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tv   FOX 6 News at 10  FOX  November 15, 2016 1:05am-1:35am CST

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those stories in just a moment. but first -- breaking news from milwaukee's northwest side. po have been shot in the area of 75th and glenbrook. this is a live picture from the scene. the shootings happened just after nine. right now -- police haven't released information on the exact number of people shot. we're told one person was taken to froedtert. we have a crew at the scene and will pass along any updates as we get them. now to this fox 6 exclusive--he didn't die alone.
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wreck. it happened sunday in saukville-- more than two dozen people rushed to help the victim. fox6s bret lemoine is here with the heroic details. were told there were as many as 30 people who rushed to the scene of this crash to try and help out. according to the ozaukee county sheriffs office, the crash happened at the intersection of 'state highway 33' and 'county highway eye' at around 11 a-m sunday. on her way to her parents house sunday to watch thp ml 'i saw that there was a man lying unconscious - i thought - in the middle of the road.' ...theres an unexpected detour for melissa lengling. ml 'his bike was lying sideways, kind of mangled next to him.' lengling just happened to drive past the scene of this wreck in the town of saukville.... moments after a volkswagen golf allegedly collided with a harley davidson motorcycle, driven by 66-year old john tepper. ml 'i sat with him, edit , i didnt want to move him in case he
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regained consciousness.' as she sat by teppers side, lengling says as many as 30 others pulled over and tried to help out. investigators believe the 30 year old driver of the volkswagen failed to stop at a stop sign... ml 'he was kind of mumbling a little bit, but he wasnt really talking.' lengling saw tepper had a significant leg injury... and calmed him down as he tried to stand up. she says a man from the crowd asked tepper if he was catholic... and preformed last rites. lengling eventually left... thinking tepper would survive. ml people are willing to be there for each other.' tepper later died. his two adult children tell fox6: 'john was a hard working inspirational man with a strong faith and a charismatic personality. he could find humor in all situations. john loved the outdoors, camping, fishing, and traveling. he will be deeply missed.' lengling wants teppers family to know... even though it strangers.... he was surrounded by compassion in the end: ml 'i want them to know that he was not alone... there were a lot of people...that were there
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the ozaukee county sheriffs office is still investigating the wreck. the alleged striking driver was issued a citation for 'failure to yield the right of way from a stop sign, causing death.' eight-year-olds bring a lot of different things to school...but for one today - police say - it was a gun. milwaukee police were called for a report of someone with a gun inside a school. they say the 8 year old got it from home. a.j. bayatpour is live outside la-follette school with that story... to lafollette around one oclock this afternoon. officers recovered the gun from staff the school. fortunately, the handgun was unloaded. for something like that to happen, its just... its not uncommon for kids to come home from school with a letter to their parents. im glad it wasnt worse. but this note, stapled to a homework assignment, stands out
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school monday. they slipped through. thats just how it was. the letter says staff was made aware of a student in possession of a weapon. faculty found and confiscated the weapon. it adds 'please remind your students how important it is to tell a trusted adult if they see or hear something that makes them uncomfortable.' milwaukee police say they were called for a subject with a gun. that eight-year-old police say the child took the gun from home. its not just my child in the school, its everybody whose child attends here. after school, concerned parents say theyre relieved no one was hurt. thats real reckless. m-p-s declined to comment tonight, saying all information will have to come from police. m-p-d says the district attorneys office will be reviewing the case for any possible charges. live outside lafollette school,
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milwaukee police also investigating another incident involving a gun near a school. this one happened late this afternoon in the area near washington high school. police tell us a man driving by shot his gun twice into the air. nobody was hurt -- and investigators are looking for the suspect. milwaukee police have arrested a suspect in a series of sexual assaults the past week. at least three women reported being attacked by a man in the area near 76th and good hope road. two attacks were reported tuesday --- police made the arrest. the victim in friday's assault says she was raped at gunpoint, pistol whipped, and choked after being grabbed off the sidewalk. we spoke to that 17 year old victim's mother. its disturbing. i haven't slept. i'm a nervous wreck you know. i think i'm in more pain than her cuz sh'es still in shock. but im taking it worse because of he put her through something she wasn't ready for yet. he took her
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from the suspect. a car with a man and woman inside stopped... and drove her to the hospital. a federal judge today ordered "brendan dassey" released from prison while prosecutors appeal already overturned conviction. dassey was convicted in 2007 of helping his uncle steven avery kill photographer "theresa halbach". fox 6's madeline anderson explains why dassey is still behind bars despite the judge's order. dassey's sue contingent upon several conditions... including providing the court with his intended address by noon tuesday. in addition... the state says it plans to take legal steps to prevent dassey from being released. after 10 years in prison... brendan dassey' of netflix's making a murderer could soon be a free man. district judge william duffin monday... ordering the 27-year-old's release. his legal team at northwestern's center on wrongful convictions
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statement online: "we are in the process of making arrangements for his release and hope that brendan will be reunited with his family by thanksgiving. meanwhile the wisconsin department of justice says attorney general brad schimel intends to fight the decision by filing an emergency motion in the seventh circuit seeking a stay of this release order. milwaukee criminal defense lawyer chris cherella: i would imagine that the 7th circuit is going to issue a decision one way or another with regard within the next week to 10 days or 2005... a then 16-year-old dassey confessed to helping his uncle steven avery rape and kill theresa halbach. fast forward to 2016... judge duffin ruled in august... dassey's statement's to investigators were coerced. he overturned dassey's conviction which the state is currently appealing. if they determine that judge duffins order to suppress the statement was indeed correct, ultimately the state will have to make a decision to re-try
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dassey is currently at columbia correctional in portage. his brother brad posted to facebook about the news... saying he's ecstatic to hear his brendan will get a taste of freedom until things are resolved. dassey's uncle -- steven avery -- is still trying to appeal his case. a special prosecutor is representing the state -- as avery is asking for extensive testing in his homicide case. avery claims manitowoc county officials framed him for halbach's death . avery's attorney -- kah avery's case has been slowed down because of dassey's pending release. something new is expected to be filed soon. fox6 has been following the avery case from the beginning. to check out our collection of avery stories going back as far as 2003 --- search "avery archive" on fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app. new tonight. police are looking for two people of interest in the death of a u-w stout student. menomonie police
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something about the death of 24-year-old hussain al-nah-di alnahdi .he was beaten to death last month. he's originally from saudi arabia-- but was studying business administration here in wisconsin. mixed reactions as president-elect donald trump firms up his team of advisers by naming two appointments. first: the chief of staff -- kenosha native and head of the r-n-c... "reince priebus." then -- steve bannon of breitbart was named chief strategist. brad hicks joins us in the newsroom to explain why that pick is a lot more controversial. was "surreal" that president-elect trump named him white house chief of staff... but some groups -- including milwaukee's jewish leaders -- are denouncing the appointment of bannon. the milwaukee jewish community relations council is urging mister trump to reconsider. bannon led the alt-right website breitbart news, which critics say spreads white nationalism. it also led the charge against house speaker paul ryan, leading
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choice. brian fraley says: "as excited as i was to see reince priebus elevated to be chief of staff, it was a real red flag and a blow to see steve bannon elevated to be such an insider in the white house." evan zeppos says: "how mr. bannons going to fit in, i dont know. i think, in some ways its figuring out how to mix oil and water, and sometimes they dont work very well together." priebus said yesterday he didn't share the concerns about bannon, who good" during the campaign. reporting in the newsroom, brad hicks, fox six news. the packers are in a tailspin--four losses in the last five games. and the road to the playoffs is blocked with some pretty good teams. tom pipines is here and says if mike mccarthy is nervous, he's
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mccarthy, clean house! there's some of that talk out there, but it's over-reaction and premature! plus it falls on deaf ears up at 1265 lombardi avenue. coach mike mccarthy claims he has tunnel vision. i'm not really worried about the football team; i'm just focused on the next step. obviously we didn't like the outcome. the video, we've reviee correct. there are things that we can fully correct. there's a lot of football left to play, but our focus is on going to washington, obviously going back to last year, they're going to be confident. im not into shock and awe, or a torch the landscape type person. im a builder, i'm a developer; and that's my big picture focus. i love this group of guys, our performance level is not high enough mac's team is a game below 500--but just a game out of 1st place in the division.
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ted, mary. a good amount of sunshine to start off the work-week today. how long will it last., weather expert tom wachs joins us now. we have more mild weather on the way before a big cool down blows in by the weekend. i'll have your fox6 forecast coming up. plus. the end of the year -- is almost here. tax time is right around the corner. scammers -- now taking aim at your healtcare. tonight's contact we continue to follow breaking news from milwaukee's northwest side. multiple people are shot in the area of 75th and glenbrook. this is a live picture from the scene. we're told one person died on the scene -- the other was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. police haven't said whether anyone was taken into
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on bail. he's accused of secretly-recording the women's restroom at a bar. christopher bohatkiewicz had been working at kenosha's sullivan's place as a friday night d-j for a couple years.prosecutors day he admitted to placing a spy camera pen on the floor of the women's restroom images of eight people. hopefully, by the time their investigation is done, 'n' over with, that they got enough to nail his ass, sorry, but, put him away for a long time. investigators say there could be additional victims. if you have any information-- call kenosha police. scammers are at it again claiming to be from the i-r-s.
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exploiting confusion about the program. contact 6's jenna sachs explains how the scam works and reveals the red flags to look for so youre not the next victim. natsot: knocking certified public accountant anthony dalessio was alerted to an email that claims to be from the internal revenue service demanding an immediate payment. he wants to get advice from id-theft expert adam levin in order to warn his own clients. might look legitimate. "this notice is just a further indication of how sophisticated and creative that scammers and identity thieves have become." consumer reports nikhil hutheesing says this latest scam targets people with insurance through the affordable care act, alleging they owe additional money for their coverage.a closer look reveals several red flags. the first is the email itself. "the irs will never send you an email out of the blue. you should know that if money is owed the
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mail." another red flag - the fake notice instructs that the check, in this case for $325, be made out to i-r- s. "tax checks are made out to the united states treasury, not the irs." and, where you send the check is also probably phony. the irs says the address on this one in austin, texas is not an official processing center. "if you get this type of fake irs email do not open any attachments or click on any links it may have. immediately forward it to and then delete it." to get rid of it says, also delete the email from your trash. id-theft expert levin says there may be some instances of irs scam letters being delivered by regular mail. you can call the irs to ask whether a notice you have received is actually from the agency. you can also consult a reliable tax professional to get advice about whether the notice is genuine
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partly to mostly cloudy tonight with temperatures falling into the 40s this evening. we'll drop into the low 40s near the lake by sunrise, mid-30s inland. partly sunny and mild on tuesday with highs in the upe conditions continue through mid-week, with a warm up late in the week. 60s return to the forecast thursday and friday. a powerful storm system moves in friday bringing rain and wind along with it. the coldest air of the season blows
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30s by sunday. tonight: partly to mostly cloudy. low: 41 wind: wnw 5 mph tuesday: partly sunny. high: 58 wind: sw 5-10 mph wednesday:mostly sunny. am low: 42 high: 57 mostly sunny. am low: 48 high: 64 wind: s 5-10 mph friday: mostly cloudy and
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high: 63 wind: s 15-25 mph saturday: cloudy, windy and cool. am low: 42 high: 42 wind: wnw 15-30 mph sunday:
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high: 37 wind: nw 5-10
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mix in the marquette mainstays-such as luke fisher. have what could be the recipe for a successful season. highlights..comin' up.
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contest, ever, that i didn't feel we were going to beat the other
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a win in washington on sunday night wouldn't just be nice to stop the bleeding. it may a "must" win for a packers team that needs it-- not only for the standings--but for the psyche. they'll "remember the titans" for awhile. tim van vooren blitzin' from nashville, in the wake of yesterday's 47-25 thrashing. "jordy nelson has played a lot of games for the green nay packers, and in several of them, the packers have had the upper hand. they've been the team pasting the at nissan stadium is the flip side. and it's not a fun place to be". "it's not what you want, but that's the situation we've put ourselves in. offensively they just continued to score, begging our defense to stop them. and we just didn't get enough stops and enough scores". "with the experience of a veteran, nelson knows it's not necessarily easy to just kick it back up in the right direction". "yea, you can't go to the stadium tomorrow and all of a sudden turn the switch on and it would be
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top grind at it". "the packers have know lost 2 straight games to middle of the road teams. three straight games overall. they can pay a bit of attention to what's happening in the nfc north division and see that they're not too terribly out of things. but as nelson and the packers who were part of things sunday will attest, it's time to get there own house in order. in nashville, tim van vooren, fox 6 sports". badgers purdue..easy win right coach? from the group as all the messaging they're hearing from people outside of the group. there's recent history if you just assume something we do a little dictionary game and make sure they
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marquette's home opener against the howard bison. gotta give props to jt miller the steal and slam! order restored..markus howard..the 17 year old freshman..amd one! a number of gifted new players contribute for coach wojo. andrew rowsey the unc-ashville transfer caps an 11-0 run by the big east freshman of the week sam hauser from the stevens point spash--splash!! bombs away. katin reinhardt for 3.. the graduate-student usc grad transfer nine treys for the team..shot 60 percent after intermission. 2 and oh marquette shoots down
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business. the oreo chocolate candy bar has bits of oreo cookies in a middle layer of vanilla cream filling. then the "big crunch"-- has a between layers of vanilla filling. the bars are popping up in some stores now, but they'll be everywhere in january. coming up on today's telecast: >> i was blinded in my left eye. through almighty god,


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