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tv   FOX 6 News at 10  FOX  November 26, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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you never know if it goes with something unconventional. some kickers will try to do a misdirection, fake to one side, kick to the other. sometimes they will try to dribble it up the middle and recover it themselves. but either way, he is going to be looking for that one big hop that allows whatever designated player it is on either side of the field to go up and recover the football. >> joe: collective breath. andy phillips. not a very good one. recovered by ento at the 41. but here's the thing, colorado has not been able to move the ball in the second half, and utah has three timeouts left. >> brady: is still plenty of
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that thing never really got more than a foot off the ground. made it easy on ento to track that thing down. but you are right, three timeouts left. although utah needs a touchdown, and based on where the ball is at now, if they were to get a stop, they would have to work down the field fast because they won't have any left and there is going to be a lot of space to move. >> joe: here is phillip lindsay with a big hole and a nice first down run for six. first timeout, taking by kyle whittingham, 1:29. >> joe: mike macintyre holding his team can get one more first down, and then a chance to run this clock out. fourth season here at colorado.
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more than 30 years as a coach, passed away this january after a 20 year battle with multiple sclerosis. mike macintyre learned so much from his dad. he played for his dad for a short period of time at vanderbilt, one of the programs that his father turned around, like he has turned around san jose state, and now the colorado program. still carries a coin with him that commemorates his dad's coach of the year honor. it is in his pocket right now. on second and fourth, it is lindsay again. plowing forward! and spotted right at the marker. >> brady: credit jeromy irwin. the left tackle was the player to come in and get phillip lindsay the extra burst. that's not a very favorable spo
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him another little child. that is 100% legal. you can push, you just can't pull, a ballcarrier. >> joe: will it to move the chains, or will it be third down and third and a couple of inches. >> brady: the last couple snaps we have seen colorado play from under center. typically in the scenario you see sefo liufau become part of the run game. of the guy who really wants the ball in his hands at the end of the game. but we showed it earlier in the
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carries come when they are tied or up or trailing by one. basically when the game is on the line, the coaching staff and sefo liufau wants the ball in his hands on the running game. >> joe: there is a reason for that. mike macintyre says this guy is one of the most mature kids he's ever been around. toughest quarterback he has ever coached. from a military family. his dad, joe, is in the u.s. army. it included a couple of years where he was stationed in colorado when he became a buffs son in his fourth year as a starter at quarterback, and 1:23 from leaving them from a three-year stretch where they went 2-25 in conference play to an 8-1 regular-season conference record and a date with washington in the championship game. >> brady: end it all starts up front with the center, alex kelley. , sr., here on senior night, he is going to be the guy that helps try to get the surge through the colorado offensive
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>> joe: third down and inches. he turns and hands to lindsay. bouncing, first down! >> brady: he probably could have gotten more. but oh, well, coached a wise play by phillip lindsay to get the first first don bounds, and get down. >> joe: utah saving that last timeout to wind down to one minute. all but the details in the final seconds now. victory formation. it has been a long time since it has meant this much for the
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>> joe: and kyle whittingham just now uses the third and final timeout. you know, the last time somebody other than stanford or oregon won the pac-12 championship game, gh carroll's trojans did it. it will be somebody new this year. it will be either washington or colorado. >> brady: and the team most affected by colorado winning tonight is usc. they had that tiebreaker, they needed utah to give them some help. but it is colorado. they win the pac-12 south. what a turnaround for this team, and what a turnaround for mike macintyre and his crew. >> joe: 5-40 in their first
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5-40. picked to finish dead last again this year. they will go 8-1 in conference play. and tonight they will match their win total from the previous three years combined. and they will have two more opportunities at a pac-12 championship game. at least two more opportunities, may be in a bowl game, who knows, maybe in a semifinal. >> brady: and at the end of the day, their offense played well enough to their defense. that has been the biggest thing about the turnaround for this team. their defense and their defensive coordinator jim levitt, the attitude that he has brought, the ability for the senior class in particular, the guys who persevered and went through all that adversity the last couple of years to really step up and make stops and put
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>> joe: and the clock malfunctions here. all the way back up to 44. mike macintyre is trying to figure out what is going on. now they run it, they will have to snap it again. the play clock is about four seconds ahead of the game clock. that's it. mike macintyre told us they had elevated the program to "good" over the first couple of months of the season. in november, they could elevate it to "great." a perfect month of november. i pac-12 south division title, and a trip to the pac-12 championship game to take on
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[crowd cheering]
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>> joe: worth every last dollar of that $100,000 fine they will get for storming the field. >> brady: the games in november are the ones you remember. you will never forget this win tonight. >> joe: somewhere down there in that mess, jenny taft's with sefo liufau. >> jenny: well, the rise is for real in boulder tonight. at hard your work team has worked to go from worst to first? how proud are you? >> it means the world to me. i'm so proud of this team. i didn't play very well tonight, my teammates picked me up, they picked up the slack, and so we are just very grateful to be in the position we are in, a great team effort tonight. a >> jenny: coach mcintyre knew that this team was special this year, what can you say about the way he turned this program around? >> he has definitely helped us, he has been with us all for years, he has pushed us to do things we didn't want to do, and
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we are going to keep playing. we have a very important game coming up, but we are think both for how hard he pushed us. >> jenny: wanted to play in front of a sold-out folsom field, how important was this? >> unreal. i just really appreciate it. the guys appreciate it, everything they have done for us, at home especially, we don't lose out folsom field, and i'm happy for these fans. >> jenny: last thing from me, washington next week, you've got the championship game, how do >> we can't be any worse than this week. i didn't play my best. we will look at the mistakes we made and we will make sure we bring our a game for washington. they are very good on defense, all around, so we have to play well. we have to come out offensively ready to go. >> jenny: we will see you there, go enjoy this, thank you. >> joe: all right, a few years ago they were playing in front of 20,000 and losing every week. in front of a sold-out crowd
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>> joe: what a scene. and really at this point, as colorado heads to the pac-12 championship game, it will be rose bowl at worst, because of washington wednesday go to the playoff you, you would assume. colorado would fill the pac-12 spot in the rose bowl, but if colorado wins the pac-12 championship game, what are their chances? >> i think emma shot. it looked, alabama is most likely going to win the sec, they are undefeated. you look at clemson, they have one loss, they will win the acc. but there's two spots, eight to lost big ten champion, a two loss big 12 champion, and essentially a colorado win, may be a two loss pac-12 chamfered and you've got to look at the schedule and say they be washington state who is a top 25, utah is a top 25, stanford is a top 25, and washington, who is in the top ten. so at that point in time you would have to think that their resume compares very, very bubbly versus a big 122 loss, and even penn state or
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i think they've got a real strong opportunity of getting in, it just comes down to how the committee is going to weigh the conference champion versus a very, very good one-loss team in ohio state, who will not have a conference championship next to its name. >> joe: i have a feeling we will be talking about this plenty over the next week. >> brady: i think so, too. >> joe: can't wait for friday to start the championship weekend on fox, the pac-12 championship game, washington against colorado, coverage starting at 8:00 eastern. and then on saturday, penn state-wisconsin for the big ten championship. all finished from here in boulder. utah by no means laid down after the disappointing game last week. they gave colorado all he could handle, but ultimately liufau and the buffs win the south division title and head to the pac-12 championship game to face off with washington. for jenny taft, brady quinn, and the rest of our crew, a shout out to barry allen, we hope he
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till he joins us next week. joe davis saying so long.
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our big story at 10: "supporting a family in grief" we are learning more about a tragic
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night a father and young daughter were killed and another daughter injured..when their car was rear-ended by a suspected drunk driver. fox6s jonathon gregg joins us live with our big story. a cousin of the father killed in the crash has set up a crowdfunding page.. providing fox6 with a photo of the family while requesting we only identify the parents by name. the portrait provided by a settled in next to a decorated christmas tree. 39-year-old kevin dalley and his 9- year-old daughter were killed friday night when police say their car was struck from behind by a truck on four mile and old farm road. 'its the holiday season and their holidays will never be the same.' in fact - a relative says kevin dalley and two of his 3 daughters were returning home from a thanksgiving dinner when their car was hit. the surviving daughter was injured but expected to be ok. 'all because some guy has to go out drinking and do something horrible.' caledonia police say
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the truck was arrested for two counts of homicide by intoxicated use of a vehicle. 'theres nothing that will put their lives back together..' on saturday a cousin of the father reached out to fox6 after creating a memorial on behalf of kevins wife jenn and her two surviving daughters. of the father, kevin, the page states, "he adored jenn and the girls and his educational and career successes were concentrated only on what was best for them." she "was a bright and talented ray of sunshine with curiosity for science, music spirituality and the world around her." by saturday evening the memorial page was half-way to a 30-thousand dollar goal. the cousin we spoke with says the supprt the family is receiving during this difficult time is inspiring. we've included a link to the family's memorial page on our website, fox6 now dot com. reporting in the newsroom, jonathon
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in a fatal shooting is now in custody. it happened in the area of 16th and ring around 11 o'clock last night. we're told when police got to the scene they found a man shot. despite lifesaving efforts -- he died. again -- a suspect is in custody. here is some good news. milwaukee police thanks to your help 13-year-old laguna has been found safe.she was last seen leaving her house last tuesday. police say thanks to viewer tips who saw the story on the news reuinted with her family. here is news make headlines around the world. infamous cuban dictator fidel castro is dead at 90 years old. the announcement sending shockwaves around the globe. fox's phil keating is in little havana in miami with the latest. melenchon says: gloria fidel! celebrations rippling across the world as news spreads of the death of former cuban president fidel castro. however, there's a
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paris - supporters held a vigil to honor the leader. in buenos aires, castro supporters left messages on the gates of the cuban embassy. marquez says: "many people consider him a saint and others as a tyrant. depends on each person's opinion. the public opinion is very divided, i think." fidel castro came into power in 1959 after leading a rebel army to victory, and as the country's ruler, he embraced soviet-style communism and defied the power of 10 american half-century in power. for many families of people who lived under his regime, the news is cause for celebration, not for his life, but for his death. rodriguez says: "honestly my reaction was joy for my grandparents. they taught us about all the pain and struggles they had to go through in their lives, and how fidel castro symbolized all that pain. so his death in essence is a symbol of the death or an ending to that pain. " mos says: it's sad to celebrate
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was so destructive in his path, it's a relief, it's sad to say, but that's how we feel. and it's a beginning of a new time. castro opponents have a rally planned for next week, in an effort to pressure the cuban government to bring about change. mos says: "being able to be in the street, and wave the cuban flag, and wave the american flag, that shows what we have in this country, we should never take it for granted." keating tag: the mayor of miami says he expects celebrations here in little havana, phil keating, fox news. here at home-- one restaurant offering free drinks to mark castro's death. fox6's angelica sanchez with reaction from cubans living in milwaukee. a scoop of ice...a splash of rum...coke and lime. the ingredients for a 'cuba libre' for one day only patrons of milwaukees 'cubanitas' restaurant can enjoy the drink free
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states to build a different relationship with the cuban government.' 'its about time, because the cuban people have suffered.' its one of many ways cuban americans across the country are reacting to the passing of longtime dictator fidel castro. cubanitas restaurant owner marta bianchini is in florida for the holidays and tells us why she wants her patrons to raise a glass. 'today were celebrating the optimism of the cuban people... people dont understand how suppressed cuban people are so thats other cuban americans like doctor raul galvan say theyve spent the day reflecting on castros death. 'ive been thinking also about people like my moms generation whose lives he absolutely destroyed.' galvin has been vocal about us/cuban relations and says this is a significant moment in history. 'i think this is another step in the normalization of relations between the us and cuba he says its going to be a long road to a free cuba. 'cuba is not going
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it hasnt been.' wisconsin election officials have scheduled a meeting for monday morning to lay out the ground rules for an historic recount. today--- the hillary clinton campaign announces it will participate. this is the first presidential recount in state history, launched after a petition by the green paty researchers found red flags in exit poll data compared to the final results. clinton campaign lawyer marc elias released a statement today, saying.. "because we had not uncovered any actionable evidence of hacking or outside attempts to alter the voting technology, we had not planned to exercise this option ourselves... ...but now that a recount has been initiated in wisconsin, we intend
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ensure the process proceeds in a manner that is fair to all sides." elias also said the margin in wisconsin is larger than any previous amount that a recount has had to overcome. president-elect donald trump calling the recount effort a scam today. in a statement he says.. "this recount is just a way for jill stein, who received less than one percent of the vote overall and wasn't even on the ballot in many states, to fill her coffers with money.. ...this is a scam by the green party for an election that has conceded and the results of this election should be respected instead of being challenged and abused, which is exactly what jill stein is doing." we've posted complete statements from hillary clinton's campaign and president-elect donald trump on our website. just go to fox 6 now dot com. breathe easy badgers. you can exhale! a huge come from behind victory means the badgers still have a shot at the national championship -- after rallying
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"good evening, everybody. it certainly didn't look good for the badgers out here in the first half. down 17-7 to minnesota. would they relinquish the axe for the first time in 13 games? blow a chance for a playoff and the big ten west championship outright? the seniors knew that they would leave this field and go up that exit ramp for the final time. and it was the seniors who rallied this team. the seniors said, not on our watch. we're not gonna lose this game and have them take the axe. so it was definitely one of those things, you got to have pride within your play. we've had a great want to reminisce. we've having a great ride with 3 different coaches. three different coaches going to the big ten championship game. we've got a lot of resiliency in our group. how improbable has this season been for paul chryst's team? about as improbable as wearing nothing more than a sweater on a saturday night as we head toward december. with the badgers, in camp randall stadium, tom pipines, fox6
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the big ten championship game. watch it right here on fox6 next saturday at 6. weather we've got a mild but cool night ahead. lows will fall into the mid 30s lakeside with a few upper 20s possible inland. fog may develop by early tomorrow morning. from there we'll see a mix of sun and clouds during the day and highs in the mid 40s. shower chances return in cloudy. upper 20s inland. patchy fog possible.
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download the fox six storm center app. it's free for apple and android devices. black friday is behind us. cyber monday still to come. but today--- the little guys, julie collins is in cedarburg with why small business saturday means so much to main street. 'small businesses mean big business and here in cedarburg they rolled out the blue carpet for shoppers.' 'do you want to go in?' small business saturday started in 2010 by american express to help small retailers during the economic downturn. it grows every year. 'its important to support the local business we do it year
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unique gifts while helping the local economy 'out of every dollar about 68% stays local, those dollars, those sales tax dollars stay here, they help fun our schools, our roads and really help make our community a better place.' the cedarburg chamber of commerce and paternership bank had a surprise in store of all their small business shoppers. 'surprise, the small business saturday elves found you and for shopping local were shopping were giving $5 cash to spend even more money here in you so much. youre welcome.' for joni bongard these bonus bucks means more shopping. 'i think its just wonderful that they really do care that you come into the small towns and buy and this just shows that its certainly well worth your effort!' and the deals didnt stop there -- at bohemia youll get 15% off a single item...and a free chrismtas ornament to boot. 'just as a thank you for supporting my business. so this is a day that felt natural to do a couple special
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personal touch to the holiday rush. in ceaderburg, julie collins, fox 6 news. the next shopping holiday is cyber monday! at fox 6 now dot com-- we have 7 tips that will help save you the most bucks and find the best deals! tip one-- plan your shopping early. you can start at fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app -- and search "cyber monday" did you miss out on shopping today? there is still a very easy way to buy from local businesses. important we support the people in our community the place where you can find truly unique gifts this weekend--- and help local artists. and the white house is getting a little piece of wisconsin for christmas. how the state will be represented in the nation's capitol. break you are watching fox 6 news at
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uw-madison has fallen out of the national science foundation's top five research institutions for the first time in more than 40 years -- because of decreased spending. according to reports from the wicsonsin state journal -- the university's spending on


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