monday: partly to mostly cloudy. high: 56 wind: w 5-10 mph tuesday: partly sunny. high: 56 wind: w 5-10 mph wednesday:mostly sunny. am low:
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wind: s 5-10 mph thursday: mostly sunny. am low: 45 high: 62 wind: sw 5-10 mph friday: mostly cloudy with the chance for showers at night. windy. am low: 48
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saturday: cloudy, blustery and cool. am low: 48 high: 48 wind: wsw 15-30 mph anchors thanks weather a pilgrimage to a papal mass-- the milwaukee mercy choir is bound for rome, leaving in just a few hours! fox 6s derica williams reports, has more on their mission and excitement for the special
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performance of a lifetime... nats the milwaukee mercy choir prepares to share their vocal talents on holy grounds. such a miracle how could you pass that up the choir which has 53 members representing 14 churches and southeastern wisconsin will appear alongside the sistine chapel choir, singing for the papal mass to close the year of mercy. to be able to travel to rome to close the holy door at st. peters is going to be an amazing act there is probably not a trip that would be more exiting or beautiful im pretty sure it will be awe inspiring awe struck overcome with joy for such an amazing opportunity. the group will make a 9 day pilgrimage. im really excited to visit all of the basilicas that we are going to visit and alt he beautiful churches an
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its neat for me because i had the opportunity to sing for john paul ii when i was in high school and so now to be a choral conductor and to be able to pass it on the next generation and bring 12 high school students with this choir michael wiebersch is one of the lucky chosen. i was just in shock the experience will be a community and family affair. those who cant make it will still be present in spirit, through prayer intentions. . my sister is battling a chronic illness so im certainly going take a prayer of healing for my sister on my trip ready to vocalize prayer through song, it's special take part and feel first hand what pope francis embodies. love and grace for everybody derica williams fox 6 news. after practicing for months, the choir will take flight tomorrow. the members will be joined by 300 other singers from u-s catholic churches. they ask for your prayers for a safe travels. a powerful earthquake strikes new zealand's south island --
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severe damage to buildings and homes. the 7-point-8 magnitude quake hit just after midnight local time in a rural area close to the city of christchurch. a number of strong aftershocks were felt more than a 120 miles away and a tsunami was reported about two hours later. officials are warning people along the coast to move to higher ground to avoid tsunami waves. "we now know that those around the country that tsunami risk has been downgraded to coastal warnings. but also urge people military helicopters and red cross teams are now being dispatched to assess the damage and help those in the worst hit areas. another night of unrest in the streets of portland oregon as protesters demonstrate against president-elect donald trump. "this is an unlawful assembly. there's observation of members
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last night was the fourth night in a row there were protests in portland. police officers in riot gear blocked the streets and the light rail lines. and demonstrators were throwing bottles and other items at police. authorities say they arrested at least 19 people. a wildfire burning in western north carolina continues growing. this is the fire today-- encompassing nearly three thousand acres the flames ignited nearly a week ago near lake lure and chimney rock. the fireha number of evacuations in more than a dozen communities. fire crews are worried-- saying it's behaving more like a california wildfire. a massive fire destroys a historic church in kansas city. fire officials say the blaze a broke out at the evangelic center church around 6 this morning. there were no injuries reported. the cause of the fire is now under investigation. three teens were arrested in philadelphia last night after
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officials are calling it a flash-mob attack after more than 50 teenage boys began randomly assaulting people in the center city. at least seven others were injured and hospitalized after the unprovoked attack. the injured officer is being treated at the hospital for a broken bone and a cut to his face. police are looking for any other victims in the attack to come forward. a police shoot-out in alaska yesterday morning leaves an officer injured and a suspect dead. a-m when an officer was responding to reports of a theft. anchorage police say the officer was laying on the ground near his cruiser while the suspect repeatedly shot at him. the shootout ended with the gunman shot to death. the incident was caught on police dashcam video. "so i think it's a reminder that when we hear sirens, somebody's heading into danger and they're doing it to make sure that the entire community is safe. the response of the police department
3:57 am
professionalism, but courage." the officer was taken to the hospital for emergency surgery. he's expected to survive. u.s. marshals say this fugitive had a clean record until he picked up a gun and went after two rivals in the neighborhood. but agents say his victims turned out to be completely different people. fox6's jonathon gregg explains in this week's wisconsin's most wanted. "this seems to be kind of an epidemic going on in the city milwaukee." about a man u.s. marshal believe intended to take a life." "if i had to guess i'd say they meant to kill these men." this is 24-year-old abrian woodall. last june, agents say woodall and another suspect were after a couple men enjoying the day with friends near and north hopkins and fairmount. "they observed two black males approaching them rapidly from
3:58 am
victims, agents say woodall had a gun. allegedly opening fire on this group of people." but the man who goes by the nickname "ace" was off target. "inadvertently striking a young child as well as an adult women who we believe was an innocent bystander." the child and young woman were rushed to the hospital "they required immediate medical attention." they survived. woodall was quick to take off "the police did arrive on scene and the individuals were able to identify the suspects as people they knew charges would soon follow. "first degree recklessly endangering safety." sadly agents say, this is not the first time in milwaukee innocent people have fallen victim to at times, unfettered violence. gang violence or street rivalries or beefs that the un-targeted innocent individuals become the victims in these scenarios." jonathon gregg fox6
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and weighs 145 pounds. he has dark hair and brown eyes. he's wanted for first degree reckless endangering safety. agents say he grew up near 40th and fairmount. if you have any information about his whereabouts you can call agents
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lights, camera, access. >> some of the really great things that have been achieved. >> the number one celebrity magazine has got some stars very upset. i'm kit hoover. as the dust is yet to settle from this very turbulent week. >> it is how we feel. but i really pray and hope that -- >> just hold on. >> hello. >> hey. >> okay. now i want to see the main thing i came here for, your closet. our exclusive tour and kyle and mauricio's mansion. i'm liz hernandez. and, yes, the shoes, the bags, the dresses. that closet even carries some housewives baggage. >> i remember when we were shooting it and i wore this. that night was a disaster. >> we were screaming. >> i'm scott evans a huge honor for all three stallone sisters. but listen up. >> enter at your own risk.


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